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Funny Randomly Generated Teams

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I just want to know what team names have you come past randomly generated that seem weird for whose in them.


i got a team that popped up in Chikara in 2007 called The Smooth Operators and that was Private Eye & Excalibur that just sounds strange


and i got a team in Febuary 2019 Called The Low Lives its Groucho Bling & Ross Henry just seems strange to me

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In my latest long-term game, NYCW's tag division is actually pretty good. But there are one or two strange-ass tag teams in it.


Double Trouble: Primus Allen and... Dave Diamond? :|

The Futurists: Matt Sparrow and... Ekuma the Hawaiian Strongman?! (Now, Ekuma and Primus... that'd be a team!)



But they make up for it with other teams, like current champs Total Domination (Kirk Jameson and Lee Rivera). 4C have the Cult of Adrenaline (which may have to be stolen for my dynasty), Jason Thunder and Trent Shaffer. Probably the best of the lot... Showtime: Zeus Maxmillion and Andre Jones.


Over in 21CW they have another great tag team, The Goon Squad - Nightmare and Mister King. These guys are possibly the most succesful AI team I've ever seen, up to B+ experience and three-time tag team champs.


APW have Future Vision - Trehawke Phillips and NZ Pitbull, the two oldest active wrestlers in the company (other than Lanny Williams). As well as Team Sonic, Boo Smithson and Joshua Garofolo (generated worker, big heavyweight), probably two of the slowest.


FCW have a few too, The Non-Conformists, Matt Sparrow and Stevie Grayson. Grayson is WEARING HIS OWN MERCHANDISE, so can't really be that non-comformist. They do have Subbacultcha to make up for it, Leper Messiah and Hector Galindo, which would be a pretty awesome team but they've been going for six years now and are still at E- experience...


TCW have Express Delivery, Charlie Thatcher and Giant Tana. I think their courier service customers will be getting several refunds. They make up for it with Wrecking Krew, Bull Wrecker and American Buffalo.


For the real wrestlecrap though, you have to go to RIPW. Double Life consists of Matt Sparrow and Lion Heart (who is wrestlecrap all by himself). The Lone Gunmen is an ok team, Brendan Idol and Harry Allen. The Non-Conformists (completely ignoring the existing, better, more established team with the same name) of Citizen X (great!)... and Mikel Alonso.


And then the absolute icing on the cake, The Rebels . The Masked Patriot and... the other Masked Patriot. Fantastic! Team Masked Patriot with himself and give them a Rebel gimmick!

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