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  2. The Story of "The Crazy One" In January 1974, AAFW Champion Dick The Devastator was attacked by an unknown foe. An unknown Japanese foe. The guy, who they call "The Crazy One", attacked the All-American Florida Wrestling figurehead with a dangerous metal spike, made him bleed and left him in his own pile of blood. This mans name is Saionji Omura. "The Crazy One" went on to become a global phenomenon, wrestling in Florida for AAFW and after feuding with Dick The Devastator, he teamed with him to create one of the most feared and wildest tag team who ever competed. Omura went back to Japan in 1979 to wrestle for Burning Hammer. He moved to Golden Canvas Grappling in 1989 where he remained until 1995. Ten years later he went to Warrior Engine XXV and finally end his long career in 2009. Today Omura is 72-year-old. He may end his run in Florida over forty years ago, but his legacy is still alive. Just recently we saw an attack on Connor Threepwood by a Japanese maniac, who came into the ring and ambushed "The Indiana Strangler" with a metal spike, a similar spike Saionji Omura used in 1974. History is repeating itself.
  3. PREDICTION RESULTS @KyTeran 4/4 (7/9) @Wrestling Machine 4/4 (5/9) @Herrbear 4/4 @newbiezness 3/4 (5/9) @arlovski 3/4 (7/9)
  4. Byron Black Country Boys McKenzie School Of Wrestling The Foundation
  5. AAFW Wrestling Night #2 May 25th, 2020 @ The National Guard Armory (Tampa, Florida) AAFW is back in action and this time we're at The National Guard Armory here in the beautiful „Sunshine City“ Tampa, Florida! We are welcomed once again by Marvin Earnest and Miles Wakefield on WrestleWorld. The two broadcaster did a recap of the last show two weeks ago and informed the fans of AAFW that Crockett Tubbs received serious injuries due to the actions Ricky Turner. Once they finished the action started right away with the handsome guys from Canada. The Canadian Blondes vs. Young & Wasted This match was a super spectacular affaire between these four flashy artists. While the Canadian Blondes are way more experience than Young & Wasted, the latter did a great job by sending the fans intro frenzies with their flashiness and fast-paced style. The Canadians were in no way inferior than their opponents, using a mistake by Taylor Norton to send Young & Wasted down on the loser's road after the Golden Shower by Ozzie Goldstein. In a pre-recorded video we saw Zippy Deverell standing in front of the AAFW banner. Deverell is a real loudmouth, showing off big time and relive his huge moment when he put Gareth Wayne down for three straight seconds. „Zip The Lip“ stated that he's AAFW's number one wrestler with an upset victory like that but a deep, rich voice yelled at him that he should wait a minute: Gareth Wayne came to the scenery, still mad, but the proud american congratulated Deverell to his win. Wayne knows that he'll beat him in nine fights out of ten so he's open for a rematch. Zippy wasn't attracted by the offer and left the scenery. Keith Vegas vs. Fearless Blue His debut was scheduled to take place last show, however an injury stopped him but now Keith Vegas entered the squared circle in a match against „The Renegade Redneck“ Fearless Blue, a 12-year-veteran of the game. Vegas had his hands full with Blue, who flew around with air attacks on a bunch of occassions. While on the ground Vegas was definitely the better man, putting his opponent in a headlock and finishing off with his Vegas Or Bust finisher. In an interview-segment with Marvin Earnest we get to see „Prime Time“ himself Jack Pryde. The self proclaimed „Social Media Star“ laughed about the $500 fine AAFW Comissioner Frank „Fabulous“ Rogers gave him two weeks ago. Pryde said that he's, other than most people in AAFW, a popular and rich man so that he paid the fine quite easily. Pryde explained that $500 is just a ten second video on Instagram, so Frankie Boy (Frank Rogers) should raise his fine when he tries to play with him. Wayne Manna vs. Ricky Turner After his recent actions two weeks ago, Ricky Turner didn't do any better tonight while facing unexperienced Wayne Manna. He has bended the rules to an extend, althought he didn't need to do it. Turner battered Manna down and won the match pretty easily. Barry Kingman is happy. The well travelled veteran had a tough fight with young and big James Diaz and still got his arm raised. Kingman said he knows that he's not getting any younger but the competition will. That brought another young gun into the area: Jason Patterson. „The Oklahoma Stomper“ challenged Kingman to a match to show him he'll be a more dangerous opponent than Diaz was last time. Gareth Wayne & Henry Bennett vs. Hammer Hadley & James Diaz After the shameful loss two weeks ago Gareth Wayne was still mad about himself. Tonight he teamed up with fellow Warrior Engine partner Henry Bennett to take on two young guys yet again. James Diaz did quite well against Barry Kingman while Hammer Hadley, a Florida native, made his debut tonight. Just like at the last show it happened again: Wayne was too confident, while pummeling Diaz he played too much with the crowd so that the son of Raymon Diaz turned the tables around and put Wayne down for three seconds after a big right hand and a brutal big boot. Yet another loss for Gareth Wayne, but also the first win for James Diaz in AAFW. „The Trouble From Tennessee“ Henry Bennett missed it while he was busy with Hadley. Wayne was speechless, he punched the mat multiple times before he left the ring furious kicking the guardrail and yelling around. A Confederacy flag and a cowboy hat – Who could that be? In a pre-recorded video we see two men alongside in a rural looking area. Duke Hazard, the much smaller one with the cowboy hat said that he's sick and tired of people who are dictating how to live their lifes. The angry Hazard stated that his client, called Cockroach Carter, will kick some heads in when he'll arrive. Ray Snow vs. Conner Threepwood This was the first real wrestling clinic since the rebirth of All-American Florida Wrestling. Snow and Threepwood had a technical match where nobody wanted to back down from the opponent, Threepwood tried to get Snow to the ground to work around him with holds while Snow loves to fight on his feet. The man from Minnesota got out of several holds and nearly finished „The Indiana Crippler“ with a devastating lariat out of nowhere. Threepwood raised his shoulder right in the nick of time and started his comeback from here on. Threepwood hit a suplex, followed by a Busaiku Knee Kick which lead the fans to a loud roar. It was enough for Threepwood to position the dazed Ray Snow to his Stretch Plum, Snow tried to fight out of the hold, but it was too painful for him. What a match between two master of their crafts. Threepwood celebrated his win with the fans while Marvin Earnest came to the ring to interview „The Indiana Crippler“. Threepwood stated that his partner Crockett Tubbs received serious injuries after the brutal piledriver attack by Ricky Turner. Threepwood continued and promised that Turner will pay for his actions. Suddenly a mad man rushed into the ring and attacked Threepwood with a foreign object. Marvin Earnest, back in the commentary booth, recognized it first as a metal spike and remembered the fans about a similar maniac back in 1974 called Saionji Omura. The mad man left Threepwood in a pile of blood, but ultimately he was chased away from the ring area by the returning Rayne Man, who was Threepwood's opponent just two weeks ago.
  6. Going to post the show tomorrow evening, so get your predictions in
  7. Your pace is insane (for me) lol Powerson Wildcast Southern Stinger Keenan Idol Dynamite Express Shooter Sean Shooter Sean vs. Cali Slick No
  8. Oh snap that was a close call by myself. I had Cali Slick in mind as the winner, but wasn't too sure and picked him as my runner-up. I'm curious how it will turn out for him against Shooter.
  9. PREDICTION KEY AAFW Wrestling Night #2 March 25th, 2020 @ The National Guard Armory (Tampa, Florida) The Canadian Blondes (Flash Savage & Ozzie Goldstein) vs. Young & Wasted (Bret Kyle & Taylor Norton) Fearless Blue vs. Keith Vegas Gareth Wayne & Henry Bennett vs. Hammer Hadley & James Diaz Conner Threepwood vs. Ray Snow
  10. After the shocking scenes during the main event of All-American Florida Wrestling's big comeback show after a 42-year-long hiatus, AAFW would like to wish Crockett Tubbs a speedy recovery. We would like to remember every athlete who steps foot in our ring that a spike piledriver is a strictly forbidden move and can cost career threatening injuries to your opponent. AAFW returns on March 25th, 2020 to action when the second episode of Wrestling Night will be live out of The National Guard Armory in Tampa, Florida. Tickets are available at your local distributor and you can also see the show live on WrestleWorld. When you see your tag team partner and friend got injured, it isn’t easy to get back on track, but not for Conner Threepwood. „The Indiana Crippler“ begged AAFW Comissioner Frank Rogers to get back in the ring as soon as possible to blew the cobwebs away. Threepwood’s opponent will be „Ice Cold“ Ray Snow from Minnesota. Snow is a proud professionell wrestler who loves a clean fight between two sportsman. Ozzie Goldstein and Flash Savage, The Canadian Blondes, multiple Tag Team Champions in many different promotions in North America, will make their in-ring debut in All-American Florida Wrestling. The two flashy athletes asked for a challenge and they got one: Young & Wasted, a very talented tag team, will come to Tampa to get in the ring with the Canadians. Also: Ricky Turner will be in action after his shocking actions two weeks ago as well as Gareth Wayne, who is looking to avenge his loss. Wayne will team up with his fellow Warrior Engine XXV partner „Trouble From Tennessee“ Henry Bennett. These two have to step in the ring with „Prodigy“ James Diaz and Hammer Hadley. AAFW Wrestling Night #2 March 25th, 2020 @ The National Guard Armory (Tampa, Florida) The Canadian Blondes (Flash Savage & Ozzie Goldstein) vs. Young & Wasted (Bret Kyle & Taylor Norton) Fearless Blue vs. Keith Vegas Gareth Wayne & Henry Bennett vs. Hammer Hadley & James Diaz Conner Threepwood vs. Ray Snow
  11. Big respect to people who are contributing all those real world mods. I'm currently working at a mod for the Japanese indy scene, just for myself at the moment, and it's pain in the a... I'm scratching my head if the guy has 50 or 55 in brawling lol. Insane. Maybe it's just me , but it's hard to do.
  12. Who will be the young prospect that will debut in LSW? [2 Pts] Hmmm.. I don't know to be honest. The Gonzalez Family vs David Stone, Jared Johnson [1 Pts] Southern Stinger (c) vs Maverick Martin in a No DQ match for the LSW Brass Knuckles title [1 Pts] Pick the Winner of the Texan Rumble! [3 Pts] Kip Keenan Who will be the runner-up in the Texan Rumble? [2 Pts] Cali Slick Who will have the most eliminations during the Texan Rumble? [2 Pts] Texas Hangman
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