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Why are the results of position changes random?

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So I noticed something unusual... During training camp, I changed my starting CB's position to FS. I then reloaded my previous saved game and did it again. And again. Ten times. Before the position change, my player's overall rating at CB was 61/67 (using the 100-point scale). Here are my player's resulting overall values at FS each time I restarted: 60/69 60/69 67/69 64/69 64/69 67/69 64/69 60/69 64/69 60/69 It would seem, given the above, that the results of a position change are random. However, my player's attributes and skill ratings remained EXACTLY THE SAME each time. Which makes me wonder: how are overall ratings calculated? I thought the overall rating was based on a separate formula for each position. But then why does the overall value of my newly-minted FS vary from 60-67 when his attributes and skill ratings remain the same? As an aside, I'd prefer that the results of a position change not be random. It's too tempting to restart the game over and over again until I get the best possible results.
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