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[HYPE] Chronicles 1998 Redux

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Hi everyone!

I've decided that I'll be working on reviving Fleisch's abandoned 1998 mod: Chronicles 1998! Within this thread I'll be answering a few questions people might have and lay out my plans for the mod. To make it an easier read, I'll be putting everything in collapsible quote boxes to avoid massive walls of text.

Why are you reviving this mod rather than starting a new year?


Well there are a few reasons for this, starting with my belief that 1998 was the heart of the Attitude Era. It's probably my favorite era in wrestling and an era I love fantasy booking due to how star-studded it is and how close it is to the Ruthless Aggression Era. While Fleisch already made some pretty great progress on this mod, I think it's a shame how little attention the Attitude Era has gotten in TEW2020. I believe taking this decently-playable mod and trying to take it to the next level is the best way to go about bringing the Attitude Era back to TEW. Fleisch has graciously allowed me to continue his mod and even call it "Chronicles 1998 Redux," so I think this is a great opportunity to have an active 1998 mod again. Lastly, and I think most importantly, I believe a 1998 mod is a great base for other mods around the time period and could spark other people to make mods for other years in the late 90s/early 00s. I'm fully aware that in TEW2016 there were a lot of mods around this time period, however none of them were ever made freeware and likely never will be. This mod is, and always will be freeware for people to do whatever they want with. As long as you give proper credit to Fleisch and everyone else who worked on the 1992/1998 mods, go wild.

How will you add onto or expand the mod?


Firstly, every bit of data I'll be using is freeware. Chronicles 1998, the base of this mod, has always been freeware. I'll also be importing data as needed from Chronicles 1992, another freeware mod that 1998 is actually based off of. Other than that, I won't be importing data from anywhere else without written permission from the modmakers. I have no interest in seeing this mod get removed, so I'm taking no chances.

What are your plans for the future?


I've separated this into both short term and long term goals.

In the short term:

  • I intend to put out a database that's largely similar to Fleisch's last update with some minor changes based on things I caught while going through the database.
  • Some changes I intend on making include worker popularities, expanding 1998's indy scene (I've already been working on ECCW's roster), and fixing worker stats.
  • I want to collect feedback from players on what they'd like to see added or changed. As I only have one set of eyes, I can't catch everything. I think feedback for a project like this is invaluable.

In the long term:

  • My main long term goal is turning this mod into something that can be played into modern day, if the player so chooses.
  • I also want this mod to become a great base to use for any late 90s/early 2000s mods. Fleisch's 1992 mod is already an incredibly good and deep base to use. I'd argue it's a no-brainer to use Fleisch's 1992 mod as a base if you're making an early 90s mod, but as years go by it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep the database accurate in terms of popularities, movesets, stats, and workers. I think making this mod active again could spark a revitalization in late 90s/early 2000s modding.

So what now?

I'm really looking for any feedback people may have on the original mod. Things you think need improvement, things that should be added/removed, or things you'd like to see expanded upon! I've already gotten to editing some stuff and adding some missing workers on the indie scene, but I'm planning to make a list of things to do before releasing the first Chronicles 98 Redux DB.


For people who may not have played the mod before, here are the download links:

Original Chronicles 1998 Database

Picture pack from Fleisch's 1992 mod (these mods share the same pack)


Clean VirusTotal Scan of database

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Fixed download link to data
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4 hours ago, Jaysin said:

Good luck! I have a couple of mods in the works and it's an exhausting endeavor 

Thanks I appreciate it! I work too many hours for building my own mod from the ground up to be feasible, but I've been enjoying tweaking this so far!

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Good luck, didn't know Fleisch wasn't gonna update this one. I'm currently going through WCW and the undercard/jobbers are already a pain in the ass because they don't have a gimmick assigned. I can't wait for the inevitable headache the nWo/Kliq are gonna give me because of their backstage b------- lol.

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On 3/15/2024 at 10:28 AM, JCStensland said:

I'm currently going through WCW and the undercard/jobbers are already a pain in the ass because they don't have a gimmick assigned. I can't wait for the inevitable headache the nWo/Kliq are gonna give me because of their backstage b------- lol.

Thanks for bringing this up! Checking on WCW gimmicks now and fixing all of the "random" gimmick ratings and statuses. Should give WCW more of a stable start in the mod.

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Posted (edited)

Just as an update so far, I've been working on a few QOL things that I hope to release sometime over the next few weeks.

  • Working off feedback from this thread, I've been working on giving WCW workers more specific gimmicks. A lot of the "Old School Face/Heel" gimmicks are being replaced with things that more accurately describe the worker.
  • I've gone through WWF and WCW contracts, editing some contract lengths and editing most contract start dates so they're accurate.
    • For example, Ric Flair's WCW start date is now set to 1993, but his contract length has been reduced to 3 months. He was sued by WCW in April 1998 and nearly showed up at WWF Unforgiven later that month, so this will give the player the opportunity to book that if they choose.
  • Every single gimmick status/rating and last turn date in WWF and WCW were previously set to random, this has been fixed for the majority of both rosters giving the player more stability at the start of games.
  • Certain workers who really weren't very popular in 1998 have had their popularities reduced, as they were unchanged from Fleisch's 1992 base.
  • Work has been started on giving workers more accurate skills and attributes. Some workers still had their 1992 skills, so I'm working on fixing the notable ones first then going for others.
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On 3/17/2024 at 10:39 AM, ForeverRyder24 said:

Fix The Data Link 

People wonder why so many mods get abandoned, then leave comments like this 


Anyway best of luck OP. Would be fantastic to see a 98 mod!

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