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eWr: We Are Pro Wrestling

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The date is May 24, 2009.


The location is the Cincinnati Gardens in Cincinnati, OH.


The event was eWr May Massacre: War Games


And it was the main event of the evening. For nearly 2 years, elite Wrestling revolution had been under the rule of the Kings Of Wrestling, easily the most powerful stable not only in eWr, but in the wrestling world. Led by former eWr World Heavyweight Champion Chris Hero, the KOW's current line up was arguably it's most powerful, including Davey Richards, Kevin Steen, founding member Claudio Castagnoli and most recently Nigel McGuiness. And on this night, they were fighting for their lives.


The main event of the evening was dubbed "All Or Nothing" and would be fought under the most dangerous match imaginable: War Games. The KOW would bring it's entire group into the demonic structure against a team of the stable's greatest rivals, men whom they had attempted to take out and in some cases had done so successfully. Their opponents were led by eWr World Heavyweight Champion "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson, a man who entered eWr and immediately began to feud with the KOW and for over a year defeated every member of the KOW in order to face eWr Champ Hero, who seemingly had been dodging Danielson. Daneislon would then gather a group of men who shared in his hatred for the KOW and their evil ways: Christian Cage, the former WWE and TNA star became a target for the KOW following his debut in the company, Austin Aries, the former ROH champion who was savagely beaten by the KOW in order to give Hero another rematch against Danielson and then had his shoulder and elbow severely damaged by Davey Richards, Delirious, the masked man was put out of eWr for nearly 6 months after Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero hit him with KRS TWO, severly injuring his back and ribs, and finally a mystery partner to be revealed at the event. But this was not all, eWr President Ric Flair would dub the contest an "All Or Nothing" match, with stipulations on the back of every participant:


If Danielson's team loses:

  • -Danielson loses the eWr Title to Hero and is never granted another eWr title shot again
  • -Aries is forced to become "Austin Starr", his hated former TNA persona for the rest of his eWr contract
  • -Cage's eWr contract is voided
  • -Delirious must unmask
  • -The Mystery Opponent is fired


If The Kings Of Wrestling lose: the group must disband


It was easily the biggest match in eWr history and easily had one of those true big match feels. When it came match time, the KOW entered at full strength, but Danielson's team was down one as their mystery partner had not shown up. As the match began, it would be Claudio Castagnoli and Delirious in first and after the coin toss, the KOW would win the man advantage and send in Chris Hero. As the match progressed, each wrestler would quickly acquire the crimson mask as they risked their careers and lives in all out war.


Nigel McGuinness, who seemingly still wasn't all into being a KOW would enter last and make a B-line for a battered Bryan Danielson, whom Nigel had claimed had been ducking him since he won his title. The Kings were all in and seemingly had the match well in hand as their opponents 5th man had not been seen. As the clock hit zero, it seemed as though the fifth man had not shown up. Suddenly very familiar music hit.


<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/G1CUGzkXItw" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe>


The crowd became unglued as former eWr World Heavyweight Champion "Classic" Colt Cabana ran down ringside and quickly into the cage. Cabana, literally a day off his 90 no compete clause from his WWE release, was the first victim of the KOW who savagely attack Cabana and caused him to lose his title, sending him to the WWE. Cabana came in and quickly evened the odds of this contest. After another 10 minutes of action, Nigel McGuiness smelled blood and attempted a lariat on Bryan Danielson but Danielson would duck the clothesline and Nigel would nail a very bloody Claudio Castagnoli. Nigel would get dropkicked by Danielson as Cabana sprinted to the fallen Claudio and locked in his reverse Boston Crab, "The Billy Goat's Curse". Danielson then quickly rolled Claudio's torso in with the Cattle Mutilation. Claudio screamed for help from Nigel who slowly rose. A bloody Nigel briefly stared at the scene, and would then shockingly dismiss his partner's cries for help as he went to attack Delirious. Claudio had no choice as he directly faced permanent damage but to submit. That was it. Danielson and his team and the returning Colt Cabana stood tall.


But for the Kings of Wrestling, the reign was over. A angry Hero checked on his clearly injured friend along with Richards and Steen as he shouted at Nigel. McGuiness, clearly not caring, smirked and left the ring, again illustrating he only joined the KOW to get a shot at Danielson. Joey Styles would close the show with a line that would live in infamy in eWr's history. "The Kings Are Dead".


But the KOW's death would close one chapter in the book of eWr. No worries though as a new one is about to be written.




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eWr May Massacre: War Games Results


May 24, 2009

Cincinnati Gardens in Cincinnati, OH


Dark Match: Jon Moxley defeated Hallowicked with a Crossface Chicken Wing


Dark Match: The Saints (Fergal Devitt and Sheamus O'Shaunessy) defeated Up In Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy) after Sheamus hailed the Irish Curse, followed by Devitt nailing a shooting star press.


Semi Main Event (opening contest); Extreme War Games Match, losing team must leave eWr: The Age Of The Fall (Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black, Necro Butcher, James Keenan and Sami Callahan) defeated Raven's Flock (Raven, Stevie Richards, Nick Dinsmore, Brain Damage and The Sandman) after senior official Bryce Remsberg and Paul Turner ruled Raven unable to continue after being choked out by Jacobs' EndTime choke hold. As a result of this, all members of Raven's Flock are gone from eWr.


Singles Match: "The Lady Killer" Rhett Titus (with Missy Hyatt) defeated Drake Younger after hooking the tights with a victory roll.


Singles Match: Joe Hennig defeated Laredo Kid with Perfection (Fisherman Buster off the 2nd rope).


Six Man Tag Team Match: F.I.S.T (Gran Akuma, Icarus and Chuck Taylor) defeated El Generico, Richie Steamboat and The Human Tornado after Taylor nailed the Awful Waffle on Tornado.


eWr World Hybrid Title Triangle Match: © Kenny Omega defeated Silias Young and Joey Ryan after nailing the Electric Chair Driver on Ryan.


Singles Match: Eddie Kingston defeated Mike Quackenbush after hitting the Backfist To The Future. Following the match, Kingston nailed 2 backdrop drivers on Quackenbush before agents and referees separated Kingston from Quackenbush, who was then stretchered out of the arena.


eWr World Tag Team Title Country Strap Match: The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay Briscoe) defeated © The Murder City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) after Jay hit a top rope JDriller on Sabin.


Main Event: All Or Nothing War Games: eWr World Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage, Austin Aries, Delirious and Colt Cabana defeated The Kings Of Wrestling (Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Davey Richards, Kevin Steen and Nigel McGuiness) after Castagnoli submitted to a dual Billy Goat's Curse by Cabana and Cattle Mutilation by Danielson. As a result, The Kings Of Wrestling must disband




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eWr World Heavyweight Champion


"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson


eWr World Tag Team Champions


The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay Briscoe)


eWr World Hybrid Champion


Kenny Omega



Austin Aries

Alex Shelley

"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson

Cheech Hernandez

Chris Hero

Chris Sabin

"Captain Charisma" Christian Cage

Chuck Taylor

Claudio Castagnoli

Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana

Davey Richards


Drake Younger

"Last Of A Dying Breed" Eddie Kingston

El Generico

Gran Akuma



James Keenan

Jay Briscoe

"The Pariah" Jimmy Jacobs

Joe Hennig

"The JR Superstar" Joey Ryan

"Machine Gun" Karl Anderson (Injured)

KC Day

Kenny Omega

"Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen

Laredo Kid

Mark Briscoe

"Lightning" Mike Quackenbush

Necro Butcher

Nigel McGuiness

"The Lady Killer" Rhett Titus

"The Little Dragon" Richie Steamboat

"The New Horror" Sami Callihan

Silias Young

Super Fly

The Human Tornado


Age Of The Fall-Tyler Black & Jimmy Jacobs

Briscoe Brothers- Mark & Jay Briscoe

F.I.S.T- Gran Akuma & Icarus

Incoherience- Delirious & Hallowicked

Murder City Machine Guns- Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin

Up In Smoke- KC Day & Cheech Hernandez

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What You Need To Know


- Bryan Danielson is in the midst of month 6 of his eWr World Title reign. So far he's successfully defended his title against the likes of Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Kevin Steen, Christian Cage, Austin Aries and Marufuji. He, obviously, is the company's top face.


-Top heel (now that the KOW's place is "up in the air") is Eddie Kingston. Kingston, who was a very over face as he feuded with Chris Hero last year, was injured by Hero and sat out several months. Kingston returned to eWr with no fan fare and his former stable (BLK OUT) gone from the company. As he returned, Kingston slowly evolved from the typical thug character to a psychopath who's sole goal was to maim and injure his opponents. Kingston claims eWr and the fans abandoned him in his time of need and as a result he turned to drugs and booze and now he was back, his goal is to take out all the rage and hate he has for everyone on his opponents. Kingston is in the midst of a KO streak as his Backfist to The Future has become the most lethal finishing manuever in eWr, breaking the jaws of Max Boyer, Jigsaw and eWr trainer Skyade.


-The Age Of The Fall is exactly the same as they were in ROH.


- In recent weeks vingettes have aired for the debuting team The Saints, which are Irish wrestlers Fergal Devitt and Sheamus O'Shaunessy. It appears as though they have been given gimmicks similar to The Boondock Saints.


-Also about to debut is Japanese crusierweight Kota Ibushi.


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  • 4 months later...


eWr BattleGround Preview


We are less than 4 days removed from one of the biggest nights in eWr history and this Thursday on eWr BattleGround on FX, we will mark a new era in eWr history.


The Kings of Wrestling are no more following their loss in WarGames and we can confirm that now former KOW leader Chris Hero will address eWr fans concerning his future. What will Hero say?


We will see two huge main events. Firstly we will see a huge battle between two men who had very big nights at May Massacre. One made his shocking return at WarGames and now he's looking to get back right where he left off; the other led his team to sending his foes out of eWr once and for all. It will be the single's return of "Classic" Colt Cabana as he takes on the leader of The Age Of The Fall, the maniacal Jimmy Jacobs.


In our second main event of the evening, in a match that will have major World Title implications, the former ROH World Champion and teammate of eWr World Champion Bryan Danielson, Austin Aries will take on a man who's path of violence claimed yet another victim at May Massacre, Eddie Kingston. Will Aries prove yet again he deserves a title shot, or will Kingston's vile sociopathic streak of violence get him another step closer to a title he may not even want?


We will also see two of eWr's young guns battle as the ****y young upstart Rhett Titus takes on one of the hottest young talents in all of wrestling, Ritchie Steamboat.


We will also finally see the debut of the Irish tag team combination of Fergal DeVitt and Sheamus O'Shaunessy, known as The Saints as they take on the hot Mexican duo of Super Fly and Laredo Kid. Can The Saints live up to their hype or will the high flying Luchadors spoil the debut of the 2 stars from the "Emerald Isle"?


All this and much more this Thursday night at 9PM only on FX.



Confirmed Matches


Colt Cabana vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Eddie Kingston vs. Austin Aries

Rhett Titus vs. Ritchie Steamboat

The Saints vs. Super Fly and Laredo Kid

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eWr BattleGround Results

Episode 23: Kings No More


The broadcast begins with a long promo package documenting the history of the Kings Of Wrestling, then cutting to the end of WarGames focusing on Nigel McGuiness's apparent turn on the KOW. The video then ends with a graphic of the KOW saying "Kings Of Wrestling: 2006-2009". We then cut to footage of a clearly dejected Chris Hero entering the arena minutes ago. We then go to our announce team of Joey Styles and Matt Striker who put over May Massacre as the biggest night in eWr history. They then briefly hype tonight's show before being cut off by the iconic music of eWr President of Wrestling Operations, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.


Flair enters to a huge ovation. Flair proclaims eWr is the place to be for hot action as evident by May Massacre, which he announces was the biggest non-WrestleFest ppv in company history. Flair puts over the hugeness of the KOW disbanding and claims he's happy he no longer has to deal with that headache. Suddenly....


<iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/MhRUkNf6dJY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


and with that walks a smirking Larry Sweeney, along with his clients F.I.S.T, but as also accompanied by Kevin Steen and Davey Richards. Sweeney enters the ring and demands Flair and the fans be quiet for a moment of silence for his associates the KOW. Sweeney then claims that where the KOW ends, Sweet and Sour Inc. will not only rise but take their place in terms of power. Sweeney puts over Akuma and Icarus as the best tag team in eWr, Taylor as the hottest rising star in wrestling and then proceeds to announce Steen and Richards as his new clients, as he has "reupped" their original contracts to him. Sweeney with a huge smile on his face asks Flair what he thinks about that. Flair smirks and claims he doesn't care what Sweeney does as long as he doesn't become a hair in his ass. This leads to Davey Richards getting in Flair's face, demanding Flair show Sweeney the respect he deserves. Steen agrees and mocks Flair as Sweeney applauds. Flair again smirks and says if Sweeney's goal was to get under his skin, mission accomplished. Flair then announced that Richards and Steen could cut all the promos they want, because they aren't Ric Flair and will never be and cites their lack of titles in eWr. Flair then proceeds to announce that Steen and Richards would be in action tonight against a team Flair would personally name. When Sweeney asked who it was, Flair smirked and claimed "You'll see", before WOOOing in Sweeney's face.


"The Lady Killer" Rhett Titus with Francine vs. Richie Steamboat


Francine was Titus's weekly new valet. A very solid back and forth match. Titus seemingly had the match won after nailing the Muff Driver. But Titus scaled the top rope and signaled for a diving elbow drop but Steamboat rolled out of the way. Stemboat blistered Titus with leg and middle kicks and chops before ducking under a TItus clothesline and landing a springboard crossbody for the victory. Titus did not look pleased as "The Little Dragon" celebrated his victory.


Winner: Richie Steamboat


Backstage, Josh Matthews is standing by with now former eWr World Tag Team Champions The Murder City Machine Guns. Matthews ask the duo about their title loss at May Massacre. Sabin tells Matthews to shut up and leave. Sabin sarcastically applauds the Briscoes for their win but claims we all know how this tale will end. Briscoes will "beat" them, but the world still knows who the best team in the world is and soon enough the belts go back where they belong, around their waists. Shelley then takes the mic and says that next week as The Briscoes "defend" their titles, The Guns will make a statement, that statement being they're the best team in the world. Suddenly, The Saints duo of Fergal DeVitt and Sheamus O'Shaunessy walk into the shot laughing. DeVitt laughing at the Guns, begins to talk in Gaelic before laughing again. Sheamus smirks and claims Fergal said "It was nice to meet you champs....oh wait". When Sabin and Shelley tried to get in Fergal's face, the massive Sheamus stepped in front of him and claimed they best try anything. He then claimed if they wanted to see a statement, watch their match. Sheamus and DeVitt walked away laughing as The Guns seemed quite upset with being mocked by the new comers.


The Saints vs. Super Fly and Laredo Kid


The Saints entered to a mixed reaction in their debut. But this bout was a completely one sided affair. DeVitt showed some amazing high flying skills, but it may have been overshadowed by the brute force that was SOS. Sheamus delivered and absolutely disgusting looking flying scissors kick on Super Fly as he dove off the top rope. The Saints would get the victory after SOS nailed Laredo Kid with a Uranage Backbreaker dubbed The Irish Curse, and as he held Laredo on his knee, DeVitt would nail an amazing shooting star press for the victory. The 2 young men from Ireland look absolutely amazing in their debut.


Winners: The Saints


A grainy Age Of The Fall video aired, where Jimmy Jacobs spoke of his "killing" of Raven's legacy. He then the Age Of The Fall are more dangerous than ever, and that their message will be heard louder than ever now.


Back from break, we go to exclusive comments from eWr champion Bryan Danielson following WarGames, they claimed Danielson, along with Christian Cage, Delirious, Claudio Castagnoli and surprisingly Nigel McGuiness had been medically suspended for the next week. They air the footage, and a bloody and exhausted Danielson claimed he's happy it was all over, but he then loudly wondered what and who would be next for him and his title.


Kevin Steen and Davey Richards vs. Drake Younger and El Generico


Following Steen and Richards entrance, President Flair appeared on the RevoScreen and announced they would face two men who he thought deserved a shot, two men who he thinks are future superstars in out came the odd team of Drake Younger and El Generico. A very good bout here, which saw Steen and Richards take the victory after Richards caught Generico with a top rope belly to belly suplex, and then promptly locked him in the Kimura for the win. Steen and Richards celebrated with Larry Sweeney as Styles and Striker claimed Sweet and Sour Inc. may have now become the most powerful force in eWr now.


Another comment taped comment following WarGames, shows a limping Nigel McGuiness leaving the arena. When asked about the ending of the match, Nigel smirked and said he got a piece of what he wanted which was Danielson, and very soon he'd get his whole thing. He then sarcastically thanked the KOW for all their service to him before laughing his way to his car.


A video playing the events of the other WarGames match aired, highlight Jimmy Jacobs's sickening EndTime sending Raven into a state of unconsciousness.


Jimmy Jacobs vs. Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana


Jacobs had his usually from the crowd entrance to alot of heat. Cabana got a huge reaction in his singles return. He had announced he was dropping the "Classic" nickname and was now "Boom Boom". A very good match up here between these two. Jacobs locked Cabana in the EndTime, but Cabana was able to nail a Northern Lights Suplex into the corner turnbuckle and then promptly nailed the Colt 45 for the win. Cabana briefly celebrated before all the members of The Age Of The Fall stormed the ring and attacked Cabana. Jacobs rose to his feet and took out a steel spike from his boot and proceeded to drive it into Cabana's skull, instantly busted him wide open. Jacobs then rubbed the bloody spike on his face as medics and referees rushed the ring.


Winner: Colt Cabana


Back from break, we see Cabana being rushed to an ambulance. Styles and Striker call this a tragedy and claim they will provide fans with an update on Colt's condition the second they get it. Suddenly Chris Hero's theme music hits and out walks a clearly somber Hero. A huge "Hero Sucks" chant breaks out, which forces Hero not to be able to speak for nearly 3 minutes. Hero finally begins to talk, he speaks of his career and how his goal was always to be the best he could possibly be. He speaks highly of his time in the KOW and his title reign. He says he was the best wrestler in the world, when he had the title, he could look in the mirror and believe that. Now he can't. He then shocks everyone by saying that Bryan Danielson is the first man to get the best of him and because of that he has his unlimited respect. Hero says he is crushed the KOW are dead and now he doesn't know what's next for him. Hero hints at retirement but suddenly from the crowd runs in Eddie Kingston who blindsides Hero. Kingston has a sadistic smile on his face as he pummels Hero, who can barley fight back. Hero goes for a rolling elbow but Kingston ducks under and nails a disgusting Backdrop Driver. Hero instantly clutches his head and barley moves as Kingston has a face of pure euphoria and sadism. Kingston raises Hero and drops him with another Backdrop Driver, this time seemingly knocking him out. He then raises Hero, who is out on his feet. Kingston screams "Payback" and floors easily the sickest looking Backfist To The Future we've ever seen. Hero crumbles to the floor, blood spurting out of his mouth as he looks to be fully out. Kingston collapses into the corner, rocking back and forth with a sinister smile on his face, muttering "Hero" over and over. Referees and medics rush the ring as the crowd is a hush over what just transpired. For the first time ever, fans are concerned for Chris Hero. We quickly cut to break as the main event is seemingly up next.


Eddie Kingston vs. Austin Aries


Kingston immediately attacked Aries as he entered the ring. The match was a glorified brawl, which Aries surprisingly kept up with Kingston. Aries was able to land his brainbuster/450 Splash combo but somehow Kingston was able to kick out. Aries went for another brainbuster, but Kingston fell out of it and nailed a Backdrop Driver but somehow Aries kicked out. The 2 traded blows for several minutes, with Aries getting the best of Kingston. Aries went for a running Yakuza Kick but Kingston blocked the kick and nailed Aries with the Backfist To The Future. Aries fell to the floor as Kingston made the cover for the 3 count. The crowd was shocked as Kingston upset Aries here. Kingston had a look of anger on his face as he rose to his feet. He then raised Aries and dropped him with another Backfist. An angry Kingston began to motion for the belt. Styles wondered aloud as the show ended would the only person able to stop Eddie Kingston be Bryan Danielson?


Winner: Eddie Kingston












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Like the roster, especially integrating second gens like hennig and steamboat in... Thought it wouldve been cool for Aries to be forced the Austin Starr gimmick, thus i was rooting for KOW...


My favorite part so far, Larry Sweeney lives on!

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eWr Weekly News and Notes


-eWr BattleGround on FX garnered yet another impressive number, doing a 2.1 rating, beating TNA Impact in the one hour they went against each other.


-It appears both Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli will be taking time off to heal up injuries suffered at WarGames.


-We can confirm that DDT's Kota Ibushi will make his official eWr in ring debut on next week's BattleGround. Ibushi has been competing recently in several house shows.


-Rumors are swirling that eWr is in the process of making a major signing of a recently released WWE star.


-However, the biggest news of the week is the continued rumor that eWr owner and bodog.com CEO Calvin Ayre is looking to sell the promotion. Several of his bodog gambling sites have been forced clothes and some insiders are telling us that eWr is the only thing keeping him from going under but eWr's gaining popularity is becoming too much for Ayre's dwindling funds. This along with the very high priced contract of Ric Flair, who commands upwards of $100,000 a month definitely may make possibly selling the company to a new owner a logical idea.


-And a final interesting bit of news as reported earlier in our WWE news section, our WWE insiders have told us that several WWE stars who's contracts are coming up to be resigned may opt out to go to eWr. We have been told several rather big names, have loudly spoken of leaving WWE to go to eWr as the feel they would be better utilized and be able to do things their way rather than WWE's style. It's interesting to add that since eWr has gained BattleGround on FX, many inside the WWE believe eWr is the closest thing to a threat to them out there, rather than TNA.




eWr BattleGround Preview


This week on eWr BattleGround, we have learned that there will be a huge announcement concerning the next challenger for Bryan Danielson's eWr World Heavyweight Title. We have heard that eWr President Ric Flair will announce who will challenge Danielson at "Vendetta" live from Baltimore. Many names have been considered, including Eddie Kingston who last week sickened just about everyone in eWr as he seriously injured Chris Hero, giving Hero a class 3 concussion, a fractured jaw and putting him on the shelf. But Kingston then went on to soundly defeat Austin Aries, adding yet again to his evergrowing list of credentials that he be considered for a title shot. Who will be named number one contender?


In the night's main event, we will see the new eWr World Tag Team champions The Briscoe Brothers defend their titles against The Age Of The Fall's duo of Sami Callihan and Necro Butcher. Can The Briscoes continue their hot streak, or will AOTF's new sadistic side bring gold to the alter of Jimmy Jacobs?


We will also see several debuts this week. Firstly we will see the debut of Japanese star Kota Ibushi as he takes on former World Hybrid champion Joey Ryan. Ibushi is known as one of the most exciting high flyers in the world. Will Ibushi impress in his US debut or will Ryan continue his case for another Hybrid title shot?


Finally we will see the debut of California brother tag team Matt and Nick Jackson, known as The Young Bucks. And they have quite the task at hand as they take on the former Tag champs the Murder City Machine Guns. The Guns are still quite mad they lost the titles and look to take out some of that anger on the 2 youngsters from California. But can The Bucks shock the world and pull off the upset of all upsets?


All this and much more this Thursday on FX


Confirmed Matches


eWr World Tag Team Title: © The Briscoes vs. Sami Callihan and Necro Butcher

Kota Ibushi vs. Joey Ryan

Murder City Machine Guns vs. The Young Bucks

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eWr World Tag Team Title: © The Briscoes vs. Sami Callihan and Necro Butcher

no brainer


Kota Ibushi vs. Joey Ryan

No brainer... especialy since he is a hyped debut.... Plus I think Ryan makes for a good jobber to the stars


Murder City Machine Guns vs. The Young Bucks

Love the Bucks... but not here, not yet

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eWr BattleGround Results

Episode 24: Chaos



The show begins with a recap of Eddie Kingston's savage attack on Chris Hero and his then match and victory against Austin Aries. The video ends with Kingston slowly mimicking for the belt. We go to Joey Styles and Matt Strike who briefly hype the card before speaking of the condition of Chris Hero, who suffered a class 3 concussion and a fractured jaw at the hands of Eddie Kingston. They confirm Hero will be out of eWr for an "undetermined" amount of time. But suddenly


<iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/eR7o55yXS2E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


The music of Nigel McGuiness hits and out strolls the arrogant Englishman. Nigel took the mic and soaked in the boos. He firstly addressed WarGames. He claimed the KOW knew why he was there, to take out the man who he believes is dodging him in Bryan Danielson. If anything, Hero and the lot of them should thank him for allowing them to stand a chance. He then went on the claim if anyone of them wanted a piece of him, they could come out and try, then he remembered Hero's on the shelf, Claudio's on the shelf and Steen and Richards ran to where the money was. Nigel laughed as the boos for him increased. He then proceeded to get down to business. He again called Danielson a coward for again refusing to face him. He claimed that even though all the idiot fans hate him, they can't deny that he is the rightful number one contender for the title and if Flair knows what's best for the company and himself, he will name him the number one contender. Unlike everyone being "considered", he has been dominant against everyone he's face and has been undefeated since last year (a surprisingly true fact). Nigel goes on to proclaim himself the true best wrestler in the world and defies anyone to deny that...Suddenly some unfamiliar music hits.


<iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/eqfiHfDmOnw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>




The crowd becomes unglued as Steven Regal makes his way to the ring. Nigel looks quite confused and rather annoyed. Regal takes a mic as a huge "Regal" chant breaks out. Regal thanks the crowd for the response. Regal does a tongue and cheek reference to his recent WWE release "It was due time the gentleman villian came to a place where he could be that". He then looked Nigel up and down and extended his hand to him. Nigel with a big smile shook his hand. Regal introduced himself to Nigel "Steven Regal, big fan of your's...you're a real piece of work". Regal speaks very highly of Nigel and his ring work and him in general. Nigel is all smiles here. Regal then says that while he was in the WWE people told him Nigel was the "young William Regal". Regal then claims that is 99% true. Except Regal never cried like a woman over not getting a title match. Nigel's expression quickly changed. Regal claimed Nigel wants to be a bad ass villain so bad, but he doesn't realize he doesn't have what Bryan Danielson has and that is heart. Regal knows this because he trained Danielson and claims he has more heart than anyone he has ever seen. And he references that Danielson never bitched and moaned in his road to the title, he just fought and got to his goal. Regal then says every time he watched Nigel, it wasn't him wrestling, it was him crying and sneak attacking. Nigel gets in Regal's face and tells him he best shut his mouth before something bad happens. Regal smirks and says "Now you wouldn't want that sunshine". Regal takes off his suit jacket and rolls up his sleeves, ready to fight. Nigel laughs and claims he won't fight an old hack like Regal, as he's got something bigger to worry about and that’s being named number one contender, which ends with him destroying Regal's student and doing something Regal could never do, bring a World title to England. Nigel rolls out of the ring as he jaw jacks with Regal. Regal then turns his back to acknowledge the fans, but Nigel runs back in the ring to attempt to blindside Regal, but Regal ****s back and blasts Nigel in the nose with a stiff right jab, which sends Nigel back to the outside with a bloody nose. Nigel looks angry as his nose bleeds as Steven Regal is all smiles in the ring, making quite an impressive and shocking debut in eWr.



Chuck Taylor vs. The Human Tornado


Good short contest here. Taylor is slowly phasing out his comedy routine out, as Styles and Striker reference that "a serious Taylor is a dangerous Taylor". Taylor gets the win after nailing the Omega Driver on Tornado for the win.


Winner: Chuck Taylor


A video is shown documenting the savage attack on Colt Cabana by Jimmy Jacobs and the Age Of The Fall from last week. We learn Cabana required upwards of 30 stitches as a result of the attack. We learned that Cabana hasn't been seen since then but has apparently challenged Jimmy Jacobs to a match at Vendetta.


Kota Ibushi vs. Joey Ryan


A excellent contest here. The crowd was firmly behind Ibushi here, who quickly became a crowd favorite as he dazzled them wiht his amazing aerial moves. During the match, Kota's former partner and current World Hybrid champion Kenny Omega made his way ringside to cheer on his friend. Ryan attempted the Moustache Ride on Kota, but Ibushi knocked him off the top rope and was able to land his amazing Golden Star Splash for the win. Following the match, Omega entered the ring and hugged and celebrated with Ibushi.


Winner: Kota Ibushi


Backstage, we see World Champion Bryan Danielson in his locker room, welcoming Steven Regal to eWr. The 2 shook hands and briefly spoke before Regal left, saying he needed to speak to President Flair.


Back from break, a video documenting The Briscoes' World Tag Team title win was shown. Styles and Striker spoke briefly of the state of the eWr tag team division, referencing The Saints and the debuting Young Bucks as two teams to watch.


The Young Bucks vs. The Murder City Machine Guns


A mild reception to the debuting Bucks, but that quickly changed. A great battle here which saw the Bucks quickly gain the love of the fans. The Bucks used their unusual double team maneuvers to seemingly win the bout. However, a clearly frustrated Alex Shelley went to the outside, got a chair and blasted both Bucks, for the instant DQ. Sabin and Shelly nailed the Made in Detroit on both men to loud boos. Sabin and Shelley stood tall over the fallen Jacksons, having truly made the statement they wanted to.


Winners by DQ: The Young Bucks


Eddie Kingston is seen arriving to the arena.


Styles and Striker hyped next week's show, confirming both Nigel McGuiness will be in action and Mike Quackenbush will take on AOTF's Tyler Black. We then went to the tale of the tape for our World Tag Team title match.


eWr World Tag Team Title: © The Briscoes vs. Sami Callihan and Necro Butcher


The AOTF duo came through the crowd, but had backup in the form of Tyler Black, James Keenan and Jimmy Jacobs who was brandishing the spike he injured Colt Cabana with. The Briscoes entered to a huge ovation. A decent enough match here which quickly became a brawl. Callihan looked great here. The Briscoes seemingly had things at hand as they nailed the Doomsday Device on Necro. But as this happened, the other AOTF members ran in and the ref called for the bell. But then suddenly, out ran Colt Cabana with a bandage on his head and a chair. Cabana nailed Sami, Necro and Keenan with the chair, but the man he wanted Jacobs bailed to the outside, leaving his men in the ring to be beaten before they left themselves. Cabana and the Briscoes stood tall as the AOTF left through the crowd.


Winners by DQ and STILL eWr World Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes


Back from break, eWr President Ric Flair makes his way ringside. He then welcomes eWr World Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson out. Flair praises Danielson as the best champion in wrestling and praises his killer instinct and his willingness to fight anyone. Flair then talks about how hard it was to decide who would face Danielson at next month's Vendetta PPV. Flair then says he had narrowed it down to 3 men and then requested these men to make their way into the ring: Nigel McGuiness, Eddie Kingston and Christian Cage. All 3 make their entrance, with Cage getting a huge reaction. Flair speaks highly of all 3 men and their many accomplishments. He turns to Nigel and says he will be in action at Vendetta, but he will not be facing Danielson for the World Title...he will be facing Steven Regal. A very angry Nigel began shouting at Flair as Flair made security remove Nigel. Danielson was clearly laughing at the development. Flair then went over to Cage and Kingston and reference both men's record. He noted Cage's title match with Danielson was criminally cut short and a winner was never decided. Flair then said that Kingston's record is the most impressive in eWr and as a result would be getting the title shot....until his savage attack on Chris Hero. Flair said attacks like that would not be welcome in the eWr and Kingston was suspended as a result. Kingston lost his man and began screaming at Flair as he was escorted from the ring. Flair then announced it would be Danielson vs. Cage for the World Title. The 2 shook hands and had a square off in the ring, but Kingston was still loudly screaming and causing a scene. Suddenly Kingston broke free of security and rushed the ring and attacked Ric Flair. Flair and Kingston began to brawl and Flair began to chop Kingston, but Kingston ducked under a clothesline and nailed a disgusting Backdrop Driver on Flair, dropping Flair on his head. Cage and Danielson then jumped on Kingston who quickly escaped from the ring. Cage and Danielson checked on Flair as paramedics quickly rushed the ring. The crowd was again hushed as Kingston was escorted to the back by police with a sociopathic smile on his face. The show was now silent as paramedics put a neckbrace on Flair and was wheeled out to end the show.


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Major Breaking News: Flair Gone From eWr


We can now confirm the news that has been making the rounds all day that Ric Flair is out of eWr. Flair's last day was yesterday's live edition of BattleGround. The roster was told of the news following the event in an emergency meeting. Flair is not only gone on screen but off camera as well, where he legitimately served as head of talent.


Those who are subscribed to The Observer learned of possible problems between Flair and eWr management last week. eWr officials firstly did not approve of Flair's job as head of talent, which some claim he didn't take seriously. One member of the roster told us that Flair's mindset for signing talent was different than eWr's. Flair apparently wanted to bring in several ex WWE wrestlers based off their name. Flair also was seemingly angry over the fact eWr brass refused to give his son Reid Flair a contract following his arrest for heroin possession. However, the key problem was money. Flair was signed for an apparent $2 million dollar contract, but due to Calvin Ayre and bodog's money woes, the contract had to be restructured. Flair, who himself is going trough money problems due to his recent divorce, would not hear of a restructuring and request his release and as of Thursday morning Flair was gone from eWr.


Flair's segment with Eddie Kingston was written that day, and will most likely serve as eWr's way of writing Flair off camera. We're told not a lot of the roster were surprised by the move but some fear it may be a bad sign, especially with the fact Ayre is activly trying to sell the company. As for Flair's position, we have been told that it's very likely that Al Snow may again serve as head of talent, a job he had before Flair's arrival.


What's most interesting is that Flair may very well end up on Hulk Hogan's recently announced "Hulkamania" tour of Australia. We have been told that Hogan and Eric Bischoff, who is producing the tour, spoke to Flair earlier this year about it and Flair had a heavy interest in it, as the paydays for it is expected to be huge. More on this major story as we get it...

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