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  1. I'll go Sting, Black and Satnam for Dynamite Black, Satnam and Danhousen for Collision
  2. Hart and Abadon, sooner or later all this experience teaming will start reaping rewards.
  3. The Spooky Club v Black Lotus - men tag Sting and Black
  4. Yes I'd also go 1. Realistically these things happen, whilst I'm sure it can be frustrating for you Nobby, getting even a few people to regularly be involved, make decisions, comment etc can be a tall order so whatever system you have should probably be ready for people to go missing. I think them essentially becoming AI/Nobby ran is the best option. In a perfect scenario he makes a return, if not the team can be replaced in the future (although part of me would find it funny if his team won the league).
  5. If it's broke don't fix it- I'll stick with the dreaded team of Julia Hart and Abadon Black Lotus get ready *Tony Shiavone voice* IT'S... ST- No actually it's Danhausen, you're up again Danhausen.
  6. All I'm saying... Is there's only a couple of women who fit my explicitly stated spooky vibe... So hands off people!
  7. Oh my bad. I thought the 5 picks I sent would be used depending on how was available for each pick if that makes sense. But I understand now. Sent
  8. C-verse CGC: Dawn of DeColt Country by @Self 21CW: The Land of Second Chances by @The Lloyd
  9. Good to see you back! Sounds like an interesting idea. In theory I'd be interested in running a team but realistically I'm perhaps too inconsistent in how active I am on here. Hopefully you get some interest or still work the team idea into something
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