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Sorry if this has been asked before. I am playing as AEW and have an agreement with WWE to not sign each others talent (was set up in the database already).

When i get the email that a worker has one month remaining, WWE can offer my worker a contract but when i do the same with theirs i get a pop up saying i cant sign Workers from WWE due to our arrangement. Why can they do it but i cant?? And how do i get around it? 


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I'd suggest you start by making sure that you're up to date with patches and that you're reading the agreement correctly, making sure that it's not one-way and it's preventing signing, not stealing, which are two different things. If you've genuinely got an active agreement not to sign each others talent then the WWE shouldn't be able to make contract offers to your talent, and as far as I can see they can't, at least on the latest build.

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