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Taboo Tuesday Results

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This is my Taboo Tuesday PPV from my current game. I based the results of a poll I ran in the General Discussion forum. [url]http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16937[/url] Hope you guys like it, any feedback is apreciated. [CENTER][img]http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/images/reviews/80/1137232497.jpg[/img][/CENTER] [B]JR[/B]: The vote's are in ladies and gentlemen, its time for Taboo Tuesday! [B]Ted DiBiase[/B]: That's right Ross let's just hope this "informed electorate" used some common sense when it came to picking the opponent for my boy Alex Shelley! [B]JR[/B]: Well we're about to find out Ted DiBiase cos "your boy" is up now in our first match of the night! [B]Match 1[/B]: Alex Shelley (c) v ? for the WWE Cruiserweight Title [B]Alex Shelley[/B]: Look, we all know this was a pointless exercise. It doesn't matter who won the vote, this Legend in the Making will be the one standing tall after the 3 count! [B]Music[/B]: HAIL SABIN!... [B]JR[/B]: Its Chris Sabin! Chris Sabin will be "your boy's" opponent. How d'ya like that Ted DiBiase? [B]DiBiase[/B]: Ridiculous! I want a recount, the projections were for that costumed freak! [B]The match[/B]: Alex Shelley narrowly escapes with his title after pinning Sabin with his feet on the ropes. Match 2: Los Luchas (c) (Rey/Chavo) v Jericho & Christian v The Naturals v ? [B]DiBiase[/B]: Who are the final participants Ross? [B]JR[/B]: We're about to find out and, yes, its Rob Van Dam and Christopher Daniels! Talk about your dream teams! [B]DiBiase[/B]: That may be true, but you're forgetting one thing Ross. These guys had to have come here wanting to face Randy Orton for the WWE Smackdown Title. Now they are competing in a totally different match environment with a partner they have never even tagged with! [B]The Match[/B]: A wild spotfest sees RVD and Daniels come close several times before Rey hits the 619 on Jericho as he has Chavo locked in the Walls of Jericho, Chavo quickly rolls Jericho up for the 123! [B]Match 3[/B]: Trinity (c) v Angel Williams v Mickie James? for the WWE Women's Title [B]Ivory[/B]: I'm backstage with Mickie James who has been given a second chance at the Women's title after she was disqualified in her match against Trinity at Survivor Series... [B]Mickie[/B]: Disqualified?! No no no no. You see Trinity paid of the referee in that match. I play by the rules Ivory!.. But forget that, its in the past, this is the present and my adoring fans have done right by me and given me the rematch I rightfully deserve. [B]Ivory[/B]: But Angel Williams is the one who earned the shot, how will this third participant affect your approach to the match? [B]Mickie[/B]: Angel Williams? That skank? I'm sure if my fans had the chance they'd have voted her OUT of the match as well as voting me IN! Don't worry Ivory, I'm gonna go out there and I'm gonna reward my fans' support by regaining my title and being the one true Diva on RAW!! [B]The Match[/B]: Mickie suffers a double team early on by the faces but that teamwork soon stops when Angel tries for a quick pin on Trinity. An uprettier to Trinity by Angel puts her out long enough for Mickie to secure the pin after a title belt assisted Laree DDT. [B]Match 4[/B]: Ken Kennedy v ? [B]KK[/B]: Misterrrrr Kennedyyyy..... Kennedy will happily face whoever you the fans have chosen. You can be sure of one things folks, whoever you have chosen will be leaving this arena one title belt lighter! [B]Music[/B]: Theme from Allo Allo [B]JR[/B]: Its Rene Dupree from RAW folks and from what I hear this was a close vote right up to the last minute. [B]DiBiase[/B]: But Kennedy's from Smackdown and Dupree's from RAW JR, what happens if Kennedy wins? [B]JR[/B]: I'm curious about that myself! [B]The Match[/B]: Dupree cheats to the best of his ability but just can't defeat the Green Bay Grappler and a Kenton Bomb puts the French Phenom out for the 3 count. [B]KK[/B]: Kennedy!!! Oh and to dispell any speculation, I'm not going to head to RAW or anything like that. Oh no, Smackdown is my home and it'll look even better with a shiny Intercontinental belt on the mantel! [B]JR[/B]: Who's that on the stage?! Its AJ Styles! What's he doing here? [B]Styles[/B]: So the fans voted to save you a beating? Thats good. And you've decided to stay on Smackdown? Thats even better, because although I've never really wanted to go to RAW, I've always wanted to hold the Intercontinental title. Think of the people that have held that belt: HHH, The Rock, Ricky Steamboat, The Honky Tonk Man... ok maybe not the last one but pretty soon there will be a new name to go on the list. AJ Styles, after I beat you in a title v title match at the Royal Rumble! Match 5: The Insurance Policy (Rhyno & Sean O'Haire) and Kurt Angle v DX and ? [B]Angle[/B]: Enough of this crap! I don't care who your partner is just get him out here so I can break his ankle! [B]HBK[/B]: Kurt, Kurt, Kurt. All good things come to those who wait. Haven't you heard of building suspense? [B]HHH[/B]: Yeah Kurt maybe you should COOL down a bit. [B]HBK[/B]: COOL your jets! [B]HHH[/B]: Cool your jets I like that... Anyway. Without further a do, we would like to present our partner for this evening... [B]Music[/B]: I spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool! [B]JR[/B]: Its Carlito! [B]DiBiase[/B]: I felt sure it would be Cena, damn I guess I owe Flair 10 bucks! [B]The Match[/B]: The match is a brutal affair stemming from the bad blood between the Corporate Insurance Policy and DX. Carlito proves to be a difference maker as his unusual style keeps the heels off balance. As DX and The IP brawl outside the ring Carlito even looks to be getting the better of Kurt Angle when John Cena runs into the ring. All three men stand still in the ring for a moment, eyeing each other before Cena nails Carlito with the FU before leaving the ring as Angle makes the easy pin. As he walks up the ramp, he grabs a mic. A stunned Carlito and DX look on in confusion. [B]John Cena[/B]: So the fans picked you Carlito? Picked you over me? Me who has done everything for the fans, fought for the fans, bled for the fans?! What have you done apart from mock them? And yet they still picked you... well thats gratitude for you. So to all you monkeys in the crowd I say this: The time of pleasing you all is over. The time for looking out for number one? Is now! [B]Match 6[/B]: Randy Orton (c) v Homicide [B]JR[/B]: Well no prizes for guessing who Orton's oponent is. [B]DiBiase[/B]: Why? Who is it? [B]JR[/B]: Well since we've already seen Rob Van Dam and Christopher Daniels in action tonight that would only leave Homicide now wouldn't it. [B]DiBiase[/B]: I knew that, I just wanted to see if you knew! [B]JR[/B]: Sure you did. [B]Music[/B]: Our Time [B]Stephanie McMahon[/B]: Before this travesty begins I want to make clear my objection to how this match came about! What happened to the contendership system?! My Client has already beaten Homicide on two occaisions, what makes him deserving of another shot? [B]Theodore Long[/B]: Fan support makes him deserving Princess! And just to be sure that this match doesn't end in the same circumstances that those other two you mentioned did, I think I'll be banning you from ringside. And if any of your other GenXt buddies think about coming out here, they might want to consider how they would cope without a job first! [B]Steph[/B]: THAT'S NOT FAIR!!! [B]The Match[/B]: Even with an even playing field the match is still a hard fought one. Without backup, Orton is forced to use his actual wrestling ability which proves to be a good match for Homicide. However, determination proves to be the key and, seizing what is his 3rd and quite possibly last, opportunity Homicide lands the Cop Killa to win the Smackdown Title at long last! [B]Match 7[/B]: CM Punk (c) v Kane [B]CM Punk[/B]: As you can see, no technicians are busy preparing the ring for our match Kane. Part of me is disappointed because, y'see, part of me wanted to set your big ugly ass on fire, but then you'd probably enjoy that huh? Bring back fond family memories. Then there was another part of me that liked the idea of pushing you off the top of a cell. But then how to get your heavy ass up there? Lord knows you'd be too clumsy to climb. And lastly, there was another part of me that just wanted to humiliate you 123 in th middle of the ring. It seems like that's the part of me that's most in tune with the fans, cos that's just what they've decided to let me do! DiBiase: Insulting a 7 foot monster isn't always the best idea Ross. JR: Maybe he's hoping to throw him off his game Ted DiBiase. [B]The Match[/B]: Although the stipulations called for a standard match, it is far from a at classic. Kane immediately goes on the offensive unleashing a horrifying display of brutality, busting Punk's head wide open. But Punk refuses to stay down, and every time he gets up, he makes Kane even angrier causing him to lose focus and a failed charge into the corner aloed Punk to hit the Pepsi Plunge for the victory although he didn't stay in the ring to celebrate as Kane went berserk! [B]JR[/B]: What an explosive and unpredictable evening! Thank you for watching ladies and gentlemen, goodnight!
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