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Your Experience: Portfolio

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This is the first chapter in my saga of "Your Experience"-topics ;) So, let's talk about a great feature in WreSpi 2, The Portfolio!! So what excactly are your opinions on using the Portfolio? Do you see it as useless feature, and don't use it at all? Or do you have many comic book stores and/or property in your pocket? I, for one, have three (3) Comic Book stores :D And I'm gaining a huge profit within those three stores; Regardless of my wins/losses of a particular month, I'll gain profit between 3.500 to 4.500$ a month. Altough It did take time to save the first 20.000$ needed to buy the first, but it sure was forth it. Second one was much more easier, and I got the money quicker than when I bought the first one. Third one was about a year from the second one, and now I'm doing great. Those three stores have payed themself's a long time ago, and I'm just getting more and more profit. So, your experiences? I think this is a great feature, especially in the RTL mode!! It also makes you think to the future, which helps your career, and especially your finances.
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