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  1. Total Wrestling News - Invading South West (#2) Lone Star Wrestling's incursion into the South West continues and increasingly seems to have a well-defined strategy. After some huge loss for GSW and their main event scene triggered by LSW itself, this time it's IPW that finds itself raided by Mid South, as Ricky Dale Johnson's promotion just signed a couple of IPW's main stars to exclusive written contracts. First one is Fro Sure, an hip-hop well known artist who's pretty damn good and has tons of charisma. Many insiders were shocked that no big company snatched him up, and Fro Sure will now head Mid South to join an already talented roster, especially for a small company. Lone Star Wrestling also signed Aces High, who will rejoin his friend and tag team partner Cali Slick, one of the hottest stars in the company right now. Two weakened hardcore South West promotions are now a interesting prey for LSW, will RDJ really start booking some shows in South West in the upcoming months?
  2. Total Wrestling News - Invading South West (#1) A discrete earthquake has hit the South West territory in the last few days, as Lone Star Wrestling tried to snatch some of the best talents in the region by offering exclusive deals. CZCW played defense, managing to retain all his workers at the price of having to offer them exclusive pay-per-month written contracts that will weigh heavily on the Coastal promotion's coffers in the upcoming future. This wrestlers are Jay Becker, California Love Machine, Masked Cougar, American Flash and Simon Waves. With a hint of conspiracy, many see this result as a victory for LSW, however, which according to rumors forced their hand to scare CZCW - and obliging them to sign all these talents on exclusive deals - and weakening GSW. In fact, all five of these South West wrestlers were previously also part of the hardcore promotion's roster on handshake deals. Suddenly, Brother Grimm finds himself with most of his main event scene gone and with his company's future jeopardized, as Eddie Peak is also on his way out after signing a new contract to return in TCW. Why would Lone Star Wrestling want to hurt GSW? Well, a few insiders report how Ricky Dale Johnson is intent on expanding his promotion into the South West, bringing a mix of Classic Southern Rasslin' and Old-School Wild West Hardcore to win a potential regional battle over GSW and IPW. Of course, these are just rumors for now!
  3. Yeah agree 100%, I just found myself without a strong main event alternative and go with Keenan-Jack. Ideally, without Storm Spillane on the injured list, Dynamite Express vs Cobras could've been a huge main event for the tag belts.
  4. LSW No Place for Old Men 2023 Sunday, Week 3, March 2023 Held in Houston, TX (Mid South) in front of 5,431 people 97,543 viewers on WrestleWorld Brutus Milano vs Marvel Malloy In the oponer, Brutus Milano and Marvel Malloy go at each other in singles action and work the crowd, getting it hotter. In a bout that has good wrestling and a decent reaction from the Houston fans, it’s nice to see Brutus Milano and Marvel Malloy wrestle solo, as both their partners are currently out injured, and after a well-balanced ten minutes match, “Marvel” surprises the heel powerhouse with a cradle: 1 .. 2 .. 3! The babyface scores the W to the delight of the crowd in attendance. [58] We're heading backstage where the lovely Sweet Tabitha finds herself interviewing again The Dynamite Express, as always very rude to her. Cam Jones and Syd Collier talk about the upcoming annual Mid South Tag Series promising that they will be the ones to triumph in the tournament. As current LSW Tag Team champions, moreover, The Dynamite Express will not even have to qualify for the final rounds like the other - and I quote - “lame tag teams”. [41] Kalder Tagg vs Zap Powerson In a poor match, Zap Powerson gets in a wild brawl with Kalder Tagg and dominates him in six minutes, pinning him after his Press Powerslam. The up and coming muscular babyface defeats Kalder, after beating Wolfie last time, blasting away The Hot Taggs with ease and proving himself a true talent. From their announcing table, Lee Bambino and MC Motormouth discussed on what the future holds for Zap Powerson, a “can't miss prospect.” [36] In another backstage segment, Cactus Jack and his valet Venus Angeletti are talking about Jack's upcoming match against “The American Eagle” Kip Keenan, when they cross the path of “Hollywood” Jake Idol! The two heels share some words, as Jake Idol kinda mocks fka Prime Time Jack Pryde who until last year was begging to join the “Inner Circle” of Jake Idol himself, Ernest Youngman and Jackpot Jordan. But, hey, “Hollywood” says he is happy for him that he has now found some outlaw embracing him as his leader! Cactus Jack keeps his cool despite these words hurting his ego, veiledly threatening Jake Idol that The Most Wanted faction could cause havoc even in a future match of his own, showing how dangerous an outlaw brigade can be. Good improv from both. [57] Nonstop Action (Chamberlain, Gray) vs The Oklahomans (Patterson, Night) In a bout that has a decent reaction from the crowd but sub-par wrestling, Nonstop Action try to go 100 mph straight from the bell, but The Oklahomans successfully slow them down with headlocks and armbars. A style clash between fast and furious athlete and slow-paced brawlers that lasts around eight minutes, Tyrone Gray and Maliek Chamberlain finally are able to break free and start building a hot momentum with fast lightning combo, but somehow The Oklahomans are able to find the victory as Jules Night pins Maliek Chamberlain with a fast roll up out of nowhere! And this W even the tag team rankings even more, approaching the Mid South Tag Series. [43] After a tainted win thanks to The Most Wanted interference, Quentin Queen is our new LSW Brass Knuckles champ - bringing back the original design for the title strap - and goes out of his way to remind us in an in-ring self-celebration promo, praising how he defeated Southern Stinger. Playing to the crowd's reaction, heelish “Q-Man” lets loose a phrase he regrets soon after, saying he can defeat anyone right here, right now to prove his worth. The boss Ricky Dale Johnson, walks out here and the cynical boss seizes the opportunity just as he usually does, realizing that the fans are hot and want a match. In fact, RDJ warns Quentin Queen that he already instructed his assistant to find a viable contender at his title and he should show up soon ... Huh, here he is! The assistant Mya Catalan appears on stage bringing Rob Reynolds with him! The Asian-American babyface was the first ever Brass Knuckles champ, and now has the opportunity to win back the hardcore strap! [50] Quentin Queen (c) vs Rob Reynolds in a No DQ match for the LSW Brass Knuckles title In a bout that has good wrestling and decent reaction from the crowd, aiming at having a wild west-type hardcore match, Queentin Queen is able to overcome Rob Reynolds in ten minutes by pinning him after a Q-Ball. “The Motor City Menace” gets close to become a 2-time Brass Knuckles champ, but eventually his heel opponent pokes his eyes and hits him on the skull with his own wrench, before hitting his signature move. [58] Davis Wayne Newton, Dreadnought vs The Wild Cats (El Jaguar, Tigre Salvaje Jr) Accompanied by their agent Laura Catherine Huggins, the brain-muscle duo composed by Davis Wayne Newton and Dreadnought defeat The Wild Cats in nine minutes, when “Triple Threat” DWN submits Tigre Salvaje jr with a STF, distracted by Huggins herself just few seconds before. An important win for the heel tag that we expect to see inside the Mid South Tag Series tournament. Despite getting better, Dreadnought is still the weak link in the bout, struggling to keep up with everyone else’s performance. [51] Laura Catherine Huggins enters the ring and delivers a quick promo on her clients, hyping them up right for the Mid South Tag Series, clearly enjoying the freedom to go off-script. Also appearing on the ramp is a well-dressed James Prudence, who with a big smile simply applauds Davis Wayne Newton and Dreadnoought's victory, then exchanging a nod with Laura Catherine Huggins. From the announcing table, Lee Bambino and MC Motormouth wonder what type of working relationship exist between “Platinum” and Huggins. [58] Big Smash Clay vs Cali Slick While the LSW Texas Heavyweight champion, Shooter Sean Deeley, and agent Vinny Cruz witness from ringside, Cali Slick clashes against Cruz's security guard, the imposing Big Smash Clay. In a decent match, “The Draw” manages to overcome his opponent's physical strength, his true and only weapon to be fair, and after ten minutes of action Cali Slick hits Big Smash Clay with a Slick-Back to win the match. Vinny Cruz does some good work at ringside. [57] After the match, Shooter Sean Deeley immediately storms into the squared circle, trying to put his rival Cali Slick into his Death's Triangle! “The Draw”, however, guards well and manages to prevent the choke hold from being carried out, reacting to the assault and putting LSW Texas Heavyweight champ on the run. Cali Slick than shoots at Sean Deeley, vowing to rip that title strap from his hands. “The Shooter” is furious, returning backstage as his agent Vinny Cruz attempts to calm him down. [51] Sayeed Ali vs Texas Hangman For the first time in action, Sayeed Ali goes one-on-one against the man he attacked in the Texan Rumble, Texas Hangman, and it turns out into a really good brawl. “The East Side Assassin” proves to be a tough one to deal with, holding his own against the stratospheric strength of “The Hangman,” supported by the Houston crowd. Definitely the best match of the night, also helped by a fabulous job from colour commentator MC Motormouth, Texas Hangman stuns Sayeed Ali with his signature Big Boot, getting ready for his Choke Slam. Travis Century, however, climbs on the apron to distract his former adept and help his niece, and a distracted referee fails to notice a knee from Sayeed Ali directly to the testicles of “The Hangman,” who then ends up the victim of the signature move of his rival: G.B.H !!! 1 .. 2 .. 3!! In a tainted way, Sayeed Ali has pinned Texas Hangman. [60] As soon as Texas Hangman begins to catch his breath, a few seconds after the bell rings, his face turns purple with rage, and both Sayeed Ali and Travis Century take off in a huff heading backstage, then stopping on the ramp at a safe distance. A pissed of Texas Hangman has to sit through a sermon by “The Preacher” Travis Century praising “The East Side Assassin” Sayeed Ali, is niece in kayfabe, saying he has just proved he is superior to “The Hangman” in every way. “The Hangman” shot at his target, and miss! We expect this rivalry to continue after this bout, especially considering how the match ended. [54] Cactus Jack vs Kip Keenan And in the main event, Cactus Jack has a huge chance to shine on his hands, going against the top babyface in the company in a match that has good heat and decent wrestling, even though unfortunately these two competitors just don't click at all and it shows in their performances. Venus Angeletti does some good work at ringside, distracting Kip Keenan and allowing Cactus Jack to succumb in the first few minutes. After eleven minutes, “The American Eagle” completes his comeback and loads his opponent onto his shoulders for his ONE-WINGED EAGL... NO! Cactus Jack conspicuously puts his fingers in Kip Keenan's eyes, and the referee as no other chance that calling a DQ! DIN DIN DIN! Kip Keenan wins it by disqualification, but it's a pyrrhic victory and “The American Eagle” finds himself on the mat, temporarily blinded. [54] After the bell, entire The Most Wanted faction assault Kip Keenan in a four-on-one beatdown under the booing of the audience. After about twenty seconds, babyfaces David Stone and Jared Johnson come out as the cavalry, helping “The American Eagle” who, without four outlaws above him, finally manages to fight back. The brawl goes on in the squared circle and at ringside, while a few referees and staff members walk out to break the scuffle, to no avail. Suddenly, Southern Stinger evens the score by coming to ringside with a steel chair in his hands, swinging it left and right to put the heel brigade on the run. The Most Wanted gathers at ringside, and the cameras alternate between the four members of the stable angry on the ramp, while Kip Keenan, “The Stinger,” Jared Johnson and David Stone are in the ring, inviting them to come forward again to kick their butts even more. [44] OVERALL RATING: 56 A considerable step back rating-wise due to, honestly, a weaker card than usual. We have to go back to August 2022 to have a worst rated event. Nothing to worry about though, we’re still above the rating-pop curve so it’s fine. Mid South Tag Series usually deliver some good ratings! Predictions Standings: Charasmatic Enigma [14 Pts] CGN91 [12 Pts] Herrbear [12 Pts] 2022 PREDICTIONS CHAMP - KyTeran [12 Pts] DinoKea [11 Pts] newbiezness [11 Pts] scapegoat [7 Pts]
  5. @ColdBloodedSausageMaker either Darby with a flamethrower, Drew when he had that sword, and others in the past. Like you said it makes zero sense kayfabe-wise, it’s hokey and makes wrestling look like a joke.
  6. Jamie Hayter & Kris Statlander to tame the Golden Lion Adam Copeland vs MJF of The Peak of Perfection! Franchise Player vs Franchise Player! And I'll bet my @$$ that when “The Rated R Superstar” will have asphalted that spoiled brat, the mat will have a brand new Burberry texture!
  7. Rocky Golden vs The Crippler Oliver Kobb vs Spencer Spade Darryl Devine & Nicky Gilbert vs Wall Street Wolverines (Monty Trescarde & Sammy Smoke) Robbie Wright vs Steven Parker SWF World Tag Team Title Shot Match Faith & Old Glory (Matty Faith & Masked Patriot) vs The Dallas Cowboys (Marshall Dillon & Ranger) vs The Domination (Avalanche & Chill) vs The Rock City Stars (Rockin' Ryan Turner & Stan Manna) Main Event: Mikey Lau vs Remo (BONUS 1) Will SWF top the weekly TV ratings this week? Yes! (BONUS 2) Which match will have the highest rating? Rocky Golden vs The Crippler Comments on diary / last episode: Scythe seems over! Time to capitalize on him?
  8. I didn't demand answers, I was legit curious to discuss on it alongside fellow users, something that should be like basilar on a forum. English ain't my first language and I thought writing "I'll love to hear the opinions of other users too!" was a way of inviting peaceful confrontation and does not seem to me in any way to be a demand. It ain't like I'll force someone to post his/her ideas lol No reason imo to moderate an on-point discussion in the rightful thread but you the Moderator I guess
  9. After a useless trial for people's intentions at least you managed to give an answer! In your view, AEW is not facing a critical period despite the numbers, so there is no reversal needed. Cool. Now, I'll love to hear the opinions of other users too!
  10. Huh, I must have missed the weekly discussion about how AEW could be improved in the opinion of different users, which I think is the actual point of being active in a discussion thread btw. My bad!
  11. @Dalton the Son of a Billionaire wrestling promoter said ratings are the #1 source of fan feedback like a month ago lmaoooo Evil us wishing to have successful alternatives to WWE 😡 Tony is making a wonderful job with all these dream matches 🌈 and everything is great! Amazing take.
  12. Preview for LSW No Place for Old Men 2023 Kalder Tagg vs Zap Powerson After defeating his brother Wolfie, Zap Powerson will have to go up against Kalder Tagg, the other half of The Hot Taggs. The babyface powerhouse was introduced with pomp and circumstance and dominated his first two matches, will he go for a three-wins streak? Or will the heel brawler from Montana overturn the odds and triumph, avenging his brother's defeat? Nonstop Action (Chamberlain, Gray) vs The Oklahomans (Patterson, Night) Maliek Chamberlain and Tyrone Gray proved to be a pair of young talents with enviable athleticism and never-ending stamina, going 100 mph all the time. In this two-on-two between babyfaces duos, Nonstop Action will have a style clash against The Oklahomans, a pair of young wrestlers with a more traditional, slow-paced fighting style. In a tag team bout with obvious repercussions on the tag team rankings as the 4th Mid South Tag Series approaches, it will be curious to find out who will walk out on top. Sayeed Ali vs Texas Hangman After making a name for himself by attacking the biggest target in the Texas Rumble, Sayeed Ali now has a target on his back and Texas Hangman will be trying hard to score! “The East Side Assassin” is called to his in-ring debut here in Lone Star Wrestling, and many expect that at his corner will be his kayfabe-uncle Travis Century, who in previous years had been the leader of The Strong Hand faction, of which Texas Hangman was a member before he came to his senses and moved away from that insufferable cult. Will “The Hangman” hang his new prey? Or will he end up down and out on the mat just like at the Rumble? You don’t want to miss this! Brutus Milano vs Marvel Malloy Both lacking their respective injured tag team partners, Brutus Milano and Marvel Malloy has been booked in singles matches by Ricky Dale Johnson, as the boss willingly accepted the proposal of “The Marvel” for a one-versus-one. The babyface Cobra has proven himself a skilled competitor in singles action as well, but his opponent is a ripped heavyweight Italian-American bully from New York, someone with whom it is never pleasant to be up against inside a squared circle. Who will score a victory in this one? Davis Wayne Newton, Dreadnought vs The Wild Cats (El Jaguar, Tigre Salvaje Jr) While one wonders what partnership is emerging between “Platinum” James Prudence and Laura Cathering Huggins, the clients of the female agent Davis Wayne Newton and Dreadnought will be engaged in tag team actions against The Wild Cats, as the Mexican luchadores will be looking for a solid win to gain momentum ahead of the Mid South Tag Series. The heelish duo formed by DWN and the behemoth Dreadnought is a scary team though, a lethal combo of brain and muscle, and it won't be easy to defeat them. Big Smash Clay vs Cali Slick “IT HAS BEEN A GLORIOUS NIGHT OF INFAMY!!!” these were the words of heelish color commentator MC Motormouth after Cali Slick was basically robbed of the Texas Heavyweight championship in his title match against champ Shooter Sean Deeley. The good news is that “The Draw” seems in better shape than ever, and was able to hold his own against a lethal wrestling machine like Sean Deeley, the bad news is that he still ended up in his Death's Triangle, falling unconscious and losing the match in a tainted way. Out for revenge, Cali Slick will collide with Big Smash Clay, Vinny Cruz & Sean Deeley's Security Guard who intervened in the title bout punishing Cali Slick with a devastating Spinebuster. Will “The Draw” be able to knock out the heavyweight security guard, moving closer again to a new title shot? Indeed, it is rumored that Ricky Dale Johnson will pay close attention to the match, interested in a potential rematch between Cali Slick and Sean Deeley for the Texas Heavyweight title that could make him a lot of bucks. Cactus Jack vs Kip Keenan Probably the biggest match in his young and, however annoying to admit, promising career, Cactus Jack Pryde is set to go one-on-one against the top babyface in Lone Star Wrestling history, “The American Eagle” Kip Keenan. Cactus Jack claimed that The Most Wanted faction is running the Mid South territory under his leadership, and they already caused havoc last month by interfering in multiple matches, but will “Prime Time” be able to run over Kip Keenan, perhaps with some help from his brigade? Or will “The American Eagle” prove to be a big opponent to handle for him? Of course, 99,99% of the audience will be rooting for Kip Keenan, hoping he can teach that spoiled kid a lesson. Key for Predictions: Kalder Tagg vs Zap Powerson [1 Pts] Nonstop Action (Chamberlain, Gray) vs The Oklahomans (Patterson, Night) [1 Pts] Sayeed Ali vs Texas Hangman [1 Pts] Brutus Milano vs Marvel Malloy [1 Pts] Davis Wayne Newton, Dreadnought vs The Wild Cats [1 Pts] Big Smash Clay vs Cali Slick [1 Pts] Cactus Jack vs Kip Keenan [1 Pts] Will LSW No Place for Old Men get a 65+ Rating? [1 Pts]
  13. Maybe because it actually is the key discussion point company-wise in The All Elite Wrestling Discussion Thread? I just ask a question by stating data and facts, as the numbers are going down almost on weekly basis: what do you think would be needed to revitalize AEW? It's not a trick question LMAO one can choose to take part in the discussion or avoid it, agree or not with others based on personal ideas/thoughts, maybe change his/her own point of view. I'm not watching it like before, because I think the product sucks and it drove me off, and that's totally fine. Not everyone has to like the same wrestling style. But see, the focal point is that it's not just me, it's a significant % of people that aren't watching no more and a potential new audience that isn't attract in it. To be successful as a business, maybe their product needs some change?
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