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Ability to customize players and league size

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Hi Arlie Great news on the new college football product. One thing I would like to see as a fictional/historical simmer is much more flexibililty than TPF had. The more the user can edit the better. Certainly high school recruits and many of their basic attributes need to be relatively easy to edit either in game or with an export/import function. In that aspect TPF was functional but certainly not as easy to play with as the TPB05 access output files. Also, I know it may be difficult with the complexities of scheduling but if there is any way we can customize conferences I feel the effort is warranted. Even if it is something along the lines of TDCB where the number of conferences remain the same but we have flexibility on # of teams in each conference. It would also be nice if teams can be moved from one conference to another during your career.
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