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Questions, I missed the chat

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Sorry I missed the chat b/c of survivor and CSI, or I would have asked these in there. Will the game be able to simulate a true option QB? A guy that may only attempt 50 or so passes an entire season, but run for 1500+ yards? What about a true option team like Nebraska used to be, or Air Force? This is something that TCY really missed on I feel. In college, much more than pros team tend to go to the extreme in rushing percentages. In the pros, most teams try and stay balanced, while in college it isn't uncommon for teams to pass 70% of the time, or even more common to run the ball 70%+ of the time. These can both be very effective for the college teams, where in the pros a team would get stacked on and probably not win very much. Will the game simulate this? And will the CPU actually set up game plans like this? I saw that you said the game will change the gameplan based on personel, but how smart will it be? Will they be able to see a QB rated 93, 2 RB's rated 87 and 86, a run blocking offensive line, and walk on quality WR's and realize they need to run the ball more, despite the QB being their best Offensive weapon? Will a team with great, nfl caliber WR's, good RB's and a walk on QB decide to run the ball? Also I see that you have to develop an offensive plan prior to each season. Say you decide to go to a vertical passing attack, but your star QB gets hurt and you don't have a quality replacement. Is there anyway to change from a vertical passing attack once the season starts? Will the game put some recruits in the wrong positon? I'm sure just about every team goes through a situation where they recruit a big time QB, and end up using him at anything from LB, WR, TE, S, CB. Prehaps that big strong RB may be a good LB. Will there be athletes that played just about every position is high school, but you have to find the best one for him and actually train him to it? Will there be guys that can be a "jack of all trades." I remember a couple of guys in the past that would play WR, return punts, kicks, play CB, and possibly even run the option from under center. And can guys play both ways? Can you instruct guys to put on weight, and will the engine actually take heights and weight into consideration? I'm sure there will be booms and busts, but how will they happen? Will the players develop to their max potential and then just keep improving? Will the max potential improve before they even hit that number? Will busts just never reach their max potential, or will the max potential actually decrease so you can just give up hope on the player when you see this happening? :D If you cut a scholarship player do you get that scholarship back? Can you entice walk-ons, ala TCY? In the transfer mode can you break rules and entice the guys and can you try to bribe players{transfers and high school recuits] to come to your school? If so, what are the sanctions that are placed on teams[can you be fired?] that get caught and how will this also be possible in multiplayer?
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