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  1. downloaded the first post and cant find many stable logos, judgement day for example, am i missing something or is there alot missing?
  2. love the idea of the trios tournament, and also the return of the owen hart cup, im like Tk and a big lover of tournaments haha, good stuff!
  3. This is great! Tried my hand at a AEW dynasty a few months back but my computer went to shit so lost it all 😕 Really enjoying reading yours and its making me interested in starting up another dynasty!
  4. All In Predictions: AEW All In 2023 - Wembley Stadium, London, England Pre-Show vs Mogul Embassy (Swerve Strickland, Keith Lee and Brian Cage) vs Dustin Rhodes and Men of the Year (Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky) ============================================================================================================== Pre-Show 30 man British Open Over the Top Battle Royale - All British unsigned wrestlers with the winner facing PAC later in the night Competitors include: Doug Williams, Rampage Brown, Thom Latimer, Big Damo, Grado, Harry Smith, Joe Hendry, Nick Aldis, Luke Menzies, Trent Seven, Chris Brookes, Zack Sabre Jr, Dave Mastiff, Michael Oku and more ============================================================================================================== Main Show vs Jay White vs Ricky Starks ============================================================================================================== vs TBS Championship - Jade Cargill (c) vs Thunder Rosa ============================================================================================================== vs AEW Womens Title - Jamie Hayter (c) vs Saraya ============================================================================================================== vs ???? AEW International Title - PAC (c) vs ???? (winner of the Battle Royale) ============================================================================================================== vs AEW TNT Title - Wardlow vs Goldberg ============================================================================================================== vs vs vs vs vs vs vs 8 Man Casino Ladder Match - Winner gets a AEW International Title match at any time of their choosing Powerhouse Hobbs vs Luchasaurus vs Miro vs Andrade vs Eddie Kingston vs Bandido vs Penta El Zero Miedo vs Malakai Black ============================================================================================================== vs Blood & Guts - BCC (Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Konosuke Takeshita and Wheeler Yuta) vs The Elite (Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Kota Ibushi and The Young Bucks) ============================================================================================================== vs Sting and The Pillars (Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara and Darby Allin) vs J.A.S (Chris Jericho, Danny Garcia, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker ============================================================================================================== vs ???? ???? CMFTR (CM Punk and FTR) vs MJF and 2 surprise partners - If CMFTR win, Punk gets a World Title shot at Forbidden Door
  5. Only just found this, loved this era so will be watching out for posts
  6. AEW Collision Results (Week 4, June 2023) Collision starts with Tony Schiavone standing in the ring. He runs down tonight's card, with Thunder Rosa facing Red Velvet and with victory will face Jade Cargill at All In for the TBS title and Wardlow facing a gauntlet of wrestlers in front of Goldberg. He also announces a special 8 man Casino Ladder Match at All In, with participants being kept close to the AEW bookers chest and will be announced on the night, this will guarantee a future International title shot at the time of the victors choosing. He's rudely interrupted by MJF, who's followed by Butcher & Blade. He says he's spoken with the powers that be, and agreed that tonight we will have FTR facing Butcher & Blade, and if FTR win, then CM Punk can get his hands on MJF.....but only in a trios match at All In. MJF adds his trios partners won't be Butcher & Blade as their payment only covers the recent beatdowns and to finish the job tonight. If they don't finish the job, he has a couple of heavies he will call upon to really back him properly, and they're a team that FTR will recognise from their past! ============================================================================================================== vs w/ AEW International Championship PAC (c) vs Jeff Jarrett w/ Sonjay Dutt Pac was making his final International Title defence before All In, with the winner of this match facing the winner of the British Open Over the Top Battle Royale on the show. The match against Jarrett actually felt like a handicap match, with Jarrett having Sonjay Dutt in his corner causing issues at every chance. PAC however was one step ahead of Jarrett, and after laying out Dutt on the outside, he hit Jarrett with a Brainbuster, Red Arrow then Brutaliser combo for the submission win. Winner and still AEW International Champion - PAC via submission ============================================================================================================== vs Thunder Rosa vs Red Velvet Rosa was facing Velvet, with a signed document from Mark Sterling which guaranteed her a shot at All In against Jade Cargill's TBS championship. Rosa defeated step 1 in Leila Grey last week and was now one step away from a title shot. Jade was probably hoping Velvet would put up more of a fight, but unfortunately Rosa was far better in every area, and comfortably beat her to earn her shot. Winner via pinfall - Thunder Rosa ============================================================================================================== A seething Dustin Rhodes heads straight to the ring, no music or anything, fuming at the betrayal from his tag partner, Keith Lee last week on Collision. He calls out Keith Lee. Instead he is met by Mogul Embassy mouthpiece, Prince Nana and muscle, Brian Cage. Nana says Lee isn't here tonight but did ask Nana if there was any trouble, could he get Cage to sort out the issue. Rhodes calls down Cage to fight him, and Cage obliges, they start to fight but Rhodes is blindsided by Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee. All 3 continue the beatdown until . . . . . . . . . . . . Men of the Year make the save! They've had their own issues with Swerve in our Glory, and come out to save the veteran Rhodes, who stumbles to his feet, and grabs a mic, challenging Mogul Embassy to a 3 vs 3 at All In, which Prince Nana laughs at before accepting. ============================================================================================================== vs QTV (QT Marshall, Powerhouse Hobbs, Nick Comoroto and Preston Vance) vs Dark Order (Stu Grayson, Evil Uno, John Silver and Alex Reynolds) QTV made their debut in their newest form, against the crumbling Dark Order unit. The animosity between Grayson and the rest has really been costing them lately, and against a massive team of meaty men in QTV, it went one step further, when Grayson actually walked out fully and left his 'teammates' to be mercifully beaten down and easily defeated with Hobbs picking up the pinfall over Alex Reynolds after a huge spinebuster. The match really emphasised what a developing powerhouse team Comoroto and Vance are, definitely a team that can make waves alongside QT Marshall. Winners via pinfall - QTV ============================================================================================================== Goldberg's music hits as the legend makes his way to the ringside area and he pulls up a chair to get a ringside view of his rival, Wardlow. Wardlow then makes his entrance for this upcoming gauntlet match. Tony Deppen is up first, but is quickly defeated after a F5 Willie Mack is then up next, but like Deppen, is squashed quickly after a huge wind-up Lariat Blake Christian tried to get the upper hand, with a missile dropkick as Wardlow got up from pinning Mack, but soon was hit with a massive powerbomb for the 1-2-3 Rather than try to take on Wardlow as singles, the Varsity Athletes tried the tag team approach, which started well but ended with Woods getting crushed with a powerbomb, then Nese taking a powerbomb symphony onto the fallen Woods, and a double pin by Wardlow. Shane Taylor then tried a sneak attack, which also had a little success until Wardlow turned the tables and hit Goldberg's Spear then Jackhammer combination for a 3 count. With no one else seemingly entering the gauntlet, Wardlow leans over the top rope and asks what Goldberg thought, and said with all due respect, he wants to face him at All In. Goldberg stands up, gets into the ring, shakes Wardlow's hand and pulls him in aggressively and yelled his phrase 'YOU'RE NEXT' into Wardlow's face as he smirked. Goldberg then pointed at the TNT title before leaving the ring as Wardlow raised his title high. ============================================================================================================== vs FTR vs Butcher & Blade Butcher & Blade got the jump on FTR, attacking them during their entrance. They focused their attack on Dax, singling him out and not allowing him to tag out to Cash. Butcher & Blade showed they were on FTR's level here and deserving of a tag title shot in the future, altho inevitably succumbed to the Shatter Machine and a pinfall loss. Winner via pinfall - FTR MJF tries to sneak attack a tired FTR but Punk runs down and chases off the world champion to end Collision, as he helps up his pals. ============================================================================================================== ============================================================================================================== ============================================================================================================== ============================================================================================================== ============================================================================================================== AEW All In 2023 - Wembley Stadium, London, England Excalibur runs down the card for All In, in front of 80k fans. Pre-Show - Mogul Embassy (Swerve Strickland, Keith Lee and Brian Cage) vs Dustin Rhodes and Men of the Year (Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky) Pre-Show - 30 man British Open Over the Top Battle Royale - All British unsigned wrestlers with the winner facing PAC later in the night Jay White vs Ricky Starks TBS Championship - Jade Cargill (c) vs Thunder Rosa AEW Womens Title - Jamie Hayter (c) vs Saraya AEW International Title - PAC (c) vs ???? (winner of the Battle Royale) AEW TNT Title - Wardlow vs Goldberg 8 Man Casino Ladder Match - Winner gets a AEW International Title match at any time of their choosing Blood & Guts - BCC (Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Konosuke Takeshita and Wheeler Yuta) vs The Elite (Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Kota Ibushi and The Young Bucks) Sting and The Pillars (Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara and Darby Allin) vs J.A.S (Chris Jericho, Danny Garcia, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker CMFTR (CM Punk and FTR) vs MJF and 2 surprise partners - If CMFTR win, Punk gets a World Title shot at Forbidden Door PLUS some major announcements...... ***THIS IS OPEN TO PREDICTIONS IF ANYONE WANTS TO***
  7. AEW Dynamite Results (Week 4, June 2023) We start Dynamite with The Elite's theme of Carry On Wayward Son, and Kenny and The Bucks are joined by Hangman Page and the newest member of the AEW roster and Kenny's tag partner in the Golden Lovers, Kota Ibushi. Kenny says he knows how the BCC always try to use the numbers game, but now has 5 guys united as one, compared to the BCC's 4 guys plus that snake, Takeshita, who doesn't seem overly sure where he wants to be, as he's more interested in aligning with an even bigger snake in Don Callis than fully committing to being a member of the BCC. Kenny goes on to say The Elite have got unfinished business with Callis and Takeshita, but want to end this thing with the BCC because they're both sick of the sight of each other. He proposes at All In in Wembley Stadium next weekend, they end The Elite vs BCC beef, inside not one, but two caged rings in BLOOD AND GUTS!!!! ============================================================================================================== AEW International Championship vs PAC (c) vs 'The Game Changer' Matt Cardona Cardona got a nice little pop when answering PAC's open challenge, he had a very brief but forgettable run in his first stint in AEW so was hoping to make a bigger impact second time around. Unfortunately for him, his opponent was the absolutely dominant International champion, who's been defending the belt on every show and not just winning but destroying his opponents. There was nothing different here as the former Zack Ryder was dispatched of and even given the embarrassment of tapping out too, as he succumbed to PAC's Brutalizer after less than 10 minutes of action. Winner and still AEW International Champion - PAC via submission ============================================================================================================== Announced for post-All In is a tag team tournament, which will take place across Dynamite and Collision, to determine who will face FTR at Forbidden Door. vs vs vs ReDRagon vs Best Friends vs The Acclaimed vs Dark Order A little teaser, these 4 teams will be participating in the 16 team tournament, with the rest of the 16 teams to be announced at All In. A good luck at a quarter of the participants, as this high paced match between 4 fan favourite teams was as competitive as can be. Each team seemed to have the match won at various times, but it was a top rope elbow drop from Max Caster to Alex Reynolds which earned the victory for the Acclaimed and gave them a mental advantage going into the upcoming tournament. Winners - The Acclaimed via pinfall ============================================================================================================== It's announced that later tonight a new challenger for Jamie Hayter's AEW Women's title will be decided, as the Outcasts will take on a team of 4 women from the AEW roster, and whoever gets the pinfall moves onto face Hayter in London at All In ============================================================================================================== w/ vs Luchasaurus w/ Christian Cage vs Ortiz Christian Cage was an influence throughout the match, giving Luchasaurus advice and distracting the referee and Ortiz. Despite the massive size difference, Ortiz has that never-say-die mentality and wouldn't stay down from The Monster's attacks. Inevitably tho, Luchasaurus finally defeated a gritty Ortiz with a chokeslam. After the match, Christian climbed into the ring and started laying the boots into Ortiz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . until a returning Santana made the save with a chair for his former tag partner! Christian soon bailed out of the ring with Luchasaurus, as Santana helped Ortiz to his feet and the pair shook hands. Winner - Luchasaurus via Pinfall ============================================================================================================== The Outcasts (Saraya, Toni Storm, Ruby Soho and Mandy Sacs) vs Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida, Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale The women who gets the pinfall in this 8 Women tag match moves onto face Jamie Hayter at All In for the AEW Womens Title. Slight unrest between the Outcasts group as so much is at stake, but after Mandy brings them back on the same page, they allow Saraya to pin a downed Willow to setup a England vs England encounter at the biggest and most famous English stadium. Winner and facing Jamie Hayter at All In - Saraya via pinfall ============================================================================================================== Sammy heads to the ring, fuming at the beatdown he suffered last week, he brings out his Pillars trios teammates and Sting, and asks them if they'd like to get their hands on the J.A.S, because he's dying to, particularly Chris Jericho as he runs down their history, saying they've been together since Day One of AEW and he's always looked up to him as a mentor, but that is now done and so is Le Sex Gods. Chris Jericho comes out to the stage, flanked by the J.A.S, laughing at Sammy and how he didn't see it all coming, as you don't leave the J.A.S unless The Ocho says you can! Sammy tries to get at Jericho, but Sting holds him back, whispers in his ear then takes the mic and says he's known Jericho a very long time and over that time, he's learnt full well not to trust him, something Sammy has now learned the hard way, but says how about they settle this at All In, in a Anything Goes match, he adds he's not been to London for a very long time and would love to have a good look around Wembley Stadium, as he and The Pillars drag the J.A.S members beaten bodies around the place! Jericho hesitates, but accepts the match, so it'll be Sting and The Pillars (Sammy,Darby,Perry) vs J.A.S (Jericho,Garcia,Menard,Parker). ============================================================================================================== vs Bullet Club Gold (Jay White and Juice Robinson) vs Ricky Starks and Orange Cassidy White pins Cassidy after interference from The Gunns. Starks is pissed and challenges Jay White to face him one on one at All In, Jay agrees, but tells Starks he has a nice surprise waiting for him at Wembley. Winners - Bullet Club Gold via pinfall ============================================================================================================== Before the show can go off the air, we cut backstage to a frantic Renee Pacquette as she shouts 'JON' at her husband and the rest of the BCC as they leave Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa bloodied and beaten and Mox grabs the camera and says 'You wanted Blood and Guts, this is just a teaser for Sunday, you got your match!' ============================================================================================================== Tuesday Night Dark Results: Lance Archer defeated Dylan James Darby Allin defeated Aaron Solo The Killer & The Pillar (Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter) defeated The Renegade Twins Taya Valkyrie defeated Jazz Danhausen defeated Luigi Primo Hook defeated Chase Stevens to retain the FTW World Title The Gunns defeated The Boys
  8. AEW Collision Results (Week 3, June 2023) MJF smugly makes his entrance, soaking up the boos, working the crowd. He says he'd love to defend his title against CM Punk, but Punk has been away so long, he's not sure he's ready, so to be fair to Punk, he'll let him have a few warmup matches first to clear any ring rust. MJF says he is a fair and honest champion and only wants to defend against the best opponents in their best condition. So proposes next week, Punk and his buddies FTR face a few guys he's just got off the phone to, how about a 3 vs 4 with CMFTR vs Lance Archer, Big Bill and Butcher & The Blade, and if they win that, MJF will then announce what he has planned for All In.....if Punk gets there. ============================================================================================================== AEW International Championship vs PAC (c) vs James Storm A swich up in styles from recent weeks for PAC, as he takes on former TNA/Impact Tag Team and World Champion in James Storm, who got a great reaction for his first match on AEW tv. Much different from his recent matches against high flyers, PAC had to go to a in your face brawling style to counter Storm, PAC shown his versatility tho and his ability to wrestle basically any style when needed. Storm actually looked like he'd pull out the surprise win after hitting his two signature moves with an Eye of the Storm and a Last Call Superkick, but PAC managed to kick out, come back and finished off Storm with a Red Arrow to retain. Winner and still AEW International Champion via pinfall - PAC ============================================================================================================== Goldberg makes his entrance to a huge pop. He explains he came to AEW because he's been hearing for a long time about the 'New Goldberg' in Wardlow, and wanted to see if the hype is real in person. He said he left his old place because he hated the politics there, and didn't like the 'new guy' whos in charge there now. Wardlow heads to the ring, barging past Goldberg while smirking at him, ready for his match as Goldberg heads to ringside to watch him. Kip Sabian's music plays as he makes his way down the ramp to take on Wardlow, accompanied by Penelope Ford. vs w/ AEW TNT Championship Wardlow (c) vs Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford An absolute squash match, Wardlow destroyed Kip with a lariat from the off then hit a Symphony of Powerbombs, every single one was done whilst locking eye contact with Goldberg. After 3 Powerbombs, Wardlow picked up Kipand destroyed him into the mat with a thunderous Jackhammer and the 1-2-3. Wardlow then moved towards Goldberg, again holding eye contact and pointing at him and saying 'YOU'RE NEXT, OLD MAN' Winner via pinfall and still AEW TNT Champion - Wardlow ============================================================================================================== Mark Sterling and Jade Cargill are backstage and set the gauntlet for Thunder Rosa for if she wants to face Jade for the TBS title. It will be Leila Grey tonight and if she wins that, then Red Velvet next week on Collision and then if she can get thru that, then Jade might allow her a shot at her TBS Title. ============================================================================================================== vs Thunder Rosa vs Leila Grey Stage one of Rosa working her way to a title shot against Jade Cargill begins with facing the first of the Baddies in Leila Grey. Leila was surprisingly left to go it alone to begin with but it wasn't long until Sterling stuck his nose in the match. Rosa managed to use that to her advantage tho, sending Leila into Sterling before hitting her with a Fire Thunder driver for the victory. Red Velvet tried to jump Rosa after but was cut off and soon bailed out the ring. Winner via pinfall - Thunder Rosa ============================================================================================================== Backstage we see The Butcher and The Blade again standing over a beaten FTR, as The Butcher and The Blade leave, they're handed an loaded envelope by a smirking MJF. ============================================================================================================== Ethan Page, still feeling the effects of a losing effort against Wardlow last week, is backstage talking with Scorpio Sky, saying that seeing Swerve in our Glory reunite gave him an idea, proposing the Men of the Year join back together and call them out for a match tonight. Scorpio says he loves the idea, lets do it. The challenge is made... ============================================================================================================== vs Los Ingobernables (Rush, Andrade and Dralistico) vs QTV (QT Marshall, Aaron Solow and Powerhouse Hobbs) The match ended in a DQ as Nick Comoroto returned and attacked Rush before the rest of QTV jumped on him and Los Ingobernables. Preston Vance rushed the ring but swerved his former allies, also putting the boots into Los Ingobernables as he aligned with QT Marshall and his QTV stable. QT grabbed the mic and said he promised QTV would only get stronger, and why not do that by adding two of the strongest men on the roster to go alongside Powerhouse Hobbs. He puts the tag division on notice with Vance and Comoroto teaming, aswell as saying Hobbs is coming back for that TNT title. Winners via DQ - Los Ingobernables ============================================================================================================== A hype promo for Miro alongside his wife CJ Perry airs. Reinforcing last weeks words about him sitting on the throne at the top of AEW with his queen by his side. ============================================================================================================== vs Men of the Year (Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky) vs Swerve in our Glory (Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland) Swerve in our Glory made their way to the ring flanked by Brian Cage and Prince Nana. In this battle of the newly re-formed tag teams, Swerve in our Glory were one step ahead, with the power of Lee and sneakiness of Swerve proving the difference here. Page and Sky weren't quite on the same wavelength like their opponents. Prince Nana was a factor also, causing a distraction allowing Swerve to hit the Swerve Stomp for the win. Dustin Rhodes ran out for a measure of revenge on Keith and Swerve but was blindsided by Brian Cage, who helped Keith and Swerve lay waste to Ethan, Scorpio and Dustin, as Swerve's Mogul Embassy stand tall to end Collision.
  9. AEW Dynamite Results (Week 3, June 2023) We start Dynamite with the ring decorated for a celebration, with a massive goodbye cake and plenty of bottles of the bubbly. Jericho is standing in the ring going over the many things he has accomplished over his illustrious career. He says right at the very top of that is how proud he is to raise his 'work son' Sammy Guevara into becoming the star he is today. He welcomes Sammy and his wife, Tay Melo to the ring to celebrate his time under the 'Wing of Jericho.' It's all happiness and celebrations as Sammy and Tay hug every other member of the J.A.S. That is until Jericho smashes a bottle of champagne over Sammy's head and Garcia, Hager, Parker and Menard jump on him, attacking him like a pack of wolves. Tay covers Sammy from anymore abuse and Jericho hands Anna his bat to take out Tay. Anna refuses and throws the bat away and heads back up the ramp, the J.A.S watch her in disbelief and as she gets to the top of the ramp, Jungle Boy, Darby and Sting come out, JB kisses Anna as all 3 men rush to the ring and the J.A.S bail into the crowd with Jericho raging. Jungle Boy, Darby and Sting help up Sammy as Anna returns to the ring. Sting grabs the mic and lets Jericho know that him and 'The Pillars' are out to get him and his goons. ======================================================================================================================== AEW World Trios Championship House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews)(c) vs Undisputed Elite (Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong) House of Black have really been facing tough challenges after tough challenges with seasoned teams with plenty of matches together and this was no different. The House of Black made sure to focus on Roderick Strong's weakened elbow which had kept him off TV for a few months, keeping him away from the corner and not allowing him to tag out as they worked him over. Roddy did manage to tag out to O'Reilly who cleared house with strikes, before Cole and Black stepped in and had a stare down to a great pop. Strong was out of the match and Brody and Buddy took out Cole, leaving O'Reilly left in the ring to have his head taken off by a Black Mass Roundhouse Kick for the pinfall and another defense under the House of Black's belts. Winners and still AEW Trios Champions - House of Black via pinfall ======================================================================================================================== Backstage is Renee Pacquette with Orange Cassidy. Orange says 'if Ricky Starks needs a partner to face the Bullet Club Gold, then yeh whatever, I can maybe help, maybe...whatever.' Then leaves as Renee says she guesses that's Orange's way of offering his assistance while trying to hold back giggling. ======================================================================================================================== AEW International Championship vs PAC (c) vs KUSHIDA Pac continued his run of defending the AEW International Championship every show in open challenges, with former 6x IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion, KUSHIDA answering the latest challenge. Like on Collision, this was the second meeting between the two wrestlers, with PAC again losing the first encounter, in a Best of the Super Juniors Block Match from way back in 2009. Most recently both man have become experts in trios matches with PAC joining up with the Lucha Brothers as 'Death Triangle,' while KUSHIDA has been teaming with the Motor City Machine Guns as 'Time Machine.' About as competitive as a title defense Pac has had so far, KUSHIDA was no walkover. Both men were criminally underused in WWE and shown here what huge talents they both are and what WWE missed out on. The match showcased the best of both with moments of high flying, brutal stiffness and also awesome technical prowess. The match ended with PAC countering a Moonsault Press attempt by KUSHIDA into a Brutalizer and the verbal submission. Winner and still AEW International Champion - PAC via submission ======================================================================================================================== We see a hype video for the return of a darker, more evil Luchasaurus, still aligned with Christian Cage. ======================================================================================================================== The Outcasts are next to the ring, continuing their war on AEW and the locker room that wouldn't accept them because they knew they were better than them. They say they have another member who they'd like to introduce, and she already knows she'll be in the same situation as the Outcasts, because she is already better than the losers in the locker room. The newest member of The Outcasts is........ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MANDY SACS!!!! She enters the ring and reiterates what Saraya had said, and she wants nothing to do with those losers in the womens locker room and aligning herself with proven winners was the obvious choice here, and she wants to help them rid the locker room of losers like Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter and anyone else who doesn't share the Outcasts mindset. ======================================================================================================================== vs Losers Must Disband Tag Team Match The Gunn Club (Austin and Colten Gunn) vs The Hardys (Matt and Jeff Hardy) The Gunns really proved their worth against one of the best teams of the last 2 decades. The youthful duo did however, need a distraction from Juice Robinson to put down the Hardys. He hit Matt with a Left Hand of God on the outside behind the referees back before Jeff hit a twist of fate on Colten and climbed the top rope for a Swanton, but Juice's distraction caused Jeff to get caught on the top rope and brought back down the the canvas with a top rope 3:10 To Yuma for the 1-2-3. Winners - The Gunn Club via pinfall Juice and The Gunns celebrated after, as Matt came in to check on his brother, who unfortunately he won't be able to tag with again in AEW. A sad end for a legendary tag team but a huge win for the former champs, The Gunn Club. ======================================================================================================================== A video is shown of MJF talking about CM Punk and telling Punk that he'll be on Collision to address Punk's comments from last weeks Collision. ======================================================================================================================== vs Eddie Kingston vs Satoshi Kojima Eddie wanted to get another legendary Japanese star in the ring against him, and after beating Tomohiro Ishii on Dynamite last week, it was Satoshi Kojima this week. Eddie, as he always is with Japanese opponents, is very respectful, but after a few stiff shots from Kojima, the angry side of both men shone thru. There's a reason Kojima has held so many of the major Japanese titles, and he shown it here against a younger man in Kingston. Unfortunately age is catching up to him and his famed Lariat is still as hard as hell, but nothing like it was in his heyday. Eddie managed to get the win after getting straight up from a Lariat and hitting Kojima with a Backfist To The Future. Eddie helped Kojima back to his feet afterwards and they shared a handshake and a bow Winner - Eddie Kingston via pinfall ======================================================================================================================== Ricky Starks is with Alex Marvez backstage and thanks Orange for the offer to tag, and says next week it'll be Orange and himself vs Bullet Club Gold. ======================================================================================================================== Hangman Page storms down to the ring and grabs a mic, calling out Konosuke Takeshita, telling him to come down here right now and fight him. Takeshita obliges by walking onto the entrance ramp with Don Callis, but smiles at Hangman in the ring as......... . . . . . . . . The BCC attack Hangman from behind, laying the boots in as Takeshita joins in the beatdown until....... . . . . . . . . . . The Elite come in to try and help out Hangman, they're doing fine until the number advantage kicks in and they find themselves outgunned, that is until......... . . . . . . . . . . . . . KOTA IBUSHIIIIII!!!!! Ibushi comes out for his AEW debut to help out the Elite, who all clear the ring to ecstatic cheers from the crowd. Kenny hugs his Golden Lovers tag partner as the Elite and Ibushi end the show standing tall in the ring. ============================================================================================================== Tuesday Night Dark Results: Hook defeated Blake Cortez Skye Blue defeated Danielle Kamela Willow Nightingale defeated Su Yung Aussie Open defeated The Boys KUSHIDA defeated Lee Johnson Bandido defeated Angelico Toni Storm defeated Dani Jordyn Ricky Starks defeated Jessie Godderz Eddie Kingston defeated Colby Corino
  10. AEW Collision Results (Week 2, June 2023) As with the start of the first ever Collision, we kick off with a huge pop as 'cult of personality' plays throughout the arena. Punk says he had fun last week but this week its back to business, and that business is reclaiming something he never lost, which is the AEW World Championship currently held by his old friend MJF. He talks about their history and having the best ever Dog Collar match against each other, but also the real animosity between them. Punk said this is him putting MJF on notice, and hopes he actually shows his face one of these days and accepts his fate. ======================================================================================================================== vs AEW International Championship PAC (c) vs Samuray Del Sol Another show, and another International title defense for PAC, this time it was the Mexican high-flying superstar, Samuray Del Sol, formerly Kalisto in WWE. The two are fairly familiar to one another, both facing each other and tagging in multi-man matches in the last decade. This was actually the second time the two had fought for a title, with the first one being a WWE United States title loss for PAC. This match was very different however with PAC being in his usual bad mood and beating Del Sol after less than 5 minutes, after hitting Del Sol with a Red Arrow, but knowing their past and wanting to prove a point, he then locked in the Brutalizer to make his Mexican foe tap out. Winner and still AEW International Champion - PAC via submission PAC then got on the mic and said he hopes he holds onto the belt until All In so he can batter another Brit. He then said he wants to keep wrestling every show so calls anyone from all over the globe to come step up and feel his wrath! ======================================================================================================================== vs Miro vs EJ Nduka In a squash match, Miro destroyed the taller man in EJ Nduka, before choking him unconscious with the Game Over Camel Clutch. Winner - Miro via stoppage Miro afterwards said he will one day be on the throne at the top of AEW, but to be there he need's his Queen, which brought out...... . . . . . . . . His wife, his queen, CJ Perry. ======================================================================================================================== We cut backstage to Swerve Strickland, who was talking about his challenge he made to Naturally Limitless tonight. Dustin Rhodes and his old buddy, Keith Lee vs Swerve and a surprise tag partner. He reminds everyone who's house it is. ======================================================================================================================== vs AEW TBS Championship Jade Cargill (c) vs Riho The Japanese former AEW Womens Champion was the next challenger to Jade for her TBS title and to try and end her unbeaten run. Jade used her power to dominate the much smaller Riho, and despite a valiant effort, was able to put Riho away with a Jaded for the 1-2-3. Winner and still AEW TBS Champion - Jade Cargill Mark Sterling questioned who was next for his undefeated client, where a shocking return would answer..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THUNDER ROSA!!!! Who ran down to the ring and cleared out Red Velvet and Leila Grey as Jade hastily exited before any physical altercation could take place. Rosa grabbed a mic and said she wants the next shot and wants to become the first ever Woman to hold both the AEW Womens and AEW TBS titles. ======================================================================================================================== vs Dark Order (Stu Grayson, Evil Uno, John Silver and Alex Reynolds) vs Global Force (Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt) In a bit of a comedy match, including a spot where Silver tried to bodyslam Satnam Singh, The Global Force were able to sneak out a victory after Jarrett hit the stroke on Alex Reynolds, after miscommunication between Reynolds and Grayson. The unrest within the ranks of the Dark Order continues. Winners - Global Force via pinfall ======================================================================================================================== Backstage we see The Butcher and The Blade standing over 2 beaten down men, who turn out to be our AEW Tag Team Champions, FTR, as medical assistance is called. The Butcher and The Blade have left their mark here. ======================================================================================================================== vs ??? Naturally Limitless (Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee) vs Swerve Strickland and Mystery Partner Naturally Limitless make their way out, before Swerve follows and we wait for his mystery partner..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No one comes out, Swerve continues to smile as the ref rings the bell and Swerve and Dustin are about to lockup but out of nowhere Keith Lee smashes Dustin with a pounce from behind, a horrible looking whiplash for the veteran from the move! Swerve then goes up to the top rope and hits his Swerve stomp for a very quick pinfall. That whole segment was very reminiscent of a certain other Rhodes and how he turned on Hardcore Holly years ago. Lee and Swerve smile and exit the ring, seemingly giving their team another go. Winners - (Swerve in our Glory) Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee via pinfall ======================================================================================================================== We go to Renee Pacquette who's interviewing QTV's Harley Cameron and QT Marshall. They let us know QTV is only getting bigger and more popular and next week, they get even stronger. ======================================================================================================================== vs AEW TNT Championship Wardlow (c) vs Ethan Page In his first TNT title defense under the Collision umbrella, Wardlow didn't disappoint, showing why he's tipped to be a future AEW World Champion by running thru Ethan Page, picking him apart for fun, hitting hit with lariats, a top rope senton and then the Powerbomb Symphony for a very comfortable 1-2-3. Afterwards tho, Wardlow helped up Page and shook his hand, the clearly dazed Page actually acknowledged this as he left the ring, possibly hinting at a face turn in the future? Wardlow is on the turnbuckle celebrating with the crowd but is abruptly interrupted....... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GOLDBERG!?!?!? Goldberg is here and walks down the ramp, straight into Wardlow's stunned face, nods at him as he backs off and walks off and as he goes up the ramp, says YOU'RE NEXT! A shocking way to end Collision as Wardlow is as shocked as all the fans in the arena, as Goldberg is ALL ELITE!!! A crazy night of twists, turns, debuts and returns!!
  11. AEW Dynamite Results (Week 2, June 2023) vs Ricky Starks vs Orange Cassidy A battered and bruised Cassidy asked on social media for a match to open Dynamite to try and get back on course and work his way back to again winning the AEW International Title. Ricky Starks was in the same boat, wanting to prove a point after also getting a beating on the first episode of Collision, so the matchup was announced on Twitter pre-show. A great opener with plenty of fast-paced action but definitely favouring Starks, due to Cassidy's mountain of niggling injuries. The end came as Orange was readying for an Orange punch but Starks caught him mid-move with a spear, then hit a Roshambo for the 3 count. Winner - Ricky Starks via pinfall Following the victory, an angry Starks grabbed the mic and called out Jay White and Juice Robinson, drawing both men from the back to the stage. Before Starks could say anymore tho, two hooded figures slid in the ring and attacked him from behind, before revealing themselves to be The Gunns. White and Robinson entered the ring and raised the 'too sweet' hand gesture and the 4 mens hugged, before continuing the beatdown on Starks, and Orange for good measure. Some very familiar music hit next as The Hardys came out for the save, having their own beef with The Gunns recently. Bullet Club Gold bailed up the ramp as Matt grabbed a mike and says he's sick of the sight of The Gunns, and challenges them to a tag match next week, with the losers having to disband. ======================================================================================================================== Sammy Guevara comes to the ring, and announces after putting serious thought into his future, he rang his mentor Chris Jericho last night and let him know he's looking to leave the J.A.S and start a new chapter in his career. He puts over Jericho and everything he's done for him but wanted to start fresh. Jericho was shown on the big screen, saying he's proud of Sammy and everything he's achieved as a member of both the Inner Circle and J.A.S since Jericho took him under his wing, and to show how proud he is, he'll be throwing a massive goodbye party for him next week on Dynamite. ======================================================================================================================== vs vs Undisputed Elite (Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong) vs Best Friends (Rocky Romero, Trent and Chuck Taylor) vs J.A.S (Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker) Up next, we have a 3 team trios match, with the winner moving onto to face the winners of tonight's Main Event on next weeks Dynamite. The fact there was always 3 people in the ring at any one time made the dynamic of this match really interesting. Despite Jake Hager in the J.A.S corner, the end of the match came as Adam Cole hit the BOOM on Angelo for the win. Winners - The Undisputed Elite via pinfall ======================================================================================================================== vs Eddie Kingston vs Tomohiro Ishii Kingston and Ishii went to war, in a hard-hitting battle, they chopped and slapped the hell out of each other, before Eddie hit a hard lariat, a backfist and put the double tough Ishii away with a Saito Suplex. Both men shook hands after the bout, showing the massive respect between the two. Winner - Eddie Kingston via pinfall ======================================================================================================================== The Elite are talking backstage, hyping up the Hung Bucks challenging the House of Black tonight for the AEW Trios Title. Talking about putting aside the troubles with BCC to try and bring gold back to The Elite. ======================================================================================================================== AEW International Championship vs PAC (c) vs Colt Cabana Another dominant performance from the new International champion, as PAC brushes aside surprise opponent Colt Cabana. Despite Colt's technical prowess trying to ground the Brit, PAC hit his Black Arrow finisher for the win, and moves onto his next challenger on Collision. Winner and still AEW International Champion - PAC via pinfall ======================================================================================================================== It is announced that at All In at Wembley Stadium, there will be a pre-show 'British Open Over The Top Battle Royale' involving the best of the unsigned British talent. The winner challenges for the AEW International Title later on the card. ============================================================================================================== AEW World Trios Championship House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews)(c) vs The Hung Bucks (Hangman Page and The Young Bucks) As announced earlier, The Hung Bucks are answering the House of Black open challenge for the AEW Trios Title with their stipulation being the only way the match can end is via pinfall. Bryan Danielson sits himself on commentary after the bell rings, ripping into the Elite, and saying they need to watch their backs, cos the BCC can strike any time and love nothing more than beating down their fellow man. The Hung Bucks hold their own and looked like they were going to snatch the Trios titles from the House of Black, a Hangman Page Buckshot Lariat to Buddy looked to have a 3 count confirmed but Konosuke Takeshita rushed the ring and broke up the pin and hit Hangman with a Blue Thunder Bomb, leading to Brody King hitting a Gonzo Bomb for the 1-2-3. Winners and still AEW Trios Champions - House of Black via pinfall Takeshita made his way back up the ramp, nodding towards commentary, specifically Bryan Danielson as he meets Don Callis at the top, who raises his hand, ending the show to a chorus of boos. ============================================================================================================== Post-Show News:
  12. AEW Collision Results (Week 1, June 2023) (Roster Split not applicable for the Debut episode of Collision) We start the show with the huge return of the hometown favourite, CM Punk, who takes an eternity to get to the ring, soaking in the crowd reaction as 'cult of personality' blasts out around the arena. Once in the ring, Punk talks about the situation with the Elite, stating theres unfinished business there, but that'll be dealt with at a later date, instead he's here to thank the only guys who stood by him through it all - FTR! This would lead to FTR coming to the ring and hugging Punk. They all acknowledge this isn't a time to get emotional as they have a match to prepare for later, as CMFTR will be taking on La Faccion Ingobernable, and the return of Andrade El Idolo. Punk thanks the crowd and tells Chicago he loves them and will see them later as all 3 men head backstage. ========================================================================================================================== AEW International Title Open Challenge Orange Cassidy gets another big pop, as his music plays and he makes his way down to the ring for his AEW International Title open defense. Orange looks very much worse for wear, with an injured shoulder, back and most obviously, a very taped up hand. THE BASTARD PAC has answered the challenge, he's been away for some time due to various injuries, so knows how Orange feels. PAC targets Orange's injuries and breaks him down with his usual aggressive, nasty offense, beating down his already weakened opponent, before hitting a Blackout to a facedown Cassidy, further damaging his back, before locking in a Brutalizer, forcing the tap and ending Cassidy's long and successful title reign. Winner and new AEW International Champion - PAC via submission Afterwards, Orange is left in the ring, trying to come to terms with losing his title, he gets up, shrugs his shoulders in disappointment as we head to commercial. ========================================================================================================================== We go backstage with Alex Marvez, who is interviewing Ricky Starks about his recent issues with Juice Robinson and Jay White. The interview doesn't last long before the mentioned foes attack Starks and leave him lying. ========================================================================================================================== AEW World Trios Championship House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews) vs Dark Order (Evil Uno, John Silver and Alex Reynolds) In another Open House Trios title defense, The House of Black were challenged by The Dark Order. The Dark Order have had alot of uncertainty recently, specifically with where Stu Grayson's head is at while they've been wrestling in Ring of Honor. This shone through during the match as House of Black dominated the match, with Brody King hitting Reynolds with a Dante's Inferno before pinning him and ending the match. Winners and still AEW Trios Champions - House of Black via pinfall ========================================================================================================================== After the commercial, a familiar and popular theme song hit as Tarzan Boy was heard throughout the arena. Jack Perry spoke about the disappointment of the loss at Double or Nothing in the 4 Pillars World Title match. With this loss it prevents the 3 losing participants from challenging for the World Title as long as MJF is champion, a sneaky clause added by MJF right before the match. Perry called out Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara to the ring. He spoke about the respect they've all gained for one another, but also share in a mutual disappointment from the match result. He suggested they go forward as a trio and put any issues they have with each other aside, pointing out they've just witnessed who the guys to beat are with the House of Black's dominant victory over the Dark Order. Darby agrees and shakes Jack's hand, but Sammy seems less interested and says he'll think about it and let him know on Dynamite, as he has other things he has to sort out before making his decision. ========================================================================================================================== CMFTR (CM Punk and FTR) vs La Faccion Ingobernable (Andrade El Idolo, Rush and Preston Vance) Time for the main event and the in-ring return of Chicago's own, CM Punk. The match itself was surprisingly even, with Rush standing out as a very underrated talent. Eventually the ending of the match was exactly as everyone had expected, when Punk hit Vance with a GTS for the 1-2-3. Winners - CMFTR via pinfall Post-match, Punk again thanks the fans for their support, and says next week he'll be speaking on his future in the company. (Wanted to get the first show out the way, fairly brief and matches not overly padded out, but hopefully improve that as we progress)
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