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Move Spreadsheet

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I am doing an excel spreadsheet with an up to date as possible move list, it will contain some of the attributes that make up the moves and whether there associated with everyone. Its not based on the default movelist or anyone else's mods, i have gone through various websites and dvds / tapes to get the list i have so far, its not done yet but i will release a blank one (with the names of the moves and who does them if there specific to that wrestler, i.e. Mic Check - Ken Kennedy), so i will upload that hopefully sometime in the week. I have listed certain moves with a tag name (see below) [B]Springboard[/B] (From Inside the Ring/Apron to Inside the Ring standing opponent) Lionsault / Springboard Moonsault. [B]Slingshot[/B] (From Apron to Downed Opponent in Ring) Droppin Da Dime / Slingshot Splash. [B]Catapult[/B] (From Inside the Ring/Apron to Outside the Ring using the Ropes to propel attack) Catapult Cross Body [B]Suicide[/B] (From Inside the Ring to Outside the Ring using no ropes to propel attack) Suicide Corkscrew Body Press *unless they have a specific name like Lionsault just to give more understanding (hopefully) to the movelist hope this is useful to everyone/anyone i will release a separate one later on with all my opinions on the statistics of the moves just to help the novice mod maker. Hopefully this could lead to a few real world mods for WSP2
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