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  1. Angry Gilmore vs Oliver Kobb - you know. Brandon James vs Brett Biggins - you also know. Charger Siaki vs Roderick Remus - seemed to me you were quite interested in using Roderick’s inspirational real life story. If that’s indeed the case I think he’s gotta pick a win or 2 up early. Jungle Lord vs Scythe - not the type to lose on free TV without damn good reasoning. ZWB vs Hollywood Uncensored (Lenny Brown & Mainstream Hernandez) - without this I don’t know how ZWB gets to the title shot …and he has to get there, right? Atom Smasher vs Jack Giedroyc vs Rocky Golden vs The Crippler - let’s gooooooo (BONUS) Will SWF top the weekly TV ratings this week? Yes - big stars on this show! Comments on diary / last episode: kinda surprising to see Mikey as a potential secondary rival to Remo (after whatever challenger wins this weeks main event) but I’m down to see what he can do.
  2. JOSS THOMPSON KAZ KINNOJO HORRI NISSHO YUASA STERLING WHITLOCK TATSUKICHI SHICHIROBEI TEXAS PETE THE STOMPER TOMMY CORNELL UK DRAGON VENOM VERTIGO VIXXEN WALTER MORGAN WOLF HAWKINS YASUHIKO TAIRA / AGER YASUNOBU MASUNO finally managed to get that viking helmet without it turning the rest of the face into a WoW character. can't seem to get white women to look distinctly different from each other no matter what I try. there are a couple of other AI creators who seem to have that locked down so it's not a huge problem anyway. I'm really behind on uploading and updating what I've been doing on the drive cause I'm busy and getting ready to move back to the UK BUT everything will get here eventually - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1smtEsMKb6fpYyULnfm308nw0cgStE8Gk?usp=share_link
  3. Darryl Devine vs The Crippler - Crippy hasn't picked up a lot of momentum thus far. Devine is younger and new and a helluva talent but I think that he takes the fall for the established star. John Greed vs Steven Parker - John Greed is just here to take L's, and Steven Parker needs a little boost after Scythe. Jungle Lord vs Makutsi - a "who do you like more" pick. One Man Army vs Paul Huntingdon - OMA is still new and more of a singles force than Paul. Faith & Old Glory (Matty Faith & Masked Patriot) vs The Dallas Cowboys (Marshall Dillon & Ranger) vs The Domination (Avalanche & Chill) vs The Rock City Stars (Rockin' Ryan Turner & Stan Manna) - they're on a roll baby, and I like the idea of two sides of the same coin with them and The Awesomeness. Main Event: SWF North American: Des Davids (c) vs James Prudence - fresh off a turn (beating Gilmore in his home country doesn't make him a face to me but it's very 'Murica) he gotta represent for the USA. (BONUS 1) Will SWF top the weekly TV ratings this week? Yes (BONUS 2) Will SWF win the monthly ratings war this month? No
  4. CGC Bubbleweight Title: Tempest Appleby vs Helen Wheels John McClean vs Jack DeColt Royal Canadian Air Force vs Condor & Mario Heroic Very happy to be wrong and have DaLay picking up a major win for the School in the main event; I feel like we were dangerously close to approaching them being completely innate versus the DeColt boys but that W goes a long way. Also, with the benefit of foresight, I absolutely LOVE that George DeColt is getting involved to combat Tyler and bringing Chandler and Maverick closer together and to help them work as a team...which, in turn, one day, will bite him and his boys in the behind. That type of kismet is just really really awesome to me.
  6. SWF SUPREME TV EPISODE 19 American Machine vs Remo - there's no way. Zeus Maxmillion vs ??? - could see this either way but ??? always has a decent shot. Jack Giedroyc vs John Greed - You know my game. Monty Trescarde & Sammy Smoke vs The Rock City Stars (Rockin' Ryan Turner & Stan Manna) - These guys have done really well since coming onto the main roster. I think they keep their winning ways alive. Bear Bekowski vs Valiant - Once again, there's no way. Atom Smasher vs Robbie Retro - You're a braver man than me putting this as your weekly TV main event! Big Bang o' WWF New Generation on this one. (BONUS) Will SWF top the weekly TV ratings this week? No
  7. Bullrope Match for the CGC Television Title: Alex DeColt vs Dan DaLay - I think I'm done betting against DeColt's, even on the weekly TV. Frankie Flame & Rash Reilly vs Eddie Chandler & Johnny Maverick - I think once Chandler and Maverick truly get on the same page they'll be a force, until then though ... Wolfgang Zimmerman vs Howling Dog - I mean right? We gotta build some momentum to stand any chance of getting back that beloved tomahawk.
  8. TORONTO TAKEOVER 2020 Rocky Golden vs The Crippler - I know I said I'd never pick him again because of his music but I'm in it to win it baby and Rocky isn't gonna drop a lot of PPV bouts if any. Scythe vs Steven Parker - I want to say Steven Parker maybe wins somehow to extend this feud but again Scythe is a character that won't nor should take a lot of L's. Mainstream Hernandez vs ZWB - Zimmy gotta get to that title match of course SWF World Tag Team Hawaiian Crush (Ekuma & High Flyin Hawaiian) (c) vs The Awesomeness (Jefferson Stardust & Huey Cannonball) - Hell yeah. The Awesomeness are working hard to get put into the Boy Stable, and I think the whole Unleashed gang need some gold. They have more focus and character than our current champs. Brandon James vs Joey Morgan - The Joey Morgan curse bout to strike again. Main Event: SWF North American Des Davids (c) vs Angry Gilmore - It's time. The number one boy has to get that four time four time four time. Davids is almost certainly moving on to try crack a higher tier. I wish Gilmore could but it ain't 2010 anymore - and he makes an amazing guy to have other upcoming guys test the waters on their upward prospects. Plus I'm hoping the Eisen's aren't vindictive "lose in your hometown for the heat" types. (BONUS 1) Which match will have the highest rating? - Davids vs. Gilmore. Hometown hero, and they've proven in the past they have it in 'em. (BONUS 2) Whose entrance will get the biggest pop? - I think Gilmore should, but I'm gonna go ...Scythe. Comments on diary / last episode: A nice way to bounce back with a very solid main event! Kind of odd to see a lack of Remo but we got REMUS. I see you're setting up a Undertaker/Underfaker type thing. Also, as a note in response to your note about Rocky's song, I appreciate you experimenting and trying out new stuff! You absolutely should and it's your project! It's just most of that particular sound/era of like pop/rap sends chills through my bones. It's a very me problem and not a reflection on you buddy! I like you're using the AI to try to add different and original in-world elements for the characters. Keep it up.
  9. AKIMA BRAVE AKIRA ARATO ALAN PARENT ALICIA STRONG BISON YANO BRUTE KIKUCHI BRYAN HOLMES BRYAN VESSEY / RETIRED DREAD EIJI HAMACHO EISUKE YOSHINOBU ERNEST YOUNGMAN KID TOMA SHINGEN MIYAZAKI TANYU TOSHUSAI / AGER VICTORIA STONE YODO NAKANE YOSHIFUSA MAEDA YOSHINAKA TOSHUSAI I'm not sure how many of this have been uploaded (if any) but all in good time as well as everything else that'll be updated at - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1smtEsMKb6fpYyULnfm308nw0cgStE8Gk?usp=share_link
  10. WORLD'S STRONGEST SINGLES GRAND PRIX 2022 - PREDICTION CONTEST Tournament Winner: Fuyuhiko Wakabayashi Runner-up: Brute Kikuchi Most Points (Group Stage): Burt Hudson Will any wrestler end up with zero points? (Bonus point: If so, who?): Yes. Kimi Kawano Biggest Surprise: Toshiharu Hyobanshi struggles to just above .500 Biggest Upset: Akira Arato defeats Sozen Ishinomori
  11. CGC World Title: Barry Bowen vs Steve DeColt - I know Bowen has been on a slow burn when most thought he'd be the first major contender ...I'm really not 100% convinced he's not winning the belt, but I'm not 100% confident in his ability to spearhead the company like I would be with (a sober) Eric Tyler. Land Mass & Mammoth vs Jake Sloan & Moose Mulder - Helen Wheels up to no good. Nelson Blais vs Condor - Nice win for Blais last week but as mentioned, Condor is kind of a surprise package for you in the popularity stakes and I'm thinking a prime option for Bubbleweight champ after Helens' reign.
  12. John Greed vs Valiant - Big star who just main evented a PPV ...and John Greed. Kurt Laramee vs Nicky Gilbert - I feel this is where Laramee has settled for you, putting over the young guns. Jack Giedroyc vs Sammy Smoke - Standard my boy pick. Robbie Wright vs ??? - You gotta pick mystery opponent if it's not against a main event player, you just gotta! Main Event: Brandon James & The Crippler vs Joey Morgan & Rocky Golden - Honestly, the Rocky Golden theme from the last show means I am never, NEVER, picking him again unless he changes the theme or turns heel with it. Serious go away heat baby. (BONUS) Will SWF top the weekly TV ratings this week? No. Comments on diary / last episode: You get dealt a rough hand last week. most certainly, both with your main event tanking and with the competition going absolutely crazyyyy. But even the biggest and best companies have some stinker main events once in a while! Time to bounce back. Although I will now never forgive Prudence for sandbagging my boy Thomas, hater energy.
  13. ALEXANDER ROBINSON BUDDY GARNER DANGER KUMASAKA / AGER EISAKU HOSHINO / AGERS EL PATRON GOEMON KOMIYA HARANOBU KOBAYASHI HITO ICHIHARA JAY CHORD KORYUSAI KITOAJI LEE BENNETT NICKY CHAMPION NIGEL SVENSSON RIP CHORD (re-cut) ROGER MONTEIRO RUNNING WOLF SAM STRONG / AGER I keep going back and forth on what I prefer as far as cutting goes: sometimes I really want mostly the face as that's where all the character truly is and sometimes I go a little further back. Maybe they seem more consistent to you guys than to me (this post not included as I specifically concentrated on similar framing today). I'm just venting at myself cause I'm indecisive hahaha but I think maybe this is the sweet spot (?) Also I thought collections on Bing lasted forever - I have discovered in the past days this is not the case and I'm trying to gather up all the older ones that still work to get them downloaded so I can re-cut if needed. If you believed the same and you have collections sitting around you want to keep this is your warning to go download 'em! At the moment I'm trying to prepare a comprehensive set of generations for a diary I've been thinking about doing for over a year, maybe closer to two, so I'll be slowing down a little on these but undoubtedly I'll still be pretty regular posting in here cause it's just fun. Keep up the great work everyone!
  14. FUYUHIKO WAKABAYASHI HARU KUROFUJI HIROAKI NAKASAWA / AGERS HIROKICHI HATAKEDA JIMMY STRATOSPHERE JIN MIYAMOTO MARAT KHOKLOV MOTOICHI ARIKADA MOTOYUKI MIYAKE / AGER MOTTY KURODA NARIAKI HITOMI NOBUHITO OGIWARA ODA YAKUTA OGAI MIKI OLEG DOROSKLOV ONIJI HANARI OPTIMUS SARA MARIE YORK TASUKU IESADA YOSHII SHIOMI I really wanted to make Ogai Miki a lot ...weirder looking, to be kind about it. I feel like it's harder to get the lighter weights looking uglier even with prompts. Anyway, it'll do for now. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1smtEsMKb6fpYyULnfm308nw0cgStE8Gk?usp=share_link
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