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To coincide with my mini graphics mod i've released my little side project of the logos. They're nothing flash at all, most images are clean, but some are stretched due to the size of the source image. I've done these based off the companies that are in the 97 mod as that is what i'm using at the moment, so there are alot of companies you'd find in newer data that are missing. I know that people like to move CornellVerse promotions over to have as extras, so i've converted all the CornellVerse logo's onto my "dark" background, these however have not been cut "properly" merely just magic wand jobs as i wanted to get the real world stuff done as properly as possible. The CornellVerse logo's are direct converts, so every image in this pack would cover what's already in game, the Real World pack has 81 images, with 15 companies having at least 2 alternate logo's included. Anyways here's the two download links, if you do actually like these and want a promotion adding onto the background, let me know and i'll make a cut for you. Real World: [url]http://www.sendspace.com/file/c27xvc[/url] CornellVerse: [url]http://www.sendspace.com/file/nhhuf2[/url]
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