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Two significant digits for ypp and ypc, and thoughts on QB rushing.

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I'd like to see 4.04 ypc rather than 4 ypc, as it now is in TPF. Also, if you're going to keep the college method of including sacks in rushing yardage, please put a separate stat somewhere of "carries" and yards on "carries." It is always annoying in TCY to have to do the math to figure out how effective my QB is when he runs the ball. For example, if I have a QB with 100 rushes for 210 yards, but included in those stats are 30 sacks for -150 yards, it would be helpful to know, without doing the math myself, that when the QB actually "carried" the ball, he gained 360 yards on 70 attempts for 5.14ypc. An even BETTER stat to see would be a breakout of planned carries versus scrambles. Bottom line on that: I'd like to be able to use a QB rushing stat line to evaluate whether or not it is worth it to plan on him carrying the ball.
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