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1998 - The Attitude Era

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Hi all, So Anubis and I have been working on a 1998 scenario for release on TEW2007. It's coming along slowly but steadily. So far Anubis has done TV Networks, PPV Carriers, Gimmicks and is now working on New Workers if I remember correctly. I have been going through and adding title histories for WWF and ECW, making sure to add all world title-holders to the database. At the moment there are around 120 workers, so still got lots to do. What I'm asking for is a bit of help from anyone interested. I need plenty of pics cut onto the black and white background. Also I need someone who knows lots about arenas to look through the big-ass file from TEW2005 and edit/remove as is appropriate in 1998 and to add hot-spots. On top of these, I could do with some people who know about Japan/Mexico/UK/Europe as I have no idea (obviously Japan is most important) and would be willing to work on that part of the data. If anyone is interested, please let me know!
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