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My idea for a mod

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I have an idea for a mod i kind of want to create , if theres is enough interest i will make this mod.


The Idea- Fictional Characters from the worlds of Dragonball Z, Marvel, DC, Mortal Kombat and maybe even Naruto(I dont watch but figure someone could help me with those characters)


The Time Zone- 1999


How it would Work- Lets take Dragonball Z for example

Company- DragonBall Z

Area- Japan

Divisions- One Openweight(This would mean anyone could fight anyone)

Id try to do every characters from Goku to even small characters like Yajirobe

Characters who are too young like Goten, Trunks and Kid Gohan will be included but with false ages so they can fight, although Goten and Trunks would also debut later into the game maybe like 2001 or so



So Feedback? Would anyone want me to make this mod?


If this looks appealing you might like this potential mod


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It looks interesting but honestly I can't see it being anything but a short term guilty pleasure. I'd download it, probably run a few months worth of shows, but unless it was a significantly large mod, it wouldn't keep my interest. Think about the size of the project you're considering before you officially take it on. It's going to be hefty.
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I like this idea, I tried making a Marvel mod with WreSpi 2 a while back, but i´m not sure all the powers of the fighters would be easily transferable e.g. Cyclops Eye Blast or Jean Grey´s psychic abilites. This would be really good if it was more some of the aspects of the KombatX mod from TEW2010 which had Marvel characters but focussed (in my opinion) on the fighting games of the 90´s like Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive, Bloody Roar, Soul Caliber etc. To expand the mod it could include fighters from movies aswell, possibly the Rocky series, Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Bruce Lee films. However the mod turns out I would be very interested
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Quite frankly, this is indeed possibly the worst of Adam's games to incorporate Dragonball Z in. There will be no Kamahameha so yeah... :p


There's definately something to be done with fighting game/video game characters, like Tekken, Virtue Fighter, Dead or Alive, King of Fighters, etc. (everything more or less realistic). I'd probably play that for a while.


I once started a DC comics mod, but it's just way to much work to customise everything in detail.

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