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  1. Fire Within Mean Jean Cattley - Tonight on BSC.com we will announce the card for Fire Within. We will have 2 of the 3 qualifying matches in the Hi-Roller title tournament. The winners of 2 matches will be joined by a 3rd wrestler who will battle in a High Stakes battle royal at the next taping. Those 3 individuals will advance to a triple threat match at Ashes in the Fall. We will also have 4 first round matches to crown the BSC Girl Power Tag Team Champions. There will be 4 Quarterfinal Matches for the Girl Power Tag Team titles. The winners of these 4 matches will advance to Ashes the the Fall to determine the BSC Girl Power Tag Team Champions. Kate Avatar continues her comeback with an opening night singles match against former BSC wrestler and current AAA competitor Dharma Gregg. Finally the Main Event has been announced and Kate Avatar is stuck in the middle between her BFF Jamie Quine and her former tag team partner and good friend Talia Quinzel. Talia is unbeaten in BSC since arriving and won a #1 contenders match against 3-time former Queen of the Ring Alison Capone. Can she continue her unbeaten streak against the women who is now a 2-time BSC Queen of the Ring and who never lost the title in the ring the first time she held it? What role if any will Kate Avatar play as the special referee? Can she call it down the middle and not favor either woman? And will the mysterious masked wrestlers show up once again and cause trouble for anyone on this show? Main Event BSC Queen of the Ring Title Match Jaime Quine © vs Talia Quinzel With special referee Kate Avatar Qualifying Match - Hi-Roller Title #1 Hellcat Hernandez vs Coco De La Soledid Qualifying Match - Hi-Roller Title #2 Amy Galaxy vs Alison Capone Girl Power Tag Team Quarter Final Match #1 Tamara McFly & The Assassin vs Power Girl & Brittany Hollywood Girl Power Tag Team Quarter Final Match #2 Coco De La Soledid & Lindsay Sugar vs Roxy Kitten & Nurse Darla Knight Girl Power Tag Team Quarter Final Match #3 ??? vs America’s Sweethearts Girl Power Tag Team Quarter Final Match 4 Toni Parissi & Millie the Minx vs Faith McGee & Sprite Opening Singles Match Dharma Gregg vs Kate Avatar Plus we will hear from Foxxy LaRue who has been attacked on several occasions now by these masked assailants and there will be another Director's Chair with a special guest once again. All this and more at BSC Fire With in. Don't you miss it. Bonus Questions What tag team will face America's Sweethearts? What will be the highest rated match on the card?
  2. BSC.com News In a Internet taping match, Alexis Lee Littlefeahter was injured in a match with Alison Capone. Alexis suffered an injured hernia and will be out for 2+ months. The injury was caused by a botch by Capone. Littlefeather was said to be in line for a qualifying match at Fire Within for the Hi-Roller Title that would lead to a triple threat match the following month. Her injury has made plans for the Fire Within event to be changed and a new wrestler will be coming in to take her place. No word yet on who will take her place.
  3. Red Alert Post Show Discussion Moments after the Main Event Davis is at a Post Show table set up in the far corner of the Steamboat Pavilion Davis - Please welcome BSC President Mean Jean Cattley Cattley walks in slowly with an expression of concern on his face as he sits down. Davis - President Cattley tonight was certainly a memorable show with the Queen of the Ring title finally settled in the ring as Jaime Quine has reclaimed her title. But certainly a cloud of uncertainty is in the air. Cattley - It was a great match between Foxxy LaRue and Jaime Quine, but one has to wonder if the outcome would have been different if certain events hadn’t occurred earlier in the evening. While I congratulate Jaime on her win in the ring, Foxxy deserves and will get a rematch down the road. At this time though my concern is for the well being of Foxxy LaRue and also Catherine Quine. Davis - Any word on either of their conditions? Cattley - Both are being evaluated in the back. When we have word we will pass it along to the fans. Just then bursting through the doors a very emotional Jaime Quine comes in and stands in front of the desk. Kate Avatar quickly follows behind behind her best friend. Jaime - Jean they are taking Cat to the hospital to do x-rays! What the hell is going on and who are these thugs! Cattley - Jaime calm down, your sister is one tough competitor and….. Jaime - (grabs a microphone) Look whoever you are, come after me. I dare you to come after me. I’m going with Catherine to the hospital! (Jaime storms off and Kate follows her). Davis - Well obviously a scary situation with the World Champion. Cattley - If you will excuse me I need to go check on Cat (Cattley gets up to leave). Davis - Well clearly with tonight’s events are schedule is a little up in the air. We were going to have both the Quine’s out here to talk about their title matches. Perhaps we can get Kate Avatar to come back out to talk about her return to the ring and victory. But instead of Kate Avatar out comes Talia Quinzel who sits down next to Davis. Davis - Well Talia this is an unexpected surprise. Talia - Most men wouldn’t mind me sitting down next to them. Figured you needed to have someone out here so why next the next challenger to the Queen of the Ring title. Davis - (scrambling a bit) Yes Talia you had a busy night. Going from having no match you ended up in a #1 contender match against Alison Capone. Talia - Hopfully I ended any question about whether I’m deserving or not. I’m unbeaten here and well even though the title match is against Jaime Quine, a woman who I might add I have in the past respected greatly, I expect to come out the winner. That is if I get a fair shot. Davis - A fair shot? Talia - Well it seems to me that Jaime’s opponents seem to run into complications. A very convenient situation don’t you think? Davis - Certainly you can’t think Jaime’s involved in this. Her sister has been attacked two months in a row. Talia - I have no idea about that. I will just say the two have t always been close. But I’m not focusing on that, I’m clearly focused on my shot! At Fire Within, I get my shot at the Queen of the Ring title. I think that belt would look good around my waist don’t you Davis? Davis - Well you a certainly on a roll here and it should be a fantastic match. Let’s just hope it can go off without any interference. Talia - I have been thinking about that and while BSC has several fine referees in Erin Lawrence and David Poker, I kind of want to suggest maybe a special referee for this match. Davis - A special referee? Talia - Yes I want someone who can take care of herself in the ring and potentially stand up to these masked hooligans if needed. Yes I’m thinking Kate Avatar should be the special referee. I know that despite Jaime being her best friend, she’s my friend too. I don’t want favors, I want someone to call it down the middle but be prepared for the unexpected. Davis - Well that could certainly put Kate in a dangerous situation and such a request would have to go through BSC President Cattley. Talia, good luck at Fire Within. Talia - (winks) Thank you Davis (and she gets up to leave). Davis - After that I think, we’ll wait I’m getting word that Kate Avatar's coming back out. (Kate sits down at the table). Kate any word on Catherine Quine or Foxxy LaRue? Kate - First on Foxxy she’s being evaluated for a concussion. She took a lot of blows to the head tonight and honestly she probably should not have been out there. But she’s a fighter and you can’t keep her down. Now with Catherine, what a great win she had, but then once again she got attacked at ringside. Tonight they really got her. Davis - Well thankfully you were watching or got word and quickly got out there to help Jaime and a battered Foxxy stand them down. Kate - Yes thankfully there was a BSC pair of shorts and T-shirt which you can buy online at the BSC website by the way. Davis - Any ideas who might be behind it? Kate - I have some thoughts but what I can say is that it is without a doubt not Jaime! As to who might be behind these attacks, I’m keeping my eye on someone closely, but am not going to say who. Davis - Well quickly how was it to get back into the ring tonight. Coco certainly gave you a tussle. Kate - Coco has come a long ways and if she keeps working, she is going to make an impact here in BSC. But yes it felt great to get back into a BSC ring! I can’t wait until Fire Within. Davis - One last question, it’s clear you have been in the gym. Kate - (laughs) Well I’ve had a great training partner since high school and well he is the one who has been guiding me in my training. The gals today are getting bigger and stronger all the time so I decided to add a bit myself. Davis - Well I don’t know if you heard Talia, but she’s requesting you be the special referee for her match for the title. Kate - If President Cattley wants me to do that, then I will if he thinks it is best. That’s not my call but I don’t have a problem with it as long as Jaime or Talia don't have one. Jaime is my best friend, I will never do anything to jeopardize that. Talia is my good friend as well so if they want me out there as insurance policy against this gang then it works for me. Davis - Thanks for joining us for the after show. We will see you BSC fans at our High Stakes tapings and then at Fire Within next month. Good Night Everyone!
  4. BSC Presents Live from the Steamboat Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada August 30th, 2013 Pre show match results Brittany Hollywood defeated Nurse Darla Knight by pinfall 6:21 Kallie Kinney defeated Lindsay Sugar by pinfall in 4:33 Kathy McMahon defeated Amy Galaxy by submission in 7:45 Main show Davis and Sarah welcome everyone to Red Alert Davis - Tonight we will crown the new BSC Queen of the Ring in the main event. Will it be Foxxy LaRue or will it be Jaime Quine? Sarah - My money is on Foxxy as my hunch is she will reveal her true self to everyone tonight. Davis - Her true self? What does that mean? Sarah - But maybe more important than the Queen of the Ring title, we have a World Title match here tonight with The Assassin taking on Catherine Quine for something called the AWF World title. Davis - A prestigious title and one that Catherine Quine has had and defended quite proudly. Sarah - Well that title is about to get an upgrade as my personal pick is the Assassin. She will without a doubt win the match and become the new AWF World Champion. She will destroy the so-called legendary career of Catherine Quine! Davis - We have 5 big scheduled matches tonight and our first one includes 2 former Queen of the Ring champions as it will be Tamara McFly taking on Alexis Lee Littlefeather. Let’s head to the ring. Singles Match VS Alexis Lee Littlefeather vs Tamara McFly 1 Fall 15 Minute Time Limit Davis - These ladies have gone out and put on a wrestling clinic in this match and we have about 1 minute left. It’s been a very fair fight between these two.. Sarah - True but McFly has gained the advantage and is setting up her figure 4 leglock. That spells a lot of trouble for Littlefeather. Davis - The question is does she have time left to win it or will Littlefeather be able to hang on. McFly has it locked in….. 30 seconds remaining….. Davis - The referee is asking Littlefeather if she wants to give it up. She screams no but is in tremendous pain. The referee turns to tell McFly that she won’t quit but turns his attention back to Alexis. As he does that McFly grabs the middle rope for leverage and Littlefeather’s shoulders are down….1….2….3…..bell rings Sarah - Did McFly win or was it a draw? Davis - The ref is instructing McFly who has released the ropes before the ref turned to face her but has not released the Figure 4. He’s demanding that she releases the hold but McFly refuses and continues to add more pressure. The referee begins to count and McFly finally releases the hold at the count of 4. Sarah - He’s raising Tamara’s hand. Davis - Tamara McFly with a bit of cheating has snuck out a victory here in the last seconds of this match. Davis - McFly prevails but now it’s time for Brittany Hollywood who won a match earlier tonight and the Directors Chair. The Director’s Chair With Brittany Hollywood Special Guest - Talia Quinzel Brittany Hollywood who seems to be coming into her own a bit and gaining confidence comes out to her set. Brittany - Welcome everyone to what might be the highlight of the evening. It’s time for the soon to be award winning Directors Chair talk show and tonight my guest is someone who maybe has some explaining to do. Please join me Talia Quinzel. Talia comes out to a bit of a mixed reaction but it’s more like ⅔ cheers and ⅓ boos. Talia sits down and waits for Brittany Brittany - Well Talia, welcome back to BSC but it seems like something has been bothering you and I think it’s time to discuss whatever it is. Talia - (Looks around) Maybe so, but I want Kate Avatar to come join us as well before I go into things and even if I may even be so bold, BSC President Mean Jean Cattley. Brittany - Wait why do you want them both here? Talia - If you want me to talk, then they should be here to hear what I have to say. Brittany - Well we are going to need a few more chairs. First Kate comes out and goes straight to Talia with a confused look on her face. She is talking to Talia but the mics can’t pick up what she is saying. A few moments later President Cattley also joins the 3 ladies. Mean Jean - Alright Talia you’ve got us all out here. So let’s hear it. Talia - Fine (Turning to Kate). Remember when you called me in May and talked to me about BSC was getting back in business. You said you gave my name to the BSC board and President Cattley. You told them I was a good young talent and that you felt based on my work previously here and around the country I’d be a good hire for the company. Kate - Yes of course Talia and I made that call to them and you were hired. I don’t understand what this is all a…. Talia - Well I’ll tell you what it is all about! One of the selling points that you and even Mr. Cattley referenced was the 8 woman tournament for the Marilyn Stardust Classic. Well if you don’t remember, I was supposed to be one of those eight entrants. (Glaring at Kate) Do you remember that Kate? Kate - Yes, but Talia - But then you had complications with your delivery and eventually you were ruled out of the competition. I received a call from you Mr Cattley stating that he was trying to bring in a replacement for you. Mean Jean - That’s correct, we were looking for and thought we had a suitable replacement lined up for the tournament. Talia - So what happened? I mean as the fans know the Classic was reformatted with a tag match to set up a 6-woman tournament and I wasn’t included! So after I was promised a spot I was suddenly left out and scheduled in a singles match against of all people Amy Galaxy. I mean seriously I went from being in the tournament to a preliminary singles match without even a fair explanation that night, but I went out and kicked Amy’s ass! Mean Jean - The replacement we felt we had, decided to take a job with another promotion. You were notified about this change that night. Talia - Why not just put Galaxy into the tournament as Kate’s replacement? That way I would have kept my spot in the tournament and then would have easily moved on and probably won the whole damn thing! Mean Jean - Look we made a decision based on the information we had at the time. To be honest neither you or Miss Galaxy’s resume was up to the other competitors we had in the tournament. So at the time, I made the call to change the format. Talia - (looking at Kate) And where were you Kate while all this was going on? You were my tag team partner before and my friend. You were the one that recommended me to the new BSC board and this guy. Why didn’t you back me up when they were discussing this? I mean basically it’s because of you that I lost my spot. Kate - Look Talia, I did back you up. I…. Talia - (stands with her 5’11 frame towering over the seated Avatar). Then why did I get screwed? Why don’t I even have a match tonight? Can you explain that to me? Mean Jean (stands up and moves toward Talia) - Your beef isn’t with Kate Avatar. In fact if it wasn’t for her you wouldn’t even have been offered a spot in the first place. Now I’m going to say this once and I don’t really care if you like it or don’t like it. I had to make a decision that day hours before Ambition to figure out what to do with the Classic. There wasn’t enough time to find a big name replacement, so I made the call to modify it the way I did. I will stand by that decision and felt it was the right one at the time . Talia - You owe me my shot. I have wrestled what, 8 matches at the two shows last month and on High Stakes tapings over the last 2 months. What’s my record, 8-0. Has anyone even come close to defeating me, no! Has anyone from you or the BSC management even said hey Talia impressive matches you’ve been in. You’re looking dominant in the ring. You deserve a shot to move up into more important matches. Has anyone said that? Kate, you haven’t even said congrats or looking good Talia! Kate - Look Talia, I was……I’m sorry. I’ve had a lot going on with trying to get cleared and then train for my return. Talia - Yes well Kate you can take your apology……Maybe I should just cha….. Mean Jean - Now hold on before you say something you will regret. I still believe I did the right thing based on the information that I had at the time, but clearly as the Boss here I should have done a better job explaining the situation to you. Now before you say anything that is going to change my mind I might have an offer for you. Would you like to hear it? Talia - Doesn’t look like I have much of a choice, since I can’t even get booked in a match to go move to 9-0 here. Mean Jean - There just so happens to be another former Queen of the Ring here tonight who also doesn’t have a match. Maybe we should schedule a match tonight between the two of you. And maybe even add a special stipulation that the winner of said match will get a shot at whoever wins the Queen of the Ring title next month. Talia - So when I win this match and go to 9-0. When I do that then I get a shot at the title next month against the winner of Foxxy and Jaime? If that is what you are saying, fine I’m in. Mean Jean - Don’t you even want to know who it is before you agree. Talia - Doesn’t matter, I’m ready for whoever. Kate - Talia wait….. Mean Jean (looks at Kate before speaking) - Well I do like to see confidence. Your opponent had asked for a match against you so I guess they are getting what they want as well. Your opponent tonight is the former 3-time Queen of the Ring. The Gangster of Love Alison Capone! Good luck to you. Brittany - There you have it, a match has been scheduled for later tonight between Talia Quinzel and someone she is very familiar with, the Gangster of Love Alison Capone! The winner gets a title shot for the Queen of the Ring title next month, let’s head back to Davis and Sarah at Ringside. There is an uneasy look between Talia and Kate as the camera shot switches to the ring for the next match. Davis - Well Talia Quinzel spoke about her issues with getting left out of the Marilyn Stardust Classic, but it was not Cattley’s or Kate’s fault. Sarah - Cattley messed up that night. He should have just put Galaxy in the match against Quinzel. He cheated her out of the opportunity. Davis - Well whether you agree with that or not we have an added match to the show. Coco De La Soleid has entered the ring for her match with the medically cleared and returning Kate Avatar. But Kate is still in what looks like a heated discussion with Talia Quinzel. It looks like Talia just told Kate to go to the ring, we will talk later. Sarah - Avatar looks flustered but she better get her mind on this match. Coco has stated she is no warm up match. Davis - Avatar steps into the ring but still looks back. Avatar still has her robe on as the referee checks her. She slides off the robe and holy mackerel, Avatar looks like she has been really hitting the gym a lot lately while she was out of action. Sarah - Looks like she has packed on 10 plus pounds of muscle. Maybe Coco is a warm up match after all…. Singles Match VS Kate Avatar vs Coco De La Soledid 1 Fall - 15 Minute Time Limit Davis - Kate wins her return match and while she might have had a bit of ring rust, she looked good. Coco put up a very good fight in there as Kate goes over to help Coco up and shake her hand. Sarah - Avatar looked good but even with the new look she has a long way to go to get back into title contention. Davis - Next up is the match that was made on the Director’s Chair. It will be Talia Quinzel taking on a former 3-time QOTR champion in Alison Capone. Sarah - Talia has her work cut out for her. She might be 8-0 here in her return to BSC, but The Gangster of Love is a step up in competition. Davis - The winner gets a shot at whoever wins the title match tonight. Let’s go to the ring. Singles Match - Winner becomes the #1 Contender to the QOTR Ring Title and gets a shot next month VS Talia Quinzel vs Alison ‘The Gangster of Love” Capone 1 Fall - 20 Minute Time Limit Davis - It’s nice to see Talia smiling again as Kate Avatar comes into the ring. Sarah - Are we going to have a fight right now between these two? Davis - Kate steps up to Talia, pauses and then the two women embrace in a hug. Sarah - Oh come on, I think I’m going to be sick. Davis - As these two hug it out I’m getting word that something is going on in the back locker room area. Let’s head back there with the newest member of the BSC staff, Allison Addison. The camera heads back towards the locker room area where Allison Addison is standing outside the locker room door of Foxxy LaRue Allison Addison - I was preparing for an interview with Foxxy LaRue but there is something going on in her locker room. (Opens the door as a hooded figure heads out another door as Foxxy LaRue is lying on the floor bloodied and not moving.). Oh my god we need some help back here as Foxxy LaRue is down and appears to be seriously injured. (Yells out the door) We need some help in here right away! We will be back later to provide any updates to Foxxy’s condition. Davis - So once again Foxxy has been attacked and one has to assume it is the same person or persons who did so on last months on the Director’s Chair, but this time it looks much more severe. Sarah - No telling who it is, but who would benefit most from Foxxy not being able to go tonight? Davis - You can’t be suggesting Jaime Quine. Sarah - Yes or someone who is connected to her. She has been known to run with “Family” before. Davis - Well I honestly do not think Jaime Quine would be behind such tactics. But now it's time for the return of America’s Sweethearts as they look to position themselves in line for the BSC tag team titles. Sarah - At High Stakes, the future of the BSC tag team titles will be addressed. Tag Team Match VS Danielle Sweetheart & Amber Allen (America’s Sweethearts vs Toni Parissi & Hellcat Hernandez 1 Fall - 20 Minute Time Limit Davis - A big win for the Sweethearts but we are again going to the back for a word with Jaime Quine who is with our Allison Addison. Allison Addision - I’m here with Jaime Quine and Jaime. I have to ask you, what do you know about these attacks on Foxxy LaRue? Jaime - (Looking upset) She’s in the back with the medical staff. I don’t know how she’s doing but it didn’t look good. Allison - Any ideas who is behind it? Jaime - No I don’t know who is behind it and no it is not me! Look, Catherine was attacked last month, so it isn’t her. And before anyone questions if my best friend is behind it, she was out in the ring with Talia when this happened tonight, so it isn’t either of them. Allison - But you can understand that you appear to have the most to gain if Foxxy is injured or isn’t able to compete tonight. Jaime - Look if Foxxy can’t compete tonight then we will just postpone the match. I want to win the title in the ring, fair and square. I’m not interested in any cheap victories. Allison - You have to admit this has all the earmarking's of The Family, the group you used to be a prominent member of. Jaime - Keywords “used to be“. Just then the Assassin walks up, smiles and says “ Your sister is next” as she grins behind her mask and then walks away just as Catherine Quine enters the scene. Catherine - Jaime, don’t worry me, I’ve got this. Go get prepared for your match. Jaime - But I might not have even a m..,,, Catherine - Jaime, I know Foxxy and she will be ready. She will be pissed off and ready so you need to go prepare. Now go…… (Jaime leaves the area and Catherine turns to the Allison). Look Jaime has nothing to do with this. Sure she went with the Family several years ago. She was young and made a mistake. She’s trying to do this the right way this time to prove to everyone, she is the best. Allison - Ok well let’s quickly ask you about your title match tonight against the diabolical Assassin. Catherine - She’s tough, but she’s not tough enough. After I win and retain my World Title (holds up the belt), I am going to join Jaime at ringside for her match and make sure no one interferes in that match. Allison - Ok you’ve heard it here, now back to ringside. Davis - AWF World Title Match Time. Any thoughts Sarah? Sarah - I think we are going to have a new World Champion. One we can be proud of. And look who has come down to the ringside area and sitting next to the timekeeper's table. Davis - That can’t be good news for Catherine Quine as it is Sienna DeVille. AWF World Title Match VS The Assassin vs Catherine Quine (c) 1 Fall - 60 Minute Time Limit Davis - Catherine Quine retains the title with a big win over the Assassin and to my surprise Sienna DeVille is still just sitting by the timekeeper’s table. Sarah - Why so surprised, she’s just sitting here and enjoying the matches. Davis - Well Catherine Quine is still at ringside giving high fives to the fans but here comes President Cattley to the Ring. He’s grabbed a microphone…. President Cattley - Jaime Quine please come down to the ring. Davis - Jaime has come out and is walking to the ring and Catherine Quine has joined Mean Jean in the ring. Jaime steps into the ring and stands next to her sister. President Cattley - I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but I can’t in good faith sanction this match tonight (crowd boos ). Foxxy LaRue is not 100% so this match is going to be post…… (Just then Foxxy LaRue steps out and starts to make her way down the ramp. Her bloody head is heavily bandaged). Foxxy - Hold it right there Cattley. Foxxy don’t play that game you are selling! I might be a little banged up, but I’m standing and I’m ready to fight. Cattley - Are you sure? We can move the match to High Stakes. Foxxy - We ain’t moving nothing! I just have one question for you Quine. I want you to look Foxxy in the eyes when you answer. Are you behind this (pointing to her head)? Jaime - No! I didn’t attack you, I didn’t ask anyone to attack you or my sister! I don’t know who is doing this, I swear! Foxxy - (Looks at her). I’ll take your word on it for now, but if I find out you’re lying to Foxxy. Foxxy will make your life a living hell! I guarantee that. Now get a referee and ring the damn bell! Cattley - Are you sure Foxxy? Foxxy - I said ring it! Davis - Well I’m not sure this is a good idea, but Foxxy is hellbent to fight for the title. Sarah - I’m not sure who is dumber, Foxxy or Jaime Quine. BSC Queen of the Ring Title Match VS w/ Foxxy LaRue vs Jaime Quine w/Catherine Quine 1 Fall - No Time Limit, there has to be a winner Davis - Well there was no signs of interference from anyone as Jaime Quine prevails with a KO Kick after a hard fought battle against a battered, bloody and game Foxxy LaRue. Both women are exhausted and…… Sarah - Look out, coming from the crowd we have two people with masks and hoodies on and that have gotten the jump on Catherine Quine and are brutally battering her. Davis - My god that was a very quick and vicious assault on Catherine Quine as they just rammed her head into the steel ring post. Now these two are picking up Catherine and wow they just double powered bombed her through our announce table. Jaime Quine is just getting up and now sees her sister in a crumpled heap as these two goons make their way towards the ring and are pointing at Jaime Quine, or is it Foxxy? Sarah - The question is, are they coming after Jaime, or looking to finish Foxxy. Davis - I’m not sure but they are certainly looking like they are pointing at Jaime. And here comes Kate Avatar flying down the aisle from the back with a baseball bat in her hands. It looks like she just got out of the shower. Her hair is all wet and it looks like she just threw something on to come out here. She is standing in front of these two and just daring them to step forward waving that bat. Sarah - Sienna DeVille just got up and is leaving the ringside area and walking towards the backstage. Davis - Well the standoff is ending as the two hooded figures slide out of the ring and head back out of the ringside area. Kate jumps down first still carrying the bat as she comes down to check on Catherine as Jaime comes to join her. Kate - (shouting) Get some help out here now! Davis - Jaime Quine has won the Queen of the Ring title tonight after beating a game, battered and pissed off Foxxy LaRue. Catherine Quine retained her World Championship but was broken in half by these now 2 masked hit women. Sarah - Don’t look now but standing at the back of the aisle just in front of the curtain. Davis - Now there are 3 of them with masks and hoodies on. Security has formed a wall between these 3 and the ring. What the hell is going on here. Join us for High Stakes as we hope to have some answers to these questions.
  5. In a rare glimpse behind the vends…..Kate Avatar is at her home in Henderson, NV and is with her best friend Jaime Quine who is down before the Red Alert show tomorrow night. Kate - It’s sure good to have you here Jaime. Jaime - You know I love staying here with you guys when I come down. The kids are so much fun to be around. Kate - The twins love seeing you, and so do I. Jaime - So you got your clearance (with a wink in her eye) from the “Doc”? Kate - (Laughs) Yes all clear and ready to go. Jaime - You still think this was the best way to go with things, I mean with you not competing for the title. Kate - Yes I really do. It allowed us to push more talent from the start giving The Assassin, Foxxy, Talia and others more storylines to build on. Plus it allowed me to work in the back more and work with Jean and Marty. Jaime - You think we are making the right decision with Foxxy? Kate - Yes, I do. I think she could be a big star for us before she gets taken by the bigger companies. The alliance helps so we are not poaching from each other, but you know that sooner or later they will start to come knocking. Jaime - What about the main event. Maybe instead of me and Foxxy we should put Catherine in that spot with her to world title match against Assassin. Kate - I talked to Catherine at the last taping. She seemed okay with going on before you guys. Did she change her mind and asked you to see if we could change it? Jaime - No she agrees that with us crowning the first QOTR since the relaunch that the BSC title match should go on last. She said she would do the same thing if she was booking it. But what if…. Kate - Jaime you guys are going to kill it. I actually think that your match with Foxxy will be higher ”rated” than Catherine and Assassin. Where do you think we should slide in the Director’s Chair segment? Jaime - When’s your match on the show? Kate - 2nd Jaime - Then I think you should have the DC right before your match. You’ll be talking with Talia at the end and then need to go to the ring. Kate - Yeah that makes sense. Jaime - The fans are going to be surprised when they see you. You and Marty have really been hitting the gym. How much have you gained? Kate - When I was in the ring with BSC in 2011 I was weighing about 135. Jaime - And now? Kate - A pretty solid 147. Jaime - Here’s to tomorrow night being a success (raises her glass of wine). Kate - (Clinging her glass to Jaime’s) We are off and running now. Here’s to us! Cheers!
  6. Key for Predictions: Left Shot vs Lassana Makutsi in the Quarter-finals of LSW King Of The Rodeo [1 Pts] James Prudence vs Raphael in the Quarter-finals of LSW King Of The Rodeo [1 Pts] Texas Hangman vs Jared Johnson in the Quarter-finals of LSW King Of The Rodeo [1 Pts] Renegade Bradley Blaze vs Kip Keenan in the Quarter-finals of LSW King Of The Rodeo [1 Pts] Lasagna Makutsi vs James Prudence in the Semi-finals of LSW King Of The Rodeo [1 Pts] Texas Hangman vs Kip Keenan in the Semi-finals of LSW King Of The Rodeo [1 Pts] James Prudence vs Kip Keenan in the Final of LSW King Of The Rodeo [3 Pts]
  7. Last tv taping highlight Davis - This Friday night the Queen of the ring title will finally be decided as former champion and Marilyn Stardust Classic winner Jaime Quine will go against the 2012 Jackpot Rumble winner Foxxy LaRue. Now I have asked both ladies to come out here and hopefully we can have a civil conversation. I have also asked BSC President Jean Cattley to join us as well. President Cattley, do you have any words for our two competitors? Mean Jean - First thing I want to congratulate you both on winning the events you have to be at this point heading into this match. What I want to tell you both is this match will be a no Time Limit contest as we must have a winner. The title in this case can be won by a count-out or a DQ. You will keep wrestling until a decision has been reached. Is that clear? (Both women nod their acceptance of the rules). This match will also be one of the co-Main Events at Red Alert and there has been some discussion that a World title should go on last. But this is BSC and we will be crowning our first Queen of the Ring, our highest title honor in our promotion. So after careful consideration myself and the BSC Board have decided that this match, for the BSC Queen of the Ring title match will go on last. Now all I will say in closing is good luck and may the best competitor win! (Cattley shakes both s hands). Davis - Well now we have the rules and placement for the match from President Cattley, it’s time to get some thoughts from are two competitors. We will start with Foxxy LaRue first. Foxxy - Jaime, I have been an admirer of yours, but I have also been waiting 2 ½ years for this opportunity. You may have been Queen of the Ring before, but this is my chance to show the world what Foxxy is all about. In saying that, I have 1 question that I need to ask you. Did you have anything to do with that masked goon attack me last month at Heat Check? Jaime - Did I have someone dressed in a black mask and hoodie jump you on the set the Director’s Chair? Absolutely not! How could you even think it was me when a mask goon attacked my sister after my match with the Assassin? I was in the ring, so it couldn’t have been me. Foxxy - I didn’t ask if it was you. What I asked is if you had someone attack me. Maybe like some of your old Friends from “the Family”. Jaime - I’m not even going to dignify that question with a comment. Now getting to our match for the Queen of the Ring title, let me be clear. I never lost that title in the ring. I lost it because the company shut down and when it re-started they asked me to turn it in because it had not been defended for 2 years. So it was going to be given to the winner of the Marilyn Stardust Classic until you reminded everyone of your golden ticket from the 2011 Jackpot Rumble. The fact is I should still be the champion! I never lost the belt, I won the classic, I should be the champ. But I’m willing to earn my belt back, and unfortunately for you, that means I must and will beat you! Foxxy - You sound confident and that’s good, but I’m also supremely confident that Foxxy is going to win that belt. But I’m telling you, if Foxxy gets attacked again and if Foxxy finds out that you or someone associated with you is behind it. Then Foxxy is going to personally take it out on you in a very harsh manner. So much so that will make you never wish you were never born. I hope I’m making myself clear! Jaime - As I said, I’m not behind the attack on you. But I am very interested in finding out who it is. Remember they attacked my sister besides you. So I very much want to get to the bottom of this. But instead of you worrying about what I might have someone doing outside the ring, you’d better be very sure to pay attention to me inside the ring. Because I’m there at Red Alert for one thing and that is to win back my title. The title I never lost! Davis - There is a lot of uncertainty between these two ladies, but one thing is for certain. We will have our next Queen of the ring since our relaunch. Will it be Foxxy LaRue or Jaime Quine (crowd is pretty evenly split in their support). The other question is who is behind these attacks as both Foxxy LaRue and Catherine Quine have felt the sting of their attack. Join us on Friday for Red Alert! Jaime and Foxxy stand in front of each other as President Cattley stands between them holding up the Queen of the Ring title as the internet show ends. VS Quick Prediction Lineup Pre-Show Matches Brittany Hollywood vs Nurse Darla Knight Kallie Kinney vs Lindsay Sugar Amy Galaxy vs Kathy McMahon Main Show Kate Avatar vs Coco De La Soledid Tamara McFly vs Alexis Lee Littlefeather America’s Sweethearts (Amber Allen & Danielle Sweetheart) vs Toni Parissi and ??? Special Challenge Match A Former BSC Queen of the Ring ??? vs Talia Quinzel Co-Main Event AWF Women’s World Championship* The Assassin vs Catherine Quine (c) Main Event For the BSC Queen of the Ring Title Foxxy LaRue 2011 Jackpot Rumble Winner vs Jaime Quine 2013 Marilyn Stardust Classic Winner Bonus Questions 1.) Will Kate Avatar actually receive medical clearance to compete in her match? 2.) Who will be Toni Parisi’s partner in the tag match vs America’s Sweethearts? 3.) Who is the former BSC Queen of the Ring that will compete against Talia Quinzel?
  8. Several interviews during the recent TV tapings Sienna DeVille joins the set after a match that saw the Assassin choke out Penalope Pitstop with the Cobra Clutch after a crushing headbutt. Davis - By your presence can we assume that the Assassin is one of your gang that we will soon be seeing you with? Sienna - My business with the Assassin or anyone else for that matter is none of your business. Let’s just say I appreciate where the Assassin is coming from with her thoughts after the Marilyn Stardust Classic. Davis - So you are working with the Assassin! Sienna - Davis you’re a fool. I do have my plan coming together though and soon it will become evident to everyone just who and what that is. Davis - You’re certainly talking in circles and making no sense whatsoever. Sienna - Well maybe you can make sense of this, call it a warning. Catherine Quine, you are sticking your big nose in business that does not concern you. Going forward, perhaps you should not but into things that do not concern you. Trust me, you have enough enemies and you do not want to make anymore deary. Davis - Sienna DeVille everyone and while she is not saying much, you have to know there is evil intent behind those eyes. After being in the corner for Talia Quinzel’s win on TV against Susan Dey, Kate Avatar comes over to the desk. Davis - Kate we are just a week away from your hopeful return to the ring. Have you been medically cleared? Kate - Before we get to that, I just got to say how proud I am of Talia Quinzel. She just keeps going out there and winning and improving. Davis - Speaking of Talia some of her recent matches she has shown a more aggressive side to herself. Any thoughts as to what’s going on? Kate - Trust me Talia is fine. Maybe she was a little frustrated in recent weeks, but we have talked and have discussed a career path for her that is going to take her to the next level. But not I’ll answer your question. My appointment with Doc Adams is next Wednesday and I believe I am ready and will be medically cleared. Davis - We understand you have been in the gym and training hard. Kate - Honestly even after having gone through child birth twice with 3 kids, I am in the best shape of my life. I’ve never been physically stronger and I’m only 23 and don’t have a lot of mileage on this body. Sarah - You have a tune up match against Coco if you get cleared at Red Alert. Any thoughts about that? Kate - Coco De La Soledid is anything but a tune-up match. She is a tough competitor who continues to work hard and improve. I’ll have my work cut out for me to win that match. Sarah - Why not accept the Assassin’s challenge last week? Scared? Kate - (looking annoyed) Look I was ready to take on the Assassin right there and then. It’s a good thing for the Assassin that Catherine came out. Davis - And it worked out well for the Assassin, she’s getting a shot at the World title. Kate - Yes it was good fortune for the Assassin. She got a title match and didn’t get her butt kicked on TubeTop by me for free. (Crowd pops) Davis - Good luck in your return Kate against Coco. Just then Coco De La Soledid joins the discussion. Coco - Tune up match! Is that what you said!? Kate I hope your cleared and ready, because I’m coming to Red Alert looking for my biggest singles win of my career. It won’t be no tune up match, I guarantee that. Why don’t you stick around and watch how I go about taking care business. With that Coco heads to the ring to take on her opponent. Davis - A very fired up Coco De La Soledid just whipped Pamela Sue Martin in 2:12 Kate - She looks really good and ready. As I said I will have my work cut out. As the camera catches a smiling Sienna DeVille looking on in the crowd nodding approvingly after Coco’s hand is raised in the air.
  9. John Greed vs Mikey Lau Avalanche, Chill and Primus Allen vs Oliver Kobb, Robbie Retro and Steven Parker Joey Morgan vs Randy Unleashed Mainstream Hernandez vs ZWB Remo vs Rogue vs Scythe vs Valiant (BONUS) Will SWF top the weekly TV ratings for the third week in a row? No
  10. Evan Alpass vs Bret Heartbreak w/ Holly Leves Cruiserweight World Cup Qualifier: Grant Taypen vs Glen Ward Jase Cole vs Puffy The Sand Iron Player Cruiserweight World Cup Qualifier: Stardust Phil Cox vs ??? NWF World Heavyweight Championship: 'The Springbok' Landon Mallory (C) vs Welsh Dragon
  11. A segment from the recent High Stakes internet show Davis - Well the Assassin had a match earlier today where she was once again victorious but she has asked for some time here on the show to voice her concerns about the Main Event of Heat Check where she lost to Jaime Quine in the Marilyn Stardust Classic Final. The Assassin - Against Jaime Quine, no. Against Jaime Quine, Catherine Quine and that no good snake Kate Avatar yes. It was 3 against 1 and does the BSC Board or President do anything about it? NO! Davis - Well that is how you see it, but what about you loading that mask of yours. Clearly you were.... The Assassin - There is no proof of that. I was giving Jaime Quine the beating of her life and then Little Miss Mommy had to jump into the fray and save her so called best friend. I want and deserve a rematch. Davis - Well that is not going to happen. The BSC President Mean Jean Cattley has ruled that the result was fair. So the title match at Red Alert will be Jaime Quine vs Foxxy LaRue. The Assassin - I am not going to stand for this! I demand justice and if I can have a title match then maybe I just need to take my frustration out on Jaime Quine's little BFF Kate Avatar. That is if little Mommy Katie has the guts to get in the ring with a real woman! Davis - Kate Avatar is scheduled to be at Red Alert and has a conditional match already signed, if she is medically cleared. The Assassin - So in other words she afraid of me. Her kids if they were old enough would be ashamed of her, the gutless punk bit..... Just then Kate Avatar walks out to the interview desk with a purpose. Kate - You want to go right now? I don't need no medical clearance to be able to kick your ass! Let's do it! The Assassin laughs and Catherine Quine comes running out to the desk as Kate climbs into the ring. Catherine - Now just a minute. Look here you. You act like you are all innocent but everyone knows that you load that mask, or that boot of yours. Now you are out here calling out an injured competitor when she isn't medically cleared to compete yet. That sounds like a coward to me! The Assassin - Maybe you would like to take her place, you are just as much to blame as that blonde haired bimbo in the ring. Catherine - Maybe I would. The Assassin seems surprised at Quine's response with the look on her face. Catherine - And tell you what Assassin, I will even put up my AWF Women's World title against you, IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO GET IN THE RING WITH ME AT RED ALERT! (crowd pops) Davis - Well Assassin, it sounds like Catherine Quine here is offering you a chance at a lifetime. (As Kate stands in the ring begging the Assassin to come in). Catherine - Let me put it very clear to you Assassin. You stay away from both Kate and Jaime and our match will be for the AWF title. I am sure I can convince the AWF Championship committee that even a loser like yourself is worthy for a chance at the title. Kind of like a fair tale Rocky moment for you. If you have the courage to take it. But I will warn you the outcome will not be a fairytale, it will be the stark reality that I am the World Champion and you are just a minnow in a small pond. What do you say? The Assassin - Fine your on! Davis - (with his hand to his earpiece) I am getting word from President Cattley that if the AWF sanctions the match that BSC will allow it to be the Co-Main Event for Red Alert.
  12. BSC announces its next show Red Alert 2013 Main Event For the BSC Queen of the Ring Title Foxxy LaRue 2011 Jackpot Rumble Winner vs Jaime Quine 2013 Marilyn Stardust Classic Winner Foxxy LaRue finally gets her long awaited title shot after winning the 2011 Jackpot Rumble before the company closed down. Her opponent happens to be the woman who was champion and who she was scheduled to face in April 2011. Can Jaime Quine become a 2-time Queen of the Ring or will Foxxy finally break through and win the title? Co-Main Event AWF Women’s World Championship* The Assassin vs Catherine Quine (c) After the events around Heat Check the Assassin originally called out Kate Avatar but was greeted by Catherine Quine instead. Quine stated Avatar was not yet medically cleared so there was no guarantee the Assassin would get her match. Since the Assassin also blamed Catherine Quine for her loss last month, she challenge the World Champion. Catherine Quine smiled and said let’s make it a title match which the Assassin gladly accepted. *The AWF was the alliance that AAA created in the old diary, but has since recently merged in the new COTT alliance. There will be a tournament for the COTT Women’s World title and then down the road there will likely be a title unification match. There will be a special Director’s Chair with guest Talia Quinzel During the Directors Chair segment the following match for Talia will be made. A special stipulation by BSC President Mean Jean Cattley will also be announced during the segment. Special Challenge Match A Former BSC Queen of the Ring ??? vs Talia Quinzel Tag Team Match America’s Sweethearts (Amber Allen & Danielle Sweetheart) vs Toni Parissi and ??? BSC will soon announce the revival of the tag team titles. 3 of these ladies announced have been BSC tag team champions in the past. The question is who will be Parisi’s partner Singles Match Tamara McFly vs Alexis Lee Littlefeather Two former Queens of the Ring lock horns as both try to overcome their loses in the Marilyn Stardust Classic Singles Match Hopefully making her return to the ring Kate Avatar vs Coco De La Soledid If she receives medical clearance, Kate Avatar will return to the ring. If she does not receive that clearance then a new opponent will be named the night of the show. Quick Prediction Lineup Pre-Show Matches Brittany Hollywood vs Nurse Darla Knight Kallie Kinney vs Lindsay Sugar Amy Galaxy vs Kathy McMahon Main Show Kate Avatar vs Coco De La Soledid Tamara McFly vs Alexis Lee Littlefeather America’s Sweethearts (Amber Allen & Danielle Sweetheart) vs Toni Parissi and ??? Special Challenge Match A Former BSC Queen of the Ring ??? vs Talia Quinzel Co-Main Event AWF Women’s World Championship* The Assassin vs Catherine Quine (c) Main Event For the BSC Queen of the Ring Title Foxxy LaRue 2011 Jackpot Rumble Winner vs Jaime Quine 2013 Marilyn Stardust Classic Winner Bonus Questions 1.) Will Kate Avatar actually receive medical clearance to compete in her match? 2.) Who will be Toni Parisi’s partner in the tag match vs America’s Sweethearts? 3.) Who is the former BSC Queen of the Ring that will compete against Talia Quinzel?
  13. BSC Presents Heat Check 2013 Live from the Steamboat Hotel Pavilion Las Vegas, NV Pre-Show Matches Kallie Kinney defeated Nurse Hope Daye in 5:14 by pinfall Kathy McMahon defeated Sara Taylor in 5:51 by submission Amy Galaxy defeated Nurse Darla Knight by pinfall in 8:22 Faith McGee vs Toni Parissi fought to a time limit draw 10;00 Davis - Welcome everyone to Heat Check! We have a very hot show tonight where we will decide the Marilyn Stardust Classic. Sarah - And the winner of the Classic will advance to Red Alert 2013 to face Foxxy LaRue. That is if she survives Hellcat Hernandez! Davis - The outcome of that match has no bearing on Foxxy. Sarah - Unless of course, Hellcat takes her out! I have a feeling it’s no coincidence that Hellcat just happened to show up and target Foxxy LaRue. Davis - We have a total of 7 great matches tonight and our lead off match could be the most dangerous and unpredictable of the all. Jaime Quine is taking on Tamara McFly. Kate Avatar caught up with both women just moments ago. Kate is in the locker of her mentor, Tamara McFly. Kate - Tamara there is obviously a lot of emotion here tonight in this match between you and Jaime. Tamara - Maybe for you Kate, not for me. I am laser focused with my sights set on once again becoming Queen of the Ring. To do that, I need to take out your so-called Bestie. My advice to you is remember what I told you about the Quine’s 2 years ago. You can’t trust them. Kate - Well Jaime is…. Tamara - Don’t tell me she is not like her sister! I know better. I’ve been around and have seen first hand how the Quine’s play the game. Just remember what happened to you several years ago. But Kate, know this. When you are back and ready, once I win the Queen of the Ring, I’ll give you a shot at it. Tamara walks off. Davis - Tamara McFly is truly looking ready for this match. Sarah - She’s the favorite to win it all even if she has to win 3 matches. Davis - Let’s head back to Kate Avatar now with Jaime Quine. Kate is in the locker room with her best friend Jaime Quine but is surprised at what she sees. Kate - Jaime, it looks like you have company here tonight. (As Catherine Quine joins into view). Jaime - Well with so much going on here tonight, it never hurts to have some eyes watching your back. Kate - Jaime I would have had your back tonight if you asked. Catherine - My understanding is that your pretty busy tonight with these backstage duties and you are guest commentator for the Main Event. Plus you still aren’t cleared Kate. When I saw the Assassin and that group of thugs on High Stakes, I knew I had to come down and be in my sisters corner. Kate - Of course. Now Jaime I don’t know if you heard Tamara’s words. Jaime - I heard her loud and clear. She’s laser focused and has a clear grudge against my family. She never wanted me here and maybe it’s because she fears this woman right here. Well instead of fearing Catherine, she should be more worried about me. Catherine - I’m not getting involved in any matches, unless of course I am given reason to get involved. Kate - Well this is going to be a war, back to Davis and Sarah at ringside. Davis - And here comes Tamara McFly who probably has no idea what will be standing at ringside. Sarah - There is no reason that Catherine Quine should be here. She doesn’t even like this company. Davis - McFly is in the ring and her comes Jaime Quine followed by her sister and Tamara McFly is not very happy to see the elder Quine here. Sarah - The referee should kick her out of the ring area. She doesn’t have a managers license. Marilyn Stardust Classic 1st round vs w/ Tamara McFly vs Jaime Quine w/Catherine Quine 20-Minute Time Limit Davis - What a match! Sarah - What robbery! I suppose you think it’s fair that Catherine Quine was at ringside causing all that distraction? Davis - Catherine Quine did not make one move towards Tamara or lay a finger on her. There was a lot of talking with Tamara McFly jumping out of the ring and jawing with Catherine Quine in the first 5-6 minutes of the match. McFly was so preoccupied with Catherine that she lost that laser focus she spoke of. Sarah - Again I say it’s unfair and there should be an investigation. Davis - Tamara McFly is protesting the result but she is out of the Classic! Now we will get ready for our next match as Jean Cattley is talking and walking McFly out of the ring. Marilyn Stardust Classic 1st round VS Alexis Lee Littlefeather vs Danielle Sweetheart 20-Minute Time Limit Davis - Those two really went all out and wrestled one fantastic and clean match. Sarah - Maybe Alexis should have taken a short cut. Davis - That's not who she is. Sarah - Maybe time to reconsider. Davis - Next up it’s The Director’s Chair The Directors Chair With Host Brittany Hollywood Special Guest - Foxxy LaRue Brittany Hollywood - Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of wrestling's best talk show. I am the hostess with the mostest and tonight I want to bring out my guest….. Sienna DeVille slides on out and takes a seat Brittany - Sienna your not my scheduled guest here tonight. Sienna - We all make mistakes my dear or at least you do. Brittany - Well what do we owe the Sienna - Pleasure? I’m just here to say that things are about to change here in BSC. Tonight the dominos will begin to fall into place in what will be a perfectly executed plan. Whatever happens in the next month or so, well let’s just say that I will be very involved. Just then Foxxy LaRue comes onto the set. Foxxy - What are you doing out here! Did you have anything to do with my locker room door being jammed shut? Sienna - Of course not and of course this is your time Foxxy. I would just like to wish you, good luck next month (extends out her hand). Foxxy - (looks at the extended hand but does not shake it). Foxxy does need luck, Foxxy makes her own luck. And you better get out of my chair or Foxxy will help you out of it. Sienna - Of course Foxxy and again I wish you nothing but the best (gets up and winks at Foxxy). And Hollywood dear, it’s been your pleasure. Brittany - Well Foxxy now that you are here, You have one tough match here tonight against Hellcat Hernandez. Foxxy - Oh she is one tough Bitch but Foxxy is tougher! I will prove to everyone tonight that no matter who wins this tournament, that Foxxy is the #1 top challenger for that Queen of the Ring gold and I am going to get it. Just then Hellcat Hernandez jumps onto the set and attacks Foxxy LaRue. Brittany - Hey Hellcat we….. Hernandez shoves Brittany out of the way picks up one of the Directors Chair and crashes it over Foxxy’s head. Hernandez - Who’s the toughest bitch around here? I have a message for you Foxxy, watch your back. (Hernandez then gives a brutal kick into Foxxy’s ribs and walks off.) Brittany - We need some medical attention out here….. Davis - What a chaotic scene. I wonder who is behind Hernandez and that attack? Sarah - So do I! Singles Match VS Sprite vs Talia Quinzel 15-Minute Time Limit Davis - A very dominate victory by Talia Quinzel but she still seems extremely upset and is just glaring at the fallen Sprite. Sarah - Can you blame her? Davis - What do you mean? Sarah - It’s fairly obvious to me. Davis - Care to enlighten us? Sarah - Not really. Davis - Well in that case it is time for our first Semi-Final Match in the Marilyn Stardust Classic. Let’s head to the ring. Sarah - Well look who is back out, the old witch! Davis - Amber Allen doesn’t seem to be bothered by the appearance of Catherine Quine and she should be well rested having not wrestled yet. Jaime on the other hand had a rough match against Tamara McFly. Marilyn Stardust Classic Semi-Final #1 VS w/ Amber Allen vs Jaime Quine w/Catherine Quine 30-Minute Time Limit Davis - We are about 8 minutes into this match and here comes Tamara McFly walking down to ringside. This looks like trouble as Catherine Quine is heading that way to head her off. Sarah - Here come President Cattley, numerous officials and Kate Avatar to try and break this up. Davis - Trying to head this off before it blows up. The action is still ongoing with Quine vs Allen. It’s been a pretty even match so far. With order restored the match continues. Davis - One hard fought battle, but cleanly fought. Sarah - All this goody two shoes stuff is making me sick. Davis - Jaime Quine advances to the Marilyn Stardust Classic Finals as she awaits the winner of our next match. Marilyn Stardust Classic Semi-Final #2 VS The Assassin vs Danielle Swetheart 30-Minute Time Limit Davis - The official is checking the Assassin’s mask but to her chagrin. Once done the Assassin seems to be adjusting her mask again. Sarah - What is referee David Poker doing? He already checked her mask. Davis - Well he’s doing it again but once again doesn’t seem to find anything. Sarah - Can we start the match already! Sarah - See the Assassin won fair and square, she didn’t even use the headbutt. Davis - I don’t know, that punt was highly suspect as Sweetheart is still out cold and receiving medical attention. That sets up an interesting final between Jaime Quine who has logged almost 30 minutes in 2 matches, and the Assassin who just won her only match in 7 minutes. Big advantage for the Assassin I’d say. Sarah - I’d say for once you are right. Davis - As the trainers and Amber Allen help Danielle Sweetheart to the back. We have another match and this could be a very intense matchup. Singles Match VS Foxxy LaRue vs Hellcat Hernandez 20-Minute Time Limit Davis - They are about 8 minutes left in this match and this match has just been an all out brawl. Sarah - These two are just slugging it out as the match has moved out of the ring and onto the floor. Davis - The referee is trying to get these two to listen and head back into the ring. Neither woman is listening and now LaRue shoves the official off. They are both still going at it and her comes the referee again and this time Hernandez shoves them down. Sarah - Ref needs hazard pay for this match. Davis - The referee climbs back into the ring and begins a 10 count. 8….9….10! That’s it the Ref is calling for the bell as these two continue to fight. Sarah - Here comes the calvary once again to try and break this up. Davis - They are separated but neither woman is happy. It looks like Foxxy wants to continue this outside. Sarah - That would be a mistake. Davis - After the officials get things settled down we will have our main event. In the meantime here is a video showing the action so far in the Marilyn Stardust Classic tonight. Main Event of the Evening Davis - We are back and we have the pleasure of having Kate Avatar join us to provide her insights into the tournament final match. I’m sure you’d rather be in the ring than sitting out here. Kate - Oh you know that’s the truth, but my time is fast approaching a return to the ring. Sarah - Oh goody! Kate - I’m just going to ignore her. But we have a great matchup with my best friend Jaime Quine taking on the rugged and cheating Assassin. Sarah - How can you say that? Kate - Because I know her very well. Davis - Ok ladies prediction time. Kate, do you think Jaime Quine can overcome the odds of already wrestling 30 minutes tonight? Kate - If anyone can it’s definitely Jaime. I’ve trained with Jaime Quine for years and she has mor stamina than most wrestlers today. Davis - Sarah? Sarah - I’ve got the Assassin if Kate stays seated and the witch standing in her BFF’s corner stays out of the match. Davis - Let’s head to the ring for the Final Main Event Marilyn Stardust Classic Final VS w/ The Assassin vs Jaime Quine w/Catherine Quine 60-Minute Time Limit Davis - A tremendous battle here for the Marilyn Stardust Classic Cup between the Assassin and Jaime Quine. Kate - Jaime has to be exhausted as this is her 3rd match of the night. She has over 45 minutes in the ring against top competition. Sarah - But why is Catherine Quine still here at ringside for her punk kid sister? Davis - She clearly is rooting on her sister and has her back. Kate - She hasn’t done anything to interfere in the match. Davis - Well both women are down in the ring after a double clothesline. The referee is checking on both competitors as the Assassin is starting to move and rolls over to the ring ropes to pull herself up. The referee is checking now on Jaime Quine. Kate - What is the Assassin doing over there? She looks like she is loading that mask of hers. (As Kate stands up) Sarah - Sit down Avatar, this match doesn’t concern you. Davis - Quine is slowly back to her feet after the referee was at the count of 8. The Assassin moves in, shoves Erin Lawrence aside and grabs the woozy Quine and nails her with a heabutt. Down goes Quine as the Assassin goes to the corner to adjust her mask again. Sarah - That’s it! We are going to have a winner. Kate - Not that way! (Takes off her headset and moves towards the ring). Davis - Catherine Quine is up on the apron yelling at the referee as the Assassin tries to spin the ref around to count a pinfall. But before she can Kate Avatar has pulled Jaime Quine out of the ring. Sarah - That’s blatant interference! The ref has to DQ Quine! Davis - Just like the loaded headbutt the ref didn’t see it, she did t see Kate pull her out. Sarah - But the Assassin did and she is coming over to confront Kate. Davis - This could be bad, Kate is not medically cleared yet. Kate stands in front of Jaime between the Assassin and her.. Sarah - Get her out of the way, she is clearly stalling for Jaime Quine trying to buy her time. Davis - Jaime slowly rolls into the ring as the Assassin is laying a barrage of verbal abuse at Avatar. Avatar shoves the Assassin off, but the Assassin shoves back at Kate. Wow what a right hand that was. Kate Avatar just floored the Assassin and now is picking her up and shoving her back in the ring. The Assassin is furious and a bit woozy pointing down at Kate and yelling. Sarah - Quine should be DQ’d it’s 3 on 1 out here. Davis - The Assassin turns now to focus on Quine, but as she does she is nailed with a well timed KO Kick from Jaime. Quine covers the Assassin 1….2….3. Jaime Quine has won the Marilyn Stardust Classic and the right to face Foxxy LaRue at Red Alert next month for the Queen of the Ring title! Sarah - Cattley needs to hold an investigation into this match. Clearly the Assassin has the deck stacked against her. Davis - The referee has raised Jaime’s hand in victory and is now reaching for the trophy as Kate Avatar climbs in the ring to congratulate her best friend. Catherine Quine is climbing up on the apron, but who is that! It’s the same hooded figure we saw earlier (or is it)? and she just whacked Catherine Quine in the back with a steel chair. Jaime’s back is turned away from her sister but Kate Avatar has to have seen that. As the masked assailant looks to hit Catherine Quine again, Kate Avatar springs to the ropes on that side of the ring and the masked person slowly starts to back away and drops the chair. That’s twice now this masked intruder has attacked someone tonight. Sarah - How do you know it’s the same person? Maybe it’s Foxxy LaRue under that mask? Davis - But Foxxy was attacked earlier tonight herself. More likely it’s Hellcat Hernandez. She seems to be the type to do something like that. Kate and Jaime are now checking on Catherine at ringside. It’s been a wild night of action. We have our Marilyn Stardust Classic winner and we have our Queen of the Ring title match set up for Red Alert as it will be Foxxy LaRue vs Jaime Quine. But what is the deal with this masked assailant and what is her purpose targeting Foxxy LaRue and Catherine Quine? Sarah - Remember Sienna DeVille’s comments earlier. Everything that happens is all a part of the plan. Davis - That’s all the time we have tonight, but we will have updates on High Staked in the weeks leading up to Red Alert! Good night everyone from Las Vegas.
  14. Quick tv #4 taping recap Sienna DeVille is again taking notes at ringside Faith McGee vs Tanya Roberts Faith McGee won the match by pinfall in 7:12 Coco De La Soleid vs Roxy Kitten Coco De LaSoleid won by DQ in 5:04 Kathy McMahon vs Suzy Quatro Kathy McMahon won in rather aggressive fashion with a sleeper hold. After the match McMahon appeared to almost be in a trance and did not wake up her opponent. Kate Avatar rushed into the ring to revive the opponent and take the victor to the locker room. Danielle Sweethart vs Nurse Darla Knight Danielle Sweetheart won her match in 5:35 by pinfall Talia Quinzel vs Piper Halliwell Quinzel won the match in very short order with a pair Spinal Trauma’s. During the match she was jawing with Sienna DeVille who was still watching from ringside. Kate Avatar joins for commentary for the main event. She commented that Kathy McMahon was doing fine but was being checked out by the BSC medical staff Main Event 6-woman Tag Match Tamara McFly, The Assassin and Carol Singer vs Alexis Lee Littlefeather, Foxxy LaRue and Jaime Quine The match was out of control from the beginning with all 6 competitors often in at the same time. After 10 minutes of wild action referee David Poker declared the match a no contest. As the 6 ladies continued to brawl a woman in a mask and hoodie entered the ring and attacked Foxxy LaRue. Kate Avatar then left the announce position to even the odds as the Heels took a powder. Strangely the added masked competitor did not leave with the heels she was aiding and snuck out before they retreated. After the match the babyfaces all had their say hyping Heat Check and their respected matches. Foxxy had a word for the mystery person though. Foxxy - I don’t know who you are but you better believe I’m going to find out. Foxxy don’t take kindly to people messing in her business. (Then turning to Quine and Littlefeather) Good luck to you to at Heat Check, but just remember at Red Alert there are no friends! Just the Queen of the Ring title and Foxxy is taking that home! Still time t enter. Hopefully we get a few more so KyTeran has some competition. Heat Check will likely be posted late Wednesday night.
  15. BSC Presents Heat Check Friday July 26th, 2013 From the Steamboat Hotel Pavilion Live on Tube Top Internet Bell time 7:30 1st Round Marilyn Stardust Classic Tamara McFly vs Jaime Quine Two former champions go at it in the 1st round. Who will take it and can the winner run the table? Some will say the younger Quine will have the advantage, but Tamara McFly is definitely a cagey competitor that has been around a long time and knows how to win matches and titles. The winner of this match will go on to face a very talented Amber Allen in the Semi-Finals. 1st Round Marilyn Stardust Classic Danielle Sweetheart vs Alexis Lee Littlefeather The other first round match that isn't getting as much attention as the above one could be the match that steals the show. Both Sweetheart and Littlefeather have been champions in BSC before. Sweetheart was 1/2 of the tag team champions and Littleheart held the High Roller title back in 2010. The winner of this match has a tough assignment against the very dangerous and highly confident Masked Assassin in the Semi-Finals. Singles match Talia Quinzel vs Sprite Talia Quinzel hasn't been herself of late or so it seems. Something seems to be bothering the former tag team partner of Kate Avatar, but no one is sure what it is as Talia isn't talking. Can Quinzel focus her energy and chip on her shoulder to take out the Feisty Pixie Sprite? Semi-Final Marilyn Stardust Classic 1 Tamara McFly/Jaime Quine winner vs Amber Allen Amber Allen will be rested and ready to go as she will take on the winner of the McFly vs Quine war. Whoever wins that match could be in very tough shape taking on the young, energetic fireball that is Amber Allen. While Allen has been in the tag team with Danielle Sweetheart, she is a very accomplished singles wrestler and many feel could be the favorite. Semi-Final Marilyn Stardust Classic 2 Danielle Sweetheart/Alexis Lee Littlefeather winner vs The Assassin This one could be very interesting as the Assassin basically was gifted this spot when Tamara McFly turned on Jaime Quine at Ambition. The over-confident Assassin feels that no matter who wins the right to face her in this Semi-Final, she will make short work of them proclaiming she will be the Marilyn Stardust Classic winner and then beat Foxxy LaRue at Red Alert. Will the Assassin be too confident and overlook her opponent? Challenge Match Foxxy LaRue vs Hellcat Hernandez This matchup came on the 4th TV show that aired the night before Heat Check (It hasn't aired yet). Make no mistake, Foxxy said she would take on all comers and she will not back down from the youngster who is looking to make a big splash in BSC. Hernandez feels that if she wins she should be added to the title match next month at Red Alert or at a minimum should get first crack at whoever the champion is. Foxxy laughed at her and stated she hasn't done anything here yet. Hernandez feels that after she beats Foxxy, LaRue might not be available for Red Alert. Main Event Marilyn Stardust Classic Final Winner of Semi Final 1 (McFly/Quine/Allen vs Winner of Semi Final 2 (Sweetheart/Littlefeather/ Assassin) Who will win the 2013 Marilyn Stardust Classic. At the end of the evening we will have a winner between one of these 6 competitors. That winner will go onto the Main Event at Red Alert and take on Foxxy LaRue for the BSC Queen of the Ring title! Heat Check Prediction Card Preshow Kallie Kinney vs Nurse Hope Daye Kathy McMahon vs Sara Taylor Amy Galaxy vs Nurse Darla Knight Faith McGee vs Toni Parissi 1st Round Marilyn Stardust Classic Tamara McFly vs Jaime Quine 1st Round Marilyn Stardust Classic Danielle Sweetheart vs Alexis Lee Littlefeather Singles match Talia Quinzel vs Sprite Semi-Final Marilyn Stardust Classic 1 Tamara McFly/Jaime Quine winner vs Amber Allen Semi-Final Marilyn Stardust Classic 2 Danielle Sweetheart/Alexis Lee Littlefeather winner vs The Assassin Grudge Match Foxxy LaRue vs Hellcat Hernandez Marilyn Stardust Classic Final (2 points for correct winner) Winner of Semi Final 1 (McFly/Quine/Allen vs Winner of Semi Final 2 (Sweetheart/Littlefeather/ Assassin) Bonus Questions What will be the match of the night (highest scoring match) Will there be a Director's Chair segment and if so who will be the Host and who will be the Guest? Tie-Breaker The combined number of minutes wrestled by the winner of the Marilyn Stardust classic (could be 2 or 3 matches) The winner gets to pick a profile or Director's Chair segment for Red Alert starring a wrestler of their choice.
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