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The Career of Eric Criss

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[I]Instead of actually being in a promotion, I'm just going to be a wrestling promoter who is starting out in 1983 looking for a job at the age of 16.[/I] [COLOR="Blue"]I am Eric Criss, a kid hanging out in the Brooklyn streets, dreaming big of wrestling hopes. Watching Bob Backlund defend his WWF Championship constantly I've decided that that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a professional wrestler. So I tried that for a year training under Angelo Mosca for awhile, I bled for the business. And nothing happened for me I couldn't handle it anymore. My debut match was against Mosca's son and I had an accident that scarred me forever. Not going into it though for all that you care. So then I decided that I should try being a head booker, and so this is how my adventure began in New York City.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Dad: You want to do what?![/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]Eric: I want to be succesful in the world dad! I don't want to work in the family pizzeria because it never amounted to anything for me or the rest of the family.[/COLOR] [COLOR="SeaGreen"]Mom: Eric please, don't leave us you can stay here for another year or two.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]Eric: I already finalized the rent I'm moving to Tampa. Business Oppurtunites can reach me easier there.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Dad: You're nuts Eric no wrestling promotion would hire you, you're just some punk kid from Brooklyn. Stay here.[/COLOR] [COLOR="SeaGreen"]Mom: Yes Eric stay...[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]Eric: No, I spent my life savings on that apartment and that's that it's too late for me to come back. And what do you know dad? There are plenty of promotions in Florida.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Dad: Eric, don't you dare leave this house, you got me?![/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]Eric: That's it! I'm tired of being dictated around in here I'm out of here, my cab's waiting.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Dad: Wait! Eric![/COLOR]
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