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VWA: A Mountain To Climb

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<p></p><div style="text-align:center;"><span>http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/VWA_banner.jpg</span><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><span style="font-size:12px;">Victory Wrestling Association</span></span></strong></p><p><strong><span style="font-size:12px;">

A Mountain To Climb</span></strong></p></div><p></p><p></p><p> </p><p>

They say a family connection is everything in the wrestling world. I’d have to say I agree... As nephew of a Swiss multi-millionaire I’d been lucky enough to be brought up in a rather wealthy household and as such had been able to afford to watch the multitude of pay-per-view offerings presented by America’s big names. To say I’m a wrestling fan is a bit of an understatement, I’d grown up on a steady diet of DaVE, SWF, HGC and a plethora of other independent leagues.</p><p> </p><p>

But even I couldn’t predict what was to happen on my 21st birthday. My uncle had been showing an interest in my future since I graduated high school but wasn’t about to invest in me without further education. As such I graduated university with a communications degree and went back to Switzerland to continue an apprenticeship of sorts under my uncle. The seedy world of business was harsh, brutal at times but could also be a world of great joy. And great joy was given to me on that milestone birthday as my uncle offered me a chance to mix my love of wrestling with a real business, his newly formed wrestling promotion, the Victory Wrestling Association.</p><p> </p><p>

One rule was to govern this offer, that being that I never revealed my true identity in the media and as such my uncle christened me The Grand Avatar. And with that, I began my fledgling career as a Head Booker for the 33rd biggest promotion in the world. Maybe one day, we can challenge the big leagues and really put European wrestling on the map. For now though, I was gonna have to get to grips with my new role. Time to learn the ropes...</p>

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Basic Information

Location: Central Europe

Nation: Europe http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/europeanunion.png

Founded: April 2009


Founder: Albert Thorp

Owner: Albert Thorp

Booker: The Grand Avatar


Size: Small

Schedule: Full-Time

Style: Ultimate Hybrid


World Rank: #33

Prestige: F+

Momentum: E+



Regional Rivals


Ultimate European Wrestling


World Rank: #21

Prestige: F+

Momentum: E

Size: Small

Owner: Ali Bloxsome

Head Booker: Joey Beauchamp


UEW World Champion: Joey Beauchamp

UEW Nations Champion: Michael Moodie

UEW Tag Team Champions: Jamie Anderson and Beast Bantom



European Wrestling All-Stars


World Rank: #25

Prestige: F+

Momentum: D-

Size: Small

Owner: Byron

Head Booker: Byron


EWA Universal Champion: Byron

EWA Tag Team Champions: Jase Cole and Christopher Lister

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Ultimate Hybrid is

Key Feature: Traditional, Cult, Mainstream & Modern

Heavy: Comedy, Hardcore, Realism & Daredevil

Medium: Risque, Lucha Libre & Pure

Low: Hyper Realism


Also in VWA there are no tag teams or alliances allowed


So be fun


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Awesome to see a VWA diary pop up, I was thinking about doing something with it but it would be incredibly difficult compared to most diaries. Looking forward to see where you go with it!


I agree this is one tough promotion to play as, but I am glad to see you are going to tackle it! I will be reading as well!!!

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Main Eventers

Randy Haute http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/us.png

Haute is the biggest heel in the company, an American born wrestler who has spent most of his career in Europe. He has a no-frills, rough as guts technical approach that didn’t excite American audiences but is appreciated by the Europeans. He was previously the head booker of VWA and also the very first champion.


Sebastian Koller http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/de.png

‘Rock ‘N’ Roller’ Sebastian Koller is one of the brightest young talents on the European scene, and is currently enjoying his first reign as champion. The young German has an energetic fast-paced approach to ring work and became a huge fan favourite almost instantly upon his arrival in the company.


Walker van Cleer http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/nl.png

Second only to Koller in terms of popularity amongst the fans, van Cleer debuted at 18 in 2006. He manages to combine brawling with strong mat work and can always be relied upon for a solid performance. With the look of a champion, it’s only a matter of time before this Dutchman is in serious title contention.

Upper Midcarders

Cub Balowicz http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/pl.png

A gruff physically overbearing Polish brawler who dominates opponents with a style influenced by mixed martial arts. A killer left hook quickly established a reputation for him as a knockout artist within the promotion. He could easily challenge the higher tier guys if given the chance purely because of his size.


Griffin http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/se.png

A solid and reliable wrestler with a strong technical leaning, the Swede has been around the European circuit for many years and can be relied upon to pull a decent match from anybody. Whilst he can grapple with anyone, he’s unlikely to rise above his current position as he is getting on in age and will not likely be about for too many more years.


Modern Day Warlord http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/no.png

A powerful Norwegian machine, Warlord has spent many years training not only in wrestling but in strongman competitions and as such can crush his opponents with his raw strength. Another wrestler that is the wrong side of thirty, but one that is likely to break into the title picture as he still has gas in the tank and will likely be about for a good few more years.


Acheron http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/ro.png

A monster of a grappler, the lofty Romanian has gained notoriety with the fans through raw power and menace, though his recklessness has left more than a few people with aches and pains the morning after a show. At only twenty four, there is time to improve but he’ll need to become a lot safer if he is to climb any higher in the company.


Jasper January http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/be.png

‘Double J’ is an athletic young Belgian cruiserweight who spent some time on the independent circuit earning his dues before signing with the promotion. He has managed in a short period of time to establish himself as a solid middle of the show act. He really needs an extra something to push any higher as his size puts him at a distinct disadvantage against the majority of the roster.


Landon Mallory http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/za.png

Both charismatic and a natural athlete, Landon has huge potential and the company would do well to keep hold of the young South African. Already receiving rave reviews and quickly establishing himself as a wrestler of multiple skills, the sky is the limit for this young man. That is of course if he doesn’t flake out and get too comfortable in his current role.


Matthew Macks http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/ie.png

A crazy young Irishman is certainly one way you could describe Matthew Macks. Reckless and slightly unstable is another way of putting it. Either way ‘The Irish Daredevil’ knows he can have the crowd on their feet in an instant by pulling out any number of risky moves from his ever-expanding repertoire.


Wild Child http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/de.png

Wild is the only way to describe this German who not only takes risks with daredevil aerial attacks but also adds the additional element of weapons. His willingness to risk life and limb has assured his status amongst the crowd, despite him continually berating them. Wild Child is certainly a feature of the company but is unlikely to be a feature in the main event scene anytime soon.

Lower Midcarders

Gunther Kinski http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/de.png

Small, tenacious and never without a great spirit of competition, this unsuspecting young German brawler has spent the majority of his fledgling career propping up rosters. He executes his moves well and speaks reasonably well but ultimately lacks that extra superstar factor to climb much higher than his current position.


Night Spyder http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/fi.png

The Finn, Night Spyder is known for little more than his gothic appearance and his reckless approach to ring work. A three year spell on the independent circuit led to him being recruited and since then he has been rather unspectacular and his standing within the company reflects that, often used as fodder against better, stronger opponents.


Xavi http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/es.png

This cheeky young Spaniard has only recently began wrestling and will definitely take some work before he climbs up the ranks. What we have seen of his technical approach thus far is good and with seasoning could improve but once again he lacks in size and may struggle to reach his true potential because of this stumbling block.


Jason Dempsey http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/gb.png

Dempsey is a Brit who has always enjoyed a good tussle. Prior to discovering his love of wrestling, he could often be found playing rough on the streets and upon being unable to find work within the British industry, he headed overseas and wound up here. Time will tell whether this consistent young brawler can hack it with good things expecting from him.


Moonsault Master http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/dk.png

A big Danish brawler, who as his name suggests has mastered the art of a perfect moonsault. Coupling this with his outrageous dancing, he has become somewhat of a comic relief act that generally appears pre-show. His wrestling skills certainly mean he should be noted as a future star, but for now he’s just a bit of a gimmick.


Beth Bilal http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/de.png

Manages Griffin.


Jasmine Perlot http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/fr.png

Manages Wild Child.

Other Staff

Albert Thorp http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/ch.png - owner

Charlie Grimsson http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/is.png - colour commentator

Dick Kerley http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/us.png - announcer

Fitz Nankervish http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/ch.png - referee

Ian Newman http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/gb.png - road agent


VWA European Champion


Sebastian Koller

Title History

Sebastian Koller - December 2009

Randy Haute - May 2009

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VWA Mayhem Preview

Friday, Week 2, January 2010

Randy Haute is out for retribution with the memory of Sebastian Koller dismantling his offence in ten minutes still very fresh in the mind of fans. The former European champion, Haute will be in action tonight as will the current champion, Koller. But not against each other, Koller will take on a mystery opponent, whilst Randy Haute will challenge Walker van Cleer.


Polish hard man, Cub Balowicz will be attempting to land a killer blow in knocking Swedish veteran, Griffin out. Griffin in recent months has challenged for the big crown and surely a win here for either man puts them straight back into the picture in regards to title contention.


The ‘Irish Daredevil’ Matthew Macks continues to harbour bad blood with Wild Child and the two will now look to settle it without any rules in a No Disqualifications match that has every chance of stealing the show. These two young men seem to know no bounds in terms of taking risks and chances are we’ll see some crazy action when these two step into the ring.


Our first event of 2010 is going to be a night of can’t miss action, so don’t miss out as we look to start the year with a bang!

Confirmed Card

Sebastian Koller vs Mystery Opponent


Randy Haute vs Walker van Cleer


Cub Balowicz vs Griffin


Matthew Macks vs Wild Child

No Disqualifications Match

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I like how you put the flags next to the names of the wrestlers in the roster, it was a nice touch.



Sebastian Koller vs Mystery Opponent


Randy Haute vs Walker van Cleer


Might be a slight upset but I can see the heel getting the win.


Cub Balowicz vs Griffin


Matthew Macks vs Wild Child

No Disqualifications Match

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Sebastian Koller vs Mystery Opponent

Either Koller or a draw.


Randy Haute vs Walker van Cleer

Well not much to say for matches before any stroylines or anything of the such happens so I'll Haute by cheating.


Cub Balowicz vs Griffin

Again not much to say yet.


Matthew Macks vs Wild Child

No Disqualifications Match

Cant say for sure who will win here but ill go Macks.

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Sebastian Koller vs Mystery Opponent

I like Koller so he gets my pick even ahead of a Mystery guy!

Randy Haute vs Walker van Cleer

Pretty sure Haurte is the better of the two

Cub Balowicz vs Griffin

Veteran gets it

Matthew Macks vs Wild Child

I will be marking out for Wild Child here methinks ...

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Sebastian Koller vs Mystery Opponent

Don't think a mystery wrestler goes over Koller right away


Randy Haute vs Walker van Cleer

Only Main event Heel needs to win the first time out


Cub Balowicz vs Griffin

Toss up here IMO, I'll take Griffin


Matthew Macks vs Wild Child

No Disqualifications Match

Favor him in a no DQ match

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Sebastian Koller vs Mystery Opponent

Koller looks good against whoever you bring in against him

Randy Haute vs Walker van Cleer

Haute needs to stay strong too, since he'll be your first legit title contender

Cub Balowicz vs Griffin

Griffin is your best worker, but Cub has what it takes to upset him in their first match to get a lot of credibility... you can't have Haute challenge forever

Matthew Macks vs Wild Child

No Disqualifications Match

I admit, I mark pretty hard for Macks

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Victory Wrestling Association presents...

VWA Mayhem


Friday, Week 2, January 2010

Bremen Hall (Central Europe)

Attendance: 97 people




The Victory Wrestling theme music plays as a short opening video montage plays on the projection screen set up next to the stage. It highlights the biggest events in the short history of the company, most notably Haute’s title win on the first ever show, Wild Child and Matthew Mack’s crazed antics and the most recent notable event, Sebastian Koller’s title victory.



Dick Kerley and Charlie Grimsson


Dick Kerley: Bringing you yet another night of non-stop action, this is VWA Mayhem! I am Dick Kerley and sitting alongside me as always, Charlie Grimsson.

Charlie Grimsson: As always great to be sitting here, Dick. We’ve got a big night ahead with our new VWA European champion facing a mystery opponent in the main event. But before that, let’s get the ball rolling with our first match.



Xavi vs Nigel Svensson


Xavi is first out, heading down to the ring as generic Latin music blares out from the venue’s PA system. He is shortly followed by a newcomer to the company, Nigel Svensson who comes fresh from the British independent circuit and is greeted with a mild reception.


Once the bell is rung, the crowd fall almost silent though a large section do make it clear that Xavi isn’t the man they want to take the win. The match is a rather mismatched encounter with Xavi trying to brawl with Svensson but routinely getting held back by the challenger’s grappling holds. Both men never really take the advantage though and what we see is a very evenly matched pairing struggling to take control. However, it is inevitable that someone take the win and following a great vertical Suplex, Xavi locks in a crossface and eventually Svensson taps out.


Xavi wins at 7:03 via submission

Grade: E-


Dick Kerley: A solid debut from Nigel Svensson, but the young Spaniard continues his rise.

Charlie Grimsson: The fans definitely made their hatred of Xavi known. What’s he ever done to them?



Wild Child



Wild Child is in the backstage area; oddly his manager Jasmine Perlot is nowhere to be seen. He doesn’t appear to be in the best of spirits as he stomps through what appears to be a loading bay. As he walks, he grabs a metal trash can that is sitting empty and without pausing for even the slightest second, slams it into his forehead. Not once, not twice but three times. By this stage, there is already a small cut on his head and blood has started to trickle down past his eyes. He stares maniacally at the camera, before storming away just as crazily as he’d stormed in.


Grade: E-


Charlie Grimsson: That man seriously isn’t all there.

Dick Kerley: Wild Child will face off against Matthew Macks later tonight and it seems he is ready to go to battle!

Charlie Grimsson: Up next, Cub Balowicz taking on the Swedish veteran, Griffin.



Cub Balowicz vs Griffin


Cub Balowicz comes out all guns blazing, opening the bout almost immediately following Griffin’s arrival in the ring with a vicious flurry of left and right hands. Griffin however manages to get back into it eventually and it becomes a rather even, much less one-sided affair. The pair manages to get the crowd going, treating the big Polish brawler with utter contempt and getting right behind Griffin. After eight solid minutes of action, Cub Balowicz manages to land his trademark Knock Out Left Hook out of nowhere and that is enough for the three count.


Cub Balowicz wins at 8:56 via pinfall

Grade: E


Dick Kerley: A big win for the big Pole!

Charlie Grimsson: If he can keep that up, it’s only a matter of time before we see him in the title hunt!



Landon Mallory vs Gunther Kinski


This isn’t so much a match as a chance for the young South African, Landon Mallory to show his credentials. From start to finish, he easily has Kinski’s number though the German brawler isn’t going to go down without a fight and shows a great display of courage not to concede the match much earlier than he does. The result is almost inevitable in the fan’s eyes when it eventually comes about seven minutes in. Mallory takes the upper hand and following a series of German suplexes, nails the Springbok Ram to take the pinfall victory.


Landon Mallory wins at 7:07 via pinfall

Grade: E-


Charlie Grimsson: A dominant win from the young Springbok!

Dick Kerley: You have to feel for Kinski, he wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

Charlie Grimsson: At the end of the day, Mallory had his number. He had no chance!



Matthew Macks vs Wild Child

No Disqualifications Match


The crowd is not on the side of the crazed Wild Child tonight. Their animosity towards the German is more than obvious as he charges down to the ring, followed by his manager, Jasmine Perlot. Upon rolling into the ring, he continues to exact further pain upon himself, slamming his already bloodied forehead into the turnbuckle three or four times before turning back ready to face his opponent. ‘The Irish Daredevil’ is shown a huge amount of appreciation by the fans, the complete opposite to his opponent. He soaks up the adulation on his way down and upon climbing into the ring it’s clear that the referee Fitz Nankervish isn’t going to have much control, as he struggles to keep them apart prior to the bell.


Upon the bell, the mayhem begins with crazy action from the get go. Straight off the bat, Wild Child takes down his opponent, letting fly with furious fists. Matthew Macks recovers though rolling from the ring and grabbing a steel chair within the first thirty seconds of the encounter, much to the delight of a raucous crowd. He swings wildly at the German missing both times and getting nailed himself as Wild Child releases a smooth dropkick sending the metal crashing into his head. Wild Child continues with his aggression early on in the match, but midway through the earlier blood loss is obviously taking effect and Macks capitalises focusing on his opponent’s forehead. A suicide dive onto Wild Child, who is positioned in the crowd turns the flow and from there on out it seems likely that the Irishman would take the eventual victory. And that he does, ascending a ladder with his opponent and sending Wild Child crashing down through a table before himself taking a leap of faith to land his Red Lightning finisher to seal the pinfall.


Matthew Macks wins at 6:33 via pinfall

Grade: F+


Charlie Grimsson: Those two definitely gave it their all.

Dick Kerley: You’ve got to wonder whether Wild Child sealed his own fate.



Randy Haute



The crowd react harshly as Randy Haute saunters into the backstage interview area. Haute definitely isn’t shown any form of appreciation from the crowd who have never seemed to care for the former VWA European champion. He snatches a microphone presented by a backstage worker.


Randy Haute: Yes, your true champion is in the building! You see I may have lost to that punk, Koller last time out but he won’t be keeping that title for long. When I get my rematch, it’s gonna be back around my waist and that’s a guarantee!


The crowd don’t like this ****y statement of intent by the former champion, with loud jeers echoing throughout the building.


Randy Haute: You see I don’t even need to worry about van Cleer tonight. I know I have that victory in the bag already, so it’s just Koller and my damn belt on my mind. I seem to remember defending that belt quite successfully against van Cleer. Not once, but twice. Nobody can stop me on my path back to the top. Nobody will stand in my way. Let me make one thing clear - I will be VWA European champion once more!


Haute walks off, leaving the crowd to react in a rather rude manner towards him.


Grade: E


Dick Kerley: Haute seemingly not caring much for his upcoming match.

Charlie Grimsson: No, it would seem it’s all about the title belt for Randy Haute.



Randy Haute vs Walker van Cleer


There is a hugely negative reaction as Randy Haute emerges. Walker van Cleer gets quite the opposite, with the crowd getting behind the Dutchman in the hope he can knock some of the ****iness out of the former champion.


An even back-and-forth encounter ensues with neither man taking the reins and controlling the bout. The fans definitely buy van Cleer as a strong chance in the match as noted by their increased volume every time the Dutchman attempts a submission hold. Haute eventually starts to wear Walker down though, through his constant pounding on him. He delivers a very strong sequence of three German suplexes, followed by a power slam before setting up for the Belly To Back Suplex and much to the displeasure of all those in attendance, nailing it. That’s all she wrote as he drops to his knees to cover van Cleer and seal the victory via pinfall.


Randy Haute wins at 12:43 via pinfall

Grade: E+


Charlie Grimsson: It would seem that for all his talk, Haute walks the walk as well.

Dick Kerley: That result surely places him in prime position for a title rematch.

Charlie Grimsson: Speaking of the title, the new champ is up next.

Dick Kerley: And his mystery opponent shall be revealed!



Sebastian Koller vs Mystery Opponent


The newly crowned VWA European champion is out first to a champion’s reception from all those in attendance. He plays up to it, taking his time to get in the ring as he seems to want to high-five every soul in the building. He rolls under the ropes in due course though and stands, rocking from one foot to the other to await his mystery challenger. The music kicks in announcing the arrival of...


<object height="25" width="27"><embed src="

type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" height="25" width="27"></object>



Haiti Voodude


Voodude isn’t greeted with the greatest of receptions though as he gets in the faces of the ringside fans. He steps into the ring and taunts Koller, seemingly ignoring the fact that the fans already hate him.


The pair don’t lock up immediately with things instead beginning with a stare down as each tries to get into the head of the other. It’s not long before Voodude once more taunts Koller, though this time Koller isn’t having any of it and runs at his challenger taking him to the mat with a shoulder block. He pounds away, showing his fiery side. Voodude scrambles under the rope and to the outside to recover and once he rolls back in things get going once more. The match gets going now in a much more even fashion, with Voodude displaying some strong striking ability as well as some very strange behaviour. Koller counters though showing that he can grapple and handle the much more brawling orientated styling of his opponent. A very open encounter, though it seemed to fizz out a little in the middle but they pull the crowd back in as it reaches a climax with a series of near-falls. Koller connects solidly with a lariat sending Voodude crashing to the mat before setting up to hit Haiti with a Hamburg Rock City and rolling him up for the three count.


Sebastian Koller wins at 17:34 via pinfall

Grade: E



Sebastian Koller and Randy Haute

Post-Match Attack


Almost immediately following the bell and Haiti Voodude limping from the ring, Sebastian Koller is attacked. Randy Haute shows no ill effects from his earlier match, sprinting down to the ring and viciously interrupting Koller’s celebrations. He tackles him with a spear before landing a barrage of closed fists on the defenceless champion. He then picks him up and delivers not one or two, but three vertical suplexes followed by his trademark Belly To Back Suplex.


The few backstage officials employed have emerged at ringside to try to break it up but seem to fear stepping between the ropes all the time Haute remains in the ring. Haute taunts the crowd, making a hand signal around his waist, making it clear that this attack has a motive.


He kicks the lifeless form on the canvas a few times before picking him up once more and delivering a second Belly To Back Suplex and rolling from the ring, grinning in a sick way. The few staff at ringside rush in to attend to the fallen champion as the show draws to a close.


Grade: E-


Show Rating: E

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It’s great to see so many people are reading this... It’s kinda taken me by surprise! Hopefully you all enjoyed the show, here are the first prediction contest standings. Only two of you managed to get all four correct.


=1. John Lions: 4/4

=1. BHK1978: 4/4

=3. Marcel Fromage: 3/4

=3. Clp605: 3/4

=3. BYU 14: 3/4

=3. QFresh: 3/4

7. Jingo: 2/4


A bit of business news coming up next plus profiles for the two new guys introduced at the event.

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New Arrivals

Haiti Voodude http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/jm.png

A hugely colourful freak of a character, Haiti Voodude mixes a very laid-back Jamaican attitude with mysterious voodoo dark arts to bring terror to his opponent. In the ring, he doesn’t display any real wrestling skill but uses his size to mask this, working a tenacious brawling style. He has arrived with us with a reasonably decent European reputation and can be expected to be a regular main eventer.


Nigel Svensson http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rdarnz/Flags/se.png

A Swedish born, British trained grappler who began his career only last year in the Ring Of Fire promotion in Britain. Managing to graduate the training class has easily been his biggest achievement thus far as only the strongest get through. Working a very dangerous fighting style coupling forearm blows with excruciating joint locks, Svensson can easily mover from his show opener position in the company.


Other European Shows


UEW Center Stage

Thursday, Week 1, January 2010

Pireas Sports Hall (Mediterranean)

Attendance: 290 people


Jamie Anderson defeated Gordon Leve

Inky The Squid Boy defeated Beast Bantom

Michael Moodie defeated Geoff Borne to retain UEW Nations Title

Stig Svensson defeated Ali Bloxsome

Joey Beauchamp defeated Sergei Kalashnov to retain UEW World Title


Show Rating: C



EWA Stampede


Tuesday, Week 3, January 2010

Bremen Hall (Central Europe)

Attendance: 300 people (SELL-OUT)


Miss Information defeated Karen Bilous

Jase Cole defeated Jimmi Addams

Kalvin Addams defeated Frank De Pain

Hercules Johansson defeated Super Falcon

Bam Bam Johansson defeated Christopher Lister

Byron defeated Poppa Punisher to retain EWA Universal Title


Show Rating: D

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VWA Mayhem Preview

Friday, Week 2, February 2010

Randy Haute certainly managed to make his presence felt last time around, brutally beating down on the VWA European champion, Sebastian Koller following the latter’s victory over newcomer, Haiti Voodude. Certainly, management have taken note as they have given him a chance to regain his title as he takes on Koller in the main event.


Last time around, Walker van Cleer couldn’t quite get the job done on Haute, but he too has a chance to redeem himself as he takes on Haiti Voodude tonight. Both these men will likely be looking to put themselves into title contention and things could certainly turn ugly because of this.


On top of those big matches, we shall see the debut of two new wrestlers, both are said to be season competitors that are seeking to climb straight to the top of the ladder and what better way than to take momentum on their debuts.


Finally, the other big encounter of the night is a three-way match scheduled between Griffin, Landon Mallory and Cub Balowicz. Griffin will be seeking to avenge his loss last time out to Balowicz, whilst the big Pole will be looking to further his win record. The dark horse in the match is the young Springbok though who comes off the back of a solid showing against Gunther Kinski. An interesting encounter is certainly shaping up here.


That’s not all for the night though, as Jasper January takes on Night Spyder and the young Swede, Nigel Svensson takes to the ring against Jason Dempsey. As always, a night of fast-paced, hard-hitting action is expected so don’t miss out on some more mayhem brought to you by the VWA!

Confirmed Card

Sebastian Koller vs Randy Haute

VWA European Title Match


Haiti Voodude vs Walker van Cleer


Cub Balowicz vs Griffin vs Landon Mallory

Triple Threat Match


Night Spyder vs Jasper January


Nigel Svensson vs Jason Dempsey

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