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New Mod would like some help

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Basically I want to make a new fictitious mod. This would be my first attempt at a mod, so it's a pretty huge project for me. What I would like it for everyone in this forum to participate so we can have a "community made" mod. If you want more info just let me know, basically everyone will make a promotion or two of their own. Someone had a similar idea in the general forum, but I just felt like it wasn't organized enough, if that makes sense. The main areas i need help on are the areas outside of the US because I have no idea about the culture etc in those areas. And of course pictures for the wrestlers. As far as size goes I'm hoping to have 1 global fed, 1 international fed, maybe 2 cult, then a series of smaller ones. Of course I'm open to suggestions I just don't want one region to have 6 cult promotions and another to have none. Again if you would like to help that would be great, just let me know.
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