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Goodbye CZCW: (The "Welcome" tribute!) [Hype]

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No, i am not stealing Infinitywpi's idea, au contraire, this is a tribue to his welcome diary saga. So, full credit to him, for his original ideas and writing style, wich i will adapt with a little touch of my style. With this explained, let's move on!


Goodby to what? To CZCW's dignity, probably. See, it's my first GDS forum diary, and i haven't played C-Verse on a long...long time! Besides, Sports entertainement is where i feel at home... So...what can go wrong, right? Well...just about every little damn thing! But hey, at least it's a good way to spend some time until my new laptop arrives. (will it ever arrive?I'm getting frustrated by now...:D ) And who knows, maybe Infinity likes the idea and one day we can duel...hmmm...better not!




November 20th 2005:


"I never saw it coming...Cliff asked me to show up on his office and so i did, but i never expected to hear what i was about to hear. Was he getting nuts? Maybe..."


Cliff: Remmy, glad you made it.



Remmy: No problem. So, what's this about? Am i in trouble or something? Are you Cutting down on workers or something? Is this about that girl again? I sware i didn't know she was only 15!


Cliff: Say what?? What girl? What are you talking about?


Remmy: Oh never mind, never mind! It's been raining a lot lately, don't you think?


Cliff: What on earth are you talking about?


Remmy: Aahhh....Nevermind! You were saying?


Cliff: You know how everyone keeps saying that CZCW can become a major player in the future? Well, i decided that i want that to happen sooner ratter than later! So i decided to hire a new head booker!


Remmy: Really? Who? And why am i here?



Cliff: Maybe i shouldn't have agreed to let you take that many bumps...


Remmy: What?


Cliff: Nothing, never mind! I want you to book our shows from now on! You are also seen as a future major player and i think that by making you head booker i'm actually aiming into a nice combo here. Future major worker and future major promotion. You know the insides of this company and you know the business well enough to pull this one off. At the very least it may bring us some good publicity. I heard somewhere (I wonder where?) that controversy creates cash! Or was it controversy creates a dollar and forty eight cents? Well...you know what i mean!


"I was pretty stunned with what i just heard...after a few more minutes talking, i asked Cliff some time to think about it. He gave me a week. Should i accept this crazy invitation? I mean...I'm a pretty young guy...I can still make it to the big leagues...However, if i succeed on this job, maybe it will happen faster... Damn, i need to think about this. I mean...really think!"




November 27th:


I spent the entire week that Cliff gave me to think...thinking! And i knew that i could be hated if i kept a title for two long, or if i pushed my self up the card as the top guy. Actually i could actually fail in gaining my colleagues respect! I mean...one thing is hanging out with them as a fellow wrestler...the other is becoming the guy who calls the shots. But let's face it, i always dreamed about calling the shots, so...what the heck i accepted Cliff's offer! We arranged a deal that made me start my job as soon as December begins. So...i now have less then 96 hours to think about what i want for this promotion...



Coming soon:


In the next episode of goodbye: Remmy becomes familiar with the current status of the promotion. Finances are tight right now...only 25 grand to manage. Who will he push, who will he hire and/or fire? Is he ever gonna book a show, or will the pressure lead him to suicide? Don't miss it, because i sure as hell won't either. Well, i can't....can i? I'm the one making the diary afterall...Oh well! Let's hear it guys, tell me what you think of my tribute to one of the greatest, if not the greatest, diaries that this forum ever saw!


PS: Good luck to me! :D

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T-96...and counting


"With T-96 hours and counting i had some decisions to make... First of all, i needed to decide how to present my promotion. So i went to my soon to be office, sat down and switched on the computer. I looked at the finances and saw that we only had 25 grand and i had to manage them very...very carefuly! But what really caught my attention was our roster...what a mess! Cliff, what the hell have you been doing to this company? - I thought to myself - I mean...One main eventer? Not even one road agent? And i was getting pushed as an opener? Not that i didn't already knew some of these things, but boy...we sure get a new perspective out of things when we're in charge! So...here is the roster i found when i accepted Cliff's offer."



Main Eventers: Fox Mask


Upper Midcarders: Jeremiah Moose, Insane Machine, Jimmy P, Donnie J, Primal Rage


Mid Carders: Frankie Perez, E.M.M. Moe


Low-Mid: Plague, Joe & Jesse Gilbert, Valliant, Flying Jimmy Fox, Snap Dragon


Opener: Prince Adam, Remmy Skye


Enhacement: None


Manager: Farrah Hesketh


Announcer: Cliff Anderson


Referee: Pee-Wee Germaine


Colour Commentator: None


Road Agent: None


"What a mess...i sure had to organize this before i could think about planning a show! The first thing i decided was...to push myself into the upper midcard slot! Sure, guys will probably think that i've become Triple H, (Whoever that is) but the fact is that i'm on A* momentum and i deserve the spot! And a few minutes later i realized that i had done a great work when i finally finished the new pushes. And i organized it the following way:"


New Roster:


Main Eventers: Plague, Jimmy P, Donnie J


Upper Mids: Insane Machine, Snap Dragon, Frankie Perez, Remmy Skye, Fox Mask

Midcarders: Jeremiah Moose, Flying Jimmy Fox, Prince Adam


Low-Mids: Primal rage, E.M.M Moe, Valiant


Opener: Jesse & Joe Gilbert


Enhacement: None

Manager: None

Announcer: Cliff Anderson

Referee: Pee-Wee Germaine

Colour Commentator; Farrah Hesketh (Yeah, i actually think she will be useful as commentator! Time will tell if i was right...)

Road Agent: None


"So, i basically needed a road agent, (one should do the trick) and well...nothing more. But i still wanted to hire one more worker to have 4 main eventers. So...who would i hire? A main eventer? Maybe someone lower on the card so i can push one of the guys i already have? Ah...decisions... I logged on my email account and found an email from...Cliff. It said: "Welcome to CZCW. Hope you like your new job and...don't **** up, son!" Well, i laughed at it, saved it so i can one day show it to Cliff when we hit Global - I can dream, can't i? - and sent a couple of mails. Hope someone is willing to negociate with me...God let's hope so...

I logged out and then looked at the calendar i had in front of me...4 monthly events set at 4 random dates in 2006... No way i'm keeping this! So, i decided to book a weekly show called...WrestleJam! Maybe it's not a name that most of our fans would choose...but hey...i like it, and i am the one calling the shots! So WrestleJam it is...and it will be held weekly, on mondays! Crap!!!That means that i have to get a card ready to my first official day as head booker because next monday is...December 1st...my first official day on my new job...

Well...time to think about the card...




Comign soon:


Next on Goodbye CZCW: Will we actually see a card made by Remmy? If so...will it be a good one, an average one...or is CZCW heading for disaster? And will Remmy succeed in hiring anyone...? Don't miss this and much more, because i know i won't.

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November 29th:


"I never booked a card in my life...! What the hell am i going to do? Well...time to get to work..."


A few hours later, CZCW.com shocked their fan base with an announcement that, among other things, stated that all titles were now vacated and there would be a tournament held to crown the new Coastal Zone champion. The first show will be a one hour event at the Simmons Center (Southern California) and the following matches have been announced:


Plague vs Fox Mask - Coastal Zone championship tournament semifinal 1


Jimmy P. vs Donnie J vs Snap Dragon vs Insane Machine - Coastal Zone championship tournament semifinal 2


Flying Jimmy Fox vs Remmy Skye vs Frankie Perez - CZ Exreme championship


Semifinal winner 1 vs Semifinal winner 2 - Coastal Zone Championship


"Well...this is my first card...hope i won't regret it...! My next step was to get someone to fill the road agent position until i get one. And who did i chose for that role? If you bet Farrah Hesketh then you got it! And of course, Cliff joined the booking team wich now consists of me, him and...that's it! Let's see how the first show goes..."


Coming soon:

Bad news stink the place up just before the show kicks off... Will the show be a complete disaster? Well...tune in and you'll know! Because next episode is the episode where we finally get to see the first ever WrestleJam! Don't miss it, because...ah ****, you know the drill!

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December 2005 - Week 1...wich means...Wrestlejam #1


When we arrived at the Simmons Center, my first priority was to check if anyone was missing...and, suprise surprise, i found out that Insane Machine wasn't there. Other then that, everybody was ready and on board. As soon as i saw that Insane Machine wasn't at the Simmons Center the panic immediately took over me. Afterall he was featured on the main championship tournament! What the hell was i supposed to do now?? I called him and soon found out that he had a gig with WLW.

"Are you actually performing today?! - I asked.

"Yup! Sorry that you had to find out on such a short notice, but they just called me and i got as surpried as you did..." - he answered.

I proceeded to insult him and after a while he just hang up on me. "That bastard! He will pay for this!" - I thougth to myself. I knew the crowd was going to hate la ast minute change to the card...Oh well...life is life!


WrestleJam #1

The show kicked off with a...well... a preshow segment that featured Flying Jimmy Fox saving Farrah from some electrical equipement about to fall. Yeah, i know it's a hybrid promotion...but i needed to do the turn...wich by the way brough the crowd's mood down...but was a complete success.

Next was the first match on the card...the semifinal 1 of the tournament. The guys were confused about this when i posted the card... I mean, a two semifinal tournament with the first match beeing a singles match and the second one a fatal 4? (wich would now be a 3 way match) Well, i like to be bold...or is it stupid? What was i thinking??? But i remained firm and said: "Just do as i told you, guys. Talk to Farrah before you're matches and trust me,this will work!" They agreed, not that they had any other option. I'm still the boss.

Anyway, back to the first match: Plague defeated Fox Mask in 9:37 after grabbing some tights. And with the win he also got an improvement in performance skills. Nice. The crowed loved it and this was a very strong opener! Actually...it deserved a main event spot! After such a strong opener i thought that i was probably gonna regret starting with that match, but then again...maybe not. The second match brought us a hardcore match with Donnie J over Jimmy P and the former champ, Snap Dragon. A very good match, not as good as the first, but a worthy main event in any other day.


A ladder match was next, between myself, Frankie Perez and Flying Jimmy Fox, for the CZ Extreme title. A brilliant match, if i'm allowed to say so, and i AM, that simply stole the show. The crowd loved every single minute and 12 minutes and 23 seconds later i managed to pick up the win after a bump by Jimmy Fox that would scare anyone...Luckily he performed it very well and the match was a complete success! C grade for the best mach ever since i took over... And of course, a new Extrme Champion...Me! Damn...can the main event top this?

The main event was a Texas Death match with Plague facing against the winner of Semifinal 2, Donnie J. It was a very good match, but not as good as mine. Oh yeah! I'm the man! No one can say i'm over pushing myself now! Back to the match itself, we crowned a new champion when, at 15:14, Plague set Donnie on Fire... And there we go...Winner and New Coastal Zone Champion: Plague!


The crowd still got annoyed because of Insane Machine not showing up, and that made the final show rating take a hit. Still...a C- grade for a promotion that has E grade popularity in this area, The South West, (and F on the rest of the world) is a smash hit! Sure...i used almost only mains and upper mids...but i could not let my first show fail.


The moment of the day: Remmy vs Frankie vs Fox mask (C grade) / The crap of the day: Insane failing to show up. And you know what...he wasn't even used on WLW's card! Well done, right? Can't say i feel sorry for him! :D


Coming soon:


Cliff looks upset after the first show,although it was a brilliant premiere. But will i be able to keep that kind of quality? This and much more at the next episode. Don't miss it, because i sure as hell won't. Not that i can...but you know the drill! Tune in next post to know what happens and to see the second show!

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December Week 2


Cliff barged into my office and immediately began shouting and gesturing like a crazy man. “What the hell is wrong with you?? You spent a quarter of our budget on our first show?? Six grand with $1250 revenue!!! Are you nuts??” I must admit I never saw it coming…I mean…it was obvious that using that many people up the card was gonna cost me, but I was too busy worrying about the show quality to think about it. So, to cut on costs I will have to change some things for the next show. And it will be a 30 minute show because i'm running a small promotion and I don’t have a roster that big to cope with 1 hour shows every week. (By the way, we're moving the show to tuesdays so we can have everyone available.) I yelled at Cliff for barging in, guaranteed him I would fix the finances and planned the next card. Then, after promising to cut on costs, i hired Jason Rogers as Road Agent and also signed with a wrestler that i’m sure most of you should know very well. Cliff is going to kill me! On other news, 4C as well as other promotions,made an offer to Farrah. Wich is bad cause she’s already working with AAA and CGC…but maybe losing her is a good thing, I need to cut back on expenses. However, she and Cliff have been making a wonderful work by boosting matches up with their comments, i will miss her if she leaves. On other news, D.A.V.E. made an offer to Jason Rogers. And here we go, back to the Simmons Center, this time on a tuesday, for WrestleJam number 2!


WrestleJam #2:


The show had 2 dark matches. The first one featured Prince Adam squashing Jesse Gilbert in 1:37 and the second was Frankie Perez over Primal Rage. Both were surprisingly average, but the crowd wanted the real deal.

So we kicked of the show with me defending my Xtreme title against my newest signing...Ace Youngblood in a hardcore match. I won, but i expected a lot more from myself after last week. To sum it up...crap! And the crowd made sure to let me know their unhappiness.

Then we had the second match, another squash for the recently vacated Coastal tag titles with Fox Mask and Snap Dragon over the Gilbert brothers (former champions) in...1:14 (!) to become the new tag champs. I know what you're thinking...Crap, right? Wrong! Best damn match so far. Main event worthy. It seems that a squash tag match has stolen the show...can the main event top that? Well, Plague and Donnie did what they could in their ladder match. 13 minutes and 28 seconds later, Plague retained his Zone title after throwing Donnie, that already had his hands on the gold, off the ladder and into the floor. A very good bout, main event level...but similar to the tag team match. Well...good enough for me.

Again, The Simmons Center wasn't full, but we got 247 people. Again i spent more then what i should have. Cliff is gonna kill me...Anyway, the show got a C- grade. Good enough for me. Another success! And another great work at the announcers table made by Cliff and Farrah, wich ended up boosting up all the matches. I see this will be a constant.


Match of the day: Plague vs Donnie J or the Tag Title match.

Crap of the day: Me vs Ace Youngblood...


Coming soon:


Remmy took another financial blow...will CZCW go bankrupt before it can hit regional syze? Will Cliff kill Remmy before all of that? And can a small size promotion deliver C- shows forever? Well...Tune in and find out...yadda,yadda....yadda!


Ps: My punishment to Insame Machine? Not giving him a paycheck this week. Again...good enough for me!

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December 2005 - Week 3

This third week seems to be the beginning of the end for my amazing announcing team, as yet another contract was offered to Farrah. Meanwhile, Jason Rogers signed with Dave. No problem on that one, as he will keep working with us. To avoid being raided i successfully made non-aggression pacts with D.A.V.E., MAW, NYCW, USPW, 21CW, ROF and TCW. I overspent on our last show, and Cliff was everything but happy. However I told him to trust me and go along. Wish I could trust myself… With half of my budget gone, i had two choices left: Keep spending to hit regional faster and then start making cash or cut costs dramatically! Any of these plans will force me to scrape anything i had planned. So…time to do some changes.


WrestleJam #3:

I told the guys i was going to have to cut back even more. They were not happy, but i assured them no future endeavors would take place...for now. Witht that said, i took myself out of the card. I'm already beeing paid to book, no need to collect the $800 PPA every week. 251 people were in the Simmons Center to watch this week's show. Would i be able to pull off another C- rating? Well, i only booked 3 matches this time. In the first one, Frankie Perez took yet another win, this time over Jeremiah Moose in 6:21. They tried hard to put on a decent match...too hard...but they just weren't able to click with each other. Still, it was a very decent opener.

After last week's success The Gilberts had another shot at the Tag Titles, held by the now called Mystery Men (Fox Mask and Snap Dragon). I just had to try and squeeze another good match from these 4 guys. And by God...i did it! This second match was the best match so far. This time i gave them a little more time, but Fox evetually pinned Joe Gilbert to retain. Nice one! Can the main event top this? Well, i had some doubts...

The final match was a tag match pitting the Fly Boys vs Plague and Insane Machine. Plague was eventually informed, at 13:36, that...Surf's Up and Jimmy P got the pin. This was all about giving him the chance to claim a shot at the Zone Title. And by God...they did it... C grade, making it one of the best two matches we ever had under my leadership! Very damn good! The show got a record breaking C grade...but still, even after cutting on the gimmick matches, in the number of workers and in some other things...i still overspent. Oh well...Hope i know what i'm doing. After the show, Joe Gilbert was informed that he was now beeing pushed as a jobber, or enhacement talent, to be polite.


Match of the day: Main event

Crap of the day: I did not get my $800...


Coming Soon:

Although CZCW's popularity is clearly growing, it's finances are clearly hitting the bottom...is this the end for Remmy and CZCW? Will Jimmy P become the new Coastal Zone Champ? Will Remmy ever defend his title again, or will he keep getting himelf off the card to spare 800 bucks? Do you really want to know? Tune in the next show!

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taking this from a wrestler's point of view, interesting.


Yeah, i know it's a hybrid promotion...but i needed to do the turn...wich by the way brough the crowd's mood down...but was a complete success.


Plague defeated Fox Mask in 9:37 after grabbing some tights. And with the win he also got an improvement in performance skills.


Other then the game telling you that, how do you know, comments like these should either be expanded upon more, or completely avoided. In my opinion, reading that statement, reminds me to much of the fact that this is taken from the game.


being very early in the diary, giving it time to really get going before I get behind a wrestler.


I am one who doesn't remember Infinitywpi's idea

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taking this from a wrestler's point of view, interesting.






Other then the game telling you that, how do you know, comments like these should either be expanded upon more, or completely avoided. In my opinion, reading that statement, reminds me to much of the fact that this is taken from the game.


being very early in the diary, giving it time to really get going before I get behind a wrestler.


I am one who doesn't remember Infinitywpi's idea


About the comments, you're probably right. I shlud expand more on them, or at least make them in a more realistic way, or i should avoid them. As far as the idea, i based the diary on it, but the situations will be as different as possible. But this easy writing style is probably something i will keep in my next diaries, as i like it a lot.

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December - Week 4

A slow week, where nothing happened...well, maybe it's because it is the last week of the year...and our last show of the year...and probably our last show in a long time. I will probably be waiting for some new sponsor deals and some cash advances before spending the rest of Cliff's Money. Speeking of Cliff's Money, i hope i still have some left after this show...


WrestleJam #4:

Ah yes...the final show of the year...Hell, i made it through a month! Let's see if we can end 2005 with a BANG! I gathered the guys in the pre-show meeting and told them tonight we had to give the best damn performances of our lives! Let's really hope it worked! The first mathch continued the Frankie Perez push that i'm trying to put on, putting him against Primal Rage in a singles match. However...Frankie dropped the ball and totally forgot the finish we planned. God...i gave him about 3 minutes of work to do and he forgets it? I thought his push was over...but he bounced back and he lead Primal to one heck of an improvised ending. Good match and a solid beginning, i guess Frankie has what it takes. The second match was for the Extreme title. That's right, i'm back to the show! And i out wrestled E.M.M Moe in a solid 7:48 bout, and eventually proceeded to retain my belt. Still...i didn't think it was better then Frankie's match. If i was to rate the two first matches, i would give them both a C- (In a scale of F to A*). Next was the main event...the Coastal Zone CHampionship match...a ladder match! I could see the crowd hot and starving for this one. The 217 people that payed to see the show never knew the meaning of the word silence during the entire evening. still...i was hoping for a bigger audience. Maybe it was because i did not promote any matches ahead of time. Oh well...too bad. But getting back to the main event, Jimmy P fought an incredible battle with our champion, Plague. High risk moves, Dangerous spots, great brawling moments....you name it...they did it all! I guess they were listening when i encouraged everyone to perform like never before. In the end, Plague retained at 9:47 in what was the best match ever since i took over this promotion. Again, if i was asked to grade it...i woudl give it a C+. Amazing work, and i simply have to put these two working together again...and again...and again!

The show got a C grade, best show ever, but i still didn't like the small attendance. After the show i informed Fraknie Perez that he would now be demoted to midcarder. No, i'm not putting him in the dog house, nor am i ending his push, but after what i saw today, including crowd reaction, i don't think that the crowd is ready to see him pushed as an upper mid. But he will get there, with time and patience. And after paying the guys, and all the other show expenses...i realized that CZCW now has -$125 on it's bank account. Oh boy...


Match of the day: Main event


Crap of the day: Low attendance


CZCW's Match of the year: Plague defeated Jimmy P in a ladder match (December week 4, WrestleJam #4) for the Coastal Zone Championship


CZCW's Crap of the year: The low budget...


Comign soon: Will CZCW ever put on another show or is bankrupcy the next inevitable big thing left fot them? Will Plague,Remmy and Frankie ever lose again? Will Frankie be able to remember his finishes on a regular basis? Tune in and you'll find out!

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Remmy Skye proudly presents: The year of 2005 revisited...hmm...one month of 2005 revisited, to be more accurate.


Top 100 Wrestlers – Postponed for obvious reasons.

Wrestler of the Year: None, same reasons.

Young Wrestler OTY: Wolf Hawkins

Veteran Wrestler OTY: Yoshifusa Maeda

Female Wrestler OTY: nobody eligible

Promotion OTY: None

Most Improved Promotion OTY: none

Match OTY: Dan Stone Jr. defeated Jeremy Stone, held by NOTBPW in NOTBPW Winter War in December

Show OTY: NOTBPW’s Winter War in December


CZCW's match of the year: Plague defeated Jimmy P in a ladder match for the CZ Title. (C+)

CZCW's wrestler of the year: Plague

CZCW's breakthrough wrestler of the year: Remmy Skye


A slow week with nothing happening and soon we hit 2006 with a new signing...a main event one! And there it is...I changed my mind and we will start January's first tuesday with an hour special WrestleJam! Bankrupcy it is! Who cares?


Coming soon:

Will this show be as big as the last one, or will Remmy find a way to screw it up? And don't miss the debut of the Zone newest main eventer. Who can it be? Try and guess it...let's just say he has...an odd name! Also: Plague seems to have beaten almost everyone he could, and in a stylish way. Does this means his title run will be longer then expected, or is it over? And will Frankie and Remmy finally make it into the main event? Tune in and you'll know!

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