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TEW 2008 Mod - 142 Match Types

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I set out with the goal of establishing a solid baseline of matches based on those I've witnessed over the years during my time as a North American wrestling fan. I'm not the most knowledgeable person in the world, but it struck me that a basic but consistent match mod put together by one person would be useful to me, personally. Once I finished, I figured someone else might like to use this as well, and decided to release my first mod. With that in mind, anyone is welcome to take this and use or modify it as they see fit with my complete blessing. I began this mod with TEW 2007 data I'd imported from forlan's T-Zone mod and set out to distill the match types found therein as much as possible, so a big thanks goes out to him for making that mod and releasing it for others to mod as they see fit. I have no plans to expand or otherwise modify this mod, but if someone wants to add onto and re-release it, I'd be thrilled to see that happen and would probably even download an expanded version myself. Fans of wrestling outside of North America (and quite possibly plenty of North American wrestling fans too) will no doubt find major match types are missing-in-action, but unfortunately, I know so little about wrestling outside of the WWE and TNA that I didn't think it would be worthwhile to even attempt whatever I may have omitted. All settings are obviously a bit subjective and based solely on my opinions and understandings, so hopefully they won't be too far off from your own. Also, I'm releasing this before Adam's default data for 2008 has been released, so I don't have anything to compare my settings to other than his default 2007 data. Therefore, these may end up not working quite as well as I'd hoped that they might. If there are severe problems I was unable to foresee, I may update this mod next week, contrary to my previous statement about not updating this data (but even if there are huge problems it's only a maybe at this point). Thanks for reading and I hope you get some use out of this! Oh, and this is my first ever mod release, so if there's something dreadfully wrong I apologize, but I'm new at this. :D Note: I'm not even sure this is big enough to bother with releasing, but I hope it is proves useful to someone: [url]http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W8LBGNYP[/url]
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