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TNA - A New War Begins...

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In July 2009 a mystery caller into the Bubba The Love Sponge Show and revealed a relationship between TNA founder Jeff Jarrett and Ex-Wife of TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle. The following is a time line of the following events.


Wednesday 15th July 2009 – Annoymous TNA Employee calls into the Bubba The Love Sponge show to report that TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett is currently living with former TNA Knockout and ex-wife of the current TNA World Champion, Karen Angle.


Sunday 19th July 2009 – Jeff Jarrett misses his first TNA Pay-Per-View since founding the company.


Monday 20th July 2009 – TNA Front office reports Jeff Jarrett is taking some personal time away from TNA Wrestling.


Monday 27th July 2009 – It was reported that Jeff Jarrett has officially left TNA Wrestling.


Wednesday 29th July 2009 – Revelations are made that Dixie Carter had purchased the remaining TNA Stock from Jeff Jarrett for an undisclosed amount.


Friday 31st July 2009 – TNA officially announced the release of Vince Russo, Dutch Mantell, Mark Johnson, Savio Vega and Rudy Charles have all officially left the company. Whatsmore, rumours have begun to circle that Jeff Jarrett has used his earnings from his sale of TNA Stock to begin his own Company.


And so it was, on that fateful day; Friday 31st July 2009, sat in the offices of Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling flicking through my Blackberry waiting for my meeting with TNA owner Dixie Carter, I received an email with link to a website. The website in question was empty for the moment except for the words “Entertainment Wrestling Revolution is coming... TNA? You have been warned...”. It was at this moment I hear my name being called. Ms. Carter’s PA stands in front of me, a file in her hand and a smile on her face; fake, warn for a purpose.


PA: Mr. Melling?


MM: Yeah?


PA: Ms. Carter appreciates you waiting, she’s ready to see you now.


I get to my feet and follow the PA who opens a door to a large office. As I walk inside I notice the numerous Title belts in cases and pictures of Dixie Carter arm in arm with every TNA World Champion in history. Looking across, I see the TNA President sat at her desk looking at her computer screen. She looked tired, beat up; like the last month had seen her take more shots than any other month in her business life. Finally, she notices my presence.


DC: Oh, hey there Mr... Melling?


MM: That’s right Ms. Carter.


DC: Call me Dixie...


MM: Oh, right, Dixie. Call me Mike.


DC: Ok, Mike, and how can I help you?


This seemed to be an odd question, there was only one reason why I would be here. This was the question of a women who had had so many visitors at such a disorientating time that they were all merging into one.


MM: I’m here for a job on your writing staff? I applied a couple of months ago. Your PA said that the higher levels of your creative team had liked my résumé...


DC: Oh, right. Of course...


MM: Is this a bad time? I could come back another time...


DC: No, no... Please, go ahead. I assume you’ve brought forward some of your ideas?


MM: Of course... Um, where to start...


Over the next 30 minutes I brought my ideas to the table. Each and every idea in an attempt to make a dent in that icey exterior. As I made, what was becoming more and more like a sales pitch, I continued to notice her lack of interest. In me? I don’t know... All I could tell for sure was that she had been staring at a computer screen. In mid-flow about an idea concerning the TNA Tag Team Championships, I stopped...


MM: Dixie, I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it... It’s just, you seem a little preoccupied?


DC: Do I Mike? Do I really? Well I have to apologise to you. I mean, it’s not like this company has just lost it’s Head Writer, 3 Road Agents, 2 referees and a Main Event Star not to mention $10,000,000 of my own money to prevent Jarrett from filing a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. Wouldn’t you be pre-occupied?


MM: I... Um... I apologise. I was out of line...


DC: Yes, yes you were. However, I liked all of your ideas...


This was not something I’d expected...


DC: We currently don’t HAVE a writing staff for you to join, Mike. Which is either a problem or an opportunity.


MM: How so?


DC: We’ve contacted a number of people regarding taking the reins in TNA... Paul Heyman turned us down flat and his suggestion was a new direction. Someone who wasn’t tarnished by the wrestling world. The opportunity is for you to take up the role as Head Booker here in TNA.


MM: That... That would be amazing!


I’d come to TNA today in the hope of writing a story or two for the lower card, maybe the Tag Team Division... But the whole promotion? It was more than I’d ever dreamt of...


DC: There is a slight problem... You may have heard the rumours? Jeff Jarrett has opened his own promotion, Vince Russo is taking a roll as Head Booker and of course the others that left earlier this week are said to be joining him too. He is currently negotiating for a Television show. We have to act quickly, we have to act well. We need to make changes here in TNA. Some are calling the loss of Russo a blessing in disguise, some are calling this the end of TNA. I suggest you head down to our Talent Relations department and tell them what you need... You start straight away.


Just like that, I’d made my break. It was, however, with a heavy heart that TNA would be beginning a war with a company owned by our founder. This would be a very, very interesting situation to find ourselves in.




- Game World Starts Monday Week 1 August.

- Jeff Jarrett’s Entertainment Wrestling Revolution starts with the Game World.

- The company has a TV Deal in place that will go head to head with TNA Impact.

- The company currently has no-one signed to the roster.

- Their shows are taped on Sundays.

- TNA Impact will be moved to being taped on a Thursday. The first show has already been taped on the Monday and therefore the first show I will book will be Thursday Week 2.

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Total Extreme Wrestling News...


It has been reported that TNA has installed a new Head Booker to Total Non-Stop action wrestling. It has also been reported that the new Booker has implemented a strict Non-Drugs policy.


It has also been reported that the new TNA Booker has began negotiations with a number of major Free Agents.


In turns of releas, a number of lower level talents and non-wrestling staff have been released in order to make way for the higher level changes within TNA.


Big Rocco


Brutus Magnus

Cody Deaner


Jesse Neal

Rob Terry

Rhaka Khan

Sojo Bolt

Lauren Brook

So Cal Val

and Tracy Brooks


Have all been releaed from their Pay Per Appearence contracts.

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As I stood now in front of the remaining TNA roster, those I hadn't cut already, I began to realise that maybe I had been a little hasty. I mean, who was I to these people? Still... I'd made my decision and I needed to stand by it.


DC: Ok, thank you for coming. I would like to introduce you to TNA Wrestlings new head booker. Mike Melling.


MM: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank you all for coming to this meeting today. I have a couple of announcements to make and then, we'll open the floor to questions.


I clear my throat and lift my notes up in front of my face for a moment. Really, I know what they said, I was just more worried about how much I was sweating.


MM: Ok, my first announcement is regarding the TNA Drug Testing policy. As of today, our testing will be routine and for both Soft and Performance enhancing drugs.


I sensed a murmour of fear...


MM: From now, and for the next 24 hours leading up to our next show you have the opportunity to bring yourself forward and tell us that you're using substances that are banned. If you admit it, you'll be given help and suspended for 1 month. If you don't and our tests find that you're using something then you will be released on the spot.


The murmour becomes an outcry.


DC: Excuse me! This is a policy that both Mike and myself agree on. Drugs are not something we will tolerate in TNA Wrestling and you will all do well to remember that.


The outcry dies down.


MM: Finally, we're due to have a number of new arrivals in TNA. As such, roster positions will be shuffled slightly. I hope each and every one of you will settle in to your new roles.


As I finish, I begin to here the complaints and the discussions. The talk that I'm in over my head, that I'll be gone in a month. They could be right, but if I am? I'll make sure I've cleaned TNA before I do.


MM: Any questions?


TNA Champion Kurt Angle is the first to raise his hand.


KA: Will you be releasing any of the Main Event Mafia?


MM: That would depend on the outcome of the drug testing.


Up next is Mick Foley.


MF: What is your idea on those of us who don't wrestle every week?


MM: I'm not here to destroy the core of what TNA has built so far, I'm here to add to it. As such, I'm lucking to improve TNA. As such, those who have a limited schedule will continue to have a limited schedule. One last question?


AJ Styles raises his hand.


AS: I was wondering on what your booking style would be focused on. Popularity or performance?


MM: Everyone has their role to play, those who can wrestle will wrestle, those who can entertain will entertain. Those who can do both will be rewarded in kind. Trust me, everyone has their place.


Dixie steps in front of me and brings the session to an end. I turn away and walk away from the stage back to where I was writing my first script for my first show.




Wrestlers who came forward and are therefore suspended:


Sheik Abdul Bashir

Eric Young


Wrestlers who did not come forward and that were found to be drug takers:


Scott Steiner

Kip James

BG James


These superstars have therefore been released.

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TNAwrestling.com news...




TNA Impact Preview...


TNA Management representative Jim Cornette has announced that due to the untimely release of Scott Steiner, the TNA Tag Team Championships are currently vacant. Tonight begins an 8 team tournement to decide the new Champions who will be named at TNA Sacrifice. The first 2 matche sto take place see Team 3D taking on No Limit and The Motor City Machine guns taking on one of TNA's brand new teams.


Also, on the second major debut of the evening Matt Morgan will be taking on a Mystery opponent in an one on one competition.


Suicide will defend his TNA X-Division Championship against Daniels and recent Signee to the TNA Roster Bryan Danielson.


Our Midcard Main Event will see the No. 1 contender for Kurt Angle's TNA World Championship named when Samoa Joe goes one on one with AJ Styles.


Making his return to the Impact Zone is Rhino who will take on our third major new signing this evening.


Finally, in our TNA Impact Main Event Sting and Booker T of the Main Event Mafia will take on Bobby Lashley and Mick Foley.


Also scheduled to appear, Knockout Champion Angelina Love and the rest of the Knockout Division.




Matt Morgan Vs ???

The Motor City Machine Guns Vs ??? and ???

Suicide© Vs Daniels Vs Bryan Danielson

AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe

Team 3D Vs No Limit

Rhino Vs ???

Sting and Booker T Vs Bobby Lashley and Mick Foley

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Total Extreme Wrestling News...


Jeff Jarrett has announced he will be fulfilling the role as head booker for Entertainment Wrestling Revoultion.


The company has also announced the signing of the following superstars...


Alex Wright

Armando Alejandro Estrada

Colt Cabana

Juventud Guerrera

Mark Johnson

Mauro Ranallo

Ron Niemi

Sean Waltman

and Ted Dibiase Snr.


EWR have also said to have made offers for TNA superstars


Raisha Saeed

Awesome Kong

and Bobby Lashley


The war between EWR and TNA is only just beginning but with the money behind the 2 it would appear it will be a long time until it's over.

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Matt Morgan Vs ???

The Motor City Machine Guns Vs ??? and ???

Suicide© Vs Daniels Vs Bryan Danielson

AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe

Team 3D Vs No Limit

Rhino Vs ???

Sting and Booker T Vs Bobby Lashley and Mick Foley


Just out of curiousity what mod are you using?

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Dark Matche


Elijah Burke bt. Amazing Red - E+


Post Match Elijah Burke pulled Red to his feet and hit the Elijah shuffle knocking Red out cold. - E


Main Show


TNA Impact kicks off with Mike Tenay and Tazz at ringside.




MT: Welcome everyone to another high octane, action packed episode of TNA Impact, from the UFC Arena! I'm Mike Tenay and to my left is non-other than master of the Tazmission, Taz!


T: That's right Mike, I'm here to keep you in line. I'm here to make sure you call things right, any cheap shots against the Main Event Mafia and I'll lock that Tazmission on you.


MT: Ahem... Well... Let's head to our fir... Wait, speaking of the Mafia here come Booker T and Sting!





Sting and Booker make their way to the ring fully decked out in their suits. Climbing up into the ring they stand looking out at the crowd. Booker looks less than happy with having lost the Tag Team Championships outside of a match and Sting looks less than happy with being relegated to MEM henchman.


S: I came here tonight looking to find Jim Cornette and ask him a simple question... Why tonight I'm not fighting AJ Styles for the chance to fight Kurt at Hard Justice?


BT: And I came here tonight to ask why I'm no longer a Tag Team Champion. I didn't fail no test, I didn't take my ball and go home. Yet I'm light my Tag Team Title.


S: And we both want to know why it is we're stuck in a Tag Team Match against Mick Foley and Bobby Lashley.


BT: Instead, we went to Kurt... We told him what was bothering us and he told us to do what the Mafia do best...


S: Take out our problems, one at a time...


BT: So tonight... We take out Lashley and Foley...


S: And next week, we deal with Cornette...






Sting and Booker leave the ring... We head backstage where the Beautiful People slowly making their way towards the ring as we head to a commercial


Rating - B




We return from Commercial back to Tenay and Taz.


MT: Interesting comments before the break from Sting and Booker T, Taz.


T: That's right, Tenay. The Mafia will start to build again, start to dominate.


We head back to the ring for our next Contest.


Knockout's Centrepeice Showcase


Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed


Tara, Taylor Wilde, O.D.B and Rebecca Knox



The Knockout Showcase opens up tonights action on TNA Impact. A fantastic match doing just what it was supposed to do, Showcase the talent in the TNA Knockout's division. TNA Knockout Champion Angelina Love allowed her partners to do all the work before being forcably tagged in Awesome Kong. It was, however, the newest Knockout Rebecca Knox that got the pin over the Champion with a Fujiwara Armbar.


Winner - Tara, Wilde, ODB and Knox

Rating - E+


We return from a replay to ringside where Tenay and Taz are discussing the next match.


MT: Taz, up next is the first of one TNA Wrestling's major signings.


T: That's right, Mafia Muscle Matt Morgan taking on a new signing to TNA. Morgan is in the ring Tenay, who's it gunna be?


V: Ladies and gentleman, I am Matt Morgan's opponent tonight... I weigh in at 243lbs. I hail... From Greenbay, Wisconsin! I am... MISTERRRRRRRRRR ANDEERRRSOOOOON....................................................................... ANDERSON!


Rating - D+


T: Holy Crap Tenay! It's Ken Anderson!


http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w37/VIP134/EWR%20Pics/Other/Matt_Morgan.jpg Vs http://i711.photobucket.com/albums/ww111/MarcoDeSantis2009/Ken_Kennedy.jpg

Matt Morgan Vs Ken Anderson


The Blue Print tonight was placed into this match with the debuting Ken Anderson to show him just what TNA is all about. The big man did what he does so well and dominated the match early on with Anderson almost looking out of his depth. It was, however, Anderson who managed to gain the upper hand later in the match, ducking out of the way of the Carbon Footprint, turning on the spot and hitting a Mic Check for the win!


Winner - Ken Anderson

Rating - D+




We return from commercial Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin in the ring awaiting their opponents. Jim Cornette makes his way out onto the ramp.


JC: Y'know something, over the last few years the Tag Team scene has got lost in translation. Over time, the Tag Team Championships have been used as little more than a pawn in some much larger games. Well no-more... The Tag Team TNA have signed who you will face in this ring in the first round of the TNA Tag Team Title Tournement are a team that held Tag Team Gold for a total of 331 days... The longest World Tag Team Title reign held in over 20 years. Tonight... Your opponents are Paul London and Brian Kendrick!


The crowd pop as London and Kendrick come out for their debut's in TNA.


Rating - D


TNA Tag Team Title Tournement Round 1, Match 1


http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc116/RDT27/RPG%20Wrestling%20Pics/Alex_Shelley.jpghttp://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd42/TNAFAN95/Chris_Sabin.jpg Vs http://i659.photobucket.com/albums/uu319/My_Diary_EWR/Wrestlers/Paul_London.jpghttp://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll95/Trish_Stratus_69/Brian_Kendrick.jpg

The Motor City Machine Guns Vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick


In an incredibley athletic match-up the Motor City Machine guns seemed to come up against the first team they have ever met that could potentially keep up with them in terms of speed and high flying ability. The match was filled with moments that had the crowd chanting "This is awesome". It was, however, Brian Kendrick who managed to hit the Sliced Bread No. 2 for the victory.


Winners - Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Rating - D+


Post match we head backstage where AJ Styles stands by with Christie Hemme.




CH: AJ, tonight you face up against a former partner and a former friend... This time, with more than just bad blood between you... But a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Hard Justice.


AJ: That's right Christie. Tonight, I face Samoa Joe... The man who was supposed to stand by my side in the fight against the Main Event Mafia... Instead, he took the pay check, he listened to Tazz and he joined them. Now? Now he stands between me and getting my hands on Kurt Angle, the leader of the Main Event Mafia. You gotta understand Christie, this isn't about me and Joe anymore... This is about TNA and the Main Event Mafia... this is about killing the snake by taking off the head. Tonight, I beat Samoa Joe and when I've beaten him? I beat Kurt Angle... I take his title... I end the Main Event Mafia.


CH: Back to you Mike...


Rating: C-


MT: Looks like AJ holds some latent hostility towards you for your part in Joe's defection Tazz?


T: Hey, it's about the money Tenay. TNA wouldn't pay up, the Mafia would. It's good business sense.


MT: I'm not so sure partner. But let's head back to the ring for our next contest.


TNA X Division Championship


http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/S%20Images/Suicide_TNA.jpg Vs http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu81/MDS1995/Christopher_Daniels.jpg Vs http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii278/b2flyxballer/Bryan_Danielson.jpg

Suicide© Vs Daniels Vs Bryan Danielson


The X-Division is normally about high flying, fast paced action... A realm usually home for Suicide. It was, however, a very different type of match in place this week as he defended against Daniels and the Technical Genius Bryan Danielson. Danielson making his debut this week had a fantastic showing, tieing up his opponents with a number of moves. It was, however, Suicide who got the victory and a pin over Danielson in his debut with the DOA.


Winner and still TNA X-Division Champion - Suicide

Rating - C-


Post match, Daniels leaves the ring and begins to head up the ramp as Bryan Danielson gets back to his feet. Suicide climbs from the top rope and turns around only to get nailed with a Regal-Plex! Danielson stands over Suicide and calls for the Cattle Mutilation as Daniels slides back into the ring! The crowd pop as Danielson heads back out of the ring. Daniels helps Suicide slowly back to his feet and raises his hand... Out of no-where, Daniels kicks Suicide in the stomach and hits the Angels Wings!


MT: What the hel!?


T: Daniels just knocked Suicide out cold!


Rating - E+


Bryan Danielson returns to the ring with a grin on his face and a mic in hand. Slowly passing it to Daniels, he stands back and leans into the corner.


D: For too long I've been held down by people who thought they were better than me. For too long I did what was best for this company. When I heard that Bryan Danielson was coming to TNA I realised that I had an opportunity to team with the only man who could possible out wrestle me. Ladies and gentlemen, we are the Founding Fathers, and next week, we will progres in the Tag Team Title tournement.


Daniels drops the mic as 2 of the founding members of Ring of Honour walk away from the ring side by side.


Rating - D


MT: Tonight, Tazz, has been one of the most shocking nights I've ever called in TNA. There must be something in the water.


T: You got it right Tenay, and it's only gunna get better when Joe gets the win and we have an All-Mafia Main Event.




We return from commerical and head to ringside for our next match.


No. 1 Contenders Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb202/Turd_Life/ajstyles.jpg Vs http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/S%20Images/Samoa_Joe25.jpg

AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe


In a throwback to the debut days of Samoa Joe's TNA Career, back to the days of the X-Division, Samoa Joe takes on AJ Styles. This time, however, it's not the X-Division Championship that this match concerns, but Kurt Angles TNA World Heavyweight Championship. AJ and Joe trade blows throughout the whole of the match with AJ hiting the Pele and Joe hitting the Muscle Buster without success. It is, however, Kurt Angle that makes the final difference.




As Tazz leaves the announce table to jump up on the apron, Kurt Angle slides into the ring and measures AJ... Who turns around in time to see Kurt coming and ducks the clothesline. AJ turns and... Poke's Kurt in the eye? With the referee still blinded, and Joe getting to his feet, it is Kurt who backs into the Nation of Violence and, unable to see what he's doing hits an Angle Slam! AJ then clears the ring of Angle and dropkick's Taz off the apron before going to the top rope and hitting the Spiral Tap for the win!


Winner and No. 1 contender for the TNA World Title - AJ Styles

Rating - C


Kurt Angle backs up the ramp as AJ stands tall the victor, on the screen flashes the graphic for Hard Justice Kurt Angle Vs AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.


Rating - B-




We return from commerical and head straight back to Tenay and Tazz.


MT: What happened partner?


T: Shut up Tenay, before I choke you out.


MT: Ahem... Let's get back to the action...


TNA Tag Team Title Tournement Round 1, Match 2


http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb202/Turd_Life/BubbaRay.jpghttp://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm185/Scarbi_SDG/Wrestlers/BrotherDevon.jpg Vs http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/T%20Images/Tetsuya_Naito.jpghttp://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/Y%20Images/Yujiro_Takahashi.jpg

Team 3D Vs No Limit


The much more experianced Team 3D were able to quickly dispose of No Limit with a 3D. No Limit were unable to cope with the size and ability of their opponents and could not prevent their advancement in the tournement.


Winner - Team 3D

Rating - E


As No Limit and 3D leave the arena we take a look at the brackets that show Team 3D and Paul London and Brian Kendrick advancing thus far before heading back to Tenay and Taz.


MT: Looks like Team 3D are one step close to taking back the TNA Tag Team Championships!


T: Yeah! Titles that should still be held by the Main Event Mafia.


In preperation for the next match, Rhino makes his way to the ring. He lifts the mic to his lips.


R: So I heard that someone else is debuting tonight and they've been scheduled to fight me. Well, I have news for whoever it is... You think your new contract is a gift? That's nothing to what I'm giving you tonight... A GORE! GORE! GORE!


Rhino lowers the mic as some kind of Samoan music hits, looking confused Rhino stares up the ramp awaiting Somoa Joe only to see Ekmo Fatu making his way out to the ring for their match.


Rating - C-


http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc267/Mr_EWR/Rhyno.jpg Vs http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll95/Trish_Stratus_69/Umaga.jpg

Rhino Vs Ekmo Fatu


In a match between 2 huge superstars, Rhino took on the returning Ekmo Fatu in a match scheduled to make Ekmo's return known. The 2 men fought well and fought hard in a match that was full of impact if not full of technical skill. It was after dodging a Gore from Rhino that Ekmo was able to strike with the Samoan Spike to get the victory.


Winner - Ekmo Fatu

Rating - C


MT: What a match Taz!


T: Amazing competition here tonight Tenay, I can't wait to see how TNA evolves going forward.


Heading backstage, we find Mick Foley in his lockeroom talking to Bobby Lashley.




MF: Bobby, tonight you and I team up against the Main Event Mafia, the very faction you were meant to join before you decided to stay on the side of good. You, Bobby, did what Luke Skywalker did in my ideal world. But the problem is, because you did that you have a big X on your chest.


BL: I know, Mick. I know...


MF: I saw you when you debuted in the WWE, I know I shouldn't swear on TV, but I know you've been up against bigger challanges than this. But this is TNA, this is a company I came to because I wanted to make it great. Sure I could have sat back and took a big pay check to do nothing but get screamed at in an earpeice... But I wanted to make a difference in this world. Now, Bobby, now it's you who can make the difference.


BL: We can do this Mick... I know it.


MF: I know it too Bobby, right here in Orlando, Florida!


Mick pauses for the cheap pop...


MF: We will begin the end for the Main Event Mafia.


Foley slaps Lashley on the back as they both turn and leave the locker-room.


http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t143/Viper_Ultimatesinner/Booker_T.jpghttp://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk207/muzikluvr4life/wrestling/sting-2.png Vs http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii278/b2flyxballer/Mick_Foley.jpghttp://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t60/JeanCloude86/Bobby_Lashley.jpg

Booker T and Sting Vs Mick Foley and Bobby Lashley


Our Impact Main Event sees Booker T and Sting taking on Mick Foley and Bobby Lashley. Although 3 of the 4 men are not the athletes they were 10 years ago they still packed a huge punch in this great match. Foley and Sting went at it as if it were a week after their Title match earlier in the year, and Bobby Lashley and Booker T hit as hard as any 2 opponents had all night. However, the Mafia got the victory when after Foley hit a Double Arm DDT on Sting, Booker T entered the ring to prevent a pin. Foley then confronted Booker who was able to get in an eye poke and allow Sting to hit the Scorpian Death Drop for the pin. Booker pulled Bobby Lashley to the outside as the referee counted.


Winner - Booker T and Sting

Rating - C


End of Show


Final Rating - C- (N/A)

Attendence - 5,000 (SOLD OUT)

Final Viewing Figures - 0.95 (Improved from 0.78)

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The Real Deal by Paul Readman


Ok, so here's the deal. My name is Paul Readman and I'm a wrestling fan. Now that I have that admission off my chest I feel confident enough to tell you that I'm also a writer. As such, I've decided that as I am a writer for a website reporting on the TNA Vs EWR War then I would focus my writing on that. As such, I'll be reviewing both shows and giving my take on how I think the war is going... So, without much further ado here we go...


EWR Mutilation...


Let me start of by saying here that Jarrett was lucky to get a TV show without having had a show before. It just so happens that G4, the channel that Mutilation is on had just cancelled a show and needed something to fill on a regular basis and quickly. Jarrett called at the right time and, considering he's apparantly footing the bill for the show without taking any of the profits it was a no-lose situation for the network.


That was until they saw the show.


The first show was, for the want of a better word? A best of Jeff Jarrett package. As he had left TNA he was able to garner some favour with the WWE and in turn was able to get hold of some of his "better" matches from WCW and WWF/E. As such, the ratings reflected as such. From what I've heard, he's currently frantically trying to sign some more wrestlers to start putting on shows.


I'll be interested to see where he goes seeing as he has made some interesting signings... Bob Sapp for instance. Plus the guys reported early in the week on this very site, could well lead to a very good showing. Anyway on to important things... Up against TNA this week Mutilation garnered a 0.03 rating. My thoughts would be (and without knowing the breakdown) that the first 15 minutes probably had a 0.10 rating which petered out to a 0.03 as "Jeff Jarrett Vs Chyna" killed all semblence of interest for the fans.


Rating - Dud... Not really anything to comment upon, not Jeff's fault he had to put something together having been in operation for, what? 11 days? I'm surprised he was able to pull a 0.03 out of the bag.


TNA Impact...


Ahhh original programming... Well, I say original... Rushed and somewhat disjointed programming.


I counted 6 seperate debut's on this edition of Impact... Rebecca Knox, Ken Anderson, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Bryan Danielson and Ekmo Fatu. 6? In one show? And did we really need an 8 woman tag? Still, it wasn't an AWFUL show just seemed to show a desperation to get new superstars out there for us to see.


The first match was pretty good for having so many women, and the booking was reasonabley clever with Angelina Love allowing everyone else to take the punishment. The end was good with the debutant getting the win and possibly setting up a title match down the line.


The debut of Ken Anderson was interesting. Surprised he ripped off the Mr. Kennedy entrance but I suppose it was done for effect. Hopefully it wont a consistant thing, but the match was Ok. I like Matt Morgan, he could well be a star in TNA, I just hope he's not used to put over guys like Lashley and Anderson who made their name elsewhere.


Another debut? What? 2!? Londrick are back... Which I suppose is a good thing. I like how TNA are confident enough in their own abilities to mention London and Kendrick's tag history. Some would say they're using WWE to get the new guys over but to be honest, that would happen anyway. Cornette made an excellent point, I checked it out. Including the NWA, WWE, WWE World, WCW and TNA Tag Team Championships the last time a team held belts for longer were Demolition in 1988. I didn't realise just how impressive their tag reign had been. Anyway, the match was fantastic in my opinion. The Guns showed just why they should REALLY be in the X-Division but, argueably so should London and Kendrick. The fact that you could place any of these 4 guys in a tag team with any other and it would fit goes to show this would be an amazing fued... Although after this I have a feel it will be over.


AJ's gunna beat Joe and then Angle... Well, I suppose I get the point. AJ is a million times better on mic than he gets credit for and has been since his days in the Christian Coalition. Still, I have to say AJ looked less confident than his words were making clear.


The X Division Title match almost had me marking out... Any match where Chris Daniels and Bryan Danielson are in the ring at the same time gets my vote. I loved their early stuff in Ring of Honour and really think that had the TNA Talent not been pulled from ROH shows they would probably be more on par now than they are. Anyway, enough about ROH. This match was awesome, and even Suicide fit well into the match. I was disappointed that Suicide went over but the DOA is such an awesome move I could accept it.


And then the post match attack; at first I didn't see a reason for Danielson to attack Suicide other than to allow Daniels to make the save and play the hero... That was until he swerved and beat the crap outta Suicide. When Daniels announced that he and Danielson were now a team and calling themselves the Founding Fathers? I almost screamed with joy... This is a tag team I will be following.


AJ Vs Joe was very similar to those matches in 2005/06. A great match that would have fit really well for the X-Division title but, in a match to decide the No. 1 contender? Not so sure... I know they're trying to push the originals but... Ahhh I'll get to that later. AJ Got the win after inteference from Taz and Kurt cost Joe the match... I'm hoping something comes from that... Joe is good as a heel and gives the heel side some youth and exsuberance but I can't help but want to see Joe turn on Kurt Angle...


Ok, so here's the deal... Kurt Angle Vs AJ Styles as Main event of Hard Justice. I'm not sure, and here's why. We have Bobby Lashley, Mick Foley, Sting, Booker T, Ekmo and Anderson... Yet we're supposed to believe AJ is the best challanger to Angle's title? Ok, the match will be good, in fact it'll be more than good. But does anyone really BELIEVE that AJ can beat Angle for the title when there are bigger stars on the roster? I don't know... I hope it works out for the best.


Team 3D Vs No Limit... Squash match, a little pointless to be honest. LAX were left out of the tournement for this?


Oh wait... Another debut... AND Rhino cutting a promo. All we need now is Mick Foley to come out for a che... Oh wait... We'll come to that. So yeah, Ekmo Fatu... Everyone thought Samoa Joe had changed his music in the 15 minutes since his match ended... Even Tazz whose his mentor. Anyway, for 2 big men they're both pretty athletic. In fact, I'd go as far to say this was one of the better matches of the evening. Ekmo got the win with the Samoan Spike.


And there's the Mick Foley cheap pop... Actually, I liked this a lot. Mick was sincere and open about why he came to TNA. He admitted he could have made more money staying where he was and working on the mic once a week and spend the rest of the time at home. Bobby Lashley actually looked at Mick with a lot of respect which is why the segment worked. Even with the Cheap Pop.


The Main Event was good, not exactly a match of the year but still good. Both teams worked well together and Mick is probably looking as good as he has since he retired. Lashley looked strong and, despite being on the losing end, came out of the match having gotten a big part of both Sting and Booker during the match. Foley played the best role though, the role of the lovable loser. He took the loss with grace even if it was a tainted win...


Overall, it wasn't a bad show... Much better than the EWR show but that was a given. The rating was decent, a 0.95 which was much better than ECW on Syfy... And was quite close to Smackdown... It was, however, a million miles away from the Raw rating and whilst this war with EWR continues that's where it's likely to stay.


I would expect to see an improvement in the ratings on both shows as the Wrestling business is seeming to see a swell that we'd lost since the era of the Internet Wrestling Community began... People are getting past reading results of tapings online before the shows... TNA have tried to battle that by producing the shows live now as opposed to taped days before. Let's be honest if a fan has read the results online, unless they have something monumental in them fans are less likely to tune in. I'm looking forward to see this new direction from TNA in coming weeks... And also to see how EWR will improve.


Thanks for reading everyone.


Paul Readman

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Agree that the H-Verse is a bit more challenging also good to see three different TNA diaries use different data sets as I heavily edited my KYR too make it more challanging. Decent first show and looking forward to more. BTW Rebecca Knox has retired from wrestling atm.
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Tnawrestling.com News...


TNA Impact Preview


Last week, in her TNA debut Rebecca Knox was able to pin the TNA Knockout's Champion Angelina Love in the Knockout Centrepeice Showcase. This week, she gets the opportunity to cement her claim for the Knockout's title by taking on one of the other members of the Beautiful People, Velvet Sky.


In the 3rd of the 4 first round matches of the TNA Tag Team Title tournement 2 former holders of the Championships, Beer Money and (a last minute entrant in exchange for Suicide and Amazing Red) LAX. 12 months ago, this match would have been at a Pay Per View for the Championships but this match is for the chance to go back to the top of the Tag Team Mountain.


Last week, Rhino suffered a defeat at the hands of Ekmo Fatu... This week, the Manbeast looks to try and regain some momentum in TNA by taking on the former Amateur Boxer Elijah Burke. It has been rumoured that at least one other member of the TNA roster is showing an interest in this match...


AJ Styles is the no. 1 contendership to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship... And now he faces Ekmo Fatu. After last weeks Samoan couldn't get the job done, this week Kurt will be hoping another can. It is suspicious to note that this match was booked after a meeting between Kurt Angle and TNA Offical Jim Cornette. More shall be

reported as it is known.


The Motor City Machine Guns came up short in their match against Londrick last week, and now they focus their minds on another title. They team up once more to face Suicide and The Amazing Red in a match that will determine their standing in the X-Division.


The Founding Father's made their intentions known on the previous edition of Impact and tonight they look to move forward and forge their newly created legacy. This match with Lethal Consequences will show whether or not they have the chemistry and the ability to rise to the top of the Tag Team Division here in TNA.


The Blueprint Matt Morgan has been hired once more by the Main Event Mafia to take one a thorn in their side to task. As the Mafia Muscle, Morgan will attempt to see Mick Foley removed from TNA forceably otherwise the Mafia may decide that he is more trouble than he's worth. Rumours are circulating that Sting will be at hand to watch the demolition.


The Impact Main Event sees Ken Anderson going one on one with Samoa Joe. Fresh off very different results last week, Joe and Anderson meet for the very first time in their careers. In an interesting twist, Anderson has vowed that if he doesn't defeat Joe this week he will leave TNA as quickly as he came in. This may be seen, by the Mafia, to be a way in which to rid themselves of a problem before it even begins.




Rebecca Knox Vs Velvet Sky

Beer Money Vs LAX

Rhino Vs Elijah Burke

AJ Styles Vs Ekmo Fatu

The Motor City Machine Guns Vs Suicide and The Amazing Red

The Founding Fathers Vs Ll Consequences

Mick Foley Vs Matt Morgan

Ken Anderson Vs Samoa Joe

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The Cox Pavillion, Las Vegas, Nevada


Dark Matches


Rocky Romero Bt. Jethro Holiday - D-

Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed Bt. Tara and Taylor Wilde - D

Paul London Bt. Doug Williams - E+


Main Show


TNA Impact kicks off with Mike Tenay and Tazz at ringside.




MT: Hello everyone and welcome to TNA Impact, we've got a great night of action planned here with a number of big match ups.


T: That's right Tenay, the Main Event Mafia will continue to dominate as they always do...


Mike Tenay moves to speak again but is cut off by the music of the Main Event Mafia. Kurt Angle, Sting, Booker T, Samoa Joe and Sharmell all make their way to the ring. Once inside, Sting is first on the Mic.


S: Y'know something Mick; for the last 10 years you've been harbouring this grudge against me for this and for that... You seem to think me being the top star in WCW somehow kept you down. A few months ago at Lockdown you got lucky and you beat me. Did I get my chance to rectify the situation? No. I'm an Icon, Mick and you're a Hardcore Legend. The question is, does TNA have the stability to cope with you and I in the same building at the same time?


Booker T takes the mic from Sting and moves into the spot light.


BT: Check it out, last week I beat Mick Foley and Bobby Lashley with Sting by my side. Yet still, everyone's talking about Ken Anderson? I hear the buzz in the back... Ken Anderson's in TNA... Ken Anderson's back in the business. Tell me... I did not just hear that... Ken Anderson was a punk before, he's a punk now... And if he gets in my face, I'll punk him out. Now can you dig that... SUCKAAAAAA!


With a big grin on his face, Kurt Angle is the next mafia member to speak.


KA: Week after week, the Main Event Mafia continue to dominate TNA. Week after week we come out here and tell the world that things will be done our way or not at all. I'm sick and freakin' tired of guys like AJ Styles getting up in our faces just because we're better than he is. Well at Hard Justice, I'm gunna put AJ Styles out of commission for good. It's Real... It's damn Real.


The Mafia's music plays again as they leave ringside and head backstage.


Rating - C+


MT: Strong words from the Mafia there Taz.


T: That's right, my boys got it all covered here tonight.


We head back to the ring for our next contest between 2 of the TNA Knockouts.


http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/R%20Images/Rebecca_Knox5.jpg Vs http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz12/CrackersSaucer/TNA/Knockouts/Velvet_Sky.jpg

Rebecca Knox Vs Velvet Sky


In a short match showcasing TNA's newest Knockout, Rebecca Knox was able to get the victory. The TNA Knockout Champion looked to get a semblence of revenge for her loss to Rebecca Knox last week but ended up accidentally spraying Velvet in the face with the hair spray. Knox then removed Love from the apron forcably before applying the Fujiwara Armbar for the win.


Winner - Rebecca Knox

Rating - F+


Post match, we head backstage to find Samoa Joe walking down the corridor when he passes Rhino. The Man Beast glares at Joe who stops and turns around.


SJ: You have a problem?


R: With you? I didn't... Not until you sold out TNA for the Mafia.


SJ: You better hold your tongue Hippo... You don't want another Samoan ass kicking do you?


R: You want to fight me Joe?


SJ: I have a match tonight... But you want to fight me? Sure... On my terms and on my time.


Joe grins at Rhino and walks away leaving the Man Beast itching for a fight.


Rating - C


We head back to ringside...


MT: Your boy Samoa Joe seems to have been put on notice Taz.


T: What were you watching Tenay? Joe has this situation in total control...


MT: Let's head back to the ring...


TNA Tag Team Title Tournement Round 1, Match 3


http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e148/kfir1200/Robert_Roode4.jpghttp://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu81/MDS1995/James_Storm.jpg Vs http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii278/b2flyxballer/Homicide.jpghttp://i118.photobucket.com/albums/o105/gnfnrhead/TNA/thHernandez.jpg

Beer Money Vs LAX


In the 3rd match of the TNA Tag Team Title tournement, former Tag Champions Beer Money and LAX meet in the 6 sided ring. In a fantastic outing, the former Champions both proved they wanted to get their shot at the Tag Team Titles once again. It was, however, James Storm who shook his way out of the Gringo Killer who hit a Top Rope Bulldog for the victory.


Winner - Beer Money

Rating - D


Post match Beer Money celebrate their victory in the ring showing their intent to win the TNA Tag Team Titles.


Rating - D




MT: The Tag Team Tournement is shaping up real well with Beer Money advancing. Only one more spot left.


T: I still think this tournement is a sham... Those titles should still be with the Mafia...


http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc267/Mr_EWR/Rhyno.jpg Vs http://i659.photobucket.com/albums/uu319/My_Diary_EWR/Wrestlers/Elijah_Burke.jpg

Rhino Vs Elijah Burke


After being antagonised earlier tonight by Samoa Joe, Rhino headed into the ring with intensity burning through his eyes. Elijah Burke didn't really stand a chance as the the Man Beast dominated throughout, toying with the former Amateur Boxer before finally ending the match with a Gore! Gore! Gore!


Winner - Rhino

Rating - D-


Rhino climbs to his feet just as Samoa Joe hits the ring! Rhino turns around just in time to be hit with a running boot. Joe follows up with a muscle buster and finally, the Rear Naked Choke. Joe refuses to release the hold until Taz finally climbs in the ring and pulls Joe back. Standing over Rhino, Joe and Taz grin with arms raised.


Rating - C-




MT: Another Mafia hit, another sneak attack! The Mafia is getting out of control.


T: I've warned you Tenay, one day you'll go too far.


MT: I've just about had enough.


T: ...


MT: Let's get back to the action...


TNA Legends Championship Match


http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb202/Turd_Life/ajstyles.jpg Vs http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll95/Trish_Stratus_69/Umaga.jpg

AJ Styles© Vs Ekmo Fatu


Our next match sees one of the many Mafia hired Guns getting a title shot against the No. 1 Contender to the TNA World Championship. A match of differing styles saw the surprisingly agile Ekmo try to keep up with the explosive styles. Ekmo took control of the match and managed to nail the Samoan Spike, but instead of making the cover he climbed to the top rope to soften up AJ even more. This risk cost, as AJ rolled out of the way. AJ, showing tremendous stregth, managed to nail the doubled over Ekmo with a Styles Clash for the win.


Winner - AJ Styles

Rating - C


Post match, AJ climbs to his feet as Kurt Angle hits the ring.




Ekmo and Angle begin to dominate the No. 1 contender until Bobby Lashley hits the ring!




AJ managed to get the upper hand on Kurt, sending him out of the ring as Lashely hits a huge spear on Ekmo! The attacks head up the back looking less than happy with the outcome of the match.


Rating - C+


As Angle and Ekmo back up the ramp, Lashley takes a mic.


BL: Hey Ekmo, you want to fight somebody? You want to beat down on the TNA Originals... Well I've got a challange for you. Next week, Bobby Lashley one on one with Ekmo Fatu... Let's see just how good you are.


Fatu backs up the rampway, talking in Samoan, his face contorted with rage.


Rating - C


T: Get Lashley out of here! He's sticking his face in Mafia business!


MT: Not so tough when the odds are event Taz!


T: Tenay I'm warning you...


MT: Let's get back to the action...


http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc116/RDT27/RPG%20Wrestling%20Pics/Alex_Shelley.jpghttp://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd42/TNAFAN95/Chris_Sabin.jpg Vs http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/S%20Images/Suicide_TNA.jpghttp://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd42/TNAFAN95/The_Amazing_Red.jpg

The Motor City Machine Guns Vs Suicide and Amazing Red


After losing their 1st round match against London and Kendrick last week, The Motor City Machine Guns turned their attentions back to the TNA X-Division Champion Suicide. Last week, Suicide successfully defended the title against Daniels and Danielson, but was swiftly turned on. Suicde and Red have teamed up in the past and looked good, but not as good as Shelly and Sabin who, had they not come up against the equally impressive Londrick would be heading into one of the 2 Semi Final matches next week. The match came to an end when Alex Shelly hit the ASCS Rush on Amazing Red.


Winner - The Motor City Machine Guns

Rating - D-


MT: What a great win for the Machine Guns... Could this spell an X-Division Title shot in the future?


T: Who knows Tenay, but I just love the Guns.


In the ring, Daniels and Danielson have made their way to the ring for the next first round match. Their attire is matched and Danielson has dropped the Bryan from his name. The Founding Father's stand tall and Daniels has he mic in hand.




D1: Last week, we formed an alliance that will shake TNA to it's very core. There aren't a pairing of wrestlers as technically sound as the Founding Father's in all of wrestling. We will be the next Tag Team Champions. Whatsmore, if you think that this pairing is dominant, just wait for the next stage in our evolution...


Danielson doesn't speak, he merely grins as Daniels passes the mic back to the ring announcer in preparation for the next match.


TNA Tag Team Title Tournement Round 1, Match 4


http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu81/MDS1995/Christopher_Daniels.jpghttp://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii278/b2flyxballer/Bryan_Danielson.jpg Vs http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii186/MCMachineGun/EWR/J%20Pictures/Jay_Lethal.jpghttp://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz12/CrackersSaucer/TNA/C_Creed.jpg

The Founding Fathers Vs Lethal Consequences


In the final first round match of the TNA Tag Team Title Tournement, The Founding Fathers look to move past the X-Division Championship and onto Tag Team Gold. A fantastic contest between 4 men that could easily have been going for a shot at the X-Division Title saw Lethal Consequences work well together as a team. However, it was the team who were making their first appearance in the ring together who gained the victory as Danielson locked in the Cattle Mutilation on Jay Lethal.


Winner - The Founding Fathers

Rating - D+


Post match, we head backstage to find Booker T and Sharmell drinking coffee as Ken Anderson enters the shot to a huge pop.




KA: I was sat in the back drinking a nice big bottle of water, sitting in a chair minding my own business just watching the show and waiting for my match later tonight when, all of a sudden I heard someone say my name. Low and behold... I look up and it's you Booker, you using my name to get your face on TV.


Booker turns to Sharmell.


BT: He didn't say that... Tell me he did not just say that. Listen punk, I was here in TNA while you were sat at home collecting pay checks for rehab. I was here making an impact while you were making your 3rd of 10 returns from injury. I don't need to use your name to get TV time, they're begging me to get on screen.


Anderson grins from ear to ear.


KA: You have got to be kidding me? Booker T... Same schtick from the nineties to the naughties... Same old Booker, same old sucka, same old big name achieving nothing. Tell me Book, you've been here for nearly 2 years and you've achieved what? Nothing... You created a title for yourself and then lost it. You changed accents from Mr. T wannabe, to Ugandan royalty to Mafia hitman all in the space of 12 months... Who are you Booker? You're just as confused and conflicted as ever and no-one, no-one believes you'll ever amount to anything.


BT: And who the hell are you to tell me anything?


Sharmell stops Booker from advancing...


KA: Me? I'm Misssterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Anderson...


Anderson leaves the scene as Sharmell holds Booker back some more. He leans in for a kiss, a gentle and alltogether calming kiss...




Booker and Sharmell jump apart as Anderson walks away once again, leaving Booker looking frustrated.


Rating - C+


MT: Ha ha ha! Gotta love Ken Anderson Taz.


T: Really? Gotta love some guy who can say his own name... Pretty impressive Tenay.


MT: Let's get back to the action.


http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii278/b2flyxballer/Mick_Foley.jpg Vs http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w37/VIP134/EWR%20Pics/Other/Matt_Morgan.jpg

Mick Foley Vs Matt Morgan


Our following contest saw Mick Foley looking to take out one of the leading members of the Mafia Muscle. Last week, Morgan was on the receiving end of a defeat at the hands of Ken Anderson. This week, his task was different but no more easy. Foley's recent performances have improved as has his demenour as he has turned from being the loveable loser back to the Hardcore Legend. His lost last week came at the hands of some Mafia underhand tactics. This week, it seemed that Foley had the match won, Mr. Socko on his hand... As the lights go out. Stings music hits, and as the lights return... The Icon is no-where to be seen. Morgan, however, has Foley up in the air and nails the Hellovator for the win.


Winner - Matt Morgan

Rating - C-


Post match, Matt Morgan left Foley in the ring as he left the Impact Zone... Foley slowly pulled himself to his knees and asked for a mic.


MF: Sting... At Lockdown, I beat you... I beat you fair and square. In truth, it should have been over between us. You and I should never have crossed paths again. Now? Now you're really starting to piss me off... And I'm a man who doesn't get pissed off. Last week you cheated me, tonight you cost me... At Hard Justice, I'm thinking you and I need to put an end to this... Once and for all...


Foley drops the mic and heads out of the ring, challange made and waiting to be accepted.


Rating - B


MT: Foley seems serious Taz...


T: Hardcore Legends are no match for Icon's Tenay... You should know that.


MT: Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for our Impact Main event... But first, it's official ladies and gentlemen. Next week on Impact, the Main Event will see Bobby Lashley taking on Ekmo Fatu!


Rating - C


http://i711.photobucket.com/albums/ww111/MarcoDeSantis2009/Ken_Kennedy.jpg Vs http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/S%20Images/Samoa_Joe25.jpg

Ken Anderson Vs Samoa Joe


The Impact main event sees Ken Anderson taking on Samoa Joe in his second match in TNA. A great Main event saw Joe and Anderson both taking each other to the max in a fantastic contest. Both men came close to victory, Ken Anderson having a Mic Check reversed into a Rear-Naked Choke. Anderson was able to get out of that particular move but it had taken it's toll and, without the fight to get out of it, Anderson Succombed to the Muscle buster.


Winner - Samoa Joe

Rating - C+


Post match, Samoa Joe continued the beatdown when he was joined by the other members of the Main Event Mafia and Ekmo Fatu hit the ring. The attack is frenzied, it is however, short lived as AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley, Rhino and Mick Foley hit the ring also! The 10 man brawl continues for several minutes before Styles, Lashley, Rhino, Foley and Anderson gain the advantage. The Main Event Mafia are sent running as the remaining superstars standing tall in the ring as TNA Impact comes to an end.


Rating - B-


End of Show


Final Rating - C

Attendence - 2,000 (SOLD OUT)

Final Viewing Figures - 0.94 (Decreased from 0.95)

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Tnawrestling.com News...


TNA Impact Preview


In a Final build up to the Knockout's title match at Hard Justice, Rebecca Knox Teams up with Tara to face the Knockout's Champion Angelina Love and Velvet Sky in a tag match that may signal the challangers intent. Will she be able to gain the victory in this Tag Team match-up?


Last week, Ken Anderson and Booker T had a severe disagreement as to who should be the most decorated between the 2. This week, Anderson takes on Elijah Burke on Impact in an attempt to show Booker just how good he is.


In the first Tag Team Title Tournement Semi-Final, formor Champions Beer Money take on Paul London and Brian Kendrick. The 2 newcomers have impressed since joining TNA and, as such, look to move ahead with their assault on the TNA Tag Team Titles.


For the first time ever, Rhino and Mick Foley team up to take on Main Event Mafia superstars Samoa Joe and Sting. Foley has been on a losing streak as of late and looks to change that tonight when he teams with the man taking on Samoa Joe at Hard Justice.


Last week, LAX lost their chance to become Tag Team Champions again and, as such, Homicide has followed the lead of the Motor City Machine Guns and set his sights on singles gold. This Triple Threat match will see the winner getting an opportunity to take on Suicide at Hard Justice.


The second Semi Final of the TNA Tag Team Title Tournement see one of the most decorated Tag Teams in wrestling history, Team 3D take on one of the most up and coming Tag Teams in TNA. The Founding Fathers have made a big Splash in the last couple of weeks and now look to move on to Hard Justice and the final.


Once again, this week, AJ Styles takes on the Mafia Muscle. Last week, he defeated Ekmo Fatu, this week he takes on Matt Morgan. Rumour has it that Kurt Angle has requested that he wishes to be on hand to see the match up close and personal. We are, however, unsure as to what role the Olympic Gold Medalist would play in AJ's warm up match.


Last week, Bobby Lashley challanged Ekmo Fatu to a 1 on 1 match right here on Impact. It was announced later in the night that this match had been made official and, as such, these 2 huge superstars will lock horns in what could be one of the "biggest" matches in TNA history.


It has also been rumoured that TNA officials have removed Jim Cornette as Management Consultant and have looked to hire the first ever TNA General Manager. As such, the new General Manager will make his debut at these set of Impact Tapings...




The Beautiful People Vs Tara and Rebecca Knox

Elijah Burke Vs Ken Anderson

Beer Money Vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Samoa Joe and Sting Vs Rhino and Mick Foley

Chris Sabin Vs Alex Shelly Vs Homocide

The Founding Fathers Vs Team 3D

Matt Morgan Vs AJ Styles

Ekmo Fatu Vs Bobby Lashley


Also The New General Manager - ???

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The UFC Arena, Orlando, Florida


Dark Matches


Lethal Consequences Bt. No Limit - D+

Suicide Bt. Doug Williams - D+


Main Show


TNA Impact kicks off with Mike Tenay and Taz at ringside.


MT: Welcome everyone to the last TNA Impact before Hard Justice.


T: That's right TNA, Main Event Mafia domination all over again


Before Tenay can argue anything to the contrary, as if heeding Taz's call, The Main Event Mafia make their way to the ring. Kurt Angle, Booker T, Sting, Samoa Joe and Sharmell make their way in and climb into the ring.




KA: Tonight, the Main Event Mafia look to continue their dominiation. Joe and Sting will take care of Rhino and Foley, Booker will be scouting Ken Anderson and I'll be at hand to commentate for AJ Styles match...


Angle is cut off by a voice... A voice belonging to Mick Foley. He is accompanied by Ken Anderson, AJ Styles and Rhino...




MF: Sorry to cut you off Kurt, I know you were probably about to reveal something epic about what the Main Event Mafia were going to do. The problem is, you've come out here week in, week out. We're fed up, we're sick to the back teeth of the Main Event Mafia. We are putting you on notice Kurt, each and every one of us... The Mafia's days are numbered.


Kurt Angle, rather than looking angry or upset, simply grins almost laughing off the threat of the men in front of him.


S: Mick, you've got no idea what you're talking about. The Mafia are here to stay and there's nothing you can...


Angle raises his hand, stopping Sting from speaking before waving the Mafia to the back, much to Sting's displeasure.


Rating - B-


MT: What was that about Taz?


T: The Olympic Gold Medalist just wanted to get to the back before Mick Foley got a cheap pop.


MT: We need to keep our eyes on that situation...


http://www.geocities.com/ppw_quentin_barnes/TNA/Victoria.jpghttp://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/R%20Images/Rebecca_Knox5.jpg Vs http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e148/kfir1200/Angelina_Love.jpghttp://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz12/CrackersSaucer/TNA/Knockouts/Velvet_Sky.jpg

Tara and Rebecca Knox Vs The Beautiful People


Seeking to remove the thorn from her side, Angelina Love teamed up with Velvet Sky to take on Tara and Rebecca Knox. It was, however, not to be tonight as once again, Rebecca Knox gainedthe victory over Velvet Sky with a T-Bone suplex.


Winner - Tara and Rebecca Knox

Rating - E


Post match, Tenay and Taz discuss Hard Justice...


MT: At Hard Justice, Taz we'll see the culmination of this fued as Rebecca Knox takes on Angelina Love.


Rating - E+


T: A 6 man X-Division match that will decide the next No 1 contender for the X-Division title between Homicide, Consequences Creed, Jay Lethal, Rocky Romero, Jay Brisco and a returning X-Division Star.


Rating - E


MT: We'll also see the Main Event Mafia's Booker T take on Ken Anderson.


Rating - C+




http://i659.photobucket.com/albums/uu319/My_Diary_EWR/Wrestlers/Elijah_Burke.jpg Vs http://i711.photobucket.com/albums/ww111/MarcoDeSantis2009/Ken_Kennedy.jpg

Elijah Burke Vs Ken Anderson


The following contest saw Ken Anderson warming up for his match with Booker T by taking on Elijah Burke. In a good battle between the athleic Burke and the extremely taleneted Ken Anderson. The match didn't last long as Anderson got the victory with a Kenton Bomb.


Winner - Ken Anderson

Rating - E+


Post match we head backstage where Rhino is searching for Samoa Joe.




Pushing open doors, and slamming workers up against the wall. Finally, he finds Jim Cornette.




JC: Whoa, whoa, whoa... What the hell do you think you're doing?


R: Looking for Joe...


JC: What, and you plan on fighting back here? I don't think so...


R: Jim, with all due respect, you're not my boss anymore. I want to find Joe and I want to find him now.


JC: I think you'll find until the new General Manager is announced, I'm still in full control. You want Samoa Joe? Fine... You and him at Hard Justice. That is, as long as you back off.


Rhino stops and considers this for a moment...


R: Extreme rules?


JC: Whatever you say... Just get ready for your match.


Rhino smiles and turns away from Cornette who has just about avoided a major fight.




MT: Before the commercial break, Jim Cornette made a match between Rhino and Joe at Hard Justice.


T: It's a travesty... Wait till the Mafia hear about this.


TNA Tag Team Title Tournement Semi Final 1


http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e148/kfir1200/Robert_Roode4.jpghttp://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu81/MDS1995/James_Storm.jpg Vs http://i659.photobucket.com/albums/uu319/My_Diary_EWR/Wrestlers/Paul_London.jpghttp://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll95/Trish_Stratus_69/Brian_Kendrick.jpg

Beer Money Vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick


In the first of our 2 semi-final match-ups, record breaking Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick take on Robert Roode and James Storm for a chance to head to Hard Justice. Debuting at ringside this week was Ashley Massaro, joining TNA to accompany London and Kendrick to the ring, and Brooke who had been hired by Beer Money to look after their interests. The high flyers were dominated by the TNA Veterans for long periods of the match, however it was London who was able to get the win with a London's Calling.


Winner - Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Rating - C


Post match, we head backstage where Jim Cornette is reading himself to leave the arena for the evening.




It is at this point that Samoa Joe walks down the corridor.




JC: Joe! Looking forward to your match at Hard Justice?


SJ: What match? I don't have a match...


JC: Ohhh, you didn't hear? Well, Rhino was looking to rip your head off earlier... So I put him off by giving him an Extreme Rules match with you at the Pay Per View...


SJ: What the f...


JC: Hey, no need to thank me! Gotta go! And good luck in your match!


Cornette lifts his bag over his shoulder and leaves the arena, Joe stands looking stunned.


MT: I don't think your boy liked that Taz...


T: Am I going to have to kick your a...


MT: Let's get back to the ring...


http://i471.photobucket.com/albums/rr77/Matt_-Murdoc/Sting.jpghttp://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/S%20Images/Samoa_Joe25.jpg Vs http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii278/b2flyxballer/Mick_Foley.jpghttp://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc267/Mr_EWR/Rhyno.jpg

Sting and Samoa Joe Vs Mick Foley and Rhino


The Main Event Mafia look to dominate once more as they take on Mick Foley, in the middle of a losing streak and Rhino who seems intent on taking Samoa Joe's head off. Sting and Foley limited their time in the ring as Joe and Rhino trade off blows in the ring. Sting and Foley eventually make their presence known as they explode in the middle of the ring. The action comes to an end as Rhino hits a Gore! on Samoa Joe and the legal man, Mick Foley, makes the pin.


Winner - Mick Foley and Rhino

Rating - C-


Post match, Foley picks up a mic as Sting backs up the ramp.


MF: Sting! Last week I challanged you to a match at Hard Justice... You're yet to give me your answer. If you don't give me the answer I want to hear then I'll follow you back there and I'll take it from you...


Sting grins and backs up slowly, refusing to answer the question.


No. 1 Contenders Match for the TNA X-Division Title

http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc116/RDT27/RPG%20Wrestling%20Pics/Alex_Shelley.jpg Vs http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd42/TNAFAN95/Chris_Sabin.jpg Vs http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii278/b2flyxballer/Homicide.jpg

Alex Shelly Vs Chris Sabin Vs Homicide


This match, originally booked as a Triple Threat match quickly turned into a handicap match as the Motor City Machine Guns appeared to be united in the fact that one of them would head into Hard Justice as the No. 1 Contender. However, as neither could decide just who would be the one to get the pinfall. Homicide gained the momentum and almost the victory, however the Guns were able to get it together long enough to hit a double superkick. Both men collapsed onto Homicide as the referee counted the 3. Both Guns celebrated neither sure of who would be the No. 1 contender.


Winner - Alex Shelly/Chris Sabin

Rating - D


We head backstage to the Main Event Mafia lockeroom where Sting stands with Kurt Angle.




KA: So what are you going to do?


S: Whaddaya mean Kurt?


KA: About Foley? He's been a thorn in our side for too long and he's giving you the chance to put him out.


S: You want him whacked "Boss"? Is that what you want?


KA: Steve, we know why we're here, we know what our agenda is. You need to decide if you're on board... If not? Then maybe we need to go our seperate ways...


S: You don't know me, you don't know what I think. But fine, I'll take on Mick Foley at Hard Justice. I'll take him on and I will beat him. But when I do, you'd best be holding that TNA World Title Kurt, because if you fail, it won't just be Mick Foley whose losing his status in TNA.


Sting turns and walks away from the Champion who looks perplexed at Sting's outburst.




TNA Tag Team Title Tournement Semi Final 2


http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu81/MDS1995/Christopher_Daniels.jpghttp://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii278/b2flyxballer/Bryan_Danielson.jpg Vs http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb202/Turd_Life/BubbaRay.jpghttp://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm185/Scarbi_SDG/Wrestlers/BrotherDevon.jpg

The Founding Fathers Vs Team 3D


The most decorated Tag Team in wrestling history take on a team that has started to make a name for themselves in TNA. Danielson and Daniels look to out speed and out manouver their bigger opponents whilst Team 3D look to over power their challangers. In this match of contrastint styles, Team 3D looked set for a victory with a 3D. However, as Devon lifts Danielson into the air, Daniels nailed a low blow. Ray is removed from the ring by Daniels leaving Danielson to lock in the Cattle Mutilation for the win.


Winner - The Founding Fathers

Rating - D+


Post match a graphic appears on screen showing the final of the TNA Tag Title Tournement with the 2 newest teams in TNA, Paul London and Brian Kendrick taking on The Founding Fathers.


Rating - D+


In a follow up from earlier it is noted that Chris Sabin and Alex Shelly with both take on Suicide in a Triple Threat match for the TNA X-Division Championship.


Rating - D


TNA Legends Championship Match


http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb202/Turd_Life/ajstyles.jpg Vs http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w37/VIP134/EWR%20Pics/Other/Matt_Morgan.jpg

AJ Styles© Vs Matt Morgan

Guest Commentator: Kurt Angle



Once again, leading into Hard Justice, AJ Styles is made to defend the TNA Legends Championship against Mafia Muscle. Matt Morgan, fresh off a win against Mick Foley last week looks to not only win a championship but soften up AJ for Kurt Angle this coming Sunday. As far as the match is concerned, a fantastic contest betwen 2 future stars of TNA as AJ Styles once again managed to pick up a deserved victory by reversing the Hellovator into a roll up.


Winner - AJ Styles

Rating - D


Post match, Kurt Angle left ringside looking somewhat frustrated. We head backstage as Team 3D are found arguing with Beer Money about their respective losses tonight.




The arguement quickly becomes a brawl and before it can escalate any further, officials quickly seperate them.


http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t60/JeanCloude86/Bobby_Lashley.jpg Vs http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll95/Trish_Stratus_69/Umaga.jpg

Bobby Lashley Vs Ekmo Fatu


The Impact Main event sees the match made last week as Ekmo Fatu and Bobby Lashley lock horns. The 2 men seemingly intent on using their size and strength to their advantage as both men look to end the match quickly. It is, however, after a Lashley spear takes Fatu to the outside that the referee's counting takes Ekmo to his feet. Lashley reaches through the ropes to drag Ekmo back in who then turns and strikes out with a steel chair knocking Lashley down to the ground. The referee calls for an instant DQ as Fatu slowly backs up the ramp looking pleased with himself.


Winner - Bobby Lashley

Rating - C-


As Ekmo slowly makes his way up the ramp, he's cut off by the sound of repetative drums... The crowd pop suddenly, as Rowdy Roddy Piper enters the Impact Zone.




Mic in hand and his trademark kilt around his waist, a huge grin crosses his lips.


RP: I don't know what was going on with Booker T's voice a few months ago, but everyone here must realise by now that I, Rowdy Roddy Piper am officially the Last King of Scotland.


The crowd go wild for Hot Rod.


RP: So I'm sat at home, working my way through a case of Scotch and waiting for the next time WWE needed a legend to get beat up when Dixie Carter called me up and told me that TNA needed a bad ass, they needed a hot head, they needed someone who could keep the boys in the back in check. They needed the Hot Rod! So ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy to announce that as of right now... I'm the law, I'm in charge... I am the TNA General Manager...


Rating - C-


Piper's voice trails off as he looks at Ekmo.


RP: You Ok kid? You look a little lost...


Ekmo screams at him in Samoan...


RP: Ohhhh, you're Samoan... That explains it.


The crowd pop for the insult.


RP: Y'know I just watched you get yourself disqualified big man. I saw you back out of the match with Bobby Lashley up there. Now, the Samoan's I know and fought in the past had heart, they had ability but most of all they had balls... So what I'm gunna do, is give you a chance to prove it. This Sunday, Hard Justice... Ekmo Fatu will take on Bobby Lashley inside the 6 sides of steel. That way, you wont be so inclined as to run away. Good luck kid...


Piper looks to Lashely whose back on his feet with a smile on his face.


RP: You're gunna need it...


Ekmo continues to scream as TNA Impact goes off air.


Rating - C


End of Show


Final Rating - D+

Attendence - 5,000 (SOLD OUT)

Final Viewing Figures - 0.85 (Decreased from 0.94)

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Final Card


TNA Knockout's Championship Match

Angelina Love© Vs Rebecca Knox


X-Division Title Shot Match

Homicide Vs Consequences Creed Vs Jay Lethal Vs Rocky Romero Vs Jay Brisco Vs ???


Special Grudge Match

Beer Money Vs Team 3D


Six Sides of Steel Match

Ekmo Vs Bobby Lashley


Bad Blood Match

Sting Vs Mick Foley


X-Division Title Match

Suicide Vs Alex Shelly Vs Chris Sabin


Extreme Rules Match

Samoa Joe Vs Rhino


TNA World Tag Team Title Match

The Founding Fathers Vs Bryan Kendrick and Paul London


Special Grudge Match

Booker T Vs Ken Anderson


TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Kurt Angle© Vs AJ Styles


Quick Predict Results


Angelina Love Vs Rebecca Knox

6 Man X-Division Match

Beer Money Vs Team 3D

Ekmo Vs Bobby Lashley

Sting Vs Mick Foley

Suicide Vs Alex Shelly Vs Chris Sabin

Samoa Joe Vs Rhino

The Founding Fathers Vs Bryan Kendrick and Paul London

Booker T Vs Ken Anderson

Kurt Angle Vs AJ Styles


Also, 1 of 4 things will happen


A) The Winner of the Tag Team Grudge Match will be placed in the Tag Team Title Tournement Finals as well.

B) The loser of Sting Vs Mick Foley will be forced to retire.

C) The Main Event will be for both the TNA World and Legends Titles.

D) The Winner of Ekmo Vs Bobby Lashley will be made the No. 1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

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The Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia


Dark Matches


Velvet Sky, Raisha Saeed and Daffney Vs Awsome Kong, Tara and Taylor Wilde - D

Matt Morgan Vs Hernandez Vs Elijah Burke Vs Eric Young - C-


Main Show


TNA Hard Justice kicks off with Mike Tenay and Taz at ringside.


MT: Welcome everyone to TNA Hard Justice. We have a fantastic night of action planned.


T: The Mafia will continue to dom...


MT: Will you change the record!?


T: ...


TNA Knockout Championship Match


http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e148/kfir1200/Angelina_Love.jpg Vs http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/R%20Images/Rebecca_Knox5.jpg

Angelina Love© Vs Rebecca Knox


TNA Hard Justice opens up in style with a Knockout Championship match. Over the last 3 weeks, Rebecca Knox has had the Champion's number with a series of victories. This match appeared, for the most part, to be going the same way with Knox surprisingly dominating the Knockout's Champion. It was, however, her inexperiance that led to her downfall. An attempt to lock in the Fujimara Armbar was reversed into a roll up and Love used the ropes to get the win.


Winner and still TNA Knockout Champion - Angelina Love

Rating - E-


T: Great defence there by Angelina Love...


MT: She cheated!


T: That's a matter of perspective Tenay...


MT: WHAT!? HOW CAN YOU... Oh forget it...


X-Division No. 1 Contenders Ultimate X Match

http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii186/MCMachineGun/EWR/J%20Pictures/Jay_Lethal.jpg Vs http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz12/CrackersSaucer/TNA/C_Creed.jpg Vs http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/J%20Images/Jay_Briscoe2.jpg Vs http://i584.photobucket.com/albums/ss289/swanton86/Homicide.jpg Vs http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x40/badlefthook/Rocky_Romero2.jpg Vs http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz12/CrackersSaucer/TNA/Sheik_A_Bashir.jpg

Jay Lethal Vs Consequences Creed Vs Jay Briscoe Vs Homicide Vs Rocky Romero Vs Sheilk Abdul Bashir


Following a stint in suspension, Sheik Abdul Bashir made his return to TNA in this match between 6 X-Division stars. Ultimate X has been a match created for excitement and high-flying antics. It was, in this case, surprising to see guys like Jay Briscoe, Rocky Romero and Bashir mix it up with Lethal Consequences and Homicide. In a fanatastic match, all 6 men came close to victory with the debuting Rocky Romero finally showing fantastic enginuity to use the hanging bodies of Consequences Creed and Jay Briscoe to scale up to the over-head wires and claim the X and a future X-Division Title shot.


Winner - Rocky Romero

Rating - C-


MT: Great match there Taz!


T: That's right Tenay, X-division action at it's best!


We head backstage where Mick Foley is pacing.




He turns to the camera without warning and begins to speak.


MF: Have I made the right choice? Made the right decision? Last time we fought I won... That should have been it, I should have left it there... Had that been my choice then that would have been people's memory. Mick Foley, better than Sting... Now? Now I've put that all on the line... Was that the right decision?


Foley's worried face suddenly turns to a grin.


MF: Of course it was! Mick Foley and Sting is one of the biggest matches in TNA right now... When all is said and done, when I'm stood over Sting's broken body, the end of the Main Event Mafia will linger... The end of Sting's time in TNA will linger... And Mick Foley will stand tall as the epitome of the word Legend... Have a nice day!


Foley walks out of shot as we head back to ringside.


Rating - B-


MT: Foley seems determined Taz.


T: Sting's got it, Tenay... He's got it all in hand.


MT: You make me sick... Sick to my stomach...


T: ...


http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb202/Turd_Life/BubbaRay.jpghttp://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm185/Scarbi_SDG/Wrestlers/BrotherDevon.jpg Vs http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e148/kfir1200/Robert_Roode4.jpghttp://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu81/MDS1995/James_Storm.jpg

Team 3D Vs Beer Money w/ Brooke


Stemming from last week's brawl on Impact, not to mention the frustration of not fighting for the TNA Tag Team Titles tonight, Beer Money and Team 3D clashed tonight. Beer Money continued to work well as a team and, as such, had equal sharing of the fight tonight. Beer Money seemed poised to gain victory after Brooke managed to distract Brother Devon allowing Beer Money to hit the Last Call. However, the distraction also caused the Referee to lose concentration allowing Brother Ray to hit the Bubba Bomb on Robert Roode, pulling his brother on top and taking James Storm out of the ring.


Winner - Team 3D

Rating - C-


T: Team 3D cheated, Tenay! Ray wasn't the legal man.


MT: What about Brooke!?


T: She was having a discussion with the referee! That's what a manager is for!


MT: You... I... Come back Don West, all is forgiven!


Steel Cage Match

http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t60/JeanCloude86/Bobby_Lashley.jpg Vs http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll95/Trish_Stratus_69/Umaga.jpg

Bobby Lashley Vs Ekmo Fatu


Following their match on Impact, General Manager Roddy Piper forced Ekmo Fatu to take on Bobby Lashley inside a steel cage. Ekmo, who appeared vexed by the contest, spent the majority of his time attempting to escape the cage. Lashely, however, was intent on pinning Ekmo to get the victory. It was, however, Ekmo who was able to remove a turnbuckle pad and move out of the way of a Lashley spear. Lashley's head hit the exposed metal and, with the Samoan Spike, Ekmo was able to gain victory!


Winner - Ekmo Fatu

Rating - C+


T: Mafia Muscle does it again Tenay.


MT: More cheating by the Mafia connections... I'm getting sick and tired of this.


T: Tenay, you best watch your step or...


MT: Or what Taz? You'll choke me out? Go ahead, then I wont have to listen to your crap!


http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk207/muzikluvr4life/wrestling/sting-2.png Vs http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii278/b2flyxballer/Mick_Foley.jpg


In a clash of legends at Hard Justice, Mick Foley and Sting go one on one. Mick Foley has made his intention to take the Main Event Mafia apart peice by peice, and tonight he begins with Sting. Victory here would help his task. Foley looked and fought like he was 10 years younger against a Sting that has been revitalised in the last 4 years. The match was slow paced but well built up, leading to Sting locking in the Scorpian Deathlock... Foley refused to tap until the pain got too much and he passed out. The referee dropped the arm 3 times and declared Sting victorious.


Winner - Sting

Rating - B-


T: Mafia takes out another one!


MT: Only just Taz, Mick Foley fought valiently!


T: Yeah, and lost... Keep up Tenay.


We head backstage once more to find Booker T and Sharmell.




BT: Tonight, I get the chance to shut Anderson up... Tonight, I get to prove to him that I am superior... Tonight.


S: Calm down, baby... You'll get to do everything you say. But you need to think about it. You need to concentrate... He's pretty good.


BT: Are... Are you doubting me?


S: No baby... Just want you to stratagise...


BT: Sharmell, I'm a 5 time World Champion, I'm the biggest star in TNA... Tonight, I take Ken Anderson to the limit and prove to him that he picked the wrong fight on the wrong night. Now can you dig that... SUCKAAAAAAA!


Booker walks away from Sharmell who looks concerned.


MT: Booker looks confident Taz...


T: And so he should.


TNA X-Division Title Match


http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/S%20Images/Suicide_TNA.jpg Vs http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc116/RDT27/RPG%20Wrestling%20Pics/Alex_Shelley.jpg Vs http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg231/PowerHart/E-Fed%20Stuff/Chris_Sabin3.jpg

Suicide© Vs Alex Shelly Vs Chris Sabin


In a fantastic X-Division Championship match, the Motor City Machine Guns went all out to prove they were both after the X-Division Championship. Either man could have won the match had it not been for the other and Suicide looked to capatalise. Suicide hit the DOA on Shelly and looked for a pin before getting caught with a stalling dropkick to the head. Sabin then made the pin on his partner for the win!


Winner and NEW TNA X-Division Champion - Chris Sabin

Rating - C-


MT: We have a new X-Division Champion Taz!


T: Only a matter of time...


MT: Until what!?


T: Until that's another belt held by the Mafia...


MT: I'm getting so tired of this...


http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc267/Mr_EWR/Rhyno.jpg Vs http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w15/TheWho87EWR/Wrestlers/KyKy/S%20Images/Samoa_Joe25.jpg

Rhino Vs Samoa Joe


In another match billed to show Mafia Dominence, Samoa Joe taks on Rhino in an one on one match. This match was surprisingly technical as Rhino looked to mix with the Samoan Submission Machine. The hard hitting impact moves were also in full flow as Samoa Joe looked to end the match with the Muscle Buster. It was, however, Rhino who was able to fight his way out of the crip, duck a clothesline and nail a huge Gore! Gore! Gore! for the surprising win.


Winner - Rhino

Rating - C+


MT: Your boy got beat Taz!


T: I... Shut up Tenay!


MT: No way buddy, TNA just showed the Mafia that a takeover is not going to be easy!


TNA Tag Team Title Tournement Final


http://i636.photobucket.com/albums/uu81/MDS1995/Christopher_Daniels.jpghttp://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii278/b2flyxballer/Bryan_Danielson.jpg Vs http://i659.photobucket.com/albums/uu319/My_Diary_EWR/Wrestlers/Paul_London.jpghttp://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll95/Trish_Stratus_69/Brian_Kendrick.jpg

The Founding Fathers Vs Brian Kendrick and Paul London


The 2 newest Tag Teams in this tournement had reached the final with the favourites certainly looking to be Kendrick and London. A high paced match with lots of entertainment went to show that the Tag Team Title scene could well have been rejuvinated. London and Kendrick looked good and their team work was slick, however, as Kendrick looked to hit Sliced Bread No. 2 for the win, the referee was distracted by Daniels pushing Ashley Massaro to the ground. London hit the outside to check on Massaro as Daniels entered the ring and hit the Angel's Wings. Danielson locked in the Cattle Mutilation and the referee returned to the action just in time to call Kendrick tapping out.


Winner and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions - The Founding Fathers.

Rating - C-


MT: That was disgusting Taz.


T: I know, Ashley Massaro's really let herself go.


MT: That is NOT what I meant! Massaro looks amazing and The Founding Father's cheated.


Before he can speak, we cut backstage to Roddy Piper's office where the Scot is sat enjoying the show.




Suddenly as if from no-where, the door bursts open and Piper jumps to his feet. Kurt Angle, the TNA World Champion enters.




KA: Piper!


RP: You got something you wanna say to me Champ?


The base suddenly drops from Angle's voice, his demenour less threatening.


KA: Mr. Piper, Sir... I came here tonight because I wanted you to recognise something. For the past 3 weeks, AJ Styles has narrowly avoided losing the TNA Legend's Championship...


RP: I wouldn't say narrowly...


KA: I would...


RP: But I wouldn't...


Angle looks worried...


KA: Ok, Ok so he defended it well. My point, the reason that I'm here, is that I wanted to make a suggestion. Make the match tonight for the TNA Legend's Championship as well.


RP: And why would I do that?


KA: Imagine the ratings? TNA Legend Kurt Angle Vs the TNA Legend's Champion, everything on the line.


Piper considers this for a moment...


RP: You know something Kurt, I always liked you. In a strange way, you remind me of me when I was your age.


Angle smiles and nods.


RP: I was an ******* too. You wanna be Legend's Champion so bad? Fine the title is on the line too.


Angle grins and slaps his hands together.


RP: The stipulation being, if you do not win that belt tonight, then no member of the Main Event Mafia will ever get a shot at it again. Do you understand me?


Angle's grin becomes a look of shock.


RP: In fact, I'll go one better... If you lose the TNA World Title tonight, no member of the Main Event Mafia will be able to compete for that Championship ever again. 3 things are certain Kurt, Real men wear kilts, grown men don't wear choclate gold medal's around their neck, and tonight? It's gunna get real buddy... Damn real.


Angle storms out of the room leaving Piper alone.


RP: How the hell did his hair fall from his head and out through his face? It's beyond me....


Piper turns back to the TV as we head back to ringside.


MT: My god, Taz, that's huge. If AJ beats Kurt Angle tonight the Main Event Mafia will be banned from fighting for the Legends OR the TNA World Title ever again.


T: That's crap!


MT: What's wrong Taz? Not happy with that decision?


T: No! If Kurt fails to win the Legends title tonight, the Mafia can't win it back.


MT: That's right, let's head back to ringside partner.


T: Motherf...


TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

TNA Legends Championship Match


http://i471.photobucket.com/albums/rr77/Matt_-Murdoc/Kurt_Angle.jpg Vs http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb202/Turd_Life/ajstyles.jpg

Kurt Angle© Vs AJ Styles©


The Main Event of the evening sees both the TNA World and Legend's Championships at stake in a match that has built up over several weeks. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles put on a technical master class in this match that saw both men come close early on. It was, however, later in the match that AJ was forced to kick out of an Angle Slam and managed to shoot Angle outside of the ring whilst getting out of the Ankle Lock. As such, Angle was able to kick out of the Dragon splash. Kurt Angle made to take a risk, going to the top rope where he was caught by AJ. From the second rope, AJ Styles was able to hit the Styles Clash for the 1... 2... From no-where, Booker T pulls the referee out of the ring. He then enters and begins to get beaten left and right by Styles. However, from behind, AJ is nailed by Samoa Joe. Booker and Joe look to beat down the Legend's Champion, much to the chargrin of Kurt Angle who suddenly notices the referee on his feet calling for the bell. Kurt Angle is disqualified!


Winner - AJ Styles

Rating - B


Angle, Booker and Joe continue to beat down AJ after the match leaving him lying. The realisation suddenly dawns.


MT: The Mafia can no longer challange for the Legends Championship Taz!


T: A small price to pay, Kurt is still the champion.


MT: Sting is conspicuous by his absence Taz.


T: I... I have no idea where he is...


MT: We need to monitor that situation, ladies and gentleman it's been a great night, Kurt Angle is still Champion. See you Thursday night on Impact.


End of Show


Final Rating - C+

Attendence - 14,491

Final Buyrate - 3.00

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