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End of a Millennium 1.5 Release

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Here is the newest data of my mod i have spend several months perfecting certain areas of the data such as Storylines, TV Slots, Alter Egos, Promotions, Title Historys, Stables, Workers bios and stats,




If you can point out any faults or mistakes please let me know as it would be a great help.

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Havent really had a chance to play this. And actually the first time I downloaded it there was a problem with the data being corrupt. Not saying its your fault, I mostly blame my crappy connection. Anyway I did get it downloaded and gave it a brief once over. Here are some issues I still have with the data, and as long as everyone keeps in mind these are MY opinions, we dont have to have any form of an argument much like what happened in the first thread. Anyway, carrying on:


-Right off the bat, there are NO user avatars. Even a generic avatar named "User" Could suffice.


-I still dont agree with the Power Plant being a full blown promotion.


-The Ron Hutchinson Gym was not tied to BCW. Scott D'Amore ran his own school. The Hutchinson Gym was tied to the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation at that time, or shortly there after.


-CZW was NOT cult, EVER.


-Seems to me your promotions are genrally over rated as a whole, no idea how that effects game play.


-I dont think XPW should be regional that early into its life.


-Same for Stampede, a bit high in my estimation.


-Im gonna go ahead and say WCW's backstage should NOT be 100% Some Workers could use an attitude adjustment for the worse.


-Seems like alot of roster cuts are made the first day, particularly OVW and ECW. You should see what you can do to counter that a little.


-And what is going on with the NWA?? Nevermind the fact that it shouldnt exist as its own promotion. It only has Six seemingly random wrestlers, no owner, no booker, no champions? Im confused.


Now all that said, this looks like a VAST improvement over the first incarnation. I havent really had a chance to look at wrester stats properly, but as I said before, with the exception of a few screwball stats, your stats are decent.


Keep up the good work man.

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