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What made them great?

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I plan on doing a diary as soon as TEW 2007 comes out. One of the things I want to do is have a segmet like Pipers Pit where the host interviews past and current World Champs. The host would mainly ask his guests what it was that brought them to their first World championship. Then when the host finally got his shot you would see him do the things the champs had told him had gotten them their first championship. I have thoughts on what made them great but I would like more opinions so here is my list and my thoughts. 1. Stone Cold Steve Austin, (would say he got his because he was the toughest sob ever to grace the wwe) 2. The Rock, (I have no idea on what The Rock would say) 3. Ric Flair, (Dirtiest player in the game) 4. Hulk Hogan, (Saying my prayer and taking my vitamins) 5. Kurt Angle, (the 3 I's) 6. Chris Jericho, (No idea) 7. Chris Beniot, (I guess he could say he depended on the cross face) 8. The UnderTaker, (no idea) 9. Edge, (No Idea, but I have a plan for him anyways) 10. John Cena, (No Idea) 11. HHH, (No Idea) 12. HBK, (I want to have him say something about winning the match before it even starts, something about it being all in the enterance referring to the time he probelled to the ring) 13. Mick Foley, (some sappy crap about the fans being in his corner) 14. Batista, (something about overpowering his opponets) 15. Vince McMahon, (no idea) 16. Big Show, (he a giant nuff said) 17. Kane, (no idea but again I have a plan for him) 18. Randy Orton, (No idea) 19. JBL , (No idea) Here are some more thoughts from a member of ewbattlegrounds, as you will see his are much better than mine 1. Stone Cold Steve Austin (def. Shawn Michaels, Wrestlemaniaa 14): "The fact is that I was, and still am, the toughest son of a bitch in the history of the WWE. And it don't matter if there was Vince McMahon, DX, or Mike Tyson lookin' to get in my way, 'cause I was still gonna run right through each and every one of them, and that's the Bottom Line." 2. The Rock (def. Mankind, Survivor Series 1998): "There is quite simply one reason, and one reason only, that The Rock was always destined to capture the WWE title, and that is because he is the Most Electrifying Man in all of Sports Entertainment! It shows that he was willing to shed every ounce of sweat, every drop of blood that a WWE champion needs to shed - each and every night! You talk about how Vince McMahon helped The Rock by screwing Mankind? IT DOESN'T MATTER what Vince McMahon did! Because the fact of the matter is this: with or without Vince McMahon, nothing would have stopped The Rock from claiming the prize that he had fought for all his life, his very first...WWE title. IF YOU SMELLLLALALALALAWLL WHAT THE ROCK...IS...COOKING!" 3. I actually forget what Flair's first World title exactly was, so I'll leave him for now... 4. Hulk Hogan (def. The Iron Shiek, MSG 1984): "There ain't no mystery about it, brother - I took my vitamins, said my prayers, and most of all I had each and every one of the Hulkamaniacs behind me - and I don't need to tell you, dude, Hulkamania was running wild as strong then as it is today. So what could the Shiek do, when Hulk Hogan and the power of Hulkamania ran wild through Madison Square Garden?" 5. Kurt Angle (def. The Rock, No Mercy 2000): "I think that I have always possessed all of the qualities that are required of a great WWE champion - qualities that are embodied in my Three I's: Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence. I've always gone the extra mile to reach the very top: I mean, I went to the '96 Olympics and won the gold medal with a broken freakin' neck. So quite frankly, when The Rock walked into No Mercy as the WWE champion to face me, he never stood a chance. Oh it's true, it's damn true." 6. Chris Jericho (def. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vengeance 2001 - yes okay, so he won the WCW title a couple of months before, but realistically they'd talk about the big 'Undisputed title' win): "I think the question you should be asking is why hadn't I got the chance to become World champion BEFORE then! I'd been held down my whole career, both in WCW and the WWE - hell, I beat Triple H for the title back in 2000, only for him to bully Earl Hebner into overturning it like the pompous jackass that he is. But let's face it, Y2J was always destined for greatness. I mean I am the Living Legend, the Ayatollah of ROCK, AND, ROLLAH! I beat Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock back-to-back on the same night, something no one else has ever done! I quite simply had what it takes...and it just goes to show that you can't hold the greatness of Chris Jericho down forever. I got my chance, I took it, and I became the first ever Undisputed World's champion; something that will NEVER...EEEVER...be repeated...AGAIN!" 7. Chris Benoit (def. Triple H and Shawn Michaels, Wrestlemania XX...as if beating Sid counts in the world of WWE kayfabe...): "What took me to my first World title? The fact that I was willing to do whatever it took, put myself through whatever punishment was necessary, take on any man and win. I entered at number one in the Royal Rumble, and survived 29 other men to make it to Wrestlemania, and I made Triple H tap out on the grandest stage of the all. I tore, scratched, and bit to get what I wanted, and my resiliance was duely rewarded. It's as simple as that." Any help is welcomed. Oh, I am not sure if this is where I should post this but I figured it was the best place to do post it since it is about a dynasty. If its not Im sorry.
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