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TCW: My Lucky Day

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An attempt at a diary by MJD


Note from me: This will be my first real diary experience. I've had some very short attempts collapse, but seeing as I'm nearly a month through this current game and have a lot planned, I know you'll at least be getting a little bit of fun from this. :D


So... Let the story begin!!!






Hey... I'm Jack... Jack "Lightning"... I say "Lightning" because that's not my real name. My real name isn't important.


Anyway, I'm a pretty regular guy. I grew up in Toronto and I've been a wrestling fan for my entire life. (Well, to be fair, I didn't like wrestling until I understood concepts like speech, but you know what I mean.)


When I turned 19, I moved to LA. I'm not really sure why. I knew I wanted to train to be a wrestler myself, but I could have done that in Canada I suppose. I think it was the palm trees...


So, I spent 2 years in a local training camp before going out to find work. I'd always been a natural athlete and this stuff was my passion, so I think I learned a lot pretty quickly. The only trouble was that no one believed me at first...


I ended up having to head to Mexico to work some indy shows wearing a generic lucha mask and mostly jobbing out. That lasted about 2 months. Then, I went back home to Toronto, and that's when the luck started. I managed to get a decent spot on a few indy cards before moving on to work in 4C for a few years, on and off.


During that, someone put in a good word for me at WLW, so I worked about 3 shows with them before realizing Japan wasn't my thing.


That's when I decided to come back to try finding work in LA again. That's also when I got really, really lucky...


You see, 3 days after I got back to LA, I was walking from an apartment I was looking to rent to an ATM so I could get the deposit money when I saw a guy on a cell phone nearly walk in front of a 'Celebrity Tours' bus. I sprinted up to him and put my hand on his shoulder and the bus just barely missed grazing him. He turned his head and I was shocked by who I was standing in front of.




Cornell: 'Ey, man, I'll call ya back in a bit. Alright.


Lightning: You're Tommy Cornell...


Cornell: Uh, yes, yes I am. Thanks for that, I'd nearly gotten whacked there.


Lightning: Oh, no problem at all. It was an honor. You know, because... Well, this is awkward now. I'm Jack. You? Oh, sorry, still awkward... I just, you...


Cornell: Chill out, kid. Here, buy yourself a beer, on me...


As Tommy went to hand me a $20 bill, I had a bit of a panic attack and knew I had something to say, so of course I messed it up...


Lightning: Are you looking for any work, er, help, rather? Like, at TCW. I can do whatever you need me to do. You see, I'm a wrestler. I've worked in Canadian Charisma Championship Charisma Cana... you know, 4C, and I actually just got back from working a few shows with WLW. I mean, I'm not saying you should hire me as a wrestler, I wouldn't ever ask something like that. I mean, do you need someone to set up backstage or something maybe?


Cornell: You're a bit excitable, eh? Are you always like this?


Lightning: No sir.


Cornell: Well, some guys were watching a bit of a 4C highlight tape the other night. Do you think you'd be on it?


Lightning: Maybe, sir. When is it from?


Cornell: 2008 sometime, I think.


Lightning: Um, that sounds about right, sir.


Cornell: Stop calling me sir.


Lightning: Yes, si... Yes...


Cornell: You know what, come with me. I'm in a charitable mood. Let's see if we can't get you some work, eh?

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So, Mr. Cornell takes me to TCW HQ in his limo. At this point, this is how I feel:



As we arrive, after being awkwardly silent for most of the drive, Mr. Cornell speaks up.




Cornell: You know, I picked you up for a reason. You're obviously a true wrestling fan by how you were acting, you've worked with some decent companies so you probably aren't a god-awful wrestler, and you clearly haven't amassed that aura of self-righteousness that most guys your age tend to have. You seem to me like the perfect balance between the average 14 year old mark and someone that actually knows what they're talking about... No offense.


Lightning: None taken.


Cornell: Basically, you seem like someone who can help us out a lot on the booking end. You see, we're looking to make some tweaks. We're not talkin' big tweaks, but our ratings have been slipping a bit and cash has been tight and you can't expect old-school buzzards like me and Joel to really stoop to the 'sports-entertainment' garbage Eisen is pumping out.


At this point, we'd come to an elevator. We ride up a few stories in silence before exiting and walking down a hall to a boardroom. I have another mild star-struck panic attack, but I keep it to myself this time. In the room are Archie Judge, Wolf Hawkins, Jason Azaria, Sam Keith, and a few guys I didn't recognize, probably investors...


Cornell: Gentlemen! I'm sorry I'm a bit late, I was nearly killed by a bus. This here is my new best friend Jack. You have probably never seen him before. Don't mind him, he just really likes glass tables and dry erase boards.


A few guys laugh, I walk towards the back of the room slightly confused. No one turns to look at me except Wolf Hawkins who nods and waves in my direction. The men in the room begin to discuss a lot of stuff I didn't know anything about. Soon, they got to the interesting parts: Booking.


Cornell: Alright... The economy is down and SWF is up. Where are we? We need something that'll get us some more attention until we can afford to play it straight again.


I decide I might as well share my ideas at this point.


Lightning: SWF works. Be SWF.


Cornell: Are you old enough to remember the HGC days? That didn't work that well.


Lightning: I don't mean go all out, but slide a little more character in. A lot of the guys on your roster can pull a great promo, but the product you're putting out is a bit stuffy for them to shine. Don't take focus away from great in-ring work, just open up a bit more for character.


Everyone is silent for what feels like minutes. Finally Mr. Cornell begins speaking again.


Cornell: That sounds ace to me.


Mostly everyone nods subtly; some of the guys look like they're asleep.


It was from this point on that I became a part of TCW's booking team on a semi-official basis. I also got the green light to wrestle for the company as well (they liked my tape I guess...). What seemed like a minor tweak turned into something more. Well, kinda. That's a bit deep. You'll see what I mean...

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I'm going to continue the currently in-place storylines which should be apparent soon enough.


Here's the first show's card. I let most matches play themselves out and intersperse plenty of angles, so there isn't a giant pile of matches each show. Note that some matches are "booked during the show" for story purposes, so I will leave them out here:


DARK MATCH: Jack Lightning vs. Joel Bryant

Joshua Taylor vs. John Anderson for the TCW International Title

Rick Law vs. Danny Fonzarelli

Aaron Andrews vs. Sammy Bach

Scout vs. Wolf Hawkins



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DARK MATCH: Jack Lightning vs. Joel Bryant

Joshua Taylor vs. John Anderson for the TCW International Title

Most likely there'll be no quick title switches

Rick Law vs. Danny Fonzarelli

Lovin' a heel Rick Law

Aaron Andrews vs. Sammy Bach

It's time for Bach to become a man.

Scout vs. Wolf Hawkins

With Cornell's help

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Welcome to TCW.com!




Total Championship Wrestling has today signed a deal with Rip Chord's Mid Atlantic Wrestling to use the company as a developmental property. Some members of the TCW roster are already set to head to MAW and rumor has it that TCW management is already collecting names to bring in for both developmental and primary roster positions.

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[I will often times fade in and out of character as Jack. You'll get used to it...]



Tuesday, Week 1, January, 2010 - Attendance: 9,860






Jack Lightning vs. Joel Bryant


Jack's debut goes very well. This is essentially a squash in Bryant's favor, but before Bryant's finish, Jack gets in a few spots that get the crowd riled up. Bryant wins.


Match Rating: B-





Azaria: Welcome... to Wisconsin Gardens! This is TCW: Total Wrestling, I am Jason Azaria, and here with me, as always, is my friend and colleague Kyle Rhodes.


Rhodes: And do we have a show for you tonight. We've got a TCW International Title match between the reigning champ Joshua Taylor and the ever-dangerous veteran, John Anderson.


Azaria: If that's not enough, in our main event, we have The Syndicate's golden boy Wolf Hawkins taking on tag-team specialist Scout in singles action!


[The camera pans out and to the right to show another person at the announcers' table]



Saunders: Can I get a word in edgewise, guys? Ha ha...


Azaria: Ah, yes, here with us tonight, and indefinitely, is the beautiful Jasmine Saunders.


Saunders: You loved me in my backstage interviews, so by popular demand, here I am! For keeps!


[Azaria and Rhodes seem a bit amused and a bit disappointed with their new team member. I suppose 10 years of the same is hard to change!]





International Title Match



John Anderson vs. Joshua Taylor


The match is pretty average. There's some good technical chains and combos, but a rest-hold here and there make it a bit boring. Taylor Retains.


Match Rating: C






[Troy Tornado is backstage looking for someone. He enters the main locker room and sees his man.]


Tornado: Hey, Huggins. We're friends right?




Huggins: Uh, not really, man. What're you getting at?


Tornado: Well, I've got a bit of a problem. You know, Benny Benson came in here like he thought he owned the place, and I took exception to that. Being a member of this locker room is like being in a brotherhood, ya know?


Huggins: You made management give you your own locker room because you didn't like how the rest of us were, what did you call us? "Savages"?


Tornado: Well, you know I meant that in a brotherly way. It came right from here.[Taps chest.] But, you know, Benson needed to be taught he was not going to come in here and walk all over us. I got a match with him - a friendly little match - because, lately, I've had this shoulder thing, you know? I figured I'd go out there, beat him down a bit, and we'd be good. But the slippery little muppet actually tried. So, now he's got an ego, and I need his ass beaten.


Huggins: I get ya... He kicked your ass and you're afraid you'd lose if you face him again.


Tornado: Wha... Naw, man it's...


Huggins: It's cool, I know how it feels, dude. He's been annoying me too. I'll rough him up a bit tonight.


Tornado: Sweet, man, thanks. I'll go get the match booked. You get ready, alright, man? You're a pro.


[Tornado leaves and as he turns the corner, Huggins starts laughing to himself.]


Segment Rating: B-




[Eddie Peak is in the ring with a microphone.]



Peak: So... Here we are, Vessey. You decided to come back from your excursion to a far away land, back to a company that had always treated you too well. You expected everyone to act like you had never left? You expected us to let you steal our thunder?


You don't belong here anymore, Bryan.


When you came into that ring for the first time in years, the crowd went wild! When I saw that, I let the applause die down, I went into that ring, and I beat you to the mat.


Do you think that was a one time thing? This isn't over. What has happened will happen again. Whenever you step into this ring, I won't be far behind.


But why? Well, Bryan, while you were in Japan making believe that you meant anything, we were loyal to our companies here in the good ol' USA. I could have been the biggest thing Japan had ever seen. In fact, I was there. I worked in Japan. And, you know what? I realized that I was in the minor leagues. Japan is where anyone who kisses ass and can pull off a half-decent suplex gets showered with accolades if they wait their turn.


So, Bryan, go back. Go back to Japan. TCW... PSW... USPW... That's were the real men are. Hell, you'd find more real men in Triple-A than you'd ever hope to find in your little oriental sideshow.


You have been warned.


[Peak turns and hurls his mic into the crowd and leaves. The puro fans in the crowd boo wildly.]


Segment Rating: B-






Benny Benson vs. Freddy Huggins


This wasn't a spectacular match. It wasn't bad, though. Benson spent most of the match seemingly having fun with Huggins. Huggins got serious, but Benson reversed momentum and landed a Shockwave From Next Year for the win. I'm sure Troy Tornado isn't impressed.


Match Rating: C




[After a commercial break, Rick Law is seen backstage, about to speak.]




Law: Ino. You're probably wondering why I did what I did. We were seconds away from taking the tag titles, and suddenly I seem to snap. Some thought I had gone crazy.


I'm not crazy, Koshiro. I just realized something. I had become sickened by something. You were a hypocrite.


I stand for the law. That's why I liked you, brother. You seemed to me like a guy who upheld what was right. But, I realized you were a fake. You fought for what those fools in the crowd think is right. You know, "being a good person" and all that crap.


None of that matters.


You'd stop a baby carriage from rolling into the street, and then you'd turn around and jaywalk like it was nothing. I could barely stomach it when I saw you sign that kid's dollar bill. That's called defacing U.S. currency, a federal offense!!! The fact that you probably think I'm being petty make me sick.


We live in a damn republic, man! The rule of law is the keystone of our entire society!!!


You might not be from around here, bub, but I'm not going to let hypocrites who can't stay within the bounds of the law run rampant any more. You watch closely tonight. This next match is for you.


[Law turns to head to the ring for his match.]


Segment Rating: B





Rick Law vs. Danny Fonzarelli


Things stay even for a few minutes before Law creates a distraction for the ref and then striking Fonzarelli with a night stick. Law then spends some time beating on his opponent to send Koshiro Ino a message.


Match Rating: C




[After another break, the show returns to see Joey Minnesota and Ricky Dale Johnson in the ring.]



Minnesota: You know, a few months ago, me and RDJ did something that needed to be done. We defeated The Syndicate. And, since, TCW has been a pretty nice place. No longer do we have to listen to Tommy Cornell rant about how they're so important and how blah blah blah. Gone are the days of Sam Keith blabbering about the state of wrestling today and how The Syndicate is, well, you get the picture.


But, you know what? The Syndicate never really did lay down and die. Cornell and his manservant Wolf Hawkins keep going around pretending we didn't squash their little club. It's time for that to end. We will...



Cornell: You will what? You will continue to ramble about circumstances you have no control over? We're still in charge.


RDJ: Yea, your "syndicate" of two people is really threatening. It's sad really.




Hawkins: The strongest and richest leaders of the world rule on their own. And, heh, me and Tommy are better than any of them. Two's a hell of a lot when you're as good as us. Why don't you take your soapbox down to the street corner where you belong and get off of our show.


Minnesota: [To RDJ] It really is sad. It really is.


RDJ: If you want to use the "Iron-fisted ruler" comparison, then we're the rebellion. We're the insurrection. We're the Freedom Fighters... and this regime will fall, once and for all!


[Cornell and Hawkins smirk, apparently unimpressed before walking off. The "Freedom Fighters" play the crowd for a bit before the show goes to commercial.]


Segment Rating: B



[Aaron Andrews and Sammy Bach are arguing backstage.]



Andrews: Yea? What have you even done lately?


Bach: I've won my last 6 matches, you haven't even had a decent opponent in weeks.



Stone: What's all this about, fellas?


Bach: We've got a match tonight. The winner gets a shot at your belt.


Stone: Fight nice kids. Heh... It'll be a pleasure to beat either of you.


[Stone walks off, Andrews and Bach nod at each other and head in separate directions.]


Segment Rating: C+




[Sam Keith is in the ring]




Sam Keith: I want Rocky Golden to come to the ring.


[He waits and taunts him to come out for a bit before Golden enters.]




Golden: What?


Keith: I'd been talking to TCW management and it seems I'm going to be the first contender for your shiny new belt. I just wanted to have you come out here so I can tell you, being a new champ, how this works.


You know, you and me are supposed to play a game. I'm supposed to play the dirty, cheating, bad guy. You're supposed to be the fan-favorite do-gooder.


This game is as old as wrestling and I just wanted to make sure you knew how to play.


Golden: What exactly is this supposed to achieve, Keith?


Keith: You know me. I'm the aging veteran and you're the youngster. It's as simple as me not wanting tradition to get lost on the next generation. Why don't we shake on it and let the games begin?


Golden: [Visibly confused, Golden begins to put his hand out to shake Keith's, but he senses a trap. He puts his hand down and leaves.]


Keith: Son, you're breaking the rules. The good guy never turns down a friendly handshake.


[Golden continues to leave as Keith stands proud, having gotten into Golden's head.]


Segment Rating: B





Sammy Bach vs. Aaron Andrews


This match went great. There's plenty of action and a good build up. The ending features reversal upon reversal before Andrews finally lands a hurricanrana pin. Andrews wins.


Match Rating: B




[A video is played summarizing the fall of The Syndicate stable and recent events involving Minnesota, RDJ, and the team of Cornell/Hawkins.]


Segment Rating: B






Wolf Hawkins vs. Scout


Cornell obviously accompanies Hawkins to the ring while Guide wisely comes to support Scout. The match is mostly clean, but when Scout gets any momentum, Cornell does what he can to meddle. Eventually, Guide has enough and confronts Cornell. A fight on the outside breaks out, and with Guide down, Cornell turns to seemingly interfere actively in the match. Suddenly, RDJ and Minnesota run to ringside and catch Cornell before he can do any damage. The ref obviously takes interest and tries to call support to get Cornell, RDJ, and Minnesota away, and Scout takes interest in Guide's condition. As the ref and Scout turn back to Hawkins, he's ready. Hawkins lands a Full Moon Rising followed by a 3 count. Hawkins wins.


Match Rating: B




Final Show Rating: B-


[This show wasn't too bad. I've never been great with TEW and as long as I can prevent TCW from sliding into the abyss, I'm ok. I actually got the "success" thingy for the show rating, so as long as I don't pull out too many C+ shows and have good PPV's, I should hold steady. I didn't really intend on straight B's at the end, but I'm not concerned...]

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DaVE Uprising in the Works?


Rumor has it that various former members of the the Danger and Violence Extreme roster have signed or have nearly signed with Total Championship Wrestling. As of now, no names, specifically, have been named. We at RainbowRasslin.net aren't sure if this is true or if our sources are full of it. We'll keep you updated.

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Please sign JD Morgan!


For the record, RainbowRasslin will play the part of the generally unreliable wrestling news site. Obviously, there's a purpose and it'll occasionally play out to be true, but it wouldn't be fun to spoil all the surprises. :D (I'm not ruling out the possibility of the above being true.)


Anyway, I forgot to share the next predication set, so you've got until I post the next show (upwards of an hour, probably, as it takes me a while).


DARK MATCH: Jack Lightning vs. Freddy Huggins


John Anderson vs. Joey Minnesota


Koshiro Ino vs. Texas Pete


The New Wave (Scout/Guide) vs. The Tag Team Specialists (Robert Oxford/Joel Bryant) for the TCW World Tag Team Titles


Edd Stone vs. Aaron Andrews for the TCW All-Action Title


Troy Tornado vs. Rocky Golden

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Tuesday, Week 2, January, 2010 - Attendance: 8,343






Freddy Huggins vs. Jack Lightning


Jack continues to play the part of the dark-match jobber. The crowd seems to be ok with him and he's put on 2 good matches in a row, so hopefully he can start buying some wins off of the lower-card soon. Huggins Wins.


Match Rating: C+






Azaria: Welcome... to the Connecticut Symphony Hall! This is TCW: Total Wrestling and with me, providing color commentary, and my good friend Kyle Rhodes and our newest partner, Jasmine Saunders!


[Rhodes and Saunders begin to speak simultaneously and in such a way that it's hard to tell if this awkwardness is worked or if it's natural. Saunders is wise enough to let Rhodes speak.]


Rhodes: Ha ha, yea, Jason, we've got a lot of action for you tonight. First up, you'll get to see the "Human Arsenal" John Anderson coming off a tough loss to face a challenge against Joey Minnesota.


Saunders: If that's not big enough, we've got a pair of title matches and Troy Tornado against, as Sam Keith put it, the "good guy" Rocky Golden in the main event! What do you make of the whole Keith/Golden situation?


Azaria: Keith knows what he's doing getting into the young champ's head. He's never been an easy opponent because he's brilliant physically AND mentally.


Rhodes: That is indeed true. Speaking of situations...




[The Syndicate's entrance music, Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top kicks on and Cornell/Hawkins make their way onto the stage.]






If the wannabe mischief makers want to lock eyes with the lion, it's their damn funeral. We know you're watching, so this is it: Hawkins and I versus your little revolution at Malice in Wonderland. That's all the time you punks deserve tonight.


[The Syndicate exit as abruptly as they entered]


Segment Rating: B




[The camera cuts backstage, where Troy Tornado is again looking for someone. He finally catches Sammy Bach coming around a corner.]




Tornado: Sammy, my man, come here a second...


[Bach says goodbye to Karen Killer and she walks off.]



Bach: Hey! It's the guy who literally can't buy a win.


Tornado: Ah ha ha ha, you were always a funny guy. But, in all seriousness, I'm looking for a favor. I need...


Bach: Yea, I know the drill, you want me to beat Benson for you. No chance, pal.


Tornado: How about a little... motivation?


[Tornado holds out a $100 bill.]


Bach: Cute...


[Tornado sighs, frustrated. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a key.]


Tornado: Take this. It's the key to a 2010 Camaro SS. Have the valet get it for you later. Is that enough motivation for ya?


[Bach takes the key and smiles.]


Bach: That's more like it. [Begins to walk away.] Hey! Karen! Guess what the moron gave me!


[Tornado clenches his fists but tries to remain looking cool before walking away.]


Segment Rating: B




[The Syndicate's music comes on again as Tommy Cornell walks to ringside and towards the announce table.]


Cornell: New girl, they want you backstage.


Saunders: Really?


Cornell: Just get out of the damn chair.


[Saunders gets up and leaves, a bit confused.]


Azaria: What was all that?


Cornell: Hey, Jason, here's a little fact you may not know: No one wants to hear you trying to figure things out that should be blatantly obvious. I'm here to call the next match.


Rhodes: I suppose you don't plan to interfere, seeing as it involves one of the Freedom Fighters?


Cornell: Of course not. Heh...


Segment Rating: B+






Joey Minnesota vs. John Anderson


This is more of a match between Minnesota and Cornell's heckling from the announce table. Near the end, Cornell gets up to interfere and RDJ comes in through the crowd, suplexing Cornell on the outside of the ring as Minnesota wins. The Freedom Fighters exit quickly. Minnesota Wins.


Match Rating: C+




[As the last matches participants file out, Rick Law walks down to ringside and to the announcers, grabbing a seat.]


Azaria: It's like a revolving door.


Law: Hopefully a revolving door coupled with an alternate, more conventional exit or we're taking major fire code violations.


Rhodes: It's a... nevermind...


Law: What? You don't respect the law either? Should I be teaching you a lesson too?


Rhodes: **Sigh** Don't worry about me.


Law: That's what I thought. If you don't mind, I'm going to hang here and make sure the ref does his job.


Segment Rating: B-





Koshiro Ino vs. Texas Pete


Ino makes sure to wrestle as clean as he ever does, but Law complains to the ref about nonexistent closed fist strikes and the like, giving Pete a few opportunities for cheap shots that Law appropriately ignores. Ino finally gets good momentum and finishes Pete with a Kobra's Bite and then pointing to Law, signaling he's next. It's worth noting Pete was as drunk as a fish for this match. Ino Wins.


Match Rating: C-





The New Wave vs. The Tag Team Specialists


Being an unessential filler match, this went ok. The New Wave Wins.


Match Rating: C+




[Bryan Vessey enters the building with his guard up. Sure enough, barely ten steps inside, American Buffalo and Genghis Rahn come to greet him.]




Buffalo: Didn't you watch last week? You're not a part of TCW anymore. Get out of...



[Vessey continues walking, pushing Buffalo's shoulder away with his own. Buffalo/Rahn don't hesitate to jump Vessey from behind. Vessey hold his own and finally subdues the pair. He doesn't expect the chair shot to the back that he suffers at the hands of Eddie Peak who stands over Vessey with an evil grin before walking off.]


Segment Rating: C-






Edd Stone vs. Aaron Andrews


Stone is basically embarrassed by Andrews for the whole match with Stone getting some cheap momentum by faking Andrews out. Finally, knowing he's about to lose, Stone goes for a blatant low blow and the ref calls the match. Stone leaves with belt in hand, smirking, even though he was obviously beaten. Andrews Wins (by DQ).


Match Rating: C




[Eddie Peak is backstage in what appears to be a boiler room alongside Rahn and Buffalo, his recent allies.]



Peak: Vessey boy, I warned you. As you sit there having the gash on the back of your head cleaned up, you should start thinking more clearly... while you still can, that is.


This isn't your home anymore. If you haven't figured that out by now, you deserve what you've got coming to you.


[Peak raises a knife into view of the camera, turns, and plunges it into a table, through a photo of Vessey.]


Segment Rating: B-





Benny Benson vs. Sammy Bach


The match is close throughout. Both wrestlers work pretty cleanly, but Benson finally proves to be too much. At the end, the camera shows Tornado; he's clearly distraught at losing his car for nothing. Benson Wins.


Match Rating: C+




[Sam Keith is seen backstage knocking on a door. The door is opened by Rocky Golden, who is immediately suspicious. He remains silent.]




Keith: So, how's our hero doing?


Golden: Whatever you've got to say, just say it. I've got...


Keith: Stay cool, man. I just wanted to wish you good luck before your match tonight.


Golden: Considering the whole "good guy/bad guy" thing, don't you think you're a bit out of character?


Keith: There's a difference between being the bad guy and not having respect for those who deserve it. You know, I might crack you in the head with some sort of blunt object while you're not looking. I might come running interference in one of your matches. Hell, I might just walk around stealing candy from babies for the fun of it.


The fact is, you need to start holding up your end of the tradition and learn to appreciate respect and respect appreciation. So, how about that handshake?


[Golden is still unimpressed. He stands like a statue, staring into the face of Keith.]


Keith: Tisk tisk... You young ones don't have any respect for tradition.


[Keith turns and leaves. Golden continues to look towards the door, befuddled.]


Segment Rating: B-






Rocky Golden vs. Troy Tornado


Both men seem to be bothered by their recent experiences. Tornado looks to take his rage out on Golden and Golden is constantly paranoid of Keith somehow springing a trap. Finally, Golden gets distracted by nothing and Tornado goes for his finisher, but Golden reverses it and lands a monster DDT for the win. Golden Wins.


Match Rating: B-




[The Syndicate's music hits for the 3rd time tonight as they come to the ring.]



Cornell: We're busy men. Freedom Fruits, whatever you call yourselves, should we schedule your beatings or not?


[The Freedom Fighters newest theme, Uprising by Muse, hits as they enter.]




RDJ: No.


[They pause. The Syndicate and the crowd are confused.]


Minnesota: But... We've got room to lay an ass-whooping on you guys if you can fit us in...?


[The Freedom Fighters smile and walk off. It's on!]


Segment Rating: B+




Final Show Rating: B


[This was a bit better. Once I work out how I should book people and who's useless and who's a star, things will be consistently good. If anyone wants to make predictions as to the direction of a given storyline, whatever you feel like saying is welcome. Seeing as all of this occurs multiple in-game weeks before I post it, I can't do a quick change in the booking if you call me on it. :D]

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