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whats going on in your BCF?

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havent played much lately.... got 250million in back all the time kinda boring now.... September 2000: World Rankings: #1 BCF #2 ALPHA #3 GAMMA #4 WEFF #5 KDM FC HW champ: Kunimichi Kikuchi (2 defenses) def Rav Kapur going for 11th defense LHW Champ: Leon Banks (2 time champ) def. Petey Mack (another 2 time champ) MW Champ: Fernando Amaro (27-3)... his teammate Uwe Maier also had title twice with a combined 7 defenses... WW Champ: Datuk Ong Ka King (12-3, 4 defenses) def Gabriel Gallego on his try for 6th defense. LW Champ: Marko Prochazka (22-5) Womens: Jenny DeNueve (17-2) 2 time champ Other notables in game: Fezzik is 32-1, loss to Jeff Carlton Raul Hughes is 18-0
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