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  1. @Scott Zodiac Go for it mate, would love to know what you end up using
  2. Thank you to the wonderful people that voted me, I truly do appreciate it and I plan to ramp up the diary soon. I just want to get a few shows under my belt before I post them up. Work on doing them in blocks.
  3. I finally got the chance to catch all the way up with this diary. Going to start of with Rigsby to see whether he continues his 100% win rate without Bonnie around for the foreseeable future, and whether or not it changes the trajectory of him. The tag-team division is so damn amazing at this point. Early on it was definitely something you needed to build on with injuries and The Wild Things splitting up and having singles runs. Now it is looking stacked in the best way that you could lose The Benchmark or Dream Team and there would be enough talent around their to still keep the whole division interesting. I love that you have been able to build it up after a period of time it only being The Benchmark left with Barracuda's who at the time were uninspiring. One thing I was going to note is, Seth Wish had really fallen down the card. He was your last DIW Champion and then proceeded to end up being ruled out of tag-team matches after beat downs. That changed with the last main event as he took out Dexter. Again I almost was like it was strange he attacked Dexter, but I guess you needed a definitive win for Bryant Hall before he got attacked as well. As if Seth Wish just beat both men to end it in a no contest would just make Bryant Hall look to weak. Seth Wish being caught between two story lines is a much better use of the former DIW champion. He is primed for a tag-team match it does seem though for now. It does seem Kobra hasn't had much of a focus now with The Pros obviously overshadowing him and everyone else doing other things than getting super involved with the Australian Champion. He does seem on a path to face Hendrix Hughes which should be a god match. How long can the only Pro with a title not make himself the focus and stop playing the +1 to The Benchmark and the lackey to Dexter Mattell. I am a big fan of The Apocalypse as a tag-team and as individuals. Their addition to the tag ranks just adds such a strong level of legitimacy. They are very similar to The Barracudas in they will punch you in the face and beat you down, but different enough to not feel like the same team being booked. One thing I would like to see APW do if they are intent on poaching DIW talent, is go after your underutilized guys, or guys that seem to not be in that main picture and might want to become singles stars like Wrecker, Hendrix, or even Con. All have looked closed to being the hero of DIW only for Seth Wish to become the guy. Another nasty pick up would be Milton. He is a guy who has done everything in the company but certainly is being seen as that Gatekeeper role to the Main Event. There are a lot of names above him at this stage and his defection anywhere would be huge as he does seem like a guy like Vaughan, or Blitz who is a DIW lifer. I also love the DIW title needing to be defended at least once a month. It makes sense for small challenges on To The Extreme. It adds an extra defence for the champion. I popped for the all-tag show reference.
  4. YEPW Season 3 Finale Heroes or Ghosts No.1 Contenders to YEPW Tag Team Titles The Party People (Cody Cook & Toasty Bonnar) v The Soul Collectors (Bile & Eraser) The Soul Collectors running into Vance Sturt and his guys is just an opportunity waiting to happen. There is just no value in Party People right now. Realm of Darkness Cage Match, Loser gets Banished D-Pod v Francis Burke I don't rate either guy to be honest. Both do have upside so it is a interesting match up between the two. This really is a coin flip, but Burke has more character at this stage. YEPW Tag Team Titles Sturt Industries (Vance Sturt & Wes Snorefesst) v Dick & Morty (Felix Harding & Mortimer Pyle) Dick & Morty particularly now that you say Vance is heading out to pasture in a sense in the ring. It gives a way for Sturt to bow out and reduce ring time while building his own empire.which.. means I don't think we will see Jester vs Vance showdown. Realm of Darkness Match, Loser gets Banished Lone Rider v Trey Tallman I love both guys. I hate this. So it's a draw. I don't want either guy to leave. Draw I say! Realm of Darkness Match in The Realm of Darkness, Loser gets Banished and Buried Alive Australian Devil v Vortex You talk highly of Australian Devil being in the same league as Lone Rider... I initially had Vortex here but you talking about how you changed your mind. Makes me think you write him off and return .. zombie Vortex! Realm of Darkness Match for the YEPW Australian title, Loser gets Banished Jester v Quick Silver Quick Silver has to win here he is your hero. He has to overcome all the adversary and Jester is older.. his time has come for someone else.. be it Trey or Vortex to take over in his place. Optional Questions With the move from 2016 to 2020 what have been the most pleasant surprises for you? What is the biggest "missed opportunity" or booking decision you wish you changed. Either after seeing someone else's idea or just something you regret doing now? If you could sign anyone from RAW, who do you think would give you the best story potential, and how would you use Swoop McCarthy? I also highly rate Void. I had him as "The Heel" in one of my dynasty's with Nightmare Slasher and Nightmare Stalker. They were amazing as a unit and Void impressed me so damn much. I would snap him up here in a heart beat he suits the product. I would also love to see The Troll. I have plans to bring him in my own diary. He is such a character. Who's the best heel in the company? Who would you boo based purely on their character in this diary? Jester. I like Vance, I couldn't boo him, his flour business is great. I actually dislike Jester, he has no redeeming quality. He has been a great heel, vanquishing some of the biggest faces here. Anytime he is on screen he is a menace. Plus I hate his stupid mask. if he bows out of the company at this show. He can certainly have his head held high in this career. Who should be used more in the diary? Any worker you feel could be used better or more often? Ceri.. I forget if something happened to her.. and while I hated her, I hate Melissa Abernathy more. Those jerk comments. Oh and Lothario, he is one of my favourite characters. I also wouldn't say no to seeing if Eraser can do anything in his career as a solo.
  5. _____________________________________ New Year Riot 2023 Match Card _____________________________________ New Year Riot Rumble vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs Armando Guerrero vs Jake D’Angelo vs Jesse Tasman vs Lance Lott vs Lone Rider vs Nathan Rigger vs Reed Buckfield vs Rusty Mills vs Sulphur vs The Kipper _____________________________________ vs Smokers & Suplexes vs Golden Grapplers _____________________________________ Gareth Case vs Former DIW Wrestler _____________________________________ Sydney Championship Match vs Blackwell Bush vs Vortex © _____________________________________ Tag-Team Championship Match vs vs The Runway vs Lifeline vs The Devoted Souls © _____________________________________ Australian Championship Match vs Warmonger vs Adgee Cross © _____________________________________ Quick Picks: New Year Riot Rumble Armando Guerrero, Jake D’Angelo, Jesse Tasman, Lance Lott, Lone Rider, Nathan Rigger, Reed Buckfield, Rusty Mills, Sulphur, The Kipper Smokers & Suplexes vs Golden Grapplers Gareth Case vs ----- Sydney Championship Match Blackwell Bush vs Vortex © Tag-Team Championship Match The Runway vs Lifeline vs The Devoted Souls © Australian Championship Match Warmonger vs Adgee Cross © (Tie Breakers) Promo of the night - Top 3 matches - 1. 2. 3. _____________________________________
  6. Episode 2 _____________________________________ Warmonger Warmonger came out to leave an impression. We were just two days out for New Year Riot. The intimidating painted up muscle man was like a caged animal as he paced back and forth in the ring holding a microphone while looking out at the crowd. “Your reign ends in two days Adgee Cross. It ends by my hands, by my strength, by my power.” The monster flexed showing off just how physically imposing he was. “Adgee Cross, to survive means to never go to war. New Year Riot is in two days. We go to war, and you will not survive.” It was a very short segment by the number one contender before Warmonger left the ring. _____________________________________ vs Austin Tahere vs The Kipper The Kipper was in control for the majority of this match. One of the stronger performances from him in terms of dominating inside the ring. Austin Tahere was here to make The Kipper look good. Heading into it I knew it wouldn’t be a blockbuster affair, and it didn’t help Austin was off his game but it was a decent performance. Winner: The Kipper Rating: 36 _____________________________________ ~ ~ ~ ~ The Kipper ~ Jake D’Angelo ~ Rusty Mills ~ Nathan Rigger ~ Sulphur The Kipper got on the microphone after the match to talk up his time in SZW and touched on his first match in the company. His first match was in the New Year Riot! He wanted to have his next match in the New Year Riot, officially declaring himself as the first entrant in the New Year Riot Rumble! Jake D’Angelo came out to declare himself as the second and eventual winner of the rumble. Jake took a moment to insult Kipper and his age. He pointed out he has been in some of the best matches in SZW history going toe to toe with Vortex and Rusty Mills. Rusty Mills came out at the mention of his name, deciding if everyone else wanted to announce themselves for the match he should as well. He had a small quip reminding Jake D’Angelo he had beaten him already. It led to a new face in Nathan Rigger making his appearance and climbing in the ring. He played up to the fans but didn’t get a chance to speak as before he could another new wrestler made their entrance. A behemoth of a man who the commentary team referred to as Sulphur made his entrance. The moment he climbed in the ring he started delivering right hands to everyone inside clearing the ring out. Leaving him to be the only one standing. _____________________________________ vs Groovy Tokers vs Trifle Groovy Tokers were in tag-team action and they got a match against a debuting mass of man in Trifle. The duo of Custard and Jelly were just mass, and definitely showed that the two men were still incredibly green in the ring and downright not great. It did show that both Lerone and Toasty had developed into a nice tag-team together and their performances carried the match, in what would be their first tag-team victory. They were able to perform what commentary called “The Blaze Drop” a synchronised leg drop from opposite turnbuckles on to Custard. Winners: Groovy Tokers Rating: 39 _____________________________________ ~ Paul ~ Gareth Case This was a short backstage segment with Paul talking to one of the newest signings in Gareth Case. Case was pressing on having his debut match be the New Year Riot Rumble so he can go on and challenge whoever is Australian Champion at the next premium event. Paul redirected his attention stating that his son Lone Rider will be the man winning that match. Case was going to face off against a former DIW wrestler for his debut match at New Year Riot. Case relented and said he will be making an impact at New Year Riot. _____________________________________ vs Blackwell Bush vs Lance Lott This was going to be a technical masterpiece in my head at least. I rate both guys highly in the ring and Blackwell needed a strong win here heading into New Year Riot where he would face off against Vortex. Now this wasn’t as good a match as I thought it would be. I put that down to Lance Lott not being well known and being on debut. It was still a great match and performance by Blackwell Bush. Winner: Blackwell Bush Rating: 46 _____________________________________ ~ Vortex ~ Blackwell Bush As Blackwell Bush celebrated victory inside the ring, smoke rose around it shrouding the entire ringside area and was almost nipping at the boots of Blackwell Bush as Vortex voice could be heard. “Destiny defines us, the cosmic forces define destiny. I interact with those cosmic forces to see the outcomes and prospects of the future. Blackwell Bush you now find yourself in that same cosmic storm I have made my home in.” Blackwell looks around the ring, up at the titantron and out at the crowd looking for Vortex, his opponent in just two days. “Can you feel it consuming you, telling you the outcome of our match together. The cosmic forces now connect us. You and I meld as one. We both see it. You will not leave with my title in two days’ time. Our destinies are going to crash into one another. We both know it now, neither one of us will be left standing at the end. Yet I… I will be champion.” Vortex slid under the ropes having been obscured by the smoke created at ringside. His slide made the smoke whirl up around him as he stood. Blackwell was able to notice and turned around. Both men face to face staring at one another as Vortex gestured to the smoke connecting the two men. The lights shut out suddenly and when turned back on only Blackwell Bush was left in the ring. _____________________________________ Reed Buckfield As Blackwell Bush goes to make his leave what appears to be a fan jumps the barricade with a large container attempting to scoop up the smoke that lingered in the ringside area. Security personnel made their way out and confronted what appeared to be a deranged fan before he grabbed a microphone. “Wait! Stop! You’re messing it up, it is the cosmic energy from Vortex. It is the cosmic force. I need it! I need its power! Do you know what it does? It is a power source. That is why the lights went out. Too much power, and then Vortex leaves and boom! They are back! I need it!!!” The deranged man continues to yell as security scoop him up and knock over his container spilling whatever “cosmic energy” he was able to collect inside of it. Further angering the man who was promptly dragged away. _____________________________________ vs Dizzy G vs Diesel Dan After all the in-ring shenanigans occurred the fans were bought back to the seriousness that is wrestling when Dizzy G and Diesel Dan made their way out and kicked off a match. This was going to be a short affair between the two men, but they set out to make it memorable. With Diesel looking to get the upper hand in the match before Maelstrom, the personal security of Dizzy G made an impact taking Diesel out while the referee was distracted. Winner: Dizzy G Rating: 43 _____________________________________ ~ Armando Guerrero ~ Jesse Tasman Backstage it was the loveable Armando Guerrero consulting his aloof natured friend Jesse Tasman. The moment the camera was turned on fans in the arena shouted “Olé, Olé, Olé”. The two men were talking about the fact they would both be in the New Year Riot Rumble. Armando saying, they both needed to look after each other, pointing out the size of the man that cleared out the ring earlier tonight. While Jesse was more concerned what would happen if they were the final two. Armando reminded the fans and Jesse that he was the last person eliminated last year. That he was on the cusp of victory. He wants nothing more than to go that one step further and win the match, but if he were to lose. He would be honoured if it was Jesse Tasman who beat him. Jesse offered a handshake for good luck before Armando replied “Nosotros abrazamos a mi amigo.” and the two men hugged each other. _____________________________________ vs The Devoted Souls vs Smokers & Suplexes This was going to be a good match. A match I thought would have been more common and fought over gold, but a part of me had liked the way things had changed. It was a chance for S&S to prove me wrong and that they belonged in the championship discussion. Another interesting caveat occurred, and that is I noticed Adrian McGhee’s smoking was catching up with him, not able to put in as long of a match. It didn’t stop him from delivering a crushing Loaded Glove however to Fuzzy Freeman to pick up the victory and delivered match of the night. Winners: Adrian McGhee Rating: 47 _____________________________________ ~ Smokers & Suplexes ~ Golden Grapplers After the match it wasn’t myself and Adrian McGhee delivering a beat down to another tag-team instead it was the pair of Lee Bawes & Christian Blithe taking out the already beaten S&S. After laying waste to them in the ring and hitting the Oscarplex on Fuzzy Freeman. They took in the boos from the crowd, while Brown Snake helped his partner who had rolled out of the ring. The two men being helped up the entrance ramp as their attackers’ grabbed microphones. Christian Blithe starting them off. “Shut up PEASANTS!!!!” He addressed the crowd to a chorus of boos, one for their actions and two for his voice. “I would like to nominate tonight’s performance to the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike. Because without all you people writing your 57th superhero movie, it has allowed the fans to find new entertainment. In the form of true talent who doesn’t need hand written lines like myself.” Lee Bawes proceeded to take over after the short introduction from his tag-team partner. “Last week Fuzzy you cost us a shot at the tag-team championship when we lost to Lifeline. OUR NAME WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE, WE WOULD BE CHAMPIONS!” Christian went to his tag-team partners side and calmed him down, before a more focused Lee Bawes looked down the entrance ramp at the recovering S&S.” “At Christmas Clash I said I would show you all what a great suplex looks like. Tonight, you got to experience how damn powerful my suplex is. Now you know the saying “You only live once, so do everything twice.” Don’t you?” “Well we are going to do it again to you both. At New Year Riot, I will suplex you both until your spines are mangled and Fuzzy. The only thing that will be Fuzzy will be your brain after I scramble it on the mat in front of poor little Taniko Jo!” Lee Bawes threw his microphone to the ground as he delivered the threat. _____________________________________
  7. Backstage _____________________________________ ~ ~ ~ Rusty Mills ~ Armando Guerrero ~ Dizzy G ~ Paul Armando and Dizzy G were creating a great backstage environment and Paul pulled up Rusty who was late to the show which saw a positive impact on Rusty. All an all a great vibe backstage tonight. @newbiezness - I definitely can see what you mean about Lifeline winning the triple threat would be a much bigger payoff than perhaps The Devoted Souls holding the titles for 3+ years. It would have been one of those "Moments" in company history. At the same time, bookers gunna book themselves. A record setting 3 year reign for the initial tag-team champions in a company is a career defining achievement for Peril and Adrian McGhee. Thinking back on it now, it was the hardest choice I had to make at Final Chapter. I also agree I probably should have had Armando be there for the first episode, and had a little fun segment. Again, looking back it would make sense to have one of the more fun and zany characters to draw fans in who decided to watch the first episode of a new promotion. I guess Peril needs to work on his booking... and wrestling... and mic skills... I could see there being value in a third belt, but I also don't want to rely on a crux of a third belt for story reasons. I also never like the TV Belt concept because I feel it devalues itself by needing to be defended regularly on the smaller events, that and it makes championship matches that do appear on the regular shows all the more hyped and uncommon. @619 Thank you for the warm welcome. Now that I have outlined the roster clearer to you guys and in my own head it certainly feels like I have some depth and value across the board of the company. I feel like this show is a big representation of that fact as certain stars weren't on it, yet it didn't skip a beat at all. All the "highlighted" promo's tonight I am quite proud of (Highlighted as in, it wasn't just small story beats about what happened.) We are ahead of ZEN and YEPW. While APW and DIW are both ahead of us still by a little margin. APW (on their 73rd show), and recently ZEN have all started TV shows. Most likely due to APW having $1.4m in the bank and ZEN having $500k. While DIW had been losing money for the last 9+ months dipping down to $49k but seem to have turned things around the last two months. DIW also bought in Will Beaumont this week so if profit margins continue they could eventually have a show. @John Lions I am hoping the break helps with that transition. I definitely ended up in that middle ground for the first show, but as I mentioned episode 2 speaks a lot more of the depth we have and uses less of the unknown guys. I definitely need to find some middle ground. Looking back at this show, before I post it. One thing I don't like is the champion didn't make an appearance on what is the "go home" show before New Year Riot. I agree with you in that a lot of the guys who got their "shot" did not grab it in Eclipse #1. Wesker needs a "ton" of development but I plan to let him do that. It isn't the first time I have used Gareth Case as he was a big pick up in my second? diary I believe. I haven't used him in TEW2020 from memory so I am keen to see how he is developed now in 2023. I agree entirely with your sentiments. Some people don't need belts. In the real world, Brock Lesnar doesn't need a belt, Undertaker doesn't need a belt. Vortex doesn't need a belt. I do see what you mean by the singles division being a holding pattern but I feel like this show helps with that a little. At least it develops the singles side of things to highlight all the key players leading into New Year Riot. While I am loving the tag-team division. There is like two teams (Trifle & The Frankies) that I believe couldn't hold the belts right now. The rest of them I wouldn't be upset about. Even Groovy Tokers. I am hoping for some eventual big men fights. _____________________________________
  8. El Hijo second big match essentially retiring a Lucha legend from the company. It has certainly elevated him further. Your mid/main event scene feels so incredibly stacked right now and even losing Electrico and Phoenix it just shows how much depth you have built. Samael has become something of a monster with Raven by his side, he is reminding me a lot of Chess Maniac with his build up. Getting very solid and strong wins without being on every show. I thought this would be a breakout moment for Amazing Fire Fly, or at the least a way for the pair to develop a feud. So I am saddened because he has quietly become one of my favourites in the diary just for his in ring ability. Still looks like Samael is just being built up more and has bigger things on the horizon. Sunburst vs Chess Maniac - God I thought Chess Maniac could go over here and I am so glad you didn't pull that trigger. It makes it so Sunburst a legitimate guy now with one of the biggest wins he could ever get. Chess Maniac isnt weaker because of this loss. Like you could book him against Sunburst again and it would still be Chess Maniac as the favourite. So this is like a perfect, all win. Still I have loved the shock of Sunburst winning and how legitimate he is becoming. I hope he gets a long running feud to develop his character even if it's against CM and he losses in the end. The Hammers have come along way, I could have seen them get that win but they are a solid team inside the division. When Perez Xtreme split up eventually it will be interesting to see how the tag team division shakes out. God Remmy is untouchable at this point. Whoever upsets him it will be a big upset. Not sure where Fredrique and Jagged go from here. I really thought it was time for Fredrique to take the win as there are so many fresh matches. I spoke about it before but at the same time it feels there are so many strong threats, and legitimate challengers between Axxis, Perez, El Hijo, Samael, CM, Fredrique all guys at the top of the card. Then you have guys like Magnifico, Pantera Roja, El Toro and Jagged with the right booking are viable on that LAP People's Champion level. So it is really a credit to the depth you have built with the roster that I could see any of these guys mix it up at the top of the card and Main Event matches. Which I just wanted to highlight. Because it has been such an awesome job.
  9. Hijo Firefly Perez & Torres Chess Maniac The Hammers Fredrique Sunburst and Chess Maniac
  10. Episode 1 _____________________________________ ~ Bruce the Giant ~ Paul Bruce the Giant and Paul are the first guys out tonight. The owner and general manager not here to talk about the events of what is now last year. The pair of men take turns celebrating the fact that the last three events were streamed. While tonight is the first SZW Eclipse show. They bought up the fact tonight would be headlined by Adgee Cross putting his title on the line in the main event. Paul finished the segment by saying that four wrestlers would be leaving the company tonight and he has asked Stephanie Drucker to introduce them all one last time for the SZW faithful in attendance and all of those watching SZW at home. _____________________________________ vs Golden Grapplers vs Lifeline The first match was a big one in the tag-team scene between one of the most over and talented in ring teams vs a team that has been making waves in the title scene. This was a strong match between two of the more talented teams we have. Near the end of the match Smokers & Suplexes music hit distracting Golden Grapplers who had called them out at Christmas Clash. A distracting Fuzzy Freeman stumbled out on stage with a microphone and thought he had a match planned and apologised to the crowd. The distraction was enough to allow Lance Maddigan to pick up an unlikely win against Golden Grapplers. This was a really good match between the two teams. Winners: Lifeline Rating: 56 _____________________________________ ~ Lone Rider ~ Paul Lone Rider was without Ceri as he hit the backstage area and found his father Original Lone Rider. Lone Rider wanted to discuss the events in the Main Event primarily “why in the hell someone was involving themselves in his match.” Paul was stern in his answer and delivered the same statement the mystery man had given inside the ring last month. He was there to make sure Lone Rider “got the job done” against Rusty Mills which he was able to do. That statement only seemed to anger his son before the mystery man himself came into frame standing beside Paul as if backing him up. Paul finally introduced the big man by the name of Gareth Case. Lone Rider said he didn’t care, and threatened Case to never involve himself in his matches again. Case just laughed in his face further antagonising Lone Rider who proceeded to storm off. _____________________________________ vs Diesel Dan vs Jake D’Angelo I was looking forward to this match, Jake had a stellar run last year for the company. While Diesel Dan impressed enough last year to earn himself a long-term contract with the company. Diesel Dan was able to win the match after Jake D’Angelo attempted to rake at the eyes of Dan. The big man was able to hit a quick and surprising roll up against D’Angelo. This wasn’t the best rated match but showed both men are as safe as each other in the ring. Winner: Diesel Dan Rating: 41 _____________________________________ ~ ~ ~ ~ Stephanie Drucker ~ Trehawke Phillips ~ Michael Rheur ~ Warlock ~ Two-Face Tucker Stephanie Drucker came out to the ring and firstly thanked both Original Lone Rider (Paul) and Bruce the Giant for the opportunity to come out here for the fans and introduce some wrestlers for the last time for SZW. Now everyone here were not necessarily the most beloved wrestlers from the locker room but Trehawke Phillips was still respected in the ring and Michael Rheur had some decent matches for the company. Each man had their entrance music played one last time and joined Stephanie in the ring for a final cheer within SZW. _____________________________________ ~ Adgee Cross ~ Johnathan Wesker After the festivities and the men had made their way to the back Adgee Cross came out. The champion was full of energy and came out to the packed crowd. He started the segment off by thanking all four men who were just in the ring. Talking about the matches he had with each man. Including the one-on-one matches with Trehawke, Michael Rheur and Two-Face Tucker. Saying each one had pushed him to his limits on different occasions. Before Adgee could continue he is interrupted by Johnathan Wesker who accuses the champion of using his former tag-team partners name in an attempt to make himself look good. Adgee quips back that he always looks good. Which prompts Johnathan Wesker to challenge the Australian Champion in the Main Event tonight. The champion gladly accepts the match. This wasn’t the best segment but Adgee did his best which is all that matters. _____________________________________ vs The Runway vs Saul Rubennick & Austin Tahere The Runway were in the ring against a pairing of heels. Saul who would routinely team up with other veterans on the roster found himself having to team up with the young Austin Tahere. Something he definitely didn’t want to be doing, and it showed in their teamwork. Michel and XS were able to captalise on it to win the match. Winners: The Runway Rating: 40 _____________________________________ ~ ~ The Runway ~ The Devoted Souls ~ Lifeline The Runway were in the ring when The Devoted Souls entrance music hit. It looked like another beating would be happening from their hands but just like at From the Ashes, Lifeline came out on the entrance ramp. This time in the ring I got on the microphone and got to talk about the fact I have a match tonight and all four men should be watching. Because at SZW New Year Riot the tag-team championships would be on the line against both The Runway and Lifeline. Adrian McGhee closed out the segment by adding a stipulation, which ever team is pinned or submitted in the ring. They will not have another championship match, as long as the current champions reign. Making it very clear after SZW New Year Riot, it will be the last time that he and I will ever have to face one of those other teams. Putting an end to one of their hopes and dreams in SZW for the foreseeable future. _____________________________________ vs Peril vs Jesse Tasman Although I had an uninspiring solo outing recently against Jake D’Angelo, I still booked myself a match against the nimble Jesse Tasman who was adjusting from the surf to the ring. Tasman outperformed me in the ring which.. hurt. Although him and I did have some great chemistry so that was really good to see. I picked up a strong win but the match lacked flow in the middle of it apparently hampering the rating. Winner: Peril Rating: 33 _____________________________________ ~ Dizzy G ~ Maelstrom Dizzy G came out tonight and it was his job to hype up the match between Vortex and Blackwell Bush. Unconventional approach seeing as he Dizzy G wouldn’t be in the match but he bought it back to the Fatal-Four-Way match at SZW New Year Riot a year ago that decided the challenger for Vortex. Every single man went on to become the Number One Contender for the Sydney Championship. Except for Dizzy G, so he wanted to make it clear. Whoever walked out champion, would be taking on Dizzy G next. It was after all his championship. He just like all the fans should keep an eye on the match at SZW New Year Riot as it would be exciting. Spending the last moment of the promo putting over one of his future opponents to hype up their match. _____________________________________ Australian Championship vs Johnathan Wesker vs Adgee Cross This was going to be Johnathan Wesker’s time to shine. Losing his tag-team partner this was going to be a chance to show he deserves to be a singles star, or at least a singles wrestler. A main event match, against the top guy in the company, for his title. This was his shot to make a meaningful impact in the company or at least show that he could make that impact in the future. Unfortunately for him, not even the Australian Champion could make him look good. He couldn't make Wesker look like a star. Winner: Adgee Cross Rating: 42 _____________________________________
  11. Firstly, a big thank you to all for the kind words. The write up felt like a slog, but the past few weeks I developed some storylines in my head or plans where I want the company to go. That is nice as we reset for the 2023 and start a new tv show to debut the season. I definitely want to quickly touch on a few of the other companies. RAW RAW made a a large haul of signings in the end of 2022 while in November. Signing a lot of talent that was in APW, a couple of DIW/ZEN guys as well. They picked up Nighthawk, SubUrban Legend, Donovan Boon and Chuck Everlasting from APW. They grabbed Anguish who had been working with DIW. They signed Steven Yale from ZEN. Finally they bought back Brodie Lachlan who was doing wonders in DIW and ZEN. APW APW lost four guys I would consider a core of the company and while they had recently signed Gregory Grace. For the new year Dazzler, Rusty Mills, XS and Writhe were bought in to replace the previous four guys who were signed away to RAW. ZEN The last few years ZEN have been signing the big guy from RAW. Firstly with Monday Next, then they picked up Brodie Lachlan and before Brodie had even finished his time and going back to RAW. ZEN bought in a massive pick in Will Beaumont and bought back Booster Boy who departed for over a year. DIW DIW had a bit of a full on end of last year losing Gregory Grace, Anguish and Brodie Lachlan. To help soften the blow they bought in The Kipper and Dingo Devine into the company. Dingo still can go and has some tread on the wheels so he could be a valuable signing. @John Lions Definitely taken this advice on board to talk a little bit about the other companies based in australia. I agree going to a television schedule I will find a lot of those events can actually be unpredictable and have value while the predictability on the card can go to the television shows. You hit the nail on the head in terms of breaking down the new signings. There are four guys to be core of the show and eat pins, there is a new young tag-team who will do the same but hopefully develop. While finally Luke Pope will be a key or influential part of the company. At least that is the plan. I also always put Tasman and Luke together, whether that ends up happening or not remains to be seen but I have toyed at some gimmick and team name ideas for the duo as well. You nailed the whole Michel Bernard making a name for himself. He beat Paul Reinhold, Flip Buchanan, and Writhe a bunch of tag-team guys all competing for the top prize single title. I really liked the thoughts regarding the current roster breakdown, and the idea of who you see getting into that lower tier 8, and potentially pushing the top tier and those that may end up moving out of it as well. @newbiezness I am glad you are enjoying the graphics and enjoying the diary as a whole. Shedding a light on the Australian Scene for you. @DAVEFAN95 It does streamline booking for each year. I will also go into a bit more of how I plan to book weekly shows because I tend to divide them especially will for weekly shows. Dividing them between a week 1 and week 2 divide. So e.g. Lone Rider, Rusty Mills and Tag-Team Champs were on one rotation and Vortex, Warmonger, The Kipper with the main champion floating between to be in all the shows most of the time. @619 I really appreciate the thoughts and encouragement for future diaries. I would love to touch on ZEN again one day with the same theme as the previous diary. Rehashing that story. For now my focus is definitely on SZW for the long term as this is an outlet and a way to let out my creativity. I also agree that having stories and characters really fleshed out it is easy to jump back in to diaries.
  12. _____________________________________ SZW 2023 Roster (Wrestlers) _____________________________________ Adgee Cross The current Australian Champion. He has done everything the company has needed this past year. Not the most over guy, or best in the ring. But he is easily in the Top 5 in those regards. On the microphone could use some work. But this isn’t a who can do better spiel about him. Adgee Cross didn’t necessarily carry the company, but he never faltered. He elevated the main championship after Lone Rider and Adrian McGhee struggled to do the same. Now with some big new names signing in the last year. He will be looking to leave his legacy. _____________________________________ Adrian McGhee Adrian McGhee is my tag-team partner. We have held the title for the last three years, in fact over three years. It is our title and Adrian McGhee is the reason why. He held the Australian Championship for a short while a credit to him that he did well with it in a short time. He is in conversation for future title reigns and is still only 33 years old so has all the time in the world. A cornerstone of the company. He has carried me for the last three years, I can’t say more good things about this man. _____________________________________ Armando Guerrero Armando is a crowd favourite, he may not be the most popular guy but his segments are a perfect way to cool down between matches and let the fans enjoy the comedy aspect of wrestling. Armando has been coming up with his ideas on his own, and originally pushed for Armando’s Amigos. I love Armando and he has become one of my favourites in the company. I can see him easily slotting in a feud with anyone and willing to put guys over. He has enough big wins and support, that beating him is valuable in the company. _____________________________________ Austin Tahere Austin Tahere is a young guy I signed, the sad thing is he isn’t actually much younger than a lot of the guys on the roster. He certainly isn’t as polished as the other guys. He is improving though and the fact he works so regularly with New Zealand Pit Bull makes me want to keep him around. I doubt he will be anything special any time soon. But who knows extra tv time could change those fortunes. Being picked up by YEPW is a good sign for his growth so hopefully that helps him out. _____________________________________ Banky Bremner I have to be honest I was hesitant about his return. We could have easily written him off as an injury or a backstage attack. Instead, we kept it honest and the fans appreciated that fact. It was so heartwarming to see the fans get behind him. A part of me wishes I pulled the trigger on Lifeline winning the tag-team titles at Final Chapter, but weighing up a three year reign. Something that will live in the history books, while Lifeline could win the titles at another time for the same good feeling moment. _____________________________________ Blackwell Bush Blackwell has been strong for me in the ring. He hasn’t dominated the storylines, and more been an accent piece for the Sydney Championship. Heading into the new year he gets his shot against the champion and I expecting an incredibly good match between the two men. Hopefully with some more time and getting involved in some stories he can break out this year. _____________________________________ Brown Snake My roommate, he is great in the ring and honestly heading into last year he and Fuzzy were going to win the tag-team championships. Sadly, the two men got overshadowed by the likes of Lifeline and Golden Grapplers so I never gave them the championship. Still a strong in-ring team and with Fuzzy being so popular Smokers & Suplexes are a staple of the tag-team division. He is young and if he sticks around with SZW will eventually have success in the company. It is sad though because the first year I had him work with Lance, and then was going to get him a decent single run but ended up putting him back in the tag-team division. If he leaves, he would be my biggest missed opportunity, plus it would make living with him a lot more awkward. _____________________________________ Buckminster Snark He was my project, my guy. He looked great, his segments were different. He had an actual character. I had big plans for him, that he could have bought in some new talent and eventually got over enough to get into the Sydney Championship discussion. 9 months is going to be a long time with a new television show. I doubt I will want to continue his storyline or have no idea how to kick start it. But we have a lot of time before that will matter. _____________________________________ Christian Blithe One half of Golden Grapplers Christian Blithe could be anywhere on the card. He was involved in the best match of last year against Rusty Mills, and a Top 5 match with his tag-team partner. He is probably too good for the tag-team division, but it is a nice place for him to set up shop alongside his ageing tag-team partner. _____________________________________ Custard Looking at him, you can tell how he got his name. He loves his custard, and so does his uncle Bob Shrunkle! That is right, the long term DIW talent has family taking up the throne. Bob retired a few years ago but I plan to bring him in. Maybe to help teach his young nephew. Speaking off Custard has found a tag-team partner in fellow big man called Jelly! _____________________________________ Diesel Dan Diesel Dan I was excited to bring back. Honestly, I wish I had signed him from the outset. He is the only guy to be signed while working for another company to a long-term contract. Being 38 he still has some in the tank, but lengthy matches won’t be his forte. He is a seven time DIW Tag-Team champion, seeing him solo will be big for his long tenured career. _____________________________________ Dizzy G The first Sydney Champion looked great during his short stint with the title, but after losing it to me. He hasn’t really found his footing. More recently the team up with Maelstrom seems to have helped his fortunes but he has been treading water. Which being so young he can do, he already has a big accolade. He is one of the better guys on the microphone. _____________________________________ Francis Burke Burke is a highflyer guy and has been good on the independent scene. Although he never has clicked with me he certainly has some value. Planning on using him as a tag guy with Frankie. I don’t necessarily think their ceiling will be all that high. He should be solid in the ring which is why he was bought in to the company. _____________________________________ Frankie Roberston I actually know Frankie from back over in Perth. He always talked about how he liked working with RAW. How they would fly him out, get some catering and hang out at the show before doing 5 minutes of work in the ring. Well imagine how excited he was when I offered him the same deal, but told him he could actually have a character and walk down the entrance ramp. His RAW locker room stories were always something I loved. It will be good to catch up with him. _____________________________________ Fuzzy Freeman Fuzzy has been one of the most over guys when I was initially pushing Smokers & Suplexes which is crazy to think about that I squandered that opportunity. He still is well known by the fans and has good chemistry with his real-life partner Taniko Jo. I look forward to what he can do long term but I doubt he will go beyond the tag-team division. _____________________________________ Gareth Case He came in with an impact. It is really hard to pinpoint the value that Gareth Case will have in the future but being thrown in beside Lone Rider is a good starting point for anyone. The only problem I have is, he essentially fills the same role that I could. A part of me hope he flops, but Paul really likes the guy. _____________________________________ Jake D’Angelo Perhaps one of the biggest bright points of 2022. While he never got himself that big win, he showed he can be the measuring stick. Which for me isn’t great as he wasn’t able to pull out a solid match from me. But he has impressed me greatly. A guy who will be staying around long term. He earned his spot in “The Next 8” based on his performance this year. _____________________________________ Jelly Real name Rhodes Clementi Is a young heavyweight Australian who trained under New Zealand Pit Bull at Headlock Wrestling School. He has a decent look and good size, but is still very green in the ring. He is teaming up with Custard and should be a fun tag-team together. Even though they have impressive size _____________________________________ Jesse Tasman Jesse was bought in by one of those Armando segments and the two worked well together. I did think about making them a tag-team but I liked what Armando was doing. He is good in the ring and has a good character. I doubt he will crack “The Next 8” this year but it is something that could be on the cards for future success for him. _____________________________________ Johnathan Wesker Wesker got to close out the year in a big match and gets to start the year with a big match. Beyond that, he is losing his tag-team partner. This is the time for him to break out and show his value to the company, now is his chance. Otherwise, you could see him being swallowed up by a lot of the newer talent that have also signed with the company. _____________________________________ Lance Lott I really like Lance. I am surprised he never went to Japan to be honest. He is quite smooth in the ring but lacks personality despite what I think is a great name. I could see him being similar to Jake D’Angelo where he is the in-ring measuring stick for the company. One thing I do like is, he was skinny and has been working on his physique. (Honestly when I genned the render I forgot he was skinny, so I am asking him to increase his muscle now.) _____________________________________ Lance Maddigan Maddigan is my other roommate. He has found his niche, and that is being Banky’s partner. He has done well at letting his tag-team partner take the spotlight and play a supporting act. I alluded to it awhile ago but I did always promise Lance a title at some point, he was pretty angry with me after I told him it wouldn’t be Final Chapter. As long as he sticks around, I have a lot of time to give him that promise that was made after far too many drinks. _____________________________________ Lee Bawes Lee was a guy I always have rated and this past year he has shown it. From competing for both singles titles to finding himself in the tag-team division. He is another bright spot who earned his place in the company. His career has felt like something of a “never going to be able to do it.” He has changed that since signing with the company. _____________________________________ Lerone Slim He looks so damn good. I love that, and he has improved nicely in the ring alongside his tag-team partner. They were definitely not people I could see even getting wins but lately they have been performing well in the ring and could definitely get the chance to have those matches and wins under his belt. _____________________________________ Lone Rider In the last two years he has had his second Australian Title run that only lasted for a month. He has been a prominent fixture since the opening of the company and Paul assures me that will continue to be the case. To his credit he is one of the better in-ring talents and has done well not to be overshadowed by a lot of the new talent. He has also been working for DIW the past year. He has 6 wins and only 4 losses. With those 4 losses, one was his debut match. He lost two Australian Championship matches against Milton Hittlespitz and Gyula Lakatos and finally finished the year losing to Dumfrey Pinn. Which other than that loss, shows he is certainly making an impact in DIW. I look forward to see how the next year shakes out for Lone Rider as his career continues to grow. _____________________________________ Luke Pope He is probably the biggest new signing from the guys listed. He is a solid in ring talent, he has good star quality and charisma. He could certainly develop into a star for the company and that is my hope. The plan was to get away from the surfing style gimmick that he normally runs with as we have Jesse Tasman, but that may change. _____________________________________ Maelstrom While not a “signed” in ring talent, he has made his impact felt and his destiny is definitely tied to Dizzy G. Likewise he has a lot of time on his side. I doubt this will be his breakout year, he will continue to grow in dark matches and get decent time with Dizzy G on the main show. _____________________________________ Michel Bernard Michel was the original “great in ring talent” deserving of a bigger push. He has been great in the tag-team division and it allows him to happily give matches up against guys in singles competitions. Now he is on the cusp of his first SZW Championship. With that said, it wont be his first title. He has started off the new year in a big way. He recently captured the YEPW Heavyweight Championship to become their first champion ever. I will be keeping a close eye on him over there. _____________________________________ Nathan Rigger Not sure what to think about him, or what to do with him. He probably won’t be anything more than a beat stick starting out in the company but at 26 years old he can hopefully accomplish something. He hasn’t done anything to talk about outside of the company. _____________________________________ Peril (That’s ME!) The last two years I have certainly have had a wild ride. I had a short run as the Sydney Champion, secondly I have continued to carry one half of the Tag-Team Championship having held the title for 1 year. I definitely have struggled in the ring when performing by myself, but there is a clear improvement from myself. I have a lot of years in the tank to keep growing in the ring and that is what this next year will be about. I want to work with some of those really refined in ring talents. _____________________________________ Reed Buckfield Reed is a high flyer who had some exposure almost ten years ago back at ZEN. He definitely won’t be making a big splash but is hopefully going to be a solid in the ring and I am actually excited by having him come to the company. I wouldn’t expect great things though, or even wins potentially. _____________________________________ Rusty Mills Rusty has been amazing for the company, and certainly helped elevate the in-ring expectations of the company. He was picked up after he left APW, and to kick of the year he has resigned with APW. It gives me some hesitation, but we have been working well with them. Though a big wrinkle is his former tag-team partner Donovan Boon had signed with RAW to start the year. Becoming a singles star, he will look to continue that in his APW return. He was involved in two of the Top 3 matches and will certainly continue to elevate the company. _____________________________________ Saul Rubennick He is still here, one of the guys I think many would have expected to be released. He managed to avoid the cut of wrestlers and I think it is more because of my own nostalgia, even if he has been a complete pain for me throughout his time with SZW. He is just winding down the career so I wouldn’t expect much from him. _____________________________________ Sulphur Sulphur is a monster of a man. Someone I could have picked up sooner, I doubt he has much left in the company. A story from the start of the year pulled at the heart strings and is the reason he got signed is because he hadn’t wrestled in some time and wasn’t adjusting well. While he isn’t getting a shot to say, he is going to get some time in the ring. _____________________________________ The Kipper The statesmen of the company so to speak. He was the inaugural Australian Champion. The last two years he has definitely taken a step back and tried to elevate the rest of the roster, particularly Adgee Cross something I feel he has done incredibly well. The Kipper was picked up by DIW so he has officially worked for three major companies within Australia. Look forward to see how he progresses. _____________________________________ Toasty Bonnar The best thing for Toasty was his injury when he was primed to challenge for the Sydney Championship at the start of the companies second year. While Toasty hasn’t rocked the card at all, the 33 year old has developed nicely and I feel more comfortable with his efforts in the ring particularly when with his tag-team partner. _____________________________________ Vortex The cosmic force that is Vortex has done so incredibly well with the Sydney Championship. He is one of my favourite characters to come in the company and has seen probably the best success outside of Adgee Cross since his arrival. It is warranted with two of his three matches in the company being in the Top 10. I look forward to the future of him. He is such a different character and really established himself. _____________________________________ Warmonger Leaving APW he was a big signing for the end of 2022 and came in instantly making waves in the company. He has just started talks with DIW, which it is very clear that SZW are happy to work with other companies and share out the stars. Making him one of three big guys in the company working elsewhere. Warmonger is a guy I am excited to see what he can do outside of the tag-team picture. _____________________________________ XS XS has been developing nicely just quietly. He has been growing, and although he probably has a ceiling. Developing into a suitable in ring talent, although still overshadowed by his tag-team partner. He has started to try and branch out by recently signing with APW. _____________________________________ _____________________________________ SZW 2023 Roster (Backstage) _____________________________________ Bruce the Giant Bruce has been wonderful as an Authority Figure. He is so big no one is going to attempt to intimidate him, or push him around. Still shows enough weakness to listen to Paul at the same time. Bruce is slowly getting more over with the crowd which is great because he is such an international star something good for the company long term. _____________________________________ Ceri Dordevich She has done beautifully in being eye candy on the side of Lone Rider. Her annoying attitude has been a delight to see and she is a perfect foil for Lone Rider. She doesn’t end up being there all the time, but when she is. She helps make the segment more memorable. _____________________________________ Craig Sturt He has been a solid announcer. There isn’t too much to say about him, with him slowly getting more over with the fans. He has been a good play by play commentator and as we look to the future he will always be an integral part of the roster. _____________________________________ Delbert DeGeorge Delbert has been the voice of SZW. Between his colour commentary to the fact he has been in interview segments. Delbert makes others improve. I need to use him more and get him more over because he is so flexible and versatile as an interviewer. _____________________________________ Gregg Micheal I was worried when we signed Gregg. He wasn’t a big name Road Agent but he has certainly filled the role well with no complaints. He doesn’t elevate matches but doesn’t detract from them either. _____________________________________ Keith Goggin The ref, he has been in every big match and every match since the beginning of the company history. With an increased work rate and a massive Final Chapter card we finally hired some support for him, but he will still be the one counting the Main Event. _____________________________________ Max Langstrom Max always impresses me since moving on from his in-ring days. He has been a solid backstage hand. Working well with the lower card matches and angles. Lot’s of respect for “carnage” I hope he sticks around for awhile now. Got a soft spot for the old guy. _____________________________________ New Zealand Pit Bull New Zealand Pit Bull has been doing great backstage, and is really kept around for the sake of Austin Tahere. That and he also gave SZW the very first ring. I have a lot of respect for him, because of that as well. He still keeps pushing his wrestling school and mentions every single guy to come from there. He still got his wish with us picking up Rhodes Clementi (Jelly). _____________________________________ Paul (Original Lone Rider) Paul has been a great boss, and I can’t fault him at all. He has been getting more involved as an on-screen personality which I love for me. He has such a strong presence and works well with his own son Lone Rider. Backstage he is definitely our locker room leader and a good one at that. _____________________________________ Stephanie Drucker She has been a gem for us, and a star for the company. I gave her the honours of opening our very first televised show and she knocked it out of the park. She has been attached at Rusty’s hip so far and while I love that, I want her to give that shine to the other talent so I could see her moving to a more personality, backstage role. _____________________________________ Taniko Jo She hasn’t had much to do since her split with Lone Rider. She has formed a relationship with Fuzzy Freeman and their connection does seem beneficial for each of them as they do well together. Fuzzy is her limiting factor that is for sure, but again they work well together so it is the reason she has been kept around for now. _____________________________________ Wayne Schimmelbusch Wayne came in for Final Chapter and it actually played into a few of the matches and build up. Not much to say, a serviceable referee and will be staying on in the company for the long term unless he gets snapped up by RAW. _____________________________________ _____________________________________ SZW 2023 Roster (Tag-Teams) _____________________________________ Golden Grapplers (Lee Bawes & Christian Blithe) _____________________________________ Groovy Tokers (Toasty Bonnar & Lerone Slim) _____________________________________ Lifeline (Banky Bremner & Lance Maddigan) _____________________________________ Smokers & Suplexes (Fuzzy Freeman & Brown Snake) _____________________________________ The Devoted Souls (Adrian McGhee & Peril) _____________________________________ The Frankies (Francis Burke & Frankie Robertson) _____________________________________ The Runway (Michel Bernard & XS) _____________________________________ Trifle (Custard & Jelly) _____________________________________
  13. YEPW Fully Charged XVI D-Pod v Vortex Vortex is being built and D-Pod could have see a Burke style distraction. Realm of Darkness Match Lance Maddigan v Trey Tallman I love Trey Tallman and his power is something that can continue to be explored as Trey gets on track towards Lone Rider eventually. Trey is quietly becoming a second in command running with Jester but having his own thing going on. Vance Sturt's Test - Round 3 The Party People v ??? ??? For sure over The Party People got to be a big surprise. Australian Devil v Black Flash Black Flash gets his big win out of the way on his return. Optional Questions Who's your favourite character in the diary and why? So many good characters. Lone Rider has been great, Jester has done stellar carrying the actual company. He has been underrated considering how integral he has been to the company. Sturt this diary made me love him, and as you said in 2016 he was in a good place for a Free Agent but not anymore sadly. My favourite of the diary however is Trey Tallman. He is a guy I have loved a lot, but this diary has morphed him from a plain dude (which he is) to an actual enigma with a sense of mystery which is so cool. Like guys like Vortex can instantly get that mystique but the journey of Trey Tallman has been a highlight.
  14. Jagged vs Magnifico Jagged is coming out of his feud with Remmy. I think he needs a win back to keep momentum up, but could see if easily going the other way. LAP Women's Electric Dreamer ©️ vs Purple Viper Amazing Fire Fly vs Pantera Roja I want to see Fire Fly break away from the tag scene and this could be his chance to do so. Chess Maniac vs ??? Respect Chess Maniac. If any name was written down I would back Chess Maniac. I think a sudden/shock debut or match up can lead to an upset against Chess Maniac LAP Parejas (Tables Match) Perez Xtreme (Frankie Perez & Jonnie Perez) ©️ vs Segunda Generación (El Hijo Del Neutron & Mustang Blanco Jr) Let's go Mustang get the title on him and Hijo and move Perez on after the injury. Main Event: LAP Lucha Remmy Skye ©️ vs Frederique Antonio Garcia This is so close. I could see Frederique being the one to dethrone Remmy. It makes sense to a degree his teammate was in a burner feud to get Remmy primed for it. God I want Frederique to win but can't not back Remmy. He has been the guy for so long and him vs Chess Master or Axxis would be amazing (TIE-BREAKER) Which 3 matches will have the highest rating? (in order) Remmy vs Frederique Fire Fly vs Pantera Chess Maniac vs ???
  15. DIW Title: Seth Wish (c) v Bryant Hall I can see this going easily the other way. Seth Wish has really established himself at the top but Bryant Hall has been booked as an attraction, as a monster. If Seth Wish wins it helps solidify him, even if it is after some shenanigans most likely. Seth Wish would be seen as a more transitional champion. Yes he had some big wins, but as I mentioned Seth has always been the most logical guy to walk out with the title. This match is different. This is his oppurtunity. Tag Titles: The Dream Team (Milton Hittlespitz and Rob Edwards) (c) v The Barracudas (Chopper Rourke and Vaughan) I have loved seeing the rebuild of The Barracuda's and an upset here doesn't hurt The Dream Team. After all they are here for a good time, not a long time. So I could see this being a massive upset. One that leaves room for The Duo, The Apocalypse (If signed) and the rest of the tag division to get involved in before Milton and Edwards go their own way again. Australian Title: Rick Horn v Kobra The Conqueror (c) GIVE ME WHAT I WANT! Rick Horn as Australian Champion further fractures The Pros and could be the final nail so to speak that forces the group to ultimately split up. I know this is wrong, but I still don't care. "FARM TOUGH!". Don't mind the text errors at the top. IT IS HIS TIME! Con McReady v Dexter Mattell Dexter needs a win and to look strong here. Wrecker v Hack The Hunter This is one of the more interesting matches on the card, purely because it gives an idea of where you see Wrecker and Hack long term. Originally I would have said Wrecker, but he hasn't taken the opportunity to have that big break out solo run. Con and to a bigger degree Seth have both jumped over him. Pat Rigsby and Bonnie Bogan v Death Ref and Lori If The Barbarians get involved this could become a mess, but Pat and Bonnie are in ring talent and should win. Still it doesn't make sense to have Death and Lori go over even against guys so low on the card.
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