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Diary of the Month January Nominations

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Diary of the Month Nominations: January 2011


  1. You have 3 votes to either nominate or 2nd, 1 for each category
    (The TigerKinney Rule)
  2. You may substitute your Real World and Cornellverse nomination or 2nd between the two. Your rookie vote must be used on a rookie diary.
  3. You may not nominate or 2nd yourself
  4. All nominations need to be seconded to make the voting round
  5. All nominations must include a reason
  6. You may not nominate BYU_14's ECW, Chris2K's BCF or mdale2k's UFC 2001.
  7. All diaries must have posted at least FOUR shows before January 31st 2011 to be considered eligible for nomination to the main categories.
  8. To qualify for the Rookie category, a diary must have held it's first show between January 1st and January 31st 2011.
  9. Should only one diary be nominated in either the Cornellverse or Real World category, the poll will be combined into a Unified Diary of the Month title.
  10. A vote for yourself is an automatic disqualification.


Nominations will run until 6th February 2011. The poll to decide the winner will run for a week following this.




An asterisk (*) denotes a nomination has been seconded and will be part of the main poll. Please provide a link to the diaries you are nominating!


Real World











Get nominating!

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I'll happily nominate damonster's UFC diary:




I'll get back to you on a rookie when I've worked out who qualifies.




Edit: i'm just happy that people are reading it. I know i wouldn't the event write ups are to long for me to read i have a short aten.... oh shiny thing. Wait, what was I going to say again. :p

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Second on Jingos excellent World Combat League for my Cornellverse vote


Real World

Since Synticha has both cornellverse and RL fighters, I will nominate his Mixed Worlds of Mixed Martial arts for RF



Great concept and I love the fighter summaries and the format of the cards, which are really easy to follow and gives a lot of information.



I Would also like to nominate JayT23 Strikeforce 2011 and beyond for Rookie



I like Strikeforce and Jay is off to a solid start with great preview write ups and nice, compact fight summaries

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