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Walking The Path Of Mystery: A SWF STORY

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They Call Me Mystery...


However for those of you inqusitive enough for my real name its Jared...Jared King. Since 2004 I've been showing my skills across the US, across the world when I can, my technical class, my superior athletic skill and my pure brilliance inside the 'squared circle'. Have I ever got my chance however? Not until now, the date January 1st 2008, the time is now and my future has been paved for me.


But what seemed to really get my point across was my brain, a IQ of 270, a knowledge of the next best mark of Wrestling, a pure 'fanboy' and it got me attention. For near 4 years I'd been working as a road agent at shows, my use of psychology was creditied for making careers for many men and woman in the US...I don't take credit for others success.


Peter Michaels, the brain behind SWF since Sam Keith's 'sudden' departure to TCW was wanting a break from the position...permanently. Thats when I got the call; Peter had heard about my work and recommended me...for that the man is a legend to myself, my friends and my family...


It's a new day, a new age....A NEW SWF....






NOTE: I'd be extremely grateful if nobody posts anything until I say too if you could please, I just want to get the front page sorted out first :) Thanks

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Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Nation: United States http://i801.photobucket.com/albums/yy295/SWF_Fan/usa.jpg

Founded: January 1972

Founder: Richard Eisen

Owner: Richard Eisen

Head Booker: Jared King (Mystery)

Popularity: International

Schedule: Full-Time

Style: Sports Entertainment

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Supreme Wrestling Federation Titles


SWF World Heayweight Title



Title Holder: Jack Bruce

Length: 20 Weeks

Level: Main Event

SWF North American Title





Title Holder: Rich Money

Length: 4 Weeks

Level: Midcard

SWF World Tag Team Titles



Title Holder: The Amazing Bumfholes

Length: 8 Weeks

Level: Midcard

SWF Shooting Star Title




Title Holder: Marc DuBois

Length: 20 Weeks

Level: Low Level

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Supreme Wrestling Federation Roster


(Popularity is overall popularity in America)


Main Event


  • Christian Faith- Popularity- B+
  • Jack Bruce- Popularity- B+
  • Remo- Popularity- B+
  • Runaway Train- Popularity- B
  • Steve Frehley- "The Dark Destroyer" Popularity- A
  • Vengance- Popularity- B+

Upper Midcard


  • Brandon James- "Big Money"- Populairty- B-
  • Enygma- Popularity- B-
  • Eric Eisen- Popularity- B-
  • Joe Sexy- Popularity- B-
  • Lobster Warrior- Popularity- B-
  • Rich Money- Popularity- B-
  • Squeaky McClean- Popularity- C+




  • Big Smack Scott- Popularity- C
  • Elmo Benson- Popularity- C+
  • Frederique Antonio Garcia- Popularity- D+
  • Groucho Bling- Popularity- C+
  • Jack Giedroyc- Popularity- C+
  • Kurt Laramee- Popularity- C
  • Marc DuBois- Popularity- D+
  • Robbie Retro- Popularity- C-
  • Valiant- Popularity- D+

Lower Midcard

  • Bart Biggz-Popularity- C-
  • Brett Biggz-Popularity- C-
  • Kid Toma-Popularity- D
  • Mystery-Popularity- D+
  • Randy Bumfhole-Popularity- D
  • Zimmy Bumfhole-Popularity- D




  • Akima Brave-Popularity- D
  • Knuckles-Popularity- D
  • Paul Huntingdon-Popularity- D
  • Shady K-Popularity- D


Enhancement Talent


  • Andre Jones- Popularity- D-
  • Greg Rayne- Popularity- D-



  • BJ O'Neill
  • Dawn The Cheerleader
  • Emma Chase
  • Jessie
  • The Guru- Runaway Train




  • Ana Garcia- Colour
  • Duane Fry- Announcer
  • Jerry Eisen- Announcer
  • Darren Smith- Referee
  • Ric Young- Referee
  • Shane Stones- Referee
  • Pat Deacon- Road Agent
  • Chief Two Eagles- Road Agent
  • Richard Eisen- Road Agent

RIPW Trainers


  • Peter Michaels- Commentary Trainer
  • Enforcer Roberts- Head Trainer

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Supreme Wrestling Federation Tag Teams & Stables


Tag Teams

  • Death Row- Shady K & Knuckles-Experience- C
  • High Concept- Elmo Benson & Groucho Bling-Experience- B
  • Sexual Aggresion- Joe Sexy & Angry Gilmore-Experience- D-
  • The Almighty Dollar- Rich Money & Remo-Experience- D-
  • The Amazing Bumfholes- Randy & Zimmy Bumfhole-Experience- A*
  • The Biggz Boys- Bart & Brett Biggz-Experience-A*
  • The Pain Alliance- Big Smack Scott & Kurt Laramee-Experience- D-
  • The Samoan Wildboyz- Akima Brave & Kid Toma-Experience- C





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The wheels are already in motion for the future of the SWF. Mr Eisen met with me this morning on my first day of the job and layed down what he wanted me to do. While I have no specific goals to achieve in reality he wants us to stay at the top of the business, the industry I love.


He's given me free will to start two things; bring in a few more stars and create a woman's division which the SWF has been missing heavily. Over the next few days connections will be rang, contracts will be signed and careers will be made.


In a few changes Peter wanted more time off than we thought and have given him the chance to go down to Rhode Island Pro Wrestling and work with up and coming talent, mainly on the non wrestler side; Phillip Roberts has also gone down to work as a 'enforcer' to the future.


The first show comes tomorrow night, things can be expected to go off as the new age of the Supreme rises.



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by Duane Fry


With just 3 shows until When Hell Freezes Over, the SWF promotes their first show of the year 2008 in Supreme TV. Every title will be on the line tomorrow night as Mr Eisen has made the claim 'no champion is safe'.


In tag team action three of the top tag teams in the SWF in High Concept, The Amazing Bumfholes and The Biggz Boys will face off for the titles held by Randy and Zimmy.


The standout of the Shooting Star Division "The Can't Miss Prospect" Marc DuBois will face a Mystery opponent in one on one action for his belt.


Jack Bruce has put out a challenge to Vengeance to face him one on one for the SWF World Title.


The Ultra Arrogant, Dollar flashing Rich Money will defend his North American belt against Jack Giedroyc.


Runaway Train, Christian Faith, Lobster Warrior and Eric Eisen will also be in action.


Make sure to catch Supreme TV tomorrow night....


Only On C.A.N.N.





Quick Pics:

SWF World Title: Jack Bruce © vs Vengeance

SWF North American Title: Rich Money © vs Jack Giedroyc

SWF Shooting Star Title: Marc DuBois © vs A Mystery Opponent

SWF Tag Team Title: The Amazing Bumfholes © vs High Concept vs The Biggz Boys

Runaway Train vs Enygma

Christian Faith vs Eric Eisen

Lobster Warrior vs Kurt Laramee


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