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Limitations on league setup?

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My hatred of the BCS has really taken on a life of its own at this point, and is inspiring me to try to create an "ideal" college football world. I modded the universe into 10 12-team conferences and played through 6 seasons with playoffs no problems.


My latest attempt has me wanting 16 conferences so that every conference champion gets into "Winter Madness" and there are no at-large bids. I also created enough bowls (and assigned them to the conferences properly) so that every team (regardless of record, that's right all 104 teams not in the tournament) had a postseason game. I wanted to do this last part because in BB, the teams only want to schedule 11 game seasons if left to their own devices, instead of the 12 game seasons they have now IRL. I took care of this in the past using the SchedMatch table in the stats file, but that started to get a little tedious and time-consuming because i was wanting to be "fair" in the scheduling.


I have tried twice and the game crashed going into week 17 (conf. champ.). My 16 conferences are all one-division and so I have no conference championship games. Is that the reason it's crashing? Or is it because I am trying to schedule too many bowl games?


Any help would be appreciated. I LOVE the customizability of this game. Thanks so much for creating it for us AND continuing to help your customers!

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