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  1. Unfortunately I made the mistake of never saving the original pngs. I was just tossing them as I made the CVerse Blue ones. Silly in hindsight but here we are.
  2. I believe most people were happy with Zodiac or anyone using them.
  3. Continuing the India Expansion Mod Gahtir Salim | Gayatri Dasari | Givond Raj Karpe | Great Gabru Hanif Hussain | Hugh Baker | Ilma Niazi | Jash Singh Cutting Room Renders Now Jash Singh is one of those copycat wrestlers. He has a few additional renders of him dressed as other US guys. I couldn't get Bing AI to cooperate and come out with people that looked like my render but dressed up so I've added the raw png below. If anyone has something like Chat-GPT 4 that can iterate on images then please help a dude out. Here are the original costumes: Raw PNG:
  4. Some amazing stuff here. A lot of those names don't match with anyone though. Are you adding them for a specific mod?
  5. Another @lavelleuk Alternative CornellVerse 2022 Mod company logo.
  6. 🤷‍♂️ I had another company form in my game called Wicked Wrestling Championships, a lucha libre company in Japan. Decided to make a logo for them. I had to recreate the text myself so I've included that here as well in case anyone wants to run with it and make their own Event graphics.
  7. It helps that the WrestleMania logo has been relatively consistent for 40 years. There's even dedicated fonts to mimic it. I think that makes it much easier for the AI to replicate it correctly
  8. More India Expansion Mod Bungle Bhave | Captain Kyodo | Chakra the Invincible | Chanandler BONG Chander Heravdaker | Chandra Patil | Dasra Barvadekar | Dasra Bhatta Dayananda Bakshi | Farhan Wasim | Farhan Wasim Alt | Felu Mittir Felu Mittir Alt 1 | Felu Mittir Alt 2 Cutting Room Renders
  9. I generally look for attractive renders at 75. I completely remove the "ugly" prompt at 80 or 85 (whichever one it is that turns the number light blue) as that is when the AI is giving me models with square jaws and high cheek bones.
  10. Sorry to hear that @Scott Zodiac. Hope you're okay. I'm going to move away from the default Cornellverse for a refresh and focus on the India Expansion mod by brat99 for a bit. Feel free to use these as free pics in the default DB though. The Flash Mob: AARA | JESAN | PHREDEE | RAAKSHAS | SIRA Adya Asan | Ajay Agarwal | Big Knife Manju | Bodhi Odda Cutting Room Renders
  11. Here are all of my renders. As I've mentioned before, feel free to use these in whatever way you want. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/skgn0h3kkaf5f/IQ_Pic_Pack
  12. Just a few for tonight. I've also compiled all of my renders. If people are interested I can upload the pic pack. Ajax | Anarchist | Dermot O'Logical Cutting Room Renders
  13. More from the list for @Scott Zodiac I had already done Marcus McKing American Buffalo | American Buffalo Alt | Blonde Bombshell | Bobbie Dylan Bonnie Clyde | Calamity Joan | Calamity Joan Alt | Chloe Dean Curt O'Malley | Danny Rushmore | Danny Rushmore Alt | Duncan Kendall Elijah Harris | Helen Bach | Insane Machine | Jakki Jessie | Karen Killer | Lady Melissa | Lois Hudson Magnus Ivansson | Mayhem Midden | Silver Shark | Southern Belle Steel | Susan Lee (file name Suzi Slam) | The Boston Bomber | The Masked Mauler VI Zombie Boy Cutting Room Renders
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