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Hardwood Heroes Basketball League

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This isn't a dynasty per se, but rather an online league announcement (since there's no forum for online leagues, I figured I'd post it here).


The Hardwood Heroes Basketball League is nearly ready for launch. HHBL is a combination pro and college retro league using FBB3 for the pro league and FBCB2010 for the collegiate league. And it's a retro league, with real players (including real college players - over 4000 of them) starting with the 1981-82 season.


HHBL Pro will consist of the NBA and CBA - with all real players, owners, coaches, etc.


HHBL College will feed the pro league with graduates. Among this year's freshmen are Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Chris Mullin and many other future NBA stars. Incoming freshmen classes will be stocked with real players as well.


At the moment HHBL has plenty of openings in both the pro and college leagues. The pro league teams already claimed are:

Celtics, Knicks, Sixers, Hawks, Bucks, Mavericks, Rockets, Lakers, Blazers, Jazz, Bulls, Pacers & Sonics. This leaves the following available:












That list represents a good range of team type from tough rebuilding projects in Cleveland to solid playoff teams like the Bucks and a bunch of in-betweeners.


If you're interested in signing up, please head over to the league website and click on "More Info/Sign-Up" in the top-right corner of the homepage.


Thanks for reading - hope to see you on the court....

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Just signed up. Sounds like something that could keep me busy with the fantasy NBA season winding down... :D


EDIT - Didn't catch the last post. I accidentally submitted the Cavs and Clippers as my 2nd and 3rd choices. But the Pistons (coming off a 16-66 season, if I'm not mistaken) are my first choice. Let me know if I need to choose another team...

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The Pistons are taken, so we're down to four openings: Nets, Bullets, Kings & Suns.


We're really close to getting started, so now is the time to pull the trigger if you're sitting on the fence.


I know promises on the internet typically aren't worth the pixels that display them, but I've been running online leagues since the late 90s in various sims/sports and I guarantee this league will run like clockwork and if we get good participation from the GMs this will be a great time for all involved.


I've got the HTML up for both the college & pro leagues with the caveat that I'm still adding/tweaking the pro staff (only the head coaches with a job are completely finished); mainly working on assistants and coaches without jobs.


You can check out the pro HTML here and the college HTML here

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The pro league is full and we start tomorrow (Monday 4/22).


Thanks to everyone who took a look - if you want to get involved there are plenty of available teams in the college league (you need FBCB 2010 to play in that one) and I'll give first crack at pro openings to guys in the college league. Of course if you just want to get on the waiting list for the pro league, you can still fill out the GM form on the league website and be notified when something opens up.

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<p>HHBL has four openings in the NBA league (and plenty of openings in the college league).</p><p> </p><p>

The four available NBA teams are the Nets, Pacers, Jazz and Lakers. </p><p> </p><p>

You <strong>MUST own the game</strong> to participate in the league. We've had a rash of people signing up who don't have the game. You need to be able to export a team file to participate and to do that, obviously, you need to own the game.</p><p> </p><p>

The <a href="http://www.simsportleagues.com/hhbl/pro-html/rosters/roster26.htm" rel="external nofollow">Jazz</a> have the league's top scorer in <a href="http://www.simsportleagues.com/hhbl/pro-html/players/player105.htm" rel="external nofollow">Adrian Dantley</a> (he's going off at a Jordan-esque rate, averaging 37 ppg). The <a href="http://www.simsportleagues.com/hhbl/pro-html/rosters/roster17.htm" rel="external nofollow">Lakers</a>? Well, they don't have much, just somebody named <a href="http://www.simsportleagues.com/hhbl/pro-html/players/player193.htm" rel="external nofollow">Earvin Johnson</a> and some <a href="http://www.simsportleagues.com/hhbl/pro-html/players/player41.htm" rel="external nofollow">tall guy who wears goggles and likes to shot hook shots</a>. The <a href="http://www.simsportleagues.com/hhbl/pro-html/rosters/roster7.htm" rel="external nofollow">Nets</a> have a pretty solid youngish coach named <a href="http://www.simsportleagues.com/hhbl/pro-html/coaches/coach128.htm" rel="external nofollow">Larry Brown</a> and some good young players (like <a href="http://www.simsportleagues.com/hhbl/pro-html/players/player377.htm" rel="external nofollow">Buck Williams</a>). The <a href="http://www.simsportleagues.com/hhbl/pro-html/rosters/roster15.htm" rel="external nofollow">Pacers</a> are probably the least exciting of the four but should have plenty of cap room and a relatively high position in the upcoming draft. Rumor has it that some juniors might declare for the '82 draft - guys like Georgia's <a href="http://www.simsportleagues.com/hhbl/college-html/players/player1096.htm" rel="external nofollow">Dominique Wilkins</a> or Virginia's <a href="http://www.simsportleagues.com/hhbl/college-html/players/player3705.htm" rel="external nofollow">Ralph Sampson</a>, or even North Carolina's <a href="http://www.simsportleagues.com/hhbl/college-html/players/player2250.htm" rel="external nofollow">James Worthy</a>.</p>

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Hey im interested in joining the pro league im the coach of Houston on the college game but its harder for me to keep track of what going on in the college level I can keep pace with the pro level give me the nets they sound horrible.
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Hey im interested in joining the pro league im the coach of Houston on the college game but its harder for me to keep track of what going on in the college level I can keep pace with the pro level give me the nets they sound horrible.


Sounds good - thanks!

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HHBL still has some openings. We are in the midst of free agent prior to the start of the 1988-89 season, which will be our eighth.


HHBL is a great "what if" league as every year 100+ real recruits are added to the college league where they can develop into potential pro stars.


Both the pro and college leagues have openings and both have some very good GMs already on board though we welcome both veterans and newcomers!


The available pro teams are:

East: Celtics, Knicks, Bullets, Hornets (expansion), Pacers & Bucks

West: Nuggets, Warriors & Heat (expansion)


Check out the HTML reports for the league here: PRO | COLLEGE


The main league website & forums are available at SimSportLeagues.com


You can PM me here or use the "Info" link on the league's website to contact me.



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