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TEW05 Real World Updates: All Monthly Updates In Here

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Created by cpt.charisma and TheWho87


Right to make it easier for people here I'm going to have one topic to house all the updated within the first post so if you want the latest check the first post.


Please be reminded that I don't come here often and if you want to stay fully up to date with the updates check the EWB forums.


This months update can be located here: GNETWORK.TK

For past updated you can find them here: GNETWORK.TK


Data hosted by Eddie F'n G at GNETWORK.TK and iDOL at EWWAREHOUSE.INFO

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The pick packs and belts and logos all work with any of those months you got in that list?


they will most likley work with the more recent updates, i cannot say it will work for all since each update is expanded upon the previous update

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how do I install these?


Q: How do I install Mods?


A: Quoted (almost) directly from ViggoVickers' post in the Mods forum:

Ok, so you've downloaded a data mod from a 3rd Party (e.g. RaveX, T-Zone, etc.) and you've saved it to your local harddisk. Often they are compressed in either the .rar or .zip format, which you can uncompress with a program such as WinRAR .


To actually install the data into a database ready to use in your TEW2005, run the game, and click on "Editor" from the main page. From there, goto "Create database".


Then you will come to a screen in which you can name the database. It is up to you what you call it, though it is best that you give it a name in reference to the actual data, such as the Mod team's name, and then the data it was released (My example: Data10-16-05). Once done, click "Create database". (NOTE: Some characters can not be used to name databases with, such as \/:*?"<>|)


A prompt will show onscreen, to confirm the database has been created, and that it has been set as your default data (nothing to do with the CornellVerse). Use the back arrow at the top of the screen, to go back to the main starting page.


Now remember where you extracted (uncompressed) the downloaded data to, go to it. Select all of it (left click and drag, or Ctrl+A) and Copy it, by either pressing Ctrl+C or selecting Copy from the Edit option at the top of the window.


Now, you want to go to the Directory (Folder) you installed TEW2005 to. The default location is: C:\Program Files\GDS\TEW2005


We need to go to (assuming you installed TEW2005 to the default location): C:\Program Files\GDS\TEW2005\Data


Once there, go into the folder which is named the same as the Database we created earlier. For me, that would be Data10-16-2005. Notice that all the files in there are 0KB, because they are empty.


Now remember we copied our extracted (uncompressed) data, we now need to Paste it into this folder, so we can use it. Either use Ctrl+V or Edit>Paste at the top of the window. It will then come up with a prompt, something like this. Just click "Yes to All", and your new Mod data will be pasted into the database ready to use.


Now notice that the files are no longer 0KB. Plus they are all selected, this is good confirmation that you have pasted them successfully. Remember when you created the Database, it was automatically set as your default, all you need to do is play.


Source: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=46989

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Guest rrdream101



First of all let me start by saying thanks for ur hard work & regular update. Now let get down to my problem. When the game starts the wrestlers r all in the right company & with right names. The moment they get fired their name & pic change to another wrestler (From original database). Can this be prvented.

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what i meant to say is that the only things i could choose as my storylines were the unscripted ones


Thats cause we are/were cleaning up the storylines and angles and have a seperate pack thats updated seperatly to the data while the updates mainly have a basic set of both storylines and angles, check the topic on EWB for all the main links, i rarely pop on here so dont update it as much here beyond adding a new link, the main stuff happens on EWB.

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