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Scheduling Touring Feds

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OK here we go. First decide how many shows a week you want (I'll assume 2 for this example). And let's make the assumption that you want to do one big end of tour show (Yes the AI always does one big show a month but I like it this way.) So the first thing you do is pick your touring months Jan Feb Mar May Jun Jul Sep Oct Nov Now you set up your schedule first we make the weekly shows FED initials tour name (day) GCG Intensity Tour (Monday) - set for weekly Monday GCG Intensity Tour (Thursday) - set for weekly Thursday Then you set the big show GCG Warrior's Way - set for Sunday week 4 March. So basically every new your you just change the names of the weekly events (and their days if you want) and you add a new big show for the end of the tour.
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