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  1. Bit of an update: Not much; I lost the screenshot of a guy named Screamer, with the mask with the eye, getting nudes hacked. So that was p kewl. Not yet Big, so no opportunities to chomp on them haterz. OH. I stole EX2010's figurehead. lul
  2. I totally didn't buy my way to a 94 with a C-List celebrity, $2million uh...band, and uh...all the amenities. Me'n'Edd was hurt by Edd's inconsistency; I think we could have pulled a 95. That said...doesn't matter. Already won a legendary main event.
  3. Man, am I glad that I totally booked that for the PPV oh wait.
  4. Well, given that in theory the save will end in 2 months minimum, I'd say...6 months maximum, no.
  5. I gave her the month off; I can always give her a bonus for missing the PPV.
  6. I'm making another dev territory in the Mid Atlantic. Supertiny, so I'm going to lose money on it, but this will allow me to shovel off all the terrible guys I have/steal from MAW that I just don't want them to have. It still angers me that they can get a 61 match from people who have nowhere near the skill to do so. Edit: I'm also going to make the style Deathmatch Lucha Libre so as to ruin the careers of everyone (I should have waited on Will Beaumont ._. he's really good ._________________.) I could get Petr Novak to be the CEO, so y'know. I could. I won't, but I could.
  7. Ignore: Baby move. Support: I hope by "dismiss" they mean "aren't an issue" as opposed to "didn't happen". Attack: Beh. Childish, and while real-world effective in a lot of ways, also horrifically immoral, and this kind of behavior gets in the way of truth. Distance: Even more of a baby move. Appease: I don't mean "baby" when I'm saying baby. Although giving him a...he's unpaid, so it's not vacation. Dang it. Sacrifice: YESHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Obvs 2 all the way.
  8. Me and Boom Boom Jamaica have great chem. Sadly, his head's pretty messed up, but Also, finally got a media storm from Monty Trescarde. Yay!
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