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1 thing that i considered experimenting with in tew05 was making some sexy looking skins for the game to give it a fresh feel... however if im not mistaken it would involve making a backup of the screens folder for if you wish to revert back. bare with me while i try and explain this - explaining things isnt my strong point. but would it be a good idea to, instead of having "\TEW07\Screens\generic400xblah.jpg" it could be changed to something like "\TEW07\Screens\Default\generic400xblah.jpg" where Default is the games default skin. then to install a new skin simply create a new folder in the screens folder.... "\TEW07\Screens\MetallicBlue\generic400xblah.jpg" then in game, in the same way you switch between databases, you could switch between skins. if this has already been suggested, apologies.
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