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[HYPE] Total Extreme Football

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Yes ladies and gentlemen it's another hype thread. Me and Mitch (who i dont know if he's on this board) present to you: [B][SIZE="5"]TOTAL EXTREME FOOTBALL[/SIZE][/B] Playground talk always consists of: Who will win... Raul or Ronaldinho? Gerrard or Lampard? Gattuso or Matterazzi? Well now you can find out. The first release we aim to bring you 3 promotions. La Liga, Serie A and The Premiership. From each team, 3 players will be chosen. This equates to 60 fighters per league. Managers will fill in the other roles, while referees will do what they already do. [B][U] Completed List of Wrestlers[/U][/B] [U]La Liga[/U] Ronaldinho Lionel Messi Carlos Puyol Ruud Van Nistelrooy Raul Iker Casillias David Villa Nikola Zigic David Silva Oscar Ustari Ruben De La Red Frederic Kanoute Ikechukwu Uche Daniel Alves Jesus Navas [U]Premier League[/U] Steven Gerrard Fernando Torres Jamie Carragher Ryan Giggs Cristiano Ronaldo Wayne Rooney
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