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OK, so after a disappointing first attempt at 4C, I went back and had another go at 4C was pleasantly surprised to be getting pretty good grades for a regional company without having to bring in a load of new talent.


By wondering now is this; What should a 4C expansion plan look like?


That is to say, when should you be doing shows outside of Ontario? I was horrified to discover for one that if you don't do a show in Quebec after a while your popularity there will go into free fall. Luckily I think doing a small show there as well as a medium show in Ontario is still within 4C's budget.


But long term, if you're looking to bring 4C to cult, and ultimately television, how should your show schedule look like? Should you build Ontario and Quebec at first until both are around D and then starting doing 4 shows a month, with like one being outside the 2 home regions per cycle?


I ask because I'm not sure really. Don't have the patience right now, but if someone gives me the advice I think I might start again with a better preceptive, and book more long term mindedly (I was booking on the assumption I was only going to be doing one show a month)


Also; 4C's tag division for the win! Gilbert brothers and Thunder and Lighting bring the results



*Note: I switch 4C to an equal performance/pop fed, to pretty damn good results.

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First off, the thing I always do with 4C is sign three or four new workers to constitute a hardcore division for that title, then create a second midcard singles title for all the people they've already got that don't do hardcore (which is everyone: seriously Adam, you might want to look into that for the next game).


But long-term, I prefer to abandon Quebec until Ontario's noticeable higher in pop, then build Quebec along with the Prairies and British Columbia as a more even platform for Cult.

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