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TEW2007 - The Reviews

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Pro Wrestling Insider (Click Here To Read The Full Review)

Score: 9 out of 10

Snippet: "...comes a great game and easily the best commercially available Sports Simulator (not just wrestling) I have ever played and can easily see myself playing this game for the next 3 years just like I did with my copy (and still do) of Extreme Warfare Revenge and that is a very high compliment."


Online Onslaught (Click Here To Read The Full Review)

Score: 9.4 out of 10

Snippet: "...is a fantastic, immersive, and genuinely educational success, both frustrating, enlightening, and utterly entertaining. I highly recommend that if you’re a fan of wrestling, you at least do yourself the favor of checking this game out. It may not be for everyone, but those of you who “get it” will thank me.."


Wrestling 101 (Click Here To Read The Full Review)

Score: 9.5 out of 10

Snippet: "Overall, TEW ’07 has taken it’s ground base and strived to hone it to achieve it’s mantra I handed it earlier of being the definitive simulation wrestling title, and I feel Grey Dog has succeeded in this. The sheer wealth of options available to the player, the way the title is hugely customisable to suit every nuance of the player and the great depth of the ‘Cornellverse’; all couple to present a thoroughly compelling experience. The learning curve can be steep particularly for those new to the world of the Text Based Wrestling Simulators ™, but once you throw your hat into the ring and let yourself free with all that is available here the potential to really reap what this game truly has to offer; the hidden depths discovered through searching every nook and cranny, there is so much to be entertained and thrilled by. The more time you invest in the title, the more that you will reap from it, and because of this it will keep drawing you back for more as you experience new thrills never seen when you promoted the little company in Kentucky with Red Dragon as your star."


Operation Sports (Click Here To Read The Full Review)

Score: 7 out of 10


Out of Eight PC Game Reviews (Click Here To Read The Full Review)

Score: 6 out of 8

Snippet: "Exceedingly comprehensive wrestling promotion simulation with the ability to customize and adjust almost everything"


Canard PC (French Magazine), 30th April 2008

Score: 9 out of 10

Translated Version:

"Once more we’ll treat ourselves with the luxury of taking an interest in the kind of games that will appeal to only three persons in France, and two of them are part of our editorial staff.

But that’s the way it is : we’re underpaid, we have to bear with the presence of our coworkers Half and his bedbugs, so we have to find some compensations somewhere. And Total Extreme Warfare 2007 is quite the compensation.

This wonderful game simply offers to you to play as a “writer/booker/promoter” of a wrestling promotion.

The universe created by the sole developer is coheren and stuffed with great ideas among other things.

Still, you can join message boards like http://www.ewbattlegrounds.com where you may download databases directly based on the real world. WWE, TNA or Ring of Honor are there for you, as well as scenarios directly inspired by the Montreal Screwjob or the New World Order taking over. Moreover, with those databases, you’ll immediately get a grasp of the game : nobody knows Popogoyo El Maximizer, but you can guess what king of job might be suited for The Undertaker with just a glance.


Of course the “immediate grasp” is an exaggeration. Unless you’re a true fan of wrestling, you have a good understanding of wrestling mechanisms and its specific vocabulary, you’ll struggle a bit. You’ll have to deal with terms such as Booking, Heat, Storyline, Angle, Heel and Face.

You’ll have to hire wrestlers, assign them a character in keeping with their abilities, adapt your product to the expectations of your audience and make a lot of cash.

All of this seems easy enough, but the heroic developer was smart enough to make things realistic. People do not always share our cravings for Hardcore matches with barbed-wire or mexican high-flying. You’ll have to truly watch for your audience and avoid insulting their intelligence.

Bikini mud wrestling won’t be as sucessful as you might think and too much intensity and violence in WWE would keep away young viewers and their parents wallets.


Even if you run your promotion into the ground on your first tries, one particular feature will keep bringing you back. This game allows you to devise scripts worthy of “The Young and the Restless” : nice guys drugged by vicious baddies, boasting, hypnosis, kidnapping, black magic…

Anything you want to make your deepest fantasies come true and have a blast, like showing the true potential of Jimmy Wang Yang by starting a feud with Rey Mysterio or getting rid of the pitiful John Cena once and for all with public humiliations and injuries.


Don’t expect anything else than pictures, statistics and text, remaining true to the genre. But even in text, a triple compound fracture for Cena remain quite the fantasy.


In conclusion :


Aside from impressive databases and a well-thought-out game engine that could satisfy any fan of management games, TEW 2007 offers a magical addition : a sumptuous sandbox game for wrestling fans. And an entirely adjustable sandbox game able to draw the logical conclusions from your previous actions.

Complex without being utterly too complicated, easy to apprehend within the first few hours and truly captivating, this is an independent game that genuinely deserves its grade."


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