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Struggling with Scythe

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Advice based on SWF product.


Scythe is a fun worker to use who can have the dual problem of his psychology and stamina maxing out at levels that aren't enough to carry a main event match at PPV level. My advice would be to book him in some tag match main events on tv that run at 15 minutes. You'll get an idea of what kind of performance rating he's giving compared to your other stars you've put in the match, and it should give you a good indicator of where his stamina is (if he's getting penalties at 15 minutes it's going to be hard to get top tier match grades from him).


Long-term, sometimes with bigger guys like Scythe in that upper midcard role the best thing to do is to wait until their psychology reaches a point where they can be put in matches with 'slow build' road agent notes, normally with a guy with much higher psychology, without dragging the rating down from not being able to do it properly. I often end up with two or three 'monsters' in a company like SWF that sit in the upper midcard essentially all fighting for the right to eventually be put into main event programmes by having their stats improve enough. Scythe usually gets there, but with a bad destiny roll he might never be the full-on 85+ match rating guy you'd want him to be. But some regular 15 minute slow-build tag matches with guys that can do that in their sleep is pretty much the best way to develop any wrestler's in ring-skills, so no big secret there.


The only other thing I can think of is if you're falling into the trap of using road agent notes like 'domination', 'keep strong' or 'protect'. They're custom built for big guys that can't go, but Scythe can go so sometimes all that crowbarring that into the road agent notes does is disrupt the flow of the match and get you a lower number. You'll also want to check to see if you've been putting him in matches that are called in the ring with other guys that can't yet call a match in the ring, as Scythe probably won't be at that level for a year/eighteen months from the start date, so will only be able to call matches with guys with top notch psychology ratings.

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