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What's your opinion on the striking improvements in the latest patch?

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Outside of experiencing my first crash (while loading an old save) and wincing at how every fighter who used a superman punch used it like they were GSP, I say my first event with the new patch is a pleasant surprise.


The main thing I like is how every striking match is much more realistic now. Everyone treats the other fighter like they were using the philly shell in boxing. In turn, Ilson de Lima lost to a can because he got too excited in a flurry while he was winning the fight. Fighters don't backpedal too much and most strong strikes that hit are stiff jabs. Similarly strikers are less combo hungry simulating the real difference between boxing and mma striking matches.


Strikers who lost via ground and pound also have a chance to get a fantastic rating and aren't treated like decent and average matches that were expected to happen thus making Frank Mir vs. Cheick Kongo situations more realistic.


Even grapplers going on a striking match can become fantastic. I finally got my first poor commercial, first great critical event after Efren Luat grapple****ed JC in the 1st round but knocked him out with two big swings in the 2nd. A total of mostly two notable punches and the crowd loved it more than the co-main event that happened quickly after a striker KO'ed another striker out cold in the 1st few minutes of the event.


I'm still wondering though if that highly outclassed striker tries to kneebar/pull guard that other striker still happen a lot but to me the game may not be as exciting as the first non-patch version but it's certainly the closest to an MMA simulation now both in striking/grappling/and upsets.

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