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  1. Hello, if you are one of the people receiving this message, I just got the go-to to ask for your permission to use your renders that were seen as free pictures in the AltCverse 2022 mod. I plan on using this on a mod I am creating called The GoldVerse 1985, which is supposed to be a series of mods (1993, 1997, 2006, 2016, and in between 2025-2028). So I'm basically asking permission for all of these mods. So will you be allow me to us some of your renders for workers in that mod?

    1. John Lions

      John Lions

      Feel free to use anything I made for whatever mod you are working on!

  2. It's wild to me that less than 24 hours after a successful AEW PPV we get posts like this. It's wild to me how under the microscope AEW is, and how many people jump in to like or join in on any negative criticism whether it's true or not. I'd wager a lot of people who love liking comments or posting do so in response to videos they see on social media or headlines they read rather than actually watching the show. Let's touch on your main points as to why AEW Is in such a worse place now than it was before: "no purpose behind why people are fighting other than just the spirit of competition" Let's run through the AEW Dynasty card. shall we? Matt Sydal vs. Trent Beretta No story for this match other than a brief exchange the Dynamite before, but it was used to build to the OC/Trent storyline that started around a month ago. Katsuyori Shibata & Orange Cassidy vs. Shane Taylor Promotions (Lee Moriarty & Shane Taylor) Short TV story over a couple of weeks between Shibata and the STP guys. (C) Billy Gunn & The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) vs. (C) Bullet Club Gold (Austin Gunn, Colten Gunn & Jay White)-AEW World Trios / ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship Match Story has been going since after World's End (close to 5 months), and has a ton of history from another year long storyline involving Acclaimed and the Ass Boys from over 2 years ago. PPV Card: (C) Hook vs. Chris Jericho-FTW Championship Match Story has been moving every week since Revolution, more than just a spirit of competition/I want a title feud. (C) Roderick Strong vs. Kyle O'Reilly-AEW International Championship Match Story has been moving every week since Revolution, more than just a spirit of competition/I want a title feud. (C) Kazuchika Okada vs. PAC-AEW Continental Championship Match Story has been closer to what you describe - PAC wants the belt and so he got into it with Okada and the Elite (who he has years of history with), and they build to this match through matches and fights through the past month. (C) Toni Storm with Luther & Mariah May vs. Thunder Rosa-AEW Women's World Championship Match Story has been moving since Revolution, with a ton of history between the two related to the end of Rosa's reign. Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe vs. House Of Black (Brody King, Buddy Matthews & Malakai Black)-Six Man Tag Team Match Mark Briscoe has been feuding with the HOB since the beginning of the year (close to 4 months now). Eddie pulled in due to friendship w/Mark and Copeland pulled in due to being targetted by HOB. The Young Bucks (Matthew Jackson & Nicholas Jackson) vs. FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)-Vacant AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Final Ladder Match Don't think this needs any clarification (C) Julia Hart vs. Willow Nightingale with Stokely Hathaway-AEW TBS Championship House Rules Match Julia has been feuding with Willow/Stat since BEFORE she won the title which is over 6 months ago - I think that would qualify as long term storytelling? Bryan Danielson vs. Will Ospreay A match where people are fighting for the spirit of competition! A match that was announced over a month in advance and in the recent week+ of Dynamite has clearly turned into something beyond just a friendly match. Considering the post-match angle and the heating up of DCF/BCC this is just the start of a feud anyway. And if any match gets a pass for "not having enough storyline", this is one that gets a pass. (C) Samoa Joe vs. Swerve Strickland with Prince Nana-AEW World Championship Match Swerve, who I guess I need to remind you is just coming off an inconclusive stop to his 8 month long term storytelling feud with Hangman Adam Page has been focused on winning the World title since after World's End (so over 4 months), and this was the culmination of it. A 12 match PPV card where every major match (-1 if you don't count Ospreay/Danielson) has had a story beyond "I want to be the best" or "I want to win your title". Care to compare to any other modern wrestling promotion's PPV and the depth/amount of storylines associated with their matches? So I reiterate, what exactly is your point? If you said that "I don't like the storylines AEW has done recently, they have not been good or enjoyable to me" - that's fine! But saying that AEW doesn't have storylines other than spirit of competition is just blatantly false if you actually watch the show. When you post blatantly false takes like this, especially when you do so in a way that makes it seem like you aren't being malicious, just fires up the trolls who don't actually watch the show either and think what you are saying is true! "their inability to tell stories - and that stems from a number of things - primarily the wrestlers getting injured due to doing too much physically on a TV show." I'm not even going to step into AEW's "inability to tell stories" since that's patently not true, so let's tackle the wrestlers getting injured due to doing too much physically on a TV show. AEW MAJOR INJURIES TO TOP STARS: Kenny Omega - Diverticulitis, unrelated to AEW in-ring style. His injury DID derail the current storyline he was in Adam Cole - Ankle, freak accident unrelated to AEW in-ring style. His injury hurt the storyline's payoff but AEW went forward with the long term storyline they had planned (for better or worse) Jamie Hayter - wear and tear/shoulder, nothing concrete as to why or how she got injured. You could say it was because she was "doing too much physically on TV" I guess? Britt Baker - wear and tear/back, nothing concrete as to why or how she got injured either. Another you could probably chalk up to just wear from wrestling. That's the 4 top stars in the men and women's division who are currently injured, and at least for the men it has nothing to do with a too intense TV match style. I'm not going to run down every single injury that's ever occurred in AEW, but if you think it will prove your point you can feel free. I hate that I keep getting baited into responding to posts like this, but I will reiterate this before people think I'm just jumping in to "defend AEW" like some billionaire stan. I enjoy AEW and AEW has it's faults. BUT there is a very vocal minority across all wrestling social media which just blatantly spread around bad-faith takes and nonsense, and people who are critical of AEW latch on without really knowing whether the bad-faith comment was even the truth! PSA: It is OK to not like a wrestling promotion, or product, or match, even if other people like it! But: The fact you did not like a match does not mean it was objectively bad. The fact that you do not like a storyline does not mean it didn't happen. The fact that you don't like a wrestling promotion does not mean it is dying or going out of business.
  3. Man, Jack Perry's career is certainly over after that damning footage of him not fighting back after a coworker took a cheap shot at him and attacked him! EDIT: Nevermind, just saw the clips posted above. I should have posted this take a couple days ago!
  4. The Foundation (Jon Michael Sharp & Martin Heath) vs XS & Aurelian Bradley XS/Aurelian seem to have slotted into the role that State of Mind originally had, which is a good place for them since they have chemistry together and are both young enough to develop on their backs for a bit. Christopher Lister vs Lone Wolf AWOOOOOOOO The Youth Bandits (Cannonball Logan & Ian Vincible) vs State Of Mind (Brilliant White & Ultra Violence) I'm behind the State of Mind push 'The Prodigy' Darin Flynn w/ Mark Moore vs Evan Alpass w/ Marbella I believe this is a face vs face match, and Darin stands above Evan on the card from what I've seen so far
  5. Grace of Fire (Welsh Dragon & Bali Daljit) vs XS & Aurelian Bradley ??? vs Damian Dastardly The Youth Bandits (Ian Vincible & Cannonball Logan) vs High Society (Dylan Drama & Joey Beauchamp) Rohan Kirchner vs Bret Heartbreak NWF Cruiserweight Championship: Leighton Buzzard (C) vs JK Lee
  6. Cruiserweight World Cup Final: Welsh Dragon vs Edison Silva w/ Mo Adebola I don't think Welsh Dragon is ready to beat a guy like Silva yet. NWF British Tag Team Titles: Future X vs The Northern Lights (C) w/ Frank Finkleton Good first defense for the champs after they won them in a triple threat NWF Cruiserweight Championship: Leighton Buzzard vs JK Lee (C) I could see this going either way, but I think Leighton deserves it after the work he's put in the last couple months Jase Cole w/ Christopher Lister vs Lone Wolf I don't see Lone Wolf losing a singles match to a tag specialist after all the video build up for him If Nate Manchester loses he leaves NWF: Nate Manchester w/ Leo Price vs 'Big Mac' Nathan McKenzie Poor Big Mac eating another L. If Nate himself wasn't the guy who introduced the stop, I could see him losing and fighting with Frank/Legal to get reinstated NWF British Heavyweight Championship: (C) 'The Springbok' Landon Mallory vs 'The Celtic Hammer' Stuart Wilson I'd love to see Stuart win at some point but I don't think it's now Bonus 1: How many titles will change hands at the event? (maximum of 3): 1 Bonus 2: What will the overall rating of the show be? (two points for spot on, 1 point for 2 either side): 68
  7. You said "to see a top wrestler like Bryan Danielson used like this must be a criminal act. Stuck for months fighting outlaw mudshow matches alongside Moxley". He hasn't been wrestling "outlaw mudshow matches alongside Moxley" as Dalton pointed out. I took a snip of Danielson's last 6 months but I could do the same for his entire AEW run. I'll say it again - if how he's been used in AEW is criminally bad, how would you do it differently? His last 6 months in particular have been potentially one of the best runs of his career, at least in my opinion and many others. You can just say "I don't like Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley" without ridiculous hyperbole that pretty much every single person on the forums would call you out on...
  8. Cruiserweight World Cup Semi Final: Welsh Dragon vs Damian Dastardly ??? vs Stuart Wilson Darin Flynn vs Akihiro Hisato The Youth Bandits (Ian Vincible & Cannonball Logan) vs Lee & O'Hearne Cruiserweight World Cup Semi Final: Bali Daljit vs Edison Silva w/ Mo Adebola Edison vs Welsh Dragon seems the most logical (re)match for the World Cup
  9. Danielson's last 6 months or so, with an Ospreay singles match on the horizon. If this is criminal usage of a hall of fame talent then I would love to hear how he could be booked better!
  10. If Leighton Buzzard wins he gets a shot at the Cruiserweight Title: Leighton Buzzard vs Padraig O'Hearne The Force vs ??? & ??? Future X vs XS & Bradley Astro vs Brilliant White Grace of Fire (Welsh Dragon & Bali Daljit) vs Edison Silva & Damian Dastardly
  11. Winner Represents Wales at Cruiserweight World Cup: Welsh Dragon vs Neville Jones vs Aurelian Bradley vs Red Dragon I think Welsh Dragon is the safe pick, but I'm a sucker for giving vets that "one last" moment in the sun, and with how Red Dragon has performed, this could be his last chance to stand on his own and rep his country since Welsh Dragon is already better than him. Future X (Petey Barnes & Eric Future) vs State Of Mind (Brilliant White & Ultra Violence) I think Future X are the third most interesting veteran team you have (behind Sharp/Heath and The Force), while Brilliant White has been impressive in his singles matches and State of Mind are a very unique team compared to the rest of your division. Cruiserweight World Cup Quarter-Final: Bali Daljit (India) vs Davey Celtic (Scotland) You've been behind Bali for a bit despite him not getting nay signature wins, but this could be his chance. Cruiserweight World Cup Quarter-Final: Edison Silva (England?) vs Akihiro Hisato (Japan) The false English rep takes the win here, with an eventual rematch with Leighton on the horizon
  12. Great show as always - I'm not surprised I was wrong about Landon losing, but I think we'll see a gimmick rematch (or a triple threat) down the road for him. Good showing from Leighton Buzzard who is rapidly outgrowing his tag team partner. I had a feeling his World Cup hopes wouldn't be over, so I'm glad I sniffed that one out at least.
  13. Winner Represents England at the Cruiserweight World Cup: Leighton Buzzard vs Edison Silva w/ Mo Adebola Good way to keep Silva away from Landon for a little while. Will be an interesting wrinkle to the World Cup when the representative is a heel. Given his kayfabe backstory of being from Brazil, I wonder if there's any wrinkle where Silva and Buzzard both make it into the CWC? Should be a good test for Buzzard as well as seeing how Silva can do with a non-title program. Dangermouth, Darin Flynn & Evan Alpass vs High Society (Byron, Dylan Drama & Joey Beauchamp) Could see this one going either way, since the lynchpin of the whole angle seems to be Bret. Does Bret end up helping his dad win reluctantly, or mess up in helping and cost them the match? No clue, but in the coinflip I'll go with the established group over the loose alliance of young guys fighting it. NWF Cruiserweight Title: Jase Cole vs JK Lee (C) I think the Jedi involvement in the Cruiserweight storyline is more of a catalyst to split up Lee and O'Hearne than for either of the vets to win the title - Lee and O'Hearne are both way more valuable as singles guys than as a tag team with how your divisions currently look. NWF British Tag Team Titles: The Foundation vs The Northern Lights (C) No way the Network drops the titles this soon, though The Foundation are on my shortlist to win it. There needs to be some tension heading into the main event that Big Mac might walk out with the gold. NWF British Heavyweight Championship: 'The Springbok' Landon Mallory (C) vs 'Big Mac' Nathan McKenzie YEAH I'm crazy (I'm 2 points ahead in the predictions so I can afford to take a shot here). The more I think about it, the more I think Big Mac steals the title. Why? I don't really see any potential feuds for Landon if he wins. Silva will likely be tied up in the World Cup, Big Mac will be done and dusted, and the rest of the heels that could realistically work with him are tied up in other storylines/not ready for a main event feud (Wilson w/Frisby, High Society with the zoomers, JK Lee with O'Hearne and the Jedi). Big Mac takes the title and The Network take over as heels. Big Mac can't be the figurehead of your top heel faction when he loses every big match. He has a much longer list of potential PPV challengers in Nate Manchester, Darin Flynn, and an inevitable rematch with Landon. Bonus Questions: 1. What will the overall rating of the show be? (two points for spot on, one point for 2 either side) 66 2. How many titles will change hands at For Queen And Country? (maximum of 3) 1 Any other comments/questions on the diary: It really feels like you could use an openweight midcard title - you have a lot of guys who could use a championship to fight over that don't fall into the "Cruiserweight" division. You have a ton of vets (Byron/Beauchamp) and heavier midcard guys (Dwayne Dark, Stuart Wilson ATM) that don't have any real accolades they can target as singles wrestlers other than the World title. After all of the work you've put in especially in re-establishing guys like Beauchamp and Byron to their home country, it would be sad if they never win gold in NWF, and your tag division is too stacked for them to get it there IMO.
  14. Neville Jones vs Stuart Wilson Excited to see who else Stuart ropes into Olympia long-term. Right now I've got Stu pegged as the guy to beat Landon. The Foundation (Jon Michael Sharp & Matin Heath) w/ Mark Moore vs Black Country Boys (Gazz Vedmore & Mickey Robson) The BCB continue to pay their dues and get over having competitive matches with your top tag teams The Force (Jase Cole & Christopher Lister) vs JK Lee & Padraig O'Hearne The youngsters learn a tough lesson from the vets and JK Lee gets his first real challenge of his reign so far. Red Dragon vs Dwayne Dark w/ Chuck Frisby Poor Dwayne is a heel-by-proxy while being the most normal dude in an angle full of wackos. Looking forward to him getting his hands on Stuart at some point. Cruiserweight World Cup Qualifier Final: Leighton Buzzard vs Brilliant White Could see this going the other way, but having a young guy who's a product of the most important dojo system to NWF (ROF), who can talk and wrestle representing his country makes more sense than the silent masked character of Brilliant White (at least for the first World Cup)
  15. Future X (Petey Barnes & Eric Future) vs Black Country Boys (Gazz Vedmore & Mickey Robson) Good bounce back win for the former champs against a young up and coming tag team Evan Alpass vs Byron Tough call but if you want Byron to be popular enough to match his role on the roster he needs to leech some popularity from the ex-21CW guys and this seems like the perfect opportunity. He definitely isn't winning this one clean, though. He needs to "win" to still hold that over his son's head before Bret eventually picks a side. Cruiserweight World Cup Semi Final: Leighton Buzzard vs Ultra Violence #bangeralert Cruiserweight World Cup Semi Final: Grant Taypen vs Brilliant White Actual #bangeralert. Brilliant White is a guy I never really give a second glance and he's been putting on great matches for you. I see him vs Leighton in the finals, with him having a non-zero shot at winning (I think Leighton is the favorite given the amount of angle time he's had compared to White). Grace Of Fire (Welsh Dragon & Bali Daljit) vs JK Lee & Padraig O'Hearne Poor Bali the pin eater
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