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  1. Southern Stinger dropped the belt and The Most Wanted are back as a force to be reckon. Southern Stinger is my favorite character but I'll take it. It looks like Jake Idol is delivering after all. Kip's match was almost as good as the Main Event, he's too good.
  2. The British Bangers (Leighton Buzzard & Grant Taypen) vs Glen Ward & Gavin Owen Yes, baby! The British Bangers are back Naozane Goto vs Stuart Wilson Interesting match. Let's see what Goto can do against Wilson Bret Heartbreak vs Joey Beauchamp w/ Dylan Drama Bounce back Evan Alpass vs Padraig O'Hearne Alpass needs a win more plus O'Hearne has been a tag guy so far 'The Prodigy' Darin Flynn w/ Mark Moore vs Lenny Mochin 100%
  3. Great moment to return for Alpass. I didn't know he was so popular in UK before your recap. I hope he can show this time that he is an interesting member of the roster. Holly Leves' character has been good in this diary but I think Marbella has the potential to be even better.
  4. p { margin:2px; margin-left:60px; margin-right:60px; padding:0; line-height: 1.5em; } .div-1 { background-color: #4A87A4 ; } Predictions for SWF SUPREME TV EPISODE 21 Angry Gilmore vs Oliver Kobb Brandon James vs Brett Biggins Charger Siaki vs Roderick Remus Jungle Lord vs Scythe If ZWB wins, earns a title shot at NETSTREAM Intercontinental title (Handicap Match) ZWB vs Hollywood Uncensored (Lenny Brown & Mainstream Hernandez) Main Event: SWF World Heavyweight Title Shot Match Atom Smasher vs Jack Giedroyc vs Rocky Golden vs The Crippler (BONUS) Will SWF top the weekly TV ratings this week? Comments on diary / last episode:
  5. p { margin:2px; margin-left:60px; margin-right:60px; padding:0; line-height:1.5em; } Thank you for your predictions. Congratulations to @Wrestling Machine, @SIser187, @Shmoe II and @Charasmatic Enigma who were the best in this round. @Charasmatic Enigma and @Wrestling Machine are tied in the 1st place for total points. Predictions results for Supreme TV Episode 20 @Wrestling Machine 5/6 + 1 bonus @SIser187 5/6 + 1 bonus @Shmoe II 5/6 + 1 bonus @Charasmatic Enigma 5/6 + 1 bonus @StanMiguel 5/6 @KyTeran 5/6 @Herrbear 3/6 + 1 bonus Predictions leaderboard (total points) @Charasmatic Enigma 11/12 + 1 bonus @Wrestling Machine 11/12 + 1 bonus @KyTeran 11/12 @SIser187 10/12 + 1 bonus @Shmoe II 10/12 + 1 bonus @StanMiguel 8/12 + 1 bonus @Herrbear 7/12 + 1 bonus @DAVEFAN95 5/6 @Wrestling Machine haha. I think I said that I like The Crippler a lot, the only matter is the age. With that being said, he is still one of my stars and as @Charasmatic Enigma said it's still a bit too early for Devine to defeat someone like The Crippler. The worst part is that neither of them had a good night! I knew that, even if I didn't specify if it was a title shot match or not, some may take it as a title shot match. But it wasn't and that will be part of the story, so stay tuned. However, I like how some of you envision The Rock City Stars comparing to The Awesomeness. It was another good performance from The Dallas Cowboys (Marshall Dillon and Masked Patriot had the best performances with Ranger just one point behind them) and they confirmed me that they are a force to be reckon in the tag team division. Des Davids facing a heel like James Prudence back in America completed Davids' turn. @Shmoe II it's a very patriotic approach, kayfabe I thought about it as if Eric Eisen was trying to counterattack USPW's patriotism. After all, USPW are beating us in the last weeks. Eisen sent some wrestlers to RIPW, made some changes here and there to appeal to USPW audience... we'll see if the strategy works or not. @Wrestling Machine thank you for your additional comments. Heading to Toronto Takeover I had to switch the focus to those titles because I didn't want to have Remo in that card and not main eventing. But Remo will be pushed back to the spotlight very soon, I'm starting that process in the last segments with Lau (in terms of ratings they are working well) and you'll see more things are coming in the World Heavyweight title scene in the next Supreme TV card! @SIser187 thank you for your additional feedback as well. Monty and Sammy debuted with a loss and while I don't plan to push them right away I believe in them in the mid/long therm. They just need to regroup a little bit. It's a big opportunity for Mikey Lau to be involved with the SWF World Heavyweight champion, he should use this opportunity!
  6. p { margin:2px; margin-left:60px; margin-right:60px; padding:0; line-height: 1.5em; } .div-1 { background-color: #4A87A4 ; } TCW WINS WEEKLY BATTLE, USPW LEADS MAY RATINGS Wolf Hawkins & Doc Hammond def. Aaron Andrews & Jay Chord (95) in TCW Presents Total Wrestling. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't enough to beat USPW in the monthly average. Melody def. Alicia Strong to retain the USPW Women's title (83) in the Main Event of American Wrestling. USPW leads the monthly average for the second consecutive month. Des Davids def. James Prudence to retain the SWF North American title (77) in Supreme TV. After leading the first three months of the year, this was the worst monthly average of the year so far for SWF. PPVs ratings don't look better for SWF, as they also finished in third place this month. Despite the lack of good news in SWF this month, RIPW Destiny got the best rating of 2020 so far for the developmental territory. Kurt Laramee def. Deever Arnold (55) in the Main Event.
  7. p { margin:2px; margin-left:60px; margin-right:60px; padding:0; line-height: 1.5em; } .div-1 { background-color: #4A87A4 ; } SUPREME TV EPISODE 20 (Tuesday, week 4, May 2020. Richardson Stadium, Davidson, NC. Attendance: 6000 SELL OUT!) The Crippler def. Darryl Devine (64) After losing to Rocky Golden at Toronto Takeover, The Crippler faced Mighty Fine to open the show in North Carolina. It was a match to work the crowd that didn't work well as they didn't click. They showed their technical skills in this match but the action was too slow for the aim of the match. Mighty Fine went for the Devine Dream Drop but The Crippler avoided it and defeated Devine with the Tombstone Piledriver. ANGLE: We see SWF booker Eric Eisen talking to Mikey Lau in the backstage. Lau seems recovered after Remo's attack last week, but Eisen tells him that medical tests on Hannah's knee suggest she will be injured for a long time. Mikey Lau says that Remo caused her injury and he should pay for it. The conversation continues but we don't see how it ends. This segment gets the crowd hotter after a slow start (77) Steven Parker def. John Greed (71) The Sensational and The Eighth Deadly Sin stole the show in this match. Greed used a variety of tricks to hold the advantage during the first 5 minutes or so, but the crowd in North Carolina fueled Parker from the beginning and he used his charisma in his favor. Parker began his comeback with a standing hold and, when Greed got rid of him, he kept pushing with a sensational crossbody. In 10 minutes, Parker finished Greed with the Future Shock and the fans celebrated in a big way. Jungle Lord def. Makutsi (62) The first match of the year for Makutsi, who is rumored to have problems with soft drugs that would be impairing his performance. Lord and Makutsi got in a wild brawl from the beginning. The two heavyweights showed their power and toughness in and out of the ring and were even for the first minutes. Then Makutsi ran out of energy dramatically (due to soft drugs use?) and Lord took over. Jungle Lord hit Makutsi with the Jungle-Jack Jammer to win the match in just 8 minutes. ANGLE: After losing his last opportunity to become a 4-time SWF North American champion in his hometown Toronto, Angry Gilmore makes his entrance and gets booed loudly by the North Carolina fans. Gilmore was wearing the Canada flag and used the O Canada anthem as his entrance theme. Gilmore couldn't stand the boos and showed his "Angry" personality saying they were "nothing more than a bunch of rednecks". Gilmore was booed even louder. At the announcers table, Emma Chase pointed out that their match in Canada has clearly changed everything for Des Davids and Angry Gimore and now the fans in USA perceive Davids as a national hero and Gilmore as a foreign villain (78) One Man Army def. Paul Huntingdon (63) Paul Huntingdon is transitioning from a tag team guy to a singles wrestler, while One Man Army has won 2 matches since he joined SWF. It was all about storytelling with a tough guy like One Man Army facing someone who was born with a silver spoon like Huntingdon. However, Paul Huntingdon showed in his last match vs Rogue he's struggling in this transition and this match wasn't different. One Man Army controlled the action but they failed to tell a good story and Huntingdon repeatedly insulted the fans but never got a big reaction. Huntingdon's best moment was a submission attempt with an ankle hold. After 16 minutes, One Man Army connected the Guided Missile on Huntingdon. ANGLE: ZWB is in the ring to demand the presence of the SWF booker Eric Eisen. ZWB lost to Mainstream Hernandez at Toronto Takeover and failed to defeat all members of Hollywood Uncensored in order to face the NETSTREAM Intercontinental champion Hollywood Bret Starr. Zimmy asks Eisen for one last chance to fulfil the challenge... Suddenly, Hollywood Uncensored make their entrance. Just like they did last week, Justin Sensitive comes out in front dancing as if he was coming out of an after party, "Bad, Bad" Lenny Brown takes out his sunglasses and winks at the camera while raising an eyebrow, Mainstream Hernandez does a cartwheel followed by an impressive backflip and the NETSTREAM Intercontinental champion Hollywood Brett Starr raises his belt while he strokes his chin and pouts lips. Then they head to the ring dancing like drunken friends leaving a night club. They got booed even louder than last week. Hollywood Bret Starr tells Eric Eisen that ZWB's chances to have a shot at his title are over, but it only made Eisen more likely to accept Zimmy's demands. Finally Eric Eisen made his decision: ZWB will face Mainstream Hernandez and Lenny Brown in a Handicap Match next week and if ZWB wins he will face Hollywood Bret Starr for the NETSTREAM Intercontinental title (76) The Dallas Cowboys (Mashall Dillon & Ranger) def. The Domination (Avalanche & Chill), Faith & Old Glory (Matty Faith & Masked Patriot) and The Rock City Stars (Rockin' Ryan Turner & Stan Manna) (67) It wasn't a title shot match but it was a good opportunity to see who is who in the tag team division. The Rock City Stars came to this match with a 4-0 record in 2vs2 matches. The Dallas Cowboys are the only tag team who has beaten the SWF World Tag Team champions The Awesomeness this year. The Domination have been pretty strong since Demolition faction was formed (with Primus Allen and Kristen Pearce as their manager). Faith & Old Glory came off a solid win over Fame & Glory that provoked their break up. The Rock City Stars and The Domination controlled the first minutes with good performances from Ryan Turner and the powerful Avalanche. As others got tagged in, Marshall Dillon did a wonderful job to get the advantage. Masked Patriot, who had one of the best performances, still had one last chance to win the match but Stan Manna kicked out at 2 after a standup crossover. Marshall Dillon pinned Chill with the Crackdown to win the match. Big win for The Dallas Cowboys. Main Event: SWF North American championship DES DAVIDS (c) vs JAMES PRUDENCE Ana Garcia: From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, please welcome the SWF North American champion Des Davids! And now to present the champion... singing the American anthem... please welcome Grammy award winner Jennifer Hudson! Former college football star Des Davids makes his entrance wearing a USA national team tracksuit and the USA flag while Jennifer Hudson sings The Star Spangled Banner. Davids' entrance got the biggest pop of the night (82) "Platinum" James Prudence has a big opportunity to main event Supreme TV and to win his first singles title in SWF. Des Davids is white hot after defeating a legend like 3-time North American champion Gilmore for the third straight time. Davids has a strong start to the match with a few tackles that delight the fans in North Carolina. Platinum stepped down the ring to breath a little bit and then managed to slow down Davids with a ground lock. It was only a matter of time before Davids could get his hands on Platinum for a powerful move. Davids hit Prudence with a punt kick and pinned him, but Prudence kicked out at 1. Later, Prudence avoided a Touch Down and trapped Davids with a leglock. The champion struggled a little bit to reach the ropes while the crowd chanted his name. Davids took Prudence later for a big throw outside of the ring, then Davids repeated the move as he was actually launching a football ball while the crowd celebrated. Prudence survived another punt kick, kicking out at 2. Then, Davids went for the Touch Down and this time he didn't miss the opportunity. Davids covered Prudence for the 3-count. Supreme TV's announcer Duane Fry said "YES! 8th title defence for Des Davids! Unbelievable guys". Des Davids def. James Prudence (77) SHOW RATING: 78
  8. I loved the one year recap. So many good moments in this diary so far. It's true that Frisby's story is a bit stalled but it's something that happens to many hot acts at some point. Now it'll be interesting if you can turn around the situation. I'm sure Damian Dastardly is going to be a star in year 2. Also I know that State Of Mind aren't as good in-ring as other tag-teams but I think they've become one of the fan favorites in this diary, so I hope they'll have their moment to shine in year 2. Akihiro Hisato vs Byron w/ Holly Leves Black Country Boys (Gazz Vedmore & Mickey Robson) vs The Party Animals (Rave & Trance) Welsh Dragon vs 'Big Mac' Nathan McKenzie Future X (Petey Barnes & Eric Future) vs School of Wrestling (Toxic & Ron Gibson) w/ The Professor NWF British Tag Team Titles: (C) The Foundation w/ Mark Moore vs The Northern Lights
  9. Wolfie Tagg vs Zap Powerson [1 Pts] Apparently Zap Powerson will be treated as a big deal Nonstop Action vs The Wild Cats [1 Pts] Southern Stinger (c) vs Quentin Queen in a No DQ match for the LSW Brass Knuckles title [1 Pts] Kip Keenan vs ??? [1 Pts] Easily this match can be a sleeper ”Hollywood” Jake Idol vs Marvel Malloy [1 Pts] The Dynamite Express (c) vs David Stone, Jared Johnson for the LSW Tag Team titles [1 Pts] Shooter Sean Deeley (c) vs Cali Slick for the LSW Texas Heavyweight title [1 Pts] Which match will get the highest rating? [1 Pts] Shooter Sean Deeley vs Cali Slick All three titles on the line! Will at least one championship change hands? [1 Pts] No
  10. C-Verse All-American Florida Wrestling by @CGN91 NWF: Disrupting The Market by @Charasmatic Enigma Mid South Rasslin' [LSW, CVerse 2020] by @Wrestling Machine Showcase Shock Turn - Des Davids after defeating Angry Gilmore in his hometown to retain the SWF North American title in SWF: Supreme World Challenge by @newbiezness Match 20-Man Texan Rumble @ LSW Texan Rumble 2023 in Mid South Rasslin' [LSW, CVerse 2020] by @Wrestling Machine Event SWF Toronto Takeover 2020 in SWF: Supreme World Challenge by @newbiezness
  11. The Canadian Blondes (Flash Savage & Ozzie Goldstein) vs. Young & Wasted (Bret Kyle & Taylor Norton) I like this matchup a lot Fearless Blue vs. Keith Vegas Gareth Wayne & Henry Bennett vs. Hammer Hadley & James Diaz This one also sounds really good to me Conner Threepwood vs. Ray Snow The diary is heading in a good direction. I'm curious about how you'll introduce championships and how you'll pick your first champions.
  12. Nobody thought Kip could be out of the Texan Rumble and even in that situation my pick Hangman couldn't make it to the finalists (damn it Sayeed Ali ruined my prediction). I didn't remember Jake Idol as someone who was interesting during his previous time in LSW so I'm really surprised that he was given this great opportunity right away. Let's see if he is up to expectations this time.
  13. p { margin:2px; margin-left:60px; margin-right:60px; padding:0; line-height: 1.5em; } .div-1 { background-color: #4A87A4 ; } Predictions for SWF SUPREME TV EPISODE 20 Darryl Devine vs The Crippler John Greed vs Steven Parker Jungle Lord vs Makutsi One Man Army vs Paul Huntingdon Faith & Old Glory (Matty Faith & Masked Patriot) vs The Dallas Cowboys (Marshall Dillon & Ranger) vs The Domination (Avalanche & Chill) vs The Rock City Stars (Rockin' Ryan Turner & Stan Manna) Main Event: SWF North American Des Davids (c) vs James Prudence (BONUS 1) Will SWF top the weekly TV ratings this week? (BONUS 2) Will SWF win the monthly ratings war this month? Comments on diary / last episode:
  14. p { margin:2px; margin-left:60px; margin-right:60px; padding:0; line-height:1.5em; } Thank you for your predictions and your feedback as always. Congratulations to @Charasmatic Enigma, @Wrestling Machine and @KyTeran who achieved perfect scores in the first round of this new predictions cycle. Welcome to @Herrbear to the diary and the predictions contest! Predictions results for Supreme TV Episode 19 @Charasmatic Enigma 6/6 @Wrestling Machine 6/6 @KyTeran 6/6 @SIser187 5/6 @Shmoe II 5/6 @DAVEFAN95 5/6 @Herrbear 4/6 @StanMiguel 3/6 + 1 bonus @Charasmatic Enigma well unnamed team for not so long LOL because as @SIser187 somehow predicted I've made a new tag team with Trescarde and Smoke. Wall Street Wolverines lost their first match but The Rock City Stars are on a roll now to be honest. @Shmoe II probably too brave! We'll try to compensate this mess with some bangers over the next weeks. @Charasmatic Enigma I was looking for a good way to turn Davids face for a long time. A Main Event in a PPV in Canada was enough of a deal in my opinion to make an impact in the perception of the fans. ZWB losing was an unexpected plot twist I guess and there are many ways to continue the story, we'll see what happens 😆 Yep @SIser187 it was a tough night for Canadians overall. I sold Hernandez victory as a match where the crowd was split between the babyface (ZWB) and the Canadian heel, but obviously Angry Gilmore's title match was the most anticipated match and it ended in a loss.
  15. p { margin:2px; margin-left:60px; margin-right:60px; padding:0; line-height: 1.5em; } .div-1 { background-color: #4A87A4 ; } SUPREME TV SURPRISINGLY WINS WEEKLY BATTLE DESPITE WEAK MAIN EVENT Atom Smasher def. Robbie Retro (69) in Supreme TV. One of the weakest main events this year but still enough to lead the ratings this week. Nicky Champion def. Rick Law by DQ in a match that had been for the USPW World title (85) in the Main Event of American Wrestling. Despite losing this week, USPW still holds a 3 point lead in the monthly average over SWF. Aaron Andrews def. Titan by DQ (80) in the Main Event of TCW Presents Total Wrestling.
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