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Xpert Eleven - Soccer Management Game


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Don't know whether anyone on here has heard of it, already registered on it or anything, but there's an Online Football (Soccer) Management Game called Xpert Eleven. I've had teams on there on/off for about 2/3 years, but it's only recently that I've decided to try and run my own league on there. Therefore, I'm advertising the league wherever I can, and here's a suitable place. The league, Major League Soccer, is obviously aimed at the North American demographic region (yes, even though I'm British), and it'd be great if anyone wants to try their hand at football/soccer management, and take on a team in the Major League Soccer. To find us, go to [url]www.xperteleven.com[/url], and then search for League ID 159419. Hope to see some of you there soon. -Richard
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