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[HYPE]Blurring the Lines


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OK. So I am dying to get a really enjoyable game out of WreSpi2, and as the latest real world mod seems to be on hold, I have decided to give it a shot. BtL (Blurring the Lines) will be a CVerse based mod with WWE and TNA added to the universe. I probably won't be updating the CVerse data to reflect TEW 2008 because I don't know much about it, but I may reflect a few of the bigger changes, not all together decided yet. If anyone has any notes to add, feel free to do so. Hopefully if this comes to release then I will push on to develop a real world mod. Also, if people would prefer to see an updated CVerse base to reflect TEW 2008 then please any notes you could add to make sure I don't miss would be greatly appreciated. Cheerio for now.
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