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  1. Hello, if you are one of the people receiving this message, I just got the go-to to ask for your permission to use your renders that were seen as free pictures in the AltCverse 2022 mod. I plan on using this on a mod I am creating called The GoldVerse 1985, which is supposed to be a series of mods (1993, 1997, 2006, 2016, and in between 2025-2028). So I'm basically asking permission for all of these mods. So will you be allow me to us some of your renders for workers in that mod?

    1. Wrenegade


      Absolutely thanks for asking. You can use any that you want and I look forward to your mod.

  2. Fuyuko Higa Fuyuko Higa (Alt w/updated lighting) Yuma Maruya (Re-work)
  3. @boxofwhispers @Blackman I've purchased a lot of light sets in my short time rendering and just could not find one to suit me. These are incredible. Thank you both! I’m going to have to try these on my next set.
  4. Fell in love with Psycho Cinders (I believe from @lavelleuk awesome mod?) Wanted to give her a different look and finally got around to it. Psycho Cinders
  5. Casey Valentine is my all time favorite C-Verse character. Had to keep the iconic purple sunglasses. Casey Valentine
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